Chapter 66 – Sago Nehru

Under the clear blue sky, the endless snow sea trembled gently.

“This avalanche was deliberately caused by someone!”

Xu Zong’s heart tightened immediately.

The voice itself contained immense energy, and the snowflakes were very fluffy. Once they matched the vibration frequency, it could trigger an avalanche. If the sound spread further, it could easily cause a large-scale avalanche!

“Damn it! Hurry, faster!”

Xu Zong’s heart was filled with anxiety.

Little Uncle was nowhere to be seen now. If he was also buried under the snow sea and another major avalanche occurred, it would be almost impossible to find him!

On the snow mountain, a dark figure quickly moved back and forth, trying to lower the volume of his voice.


However, the rumbling sound gradually started.

Like an earthquake, it was barely noticeable at first, then rapidly expanded!

To the naked eye, the snow sea on the steep mountain in the distance rushed down like a tsunami, as if trying to cover the entire world. Being under it, a suffocating pressure came rushing towards them!

“Where? Where?”

Xu Zong’s heart was in his throat.

“Beep beep!”

Suddenly, a burst of mechanical noise was heard!

Xu Zong immediately rushed out like a ghost and grabbed the life detector that was making the noise. In less than a second, he arrived above the indicated location. The shoulders of his Black God suit extended two huge shovels, digging downwards like a wind and fire wheel.

Before long, a dark hole appeared in front of him.

“Why is there a hole here?”

Xu Zong felt strange. There was also a thick layer of ice at the entrance, with a broken piece at the edge. The large avalanche behind him was about to strike, and he didn’t have any spare time to think. Without hesitation, he jumped into the hole.

Just over ten seconds later, the massive snow sea surged over, covering the entire land directly.

After descending from the hole, it took Xu Zong about three to four seconds to land on the ground.

As soon as he landed, it felt like he had fallen into foam. After a while, he used both his hands and feet to crawl out. It turned out that there was snow under his feet, which should have fallen before this avalanche.

“It’s so cold here!”

Xu Zong frowned. In this hole, the temperature felt even colder than on the ground.

He looked around and saw that everything, whether it was the rock walls or the soil, was covered in a layer of white frost.

“Little Uncle!”

Suddenly, Xu Zong’s gaze froze.

Not far away, a figure lay on the ground, covered in blood, with an uncertain life or death.

Xu Zong quickly ran over and turned the person over. He saw a cold and stern face, looking to be in his early thirties. At the moment, his eyes were tightly closed. After seeing that he still had a faint breath, Xu Zong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It really is Little Uncle. I didn’t expect him to fall from above so coincidentally. Fortunately, the vitality of a warrior is strong, and he also has protective equipment!”

Otherwise, this height would be enough to kill him! Even if he didn’t die, this temperature would be extremely deadly for someone with serious injuries!

Swallowing Xu Zong: “Give me a Blood Bodhi @ Wind & Cloud Xu Zong!”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar! (Here it comes!)”

“Ding! Do you choose cash on delivery? Sending a Blood Bodhi will cost 20 points!”


In the next instant, Xu Zong’s points on his account dropped to around seventy, and then a bright red fruit, like blood, appeared in his palm out of thin air. He squeezed it into juice and fed it into Little Uncle’s mouth.

After a while, Xu Qi’s breathing began to recover. Xu Zong stuffed the remaining pulp into his mouth, and his consciousness started to return. He chewed a few times and swallowed the Blood Bodhi.

With a Blood Bodhi in his stomach, his body temperature quickly recovered. In less than half a minute, his consciousness became clear, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Xiao Zong, what happened to me…where am I?”

Xu Qi looked around in confusion. It was almost pitch black, and as a warrior, he could only see a small area around him.

“Little Uncle, don’t move for now. Your injuries haven’t fully healed. I’ll take you out first!”

Without saying a word, Xu Zong controlled the Black God suit and wrapped Xu Qi in the material on his back, leaving only his face exposed. He placed him on his back, making it look like he was carrying a human-shaped package.

Xu Qi groaned a few times. Many of his bones were broken, but he was stubborn and didn’t make a sound.

“Xiao Zong, what about the investigator from my team? How is he?”

“I found him earlier on the surface and sent him to the military district. He shouldn’t be in any life-threatening danger.”

“That’s good.”

Xu Qi immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is that investigator important?”

“Yeah, unusual infrared waves were discovered near this snowfield. The ruins might be nearby.”

“So you risked your life to protect him?”

Xu Zong remembered the handheld computer that the investigator had tightly held onto.

“…More or less. Unfortunately, it was still scattered.”

Xu Qi sighed.

The scale of that avalanche was huge. He was originally protecting the investigator while escaping, but the investigator was swept away by the avalanche. He wanted to save him, but he was also scattered. He even fell into this inexplicable hole and passed out.

There was no signal in this damn place, and with so many broken bones and such low temperature, if Xu Zong hadn’t arrived in time, he might have really died here.


Xu Zong let out a long sigh.

“With your personality, I don’t know if it was right or wrong to help you with blind dates.”

Grandpa and grandma passed away early, and mom and dad also passed away early. If he hadn’t come, Little Uncle would have also passed away early.

Military personnel in this era are just this dangerous.

Xu Qi: “?”

So all those blind date calls I received recently were your doing?

“Just endure it!”Xu Zong gave a command, then squatted down, his legs bursting with power like a rocket. With a loud bang, he effortlessly jumped to a height of seventy to eighty meters, grabbing the edge of the cave.

Then he threw a punch, the Black God suit forming a huge sphere at his fist, blasting the accumulated snow above with a punch!

“…Little Zong, what realm are you in now?”

Xu Qi was stunned.

“High-level War God, I guess.”

Xu Zong was also somewhat uncertain.

He had been absorbing the energy of the Mu Yajing for three or four days. Given his longer training time than ordinary people, his physical strength had definitely reached the high-level War God, and was even stronger than the average high-level War God. However, he had advanced so quickly that he hadn’t had time to test his punching power.


Xu Qi was scared all of a sudden.

There were only a few hundred War Gods in the world, and only about a hundred high-level War Gods. You’re saying you’re a high-level War God?

You’ve only been a warrior for less than four months, and you’ve only been in the elite training camp for just over two months?

While Xu Qi was still in shock, Xu Zong exerted force on his arm, and the two of them had already flipped out and returned to the surface. By this time, the second round of avalanches had passed, and the earth had calmed down again.

After leaving the cave, Xu Zong planned to send Little Uncle to the military area for treatment. Since the warplane hadn’t returned, he could only send him there himself.

“I knew I heard a loud noise, there are people here.”

Suddenly, a voice speaking English with a curry accent came.

Xu Zong’s eyes narrowed instantly, and he looked warily into the air.

A young man who looked about thirty years old was floating in mid-air. He had a distinct Indian appearance and was looking down at Xu Zong and Xu Qi with a playful smile on his face.

“So there’s a cave here… Hey, kid, is this where the ruins are?”

“Who are you?”

Xu Zong narrowed his eyes, looking extremely cautious.

At the same time, he cautiously controlled the Black God suit to cover his face, leaving only a pair of eyes exposed.

“You don’t recognize me?”

The young man looked frustrated at his words, raising his head in displeasure.

Then, he extended his thumb and pointed to himself.

“My name is Sago Nehru, the strongest Mind Teacher on Earth! Remember this name well, because it is destined to go down in history!”

His demeanor was incredibly proud and confident, inflated like a Saiyan prince.

“No, the strongest Mind Teacher on Earth is Luo Feng!”

A pleasant smile spread across Xu Zong’s face under the mask.

“Kid, I hate that name!”

Sago Nehru’s eyes gradually became dangerous.

“Good, I hope you can still be so arrogant in the future.”

Xu Zong extended his hand and gave him a thumbs up.

Then, without waiting for Sago to reply, he unfolded the Black God suit, forming two large claws behind him, and leaped out directly. He actually used the snow as ground, sliding down with his two claws!

Only a fool would fight with him. Although this guy is a jerk, he is a Celestial Level after all. Let’s get out of here, I’ll come back in a few days and beat you to death!

“Are you crazy? You’re asking for death!”

Sago’s face turned cold, and with a thought, three flying knives spun out from his body and shot towards Xu Zong!

The speed of the flying knives was incredibly fast, so fast that the naked eye couldn’t catch their trajectory. The air vibrated violently, and they stabbed at Xu Zong with a piercing scream.


But with a clang, the three flying knives hit Xu Zong’s body and were knocked away as if they had hit a diamond, leaving no mark at all.


Sago was slightly taken aback.

“Even if he has the Black God suit, my attack as a Celestial Level Mind Teacher should be able to hurt him. How come there’s not even a scratch?”

Looking closely, not to mention hurting him, even his sliding trajectory hadn’t wavered at all!

“Strange, are there such War Gods on Earth?”

Sago couldn’t help feeling frustrated. Xu Zong had hidden his face very quickly, and he hadn’t seen what he looked like.

“Forget it, the matter of the ruins is more important right now. Those idiots in my country, why send the army to search? Just cause a few avalanches, wouldn’t that be faster?”

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