Chapter 65 – Avalanche

Southwest region, established to resist the monsters in the southwest mountainous area, near the Himalayas.

After discovering clues to ancient civilization relics on the Himalayas, the military immediately ordered the Southwest region to send a team of warriors to search for the traces of the relics in the mountains.

Not only China, but also India, Extreme Martial Arts School, Thunder Martial Arts School, and others have sent specialized teams to search for ancient civilization relics.

Puka is also one of them.

Moreover, he is not an ordinary member. As a high-level War God, he is the leader of the Extreme Martial Arts School’s relic investigation team this time. He is also one of the top powerhouses in this land where wind and cloud gather. After all, the relics have not been found yet, and there hasn’t been any news of any Celestial Level warriors arriving.

“It’s really unlucky. I didn’t expect an avalanche to happen suddenly. I almost got buried in the snow!”

On a snowy plain, the investigation team of the Extreme Martial Arts School is stationed here, and complaints can be heard from time to time.

Originally, they were investigating well, and even made a major discovery. Unexpectedly, a sudden avalanche occurred, burying some of the investigators who were not even warriors in the snow. Fortunately, there are many high-level warriors here. With their joint efforts, they managed to rescue everyone without any injuries. However, a large number of instruments were lost in the avalanche, and the investigation process was immediately halted.

“It’s really strange. Why did the avalanche happen at this time?”

Puka looked at the snow-covered mountains with a frown.

“It’s not surprising. After all, there are more than a hundred avalanches in the Himalayas every year, averaging one every three days. We only encountered one, which can be considered lucky.”

Someone nearby said indifferently.

“It’s strange because it’s the first time we encountered it!”

Puka glanced at the person with a serious look in his eyes.

“The Himalayas are so big. We have been here for two months and only encountered it once. Moreover, why did the avalanche happen here?”

Puka pondered for a while and ordered his assistant.

“Go and find out which forces were involved in this avalanche, and investigate what happened before and after the avalanche.”


The assistant took the order and left.

“Captain, do you suspect that someone is sabotaging us?”

The person next to him said incredulously, “Is that possible? The scale of this avalanche seems quite large. It seems that the Southwest region has suffered a lot of casualties. Who has the ability to cause such a big avalanche?”

“I hope it’s just my unnecessary worry.”

Puka shook his head. If there were Celestial Level warriors present, it wouldn’t be impossible. Those who stand at the pinnacle of humanity all have some special abilities.

Just as they were talking, Puka’s wristwatch suddenly rang.

“Hello? Yes, it’s me… What? Xu Zong is coming? What is he here for?”

Puka immediately furrowed his brows.

Of course, he knew Xu Zong. It was he who brought Xu Zong into the elite training camp. When he learned that Xu Zong had reached the second level of World Annihilation within a month, he knew that this young man was not an ordinary person. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the elite training camp, he immediately suppressed the limelight of the four or five-year senior, and forcefully took the first place on the Black Dragon Ranking, shocking countless people.

Puka knew that Xu Zong’s future achievements would definitely not be lower than his own, but at this time, he should still be continuing his studies in the training camp. Why did he come to the front line?

Once a conflict occurs, people can really die here!

“Captain, look at that!”

Just as he was thinking, someone exclaimed and pointed to the sky in the distance.

Puka looked up and saw a black flying saucer-shaped fighter jet flying rapidly from a distance, and slowly descending over this snowy plain.

“Inspector Wang’s fighter jet?”

Puka was about to go up and greet, but he saw the cabin door of the fighter jet suddenly open, and a very familiar young man jumped out from inside.

“Puka, the War God, I hope you can lend me some life detection devices!”

He was wearing a black combat suit and armor, and his face looked very gloomy.

“What happened?”

Seeing his impatience, Puka didn’t exchange pleasantries and asked directly.

“After the avalanche, my little uncle went missing. There has been no news from the military until now. I want to go find him myself!”

Xu Zong’s mood was very heavy.

To become a soldier or a warrior in this era, one must always be prepared to be buried in the wilderness.

Growing up in a family like the Xu family, losing grandparents at birth, and losing parents in a few years, Xu Zong had long been accustomed to loss.

But even so, who really wants to see their loved ones exposed in the wilderness?

“Calm down. Have you applied for satellite access to the Martial Arts School?”

Puka sighed inwardly. Since becoming a warrior, he has seen scenes like this countless times, but he still tried his best to help Xu Zong find a solution.

“Our Extreme Martial Arts School has its own satellite, which carries a large life detection device. As long as the life force has not decreased to below the level of a warrior, we can detect their location!””I have already applied, but there is still no news.”

Xu Zong’s face was gloomy, unable to hide his helplessness.

“My little uncle is an advanced warrior, but among his team, there are still many intermediate warriors, and even investigators who are not warriors. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone missing in the avalanche. So, I must bring a more sophisticated small life detection device to investigate the area!”

“Prepare immediately and bring all the idle life detectors!”

Puka immediately ordered the nearby team members.

“Don’t worry too much. Since your uncle is an advanced warrior, he is probably not afraid of avalanches. There must be a reason why he was trapped by the avalanche.”

Advanced warriors can run at a speed of 60m/s and falling from a six-story building would be nothing to them, as long as they are not trapped in a place with no airflow. As long as they are powerful warriors, they can overcome natural disasters.

Xu Zong understood this, so he did not give up hope and came to find help. After all, under normal circumstances, being buried by an avalanche would mean a survival limit of fifteen minutes.

“Captain, all the idle detection devices have been brought!”

In no time, several disc-shaped devices were brought over.

“You can take all of these.”

Puka waved his hand, giving all the detectors to Xu Zong.

“Thank you!”

Xu Zong hurriedly thanked him and boarded the fighter jet, heading towards the distant sky.

“Ah, I hope he can find his family.”

Puka sighed deeply. He also understood Xu Zong’s family background. It was pitiful and respectable. If he lost his little uncle, he would lose his last relative.

“Captain, we have received news!”

In no time, an assistant returned to Puka’s side.

“The avalanche this time has a huge range. At the same time, it affected us, the Thunder Martial Arts School, and China. What’s incredible is that the Indian army withdrew before the avalanche happened. They left just before the avalanche!”

“The Indian army?”

Puka’s brows furrowed deeply.

No way? This is my country, right? Could it be that my country is up to something with this big avalanche?

The fighter jet stopped at the location where Xu Qi’s signal was last lost. Xu Zong walked out of the cabin and raised the more than ten opened life detectors.

In no time, these ten or so life detectors floated up on their own and spread out several dozen meters around Xu Zong.

If anyone saw this scene, they would think Xu Zong was a psychic mind teacher.

However, in reality, this was just a side effect of practicing the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures. His spiritual power had become much stronger than before, but it had only reached the level of an advanced warrior, which was already the limit.

“The snow came down from this direction, so I should search in that direction!”

Identifying the direction, Xu Zong immediately controlled the life detectors and rushed forward.

A small life detector can only detect a range of a few hundred meters, but when more than ten are combined, the reconnaissance range increases significantly.

Moreover, avalanches often occur in steep terrain, which is relatively short and makes it easier to find people.

“No matter how many injuries they have, as long as they are not dead!”

Xu Zong ran at high speed while paying attention to the movements of the detectors.

“Any response?”

Suddenly, the device on the left buzzed like a buzzer. Xu Zong’s heart rejoiced and he immediately rushed towards that direction.

At a position detected by the device, Xu Zong had a thought, and the black combat suit on his body suddenly extended, transforming into a shape similar to a excavator shovel, digging down repeatedly.

This was the Black God suit. After his combat power reached 16, Wang Yu delivered the second reward to his doorstep that day.

In no time, it seemed like something had been dug up. Xu Zong quickly went forward to check.

It was a middle-aged man wearing a cold-resistant suit, tightly hugging a specially made palm-sized computer.

Xu Zong checked and found that his cold-resistant suit came with a small oxygen tank, but it should have been buried underground for too long and had already fainted due to lack of oxygen.

Fortunately, Xu Zong dug him up in time, otherwise he would have suffocated to death sooner or later.

“This person should be an investigator, not a warrior.”

Xu Zong immediately called the fighter jet over, sent this person onto the jet, and sent him to the nearest Southwest Military Region base for treatment before continuing the search.

“According to reason, in such a large area, the personnel should be scattered. The only team investigating in this area is probably my little uncle’s team. So, this person just now is probably an investigator from my little uncle’s team. My little uncle should not be far away!”

Xu Zong gradually relaxed in his heart.From the start of the avalanche to now, it’s only been three or four hours. If even the investigator from earlier could withstand it, then Little Uncle should not be in any immediate danger.

“What’s that sound?”

Suddenly, Xu Zong paused, looking around in surprise.

A series of low, rumbling sounds echoed from the mountains, faint and indistinct, hard to make out clearly.

Xu Zong suddenly snapped back to reality, his expression drastically changing.

“This is bad!”

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