Chapter 5 – Inner Power and Primal Energy

The effects of internal martial arts vary in different worlds. The essence of internal martial arts cultivation is a process of refining essence and transforming it into inner power, so the quantity of essence is crucial.

In worlds with scarce spiritual energy, practitioners can only accumulate essence by eating a lot, strengthening their bodies and gradually refining the excess essence into inner power over a long period of time.

However, in worlds with abundant spiritual energy, practitioners can directly absorb it from the heavens and earth and refine it into inner power.

Compared to practicing internal martial arts in worlds with scarce spiritual energy, the effect is much better in worlds with abundant spiritual energy. A beginner may take ten years to cultivate inner power in a world with almost no spiritual energy, but in a world like the Nine Cauldrons, it only takes three months.

Now, Xu Zong has cultivated inner power in just over an hour. This is because he already had theoretical knowledge of inner power and was a master at the peak of internal martial arts after acquiring the skills from the Nine Cauldrons. It was as if he had started over after dissolving his previous cultivation, making it easy for him to progress.

There is also another possibility that cannot be ignored. The spiritual energy in the world of Swallowed Star may be much richer than that of the Nine Cauldrons. The denser the spiritual energy, the easier it is to cultivate.

Xu Zong thinks that spiritual energy and primal energy are probably the same thing, with different names in different worlds. Primal energy is the energy that floats in the universe in the world of Swallowed Star. Warriors absorb it through guiding techniques to strengthen their cells and become stronger.

Internal martial arts are like a fantasy version of guiding techniques and have similar effects. Guiding techniques can only be practiced by warriors with a body strength of at least 900kg, while anyone can practice internal martial arts. However, cultivating inner power, which means absorbing primal energy into the body, is not something that can be done in just one or two days. It takes a few months, or even two or three months of hard work.

Xu Zong was able to cultivate inner power so quickly because of his theoretical knowledge. Although he thought about many things in his mind, he did not slack off in reality and maintained the posture of the tiger form, feeling unshakable.The tingling sensation began to appear all over his body, stimulating his muscles and bones, changing at a microscopic level that was imperceptible to the naked eye.

Not only that, but his body seemed to be thirsty for energy, with countless cells absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, making him feel feverish.

This further confirmed Xu Zong’s speculation.

“When warriors practice the guiding technique for the first time, because their cells have been thirsty for decades, the effect of the practice will be unprecedentedly good. My current practice situation is just like the legend!”

Xu Zong nodded in agreement.

He continued to maintain the tiger posture, waiting for his body cells to be saturated.

“That’s about it.”

At around eight o’clock in the evening, Xu Zong finally finished his first internal martial arts practice.

The feeling of hunger in his body had disappeared without a trace, and the benefits of his first practice had reached their limit.

In the training room, Xu Zong clenched his fists, looking delighted.

He suddenly threw a punch, and a dull sound of breaking wind echoed in the air.

“My strength has increased a lot!”

Xu Zong quickly walked to the corner of the training room and opened the fist strength testing machine.

Feet apart, posture correct, toes gripping the ground, leg muscles suddenly tensing!

Pushing off the ground, twisting his waist, and shaking his shoulders!



The sound of a bullet being fired suddenly exploded in his ears!

The fist strength testing machine shook violently and then returned to its original position.

“Beep! After testing, your punching force is—”

Xu Zong ignored the sound and stared at the fist strength testing machine.



Xu Zong’s face lost its hopeful expression and even had a hint of disdain.

The first time practicing primal energy was the most effective because the body cells had never experienced such a stimulating experience before. Of course, the entire process was very exciting, but once the cells got used to it, they would find it ordinary.

Both parties knew each other’s bottom line, so it was not easy to feel the same excitement again.

Therefore, the first feeling was naturally the better it was! The more exciting it was, the more the physical strength would increase!

But not everyone could be so excited the first time. In fact, most people’s first experience was very ordinary, even poor.

In general, the first time practicing primal energy would increase strength by about 300kg, which was the most common.

Increasing strength by about 600kg was considered quite good.

Increasing strength by more than 1000kg could be considered a genius! Only one in a hundred warriors could do it!

If one could increase strength by more than 2000kg… that would be incredible. There would be no doubt that they would be an elite among warriors, and among a thousand warriors, there might not be one. Once they appeared, they would undoubtedly enter the sight of the high-level martial arts school and receive their focused training!

And Xu Zong’s first practice result only increased his strength by about 600kg.

In other words, among warriors, his talent could only be considered good at best and far from being a genius!

Not to mention comparing himself with the famous and insane spiritual mind teacher!”Sigh! My physical talent can only be considered average!”

After sighing for a while, Xu Zong regained his spirit and opened the ultra-sensitive camera used for testing speed.

With a gust of wind, Xu Zong’s figure had already appeared at the finish line.


Punch force of 1455kg, speed of 35.7m/s.

As for his nerve reaction speed, there was no specialized testing machine at home, so he couldn’t test it for the time being. That thing was too expensive to maintain, even his family couldn’t afford it. Well, to be precise, they could afford it, but the cost-effectiveness was too low, not worth buying.

In summary, it should be the excellent level of a junior warrior.

“After a few days, when I turn 16, I’ll go to the martial arts school to take the test and pass the assessment for a confirmed warrior!”

Xu Zong regained his calm and thought like this.

Originally, he wanted to become a warrior, which would require him to work hard for another half year. But with the appearance of the chat group and the ability shared from the Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong, he saved half a year of hard work in one go. In this way, it was no longer impossible to catch up with Luo Feng and others quickly!

Sure enough, life still depended on cheating!

No, what I mean is, life still has to rely on oneself!

“I’ll practice for a while and then go to bed.”

Xu Zong took a deep breath, sat back on the sponge pad, and skillfully took the tiger stance.

In a while, the energy in the universe gradually entered his body and was engulfed by his cells to enhance his physical fitness.

This kind of practice will continue until the cells are saturated and can no longer eat.

This is the saturation time for each warrior from the second time onwards.

Under normal circumstances, an ordinary junior warrior can only practice for about 5 minutes a day, a senior warrior for 10 minutes, and even a warlord-level warrior can only practice for about 20 minutes before reaching the limit of their own cells!

Xu Zong had only felt the thirst of his cells disappear before stopping his practice. There should be a few minutes left until saturation. These few minutes couldn’t be wasted. Even though the time for each practice was short, it was still a considerable progress when accumulated.

Five minutes later.

The cells were not saturated, and Xu Zong suddenly had a slight suspicion.

Ten minutes later.

The cells were still not full, and Xu Zong’s expression became serious.

Twenty minutes later.

There was still no feeling of saturation, and Xu Zong’s eyes lit up.

Half an hour, an hour later.

Xu Zong was still on the ground, showing no signs of stopping his practice!

His cells had absorbed more than two hours of primal energy tonight, but there was still no sign of saturation. His body was like a bottomless pit, never satisfied!

“Does my practice have no saturation time at all?”

No matter how hard he practiced, he could completely keep going, never reaching his limit!

That was the feeling his body was giving him!

“Doesn’t this mean that I have several hundred or several dozen times more practice time than others every day?”

Xu Zong was pleasantly surprised.The stronger the strength, the stronger the cell’s absorption ability, and the more time for daily cultivation.

Compared with that, his advantage of “no cultivation saturation time” is definitely getting smaller and smaller, but at this starting stage, his advantage is obviously extremely huge!

Others can only cultivate for a few minutes a day before reaching their limit, while he can cultivate for an entire day without any problem!

That means he has hundreds of times more cultivation time than ordinary people, which is equivalent to having a cultivation speed hundreds of times faster than ordinary people!

It is conceivable how much of an advantage this will bring!

“Is it because the cultivation of Internal Martial Arts itself will not saturate, or is it because…”

In addition to being excited, Xu Zong also fell into deep thought.

This seemingly limitless cultivation time is obviously abnormal.

The Internal Martial Arts indeed have this effect. Those who practice Internal Martial Arts will not only not saturate their cells but will also become more and more energetic as they practice, practicing for several hours until they exhaust their patience without any problem… However, this is the Swallowed Star world, where everyone has a saturation time!

If Internal Martial Arts could really ignore the saturation time, then the practice of Internal Martial Arts should have become popular in the Swallowed Star world long ago!

The number one master on Earth, “Hong”, is an Internal Martial Arts master. If he knew about this, it would be impossible for him to keep it a secret, and there are quite a few people on Earth who know Internal Martial Arts, so it couldn’t be hidden.

So, the answer is probably obvious.

“My talent! ‘No bottlenecks in cultivation’!”

Xu Zong was extremely excited, his eyes shining like two 80-watt light bulbs.


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