Chapter 48 – The Birth of Legend

Flying monsters have the ability to fly and naturally have an advantage in the air. Warriors must become members of the council before they can fly. At this stage, Xu Zong cannot kill these 50 Golden Vultures with the most straightforward method. He can only wait for the moment when the Golden Vultures attack him from the sky, stab them with a long spear through their chests, or use throwing knives to unexpectedly kill them. However, the number of throwing knives is limited and cannot be replenished at any time. At the same time, he must also avoid the sudden attacks of other Golden Vultures, which greatly reduces his speed advantage. Xu Zong had to endure time to kill all 50 Golden Vultures.

After seven minutes, he finally passed the A stage of the third level.

At this time, there was already a commotion outside.



“36th place!”

In fact, the third level of the trial tower is the level that greatly widens the gap between students!

Generally speaking, those who can rank in the top fifty have the strength of senior warlords and can pass the A stage of the third level!

But to pass the B stage of the third level, one must have the strength of a War God, which is the top thirty!

And if one can pass the entire third level, they can stably rank in the top ten of the Black Dragon Ranking!

Just one level includes the strength levels from senior warlords to lower-level War Gods, which can be considered significant!

“Less than ten minutes left!”

Xu Zong, who had just passed the A stage, immediately entered the B stage. Facing a hundred Golden Vultures, he no longer thought about being able to pass this level.

He only wanted to kill as much as possible! Kill all the monsters in front of him!

One, two, three… fifteen, sixteen… fifty-three, fifty-four…!

“Time’s up!”

Just as Xu Zong was about to kill another Golden Vulture, his surroundings suddenly changed, and all the Golden Vultures disappeared.

He was stunned before coming back to his senses.

The assessment was over.

In just one hour, he went from the B stage of the first level to the B stage of the third level, achieving remarkable results.

But he didn’t die even once, and he was only injured a few times. Obviously, he was far from reaching his limit!

“Unfortunately, I lost in time!”

Xu Zong put down his spear and sighed deeply with regret.

“Student Xu Zong, the time you used in this trial tower has reached its limit. The level you obtained from this trial tower is 3.5!”

Naturally, emotionless electronic voices came from the sky.

“The trial tower level is 3.5, my punching power is 3.6, and my combat power amplitude is 12.6… At least I can get the first reward signed by Inspector Wang Yu.”

Xu Zong sighed again with a regretful expression.

“I wonder what my ranking level is now?”


“Damn it! 28th place!”

“This is insane! Absolutely insane!”

One hour passed, it was nine o’clock in the evening, and Xu Zong’s ranking stopped at 28th place.

The people at the entrance of the training camp exploded with excitement, unable to contain themselves.

Ranking 28th!

What does this mean?

It means that Xu Zong now has the strength of a War God!

Oh my god, he’s only 16 years old!

A 16-year-old War God!

In the whole world, he is the first!

“He will definitely become a council member! No matter what, I must sign him! It’s worth paying any price! Get moving, collect Xu Zong’s information, investigate his preferences! Let my subordinates immediately prepare a training contract for him, the top-notch one!”

At the moment when Xu Zong’s ranking was placed in front of the leaders of various forces, similar orders were sent out from all over the world. Whether it was the heads of the five major countries’ military or the Speaker of the HR Alliance, they were all alarmed at this moment.

A council member who is a sure thing can make any force fight for it!

“What a pity!”

Ma Shang sighed with admiration and regret on his face.

“I’m afraid he stopped at 28th place because of time.”

“Do you know something?”

Cai Lin looked at him with an inquisitive expression.

“Today, in District 0056, I saw him personally kill a Fire Unicorn Three-Spear Pig!”

Ma Shang finally revealed what he saw in the wilderness area this morning, speaking with great certainty.

“To be able to directly kill a lower-level lord like the Fire Unicorn Three-Spear Pig, I don’t believe his strength is only 28th place!”

“I see.”

Cai Lin nodded in agreement.

“If what you said is true, then Xu Zong’s strength should at least rank around the top fifteen, or even enter the top ten!”

The difference in strength between a newly promoted lower-level War God and a lower-level War God who can kill a lower-level War God is quite significant!

In other words, Xu Zong could have been even more remarkable, but in the end, he was defeated by the newly imposed time limit!

Anyone in his shoes would feel extremely unwilling!

Even if he just put himself in Xu Zong’s position, Cai Lin felt his emotions surging.

“Wait a minute!”

Cai Lin suddenly exclaimed in doubt, his expression slightly changed.”He’s going to the Trial Tower for the first time since the entrance test? Could it be that he hasn’t used the privilege of being a recommended student?”

“Damn it! Damn it damn it damn it damn it!!!”

“What the hell is this?”

“Why did his ranking rise again?!”

“Damn it, how far does he want to go?”

At this moment, screams suddenly erupted, and the crowd burst into an unprecedented wave of excitement!


“Student Xu Zong, do you want to use the privilege of the recommended entrance test students to challenge the Trial Tower again?”

When these words floated down from the sky, Xu Zong was completely stunned.

What is this?

The privilege of the recommended entrance test students?

“What does this mean?”

“Recommended entrance test students need to undergo a B-level assessment upon admission, but the B-level assessment may not accurately measure the true strength of the recommended entrance test students. Therefore, the Elite Training Camp stipulates that recommended entrance test students have an additional privilege to challenge the Trial Tower in the first month!”

“This privilege does not count towards the time limit for using the trial room for new students. This tower challenge will have no time limit and will continue until the student dies in the virtual space!”

The mechanical voice in the sky seemed to have a certain level of intelligence and provided Xu Zong with an answer.

“Why didn’t I know about this?”

Xu Zong was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this the entrance test?

He had even complained before about why the training camp didn’t have an entrance test!

It turns out that there was, but he didn’t know?

“This information should have been provided by the War God who escorted the students into the training camp. It is speculated that the student forgot or the War God forgot to inform.”

Xu Zong suddenly realized.

“Puka, you deceived me!!!”

Upon careful consideration, Puka never mentioned the privilege of the entrance test to him on the day of admission. He was in a hurry at that time and definitely forgot about it!

“Student Xu Zong, please confirm whether you want to use the additional recommendation-“

“Confirmed! I am very sure!”

Xu Zong raised his gun again, a wild smile on his face.

Although he had been fighting continuously for an hour, the flames of battle in his eyes were still burning!

“This assessment will start again from the B stage of the third floor. There is no time limit for this assessment, and it will continue until the student dies in the assessment!”

A hundred Golden Vultures reappeared from various parts of the sky, screeching as they attacked Xu Zong.

“Hahaha! Come on! Let’s continue killing!”

Xu Zong laughed loudly and charged towards the group of Golden Vultures!

Although his fighting spirit was soaring, Xu Zong always stayed true to himself. His fighting style became more restrained this time, and his marksmanship became more steady.

After all, this assessment had no time limit, the only restriction was death!

So he didn’t need to put himself in danger to save time. A steady style was more suitable for the current battle!

Even so, Xu Zong’s strength was not something that a mere 100 initial-level beast generals like the Golden Vultures could stop!

Twenty minutes later, he passed the B stage of the third floor!

Xu Zong broke into the final C stage of the third floor, where 190 initial-level beast generals and 10 intermediate-level beast generals of the Golden Vultures hovered in the sky, their screeches piercing the air!

This stage posed some threat to him, and Xu Zong’s eyes became noticeably more cautious.

But without saying a word, he continued to kill!


“He’s ranked 25th! His ranking has risen again!”

“It’s the privilege of the recommended entrance test for new students! That guy never used this privilege and deliberately saved it for today? How cunning!”

“I’m afraid 25th place is not the final result. Since time is not an issue, let’s wait a little longer! Maybe we’ll witness a legend!”

A huge commotion rose from the Black Dragon Ranking, sweeping through the entire training camp through the students’ mutual communication.

Not only the students, but even the servants and teachers gathered here, nervously watching the Black Dragon Ranking.

“He rose again! 11th place! This is insane!”

Another round of promotion caused another wave of excitement.

“Cai Lin, do you know what level Dai Longwei’s Trial Tower is?”

Ma Shang swallowed his saliva. This matter seemed to be gradually exceeding his expectations. He moved closer to Cai Lin and asked him in a low voice.


Cai Lin stared at the various screens on the dragon sculpture, which resembled scales, with a solemn expression. He seemed determined not to miss any changes.

“Old Dai practices the Ninefold Thunder Blade and has reached the fourth floor. His power is 3.5, and his combat power is very close to 15… But Xu Zong practices World Annihilation. If he has reached this level, he must have reached the third floor and his power is 3.6!”

“Then… can he surpass Old Dai?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Cai Lin was also uncertain.

Ma Shang also became nervous.

He felt that he could no longer understand this assessment.

“He’s gone! His ranking disappeared again!”


“Hiss! At… the top! The top!!”For a moment, everyone gathered here fell silent, and the entire field was deathly still!

They all looked on.

At the top of the Black Dragon Leaderboard, on the first small screen, a name was clearly flashing.

“NO.1: Xu Zong (ID: 600330)”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

It seemed as if they had witnessed the birth of a legend.

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