Chapter 49 – First reward

Outside the trial room, Xu Zong walked out with a frustrated expression.

“The monster on the fourth floor turned out to be a sea monster! The battle environment is on a reef that is less than two meters wide from front to back, and the opponent is a golden-spotted octopus! Who can pass this?”

Normal monsters, burrowing monsters, flying monsters, sea monsters… The monsters in the trial tower are getting tougher with each level!

By the time he reached the fourth floor, Xu Zong felt that he was almost at his limit. It was not easy for him to pass stage A, but after entering stage B, no matter how hard he struggled, he was still defeated within two minutes. He was wrapped up by the tentacles of the golden-spotted octopus and torn apart by the swarming octopuses.

The final level of the trial tower was 4.4.

“My punching power level is 3.6, so my combat power range is… 15.84? Damn it! I was just a little short of reaching 16!”

Xu Zong’s mood became even more frustrated.

If he had worked harder to kill a few more golden-spotted octopuses, he could have raised the level of the trial tower to 4.5, and his combat power range would have exceeded 16 in one go!

In that case, he could have obtained both rewards on the contract within a month!

Unfortunately, Xu Zong didn’t have the opportunity to challenge the trial tower this month, and even if he did, he might not be able to pass. The test in stage B of the fourth floor was indeed very difficult. He barely passed stage A by using his ability to control his bones as a master of Xingyi. Obtaining the first reward this month was already the limit.

“If my Body Movement also reaches the Realm of Artistic Conception, I can definitely pass!”

Xu Zong sighed. He had focused all his training this month on World Annihilation and marksmanship, and didn’t allocate much time to Body Movement. It was only natural that he didn’t make a breakthrough.

At this point, there was no use in saying more. He should hurry to Wang Yu’s place and claim the first reward!

“Wow, so many missed calls?”

Leaving the ninth floor, Xu Zong opened his wristwatch, and there were dozens of missed calls on it. Just as he was about to say something, the wristwatch suddenly rang.

“I won’t answer, I won’t answer any of them. I’ll wait until it’s quiet!”

Xu Zong directly turned off the power of the wristwatch, then happily left the Ninth Tower and hurried towards the teacher’s dormitory.

At this moment.

Xu Zong still didn’t know that the entire Elite Training Camp had gone crazy because of him!

Ranked first!

In the first month of enrollment, he left all the old students behind and soared to the top of the Black Dragon Ranking, becoming the number one!

The most crucial thing was that this newcomer was only 16 years old!

“So amazing! This must be spread!”

“This will definitely become world-class news! All the forces on Earth will be shaken!”

Whether it was the students or the teachers, at this moment, they had nothing to say. They could only vent their shock by constantly making phone calls and telling people around them.

No one doubted the legitimacy of the Black Dragon Ranking. It had been used for decades and had never been wrong. It was just that this new student was too monstrous. He trampled on everyone and rubbed it in!

“Is there a possibility that this newcomer will reach the level of Hong, Thunder God, and Luo Feng in the future?”


If someone had dared to say such words before, they would have been scolded.

But after witnessing Xu Zong’s rise to the top, these students and teachers didn’t dare to say that it was completely impossible.

“This Xu Zong is undoubtedly the most monstrous genius on Earth since the Great Nirvana. If he can’t become the second Hong, no one else on Earth can!”

Some were shocked, some admired, and some praised. Xu Zong’s fan group quietly appeared and quickly grew.

On the other side.

At the teahouse.

“Inspector Wang, the rankings are out.”

“How is it? He should be in the top thirty, right?”

The call connected, and Wang Yu took a sip of tea.

He thought his speculation should be quite accurate. Xu Zong was probably around the fiftieth place a month ago, but now he had reached the thirtieth place. His progress was indeed significant. In less than a year, he should be able to dominate the training camp.

“Um, Xu Zong is ranked first.”

“Damn it!”

Wang Yu couldn’t hold back and sprayed the tea out.

“Damn it! Is it true?”

He couldn’t help but curse, using a swear word he hadn’t said in years.

“It’s true. Xu Zong did get first place. The screenshot of the rankings has already gone viral in various groups!”

“…Alright, I got it.”

Wang Yu took a deep breath, his expression showing a mix of shock and delight.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

At this moment, rhythmic knocking on the door sounded.

“What’s the matter?”

“Master, student Xu Zong is here. He came to verify the first batch of rewards with you.”

“Tell him that the rewards will be delivered to Jiangnan Pavilion tomorrow!”


Wang Yu got up and walked to the courtyard, feeling deeply moved.

“I didn’t expect the heavens to favor our Extreme Martial Arts School like this. The owner of the school hasn’t woken up yet, but such a terrifying genius has been sent to us!”

“Well, Liu He and the others should also know about this. We should seriously discuss Xu Zong’s proposal.”


Throughout the night, Xu Zong received congratulatory messages from various people on his wristwatch, as well as more recruitment and invitation messages from major forces.

Xu Zong chose to reply to the Chinese people and some foreigners he knew, and then he didn’t bother with it anymore.

In this era, the various forces on Earth didn’t hold much significance.

The reason why Xu Zong chose the Extreme Martial Arts School was only to have a better training environment in the early stages. After a few years, when Luo Feng returned and embarked on the path to the universe, the power struggles on Earth would be nothing more than child’s play.

“A banquet! We must have a celebration banquet! Wait, I’ll go to Xifeng Tower to book a hotel. I’m a VIP there, so I can get the top package tonight!”

In the group chat of the Elite Training Camp, Dai Longwei, a Chinese person, spoke excitedly.

“@everyone, come and celebrate. If you don’t come, it means you look down on your Northeastern cousin!”

Unable to resist his enthusiasm, everyone in the group responded, and Xu Zong also promised to attend. Even Bai Zhiwei, who usually kept a low profile, sent a message.

That night, they didn’t return until they were drunk.

“Ugh… Wow, I haven’t drunk so much in a long time, my head hurts!”

The next morning, when Xu Zong woke up, he felt dizzy and had a headache. Last night, as the guest of honor, he was surrounded by more than twenty people toasting him, one cup after another. Especially Dai Longwei, who kept toasting him fiercely. The fighting power of his northeastern cousin was indeed impressive, and he almost made him throw up.

In the 16 years since he reincarnated, he had never drunk alcohol. It was only at the previous school welcome party that he had his first drink, and his body obviously hadn’t adapted to alcohol.

The 29th of each month and the days after were rest days for the training camp students.

Xu Zong simply rested in the attic for half a day today.

“Ding dong!”

Not until the sun was high in the sky, a package was delivered to Jiangnan Pavilion.

Xu Zong was notified to pick it up, and he received a long silver metal password box.

Upon opening it, he found it was divided into two layers. The upper layer contained armor, combat suits, and a Shadowless spear. The lower layer contained two wooden boxes, one of which contained a complete set of World Annihilation scriptures, and the other contained a test tube filled with a golden liquid, nestled in foam.

“A full set of 9-series equipment, capable of withstanding the attack of a high-ranking lord, good stuff!”

“The complete set of World Annihilation spear techniques! No need to worry about the scriptures in the future, saving a hundred billion, great!”

“The most crucial thing is this dragon blood!”

Xu Zong first took out the test tube from the second wooden box. Under the sunlight, about one-third of the golden liquid inside emitted a captivating light.

This thing was rumored to be made from the heart blood of a king-level divine dragon monster, but in fact, it was made from materials found on Earth using a formula found in ancient civilization ruins. It had nothing to do with divine dragon monsters, but its effect was very powerful. It could double the strength of a high-ranking Warlord Level warrior, directly achieving the initial level of a War God!

“According to the instructions, just rub the potion on the skin, and it will naturally penetrate. Absolutely do not drink it.”

Xu Zong nodded. He was more curious about whether there had been any fools in history who had drunk the dragon blood without reading the instructions?

Just in case, Xu Zong went underground.



Xu Zong first tested his current punch strength in the training room. After a month, excluding the effect of the Red fruit wine, he had increased his strength by just over 10 tons.

It was okay, after all, the students in the elite training camp could increase their strength by two to three thousand kilograms each month on average. Because he didn’t have time in the gravity room, his cultivation speed was only three to four times faster than theirs, and his advantage had decreased a lot.

After the test, Xu Zong went to the training room, closed the door tightly, carefully opened the test tube, took off his upper body clothes, and rubbed the thick golden liquid, which was like mercury, on his chest.

In a short while, a heat began to generate from his chest, then spread to his whole body, arms, back, legs, etc. His body naturally felt the increase in body temperature, and the liquid on his chest quickly decreased, all penetrating into the subcutaneous tissue.

The heat got higher and higher, and the temperature became more and more astonishing!


Xu Zong’s face gradually turned red, and his whole body was shaking violently.

The intense burning sensation caused severe pain, sweeping every inch of his skin, even extending to his bone marrow and internal organs. The intense pain almost made him faint!

“Hold on! I must hold on! If I can’t even bear this pain, how can I stand out in the future, how can I compete with the geniuses in the universe?”

His muscles twitched uncontrollably, and sweat poured down Xu Zong’s forehead like rain.

But he still gritted his teeth and persisted, using the Dharma Door of meditation to distract himself as much as possible, so that the pain would not reach his tolerance threshold.

Under the effect of the dragon blood energy, the cells in Xu Zong’s body quickly transformed, discarding useless dross and impurities, expelling them from the body, like a layer of black dirt. At the same time, his skin elasticity, bone hardness, organ strength, etc., were all rapidly improving and even transforming!

After a full half an hour, the pain gradually disappeared, and Xu Zong, who was lying on the ground with a blurry consciousness, gradually came to his senses.

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