Chapter 47 – Challenge the Trial Tower

After dinner in the cafeteria, Ma Shang moved a small stool and sat down at the entrance of the training camp.

After a moment of contemplation, he opened his wristwatch and sent a message to all his friends.

“The most talented student in the Elite Training Camp is about to challenge the Trial Tower. Come and see! You won’t regret it!”

Satisfied with sending the message, Ma Shang nodded and stared at the Black Dragon Ranking at the entrance.

Today was already the 28th, the day when the monthly rankings were determined. Many people had already challenged the Trial Tower, including many freshmen. Xu Zong’s ranking had dropped to the bottom few.

Ma Shang was prepared for Xu Zong to enter the top thirty within an hour!

After all, the top thirty students in the Elite Training Camp had the strength of a War God. If Xu Zong could single-handedly kill the Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig, it meant that he could at least enter the top thirty, or even higher!

The message Ma Shang sent out to watch the excitement instantly ignited the entire training camp.

Xu Zong, who had passed the B-level test in less than five minutes at the age of sixteen, had long been crowned as the most talented student in the history of the Elite Training Camp by those who wished him well. Of course, from a realistic perspective, he truly deserved this title.

Because of this, not only the internal members of the Elite Training Camp, but also the Thunderbolt Martial Arts School, HR Alliance, Flame Legion, and even the military forces of the five major countries had arranged spies to obtain the results.

“Ma Shang, who did you hear that Xu Zong is going to challenge the Trial Tower from?”

In less than two minutes, several people arrived at the entrance of the training camp.

Among them was Lamplos, who had bet against Ma Shang last time, and several students from China.

“Of course, I heard it from Xu Zong himself!”

Ma Shang rolled his eyes.

“The HR Alliance asked me to send Xu Zong’s ranking as soon as possible, so I had to bring a stool too!”

Lamplos sighed and quickly rushed into a nearby building, grabbing a stool and sitting next to Ma Shang, finding a good spot.

“We, Ah Mei, you see…”

“We also…”

In no time, there were stools piled up at the entrance of the training camp.

Outside the training camp, there were some forces without internal talents who could only set up telescopes and cameras to focus on the Black Dragon Ranking.

In the teachers’ dormitory of the training camp, in a tea house.

“Inspector Wang, there is news that Xu Zong is about to challenge the Trial Tower!”

“I know.”

Wang Yu took a sip of tea.

“When the results come out, send a copy to each inspector.”


Even the inspectors were secretly paying attention to tonight’s commotion!

To be frank, geniuses were the center of this world!

Of course, Xu Zong was still unaware of these things for the time being.

After dinner, Xu Zong exercised for a while and then went to the Ninth Floor of the Ninefold Tower by elevator.

“The timing is perfect!”

Seeing that the watch showed exactly eight o’clock, Xu Zong confidently stepped into the passage.

The person in front of him walked out of the trial room with a gloomy face, and Xu Zong immediately walked in.

Lying on the sofa, Xu Zong put on his helmet.

“Linkstart! Into the vrains!”

In the endless white land, Xu Zong appeared out of thin air.

In front of him was a huge seven-story trial tower, and his personal information was displayed on a black pillar at the entrance. The level of the trial tower was still the initial 1.6.

After selecting his weapons and equipment, Xu Zong entered the building without hesitation.

“Student Xu Zong, you have passed the B stage of the first floor of the Trial Tower. This assessment will start directly from the C stage of the first floor!”

“Please defeat 190 elementary beast generals Manganese Bulls and 10 intermediate beast generals Manganese Bulls within fifty minutes. If you die or exceed the time limit, it will be considered a failure! The assessment will begin in one minute, please be aware!”

On the endless grassland, Manganese Bulls kept appearing.

At the same time, a 60-second countdown appeared in the sky.

“Two hundred Manganese Bulls?”

Xu Zong frowned.

He was not afraid of these beast generals, although his body only had the strength of a junior warrior, he was not afraid at all.

What he was worried about was something else!

“Killing two hundred monsters will take a while! But I only have an hour for the trial… It seems that I have to go all out from the beginning!”

Xu Zong’s eyes suddenly became as sharp as a knife.

He couldn’t waste even a second!”The assessment begins!”

The countdown reaches zero!


The raging bulls roared and charged towards Xu Zong from all directions!


Xu Zong shouted lowly, and his leg muscles exploded like a taut bow, using the fourfold strength of the Dharma Door to skyrocket his speed to the extreme!

In the blink of an eye, several star-like spear points rushed forward!

With just a few star points, the charging bulls were knocked down!

Almost one second per bull, Xu Zong unleashed the fastest slaughter at the fastest speed!

After just a few minutes.

“Phase C of the first level passed. Your trial tower level has reached 2.0. Do you want to proceed to the Phase A assessment of the second level?”

“Yes! Don’t ask me, the answer is ‘yes’ for everything!”

“You have entered the Phase A assessment of the second level. Please kill 50 initial-level beast generals, Iron Armored Scorpions, within 10 minutes!”

The surrounding environment instantly changed from a vast grassland to a desert!

At the same time, fifty scorpions covered in steel armor emerged from under the sand, glaring at Xu Zong.

“They can burrow? Troublesome monsters!”

Xu Zong sighed inwardly and immediately raised his gun to meet them!


“It changed! It changed!”

At the entrance of the training camp, dozens of chairs had been placed without anyone noticing. Before 8:10, someone screamed.


“Rank 114!”

The expressions of the crowd remained unchanged, and some even nodded secretly.

“Most of the students with this ranking have just reached the second level of the trial tower. Well, Xu Zong was able to pass Phase B of the first level in five minutes when he just entered the school, so it’s certainly easy for him to reach the second level!”

“With his strength, he should be able to reach the third level. The final level of the trial tower should be around 3.1 or 3.2, and his ranking should be around forty or fifty!”

“It’s terrifying! He can reach the third level in the first month of school. This means his combat power is extremely high! He will definitely be sought after by major forces worldwide!”

Discussions filled the air.

Everyone was discussing Xu Zong’s possible final results. Most people believed that Xu Zong should be able to reach Phase A of the third level, which was the most normal judgment. This was already the average level of three-year students and was a very terrifying achievement, even more terrifying than Luo Feng’s initial performance!

“Are you all idiots?”

But at this moment, a lazy voice sounded among the group.

“Lamplos? Do you have any insights?”

The one speaking was a seemingly ordinary young man with messy black hair. He had a calm and stern expression, giving off an unchanging aura even in the face of Mount Tai collapsing.

“Cai Senior, I just want to say that you have overlooked the time it took for Xu Zong’s ranking to rise!”

Seeing that the speaker was one of the top ten stable figures in the training camp, Lamplos immediately straightened up.

“Based on the time, he should have broken through Phase C of the first level and entered the trial tower in the fifth or sixth minute!”

He lost ten billion because of five minutes last time, so he paid special attention to the time this time.

“That’s true.”

Cai Lin nodded understandingly.

“Passing Phase B of the first level in five minutes and passing Phase C of the first level in five minutes are not the same concept!”

“Could it be that he can break into the top thirty?”

The others also realized this and looked at each other.

“Top thirty? Definitely more than that!”

At this moment, Ma Shang suddenly laughed.

“Ma Shang? Do you know something?”

Someone immediately looked at him.

“Just watch!”

Ma Shang laughed happily.

The feeling of knowing the result that only I know is so refreshing!

It is well known that showing off is a person’s inherent need!

“He rose again!”

“This time, he’s ranked 92nd!”

“Two consecutive rises, how much time has passed between them?”

“Only four minutes!”

“How is that possible? Iron Armored Scorpions can burrow, and they are more difficult to kill than the bulls!”

A commotion immediately erupted!


Inside the trial tower.

“Damn it! These scorpions are so damn troublesome! Ten minutes passed in an instant!”

Xu Zong killed the last Iron Armored Scorpion with a shot, muttering to himself.

Is it really this difficult to kill fifty scorpions? What about the ones behind?

“You have entered the Phase B assessment of the second level. Please kill 100 initial-level beast generals, Iron Armored Scorpions, within 30 minutes!”

Xu Zong’s face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot!

A hundred Iron Armored Scorpions that can burrow into the sand!

How long will it take?

“Oh no, if this continues… I might not be able to reach my limit and will be expelled from the trial tower due to the time limit!”

Xu Zong’s anxiety grew in his heart.But at this moment, he had no other options, he could only keep killing, killing with all his might!

Ten minutes later.

“I’ve moved up! I’ve moved up again! Rank 78!”

Another twenty minutes later.

“Rank 60! He’s passed the second level and entered the third!”

With this achievement, he had already surpassed Luo Feng!

But at this time.

There were only a little over ten minutes left before Xu Zong reached the limit of his trial room usage!

Suddenly, his vision blurred.

The yellowish desert in front of Xu Zong disappeared, replaced by a barren Gobi wilderness.

“Student Xu Zong, you have entered the third level A-stage assessment of the Trial Tower! Please kill 50 primary beast general-level Golden Vultures within 10 minutes!”

In the wilderness sky, fifty golden vultures spread their wings, which were three to four meters wide, and swooped down from the sky with a screech!

“Flying monsters! Even more troublesome than the Ironclad Scorpions!”

When push came to shove, Xu Zong finally let out a bitter smile.

With just over ten minutes left, even if he could pass the A-stage, he probably wouldn’t make it through the B-stage.


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