Chapter 46 – The end of the month is coming

Xu Zong rushed to the northern grasslands at the fastest speed. Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens was cultivating in the Cloud Mist Sect and nothing happened in a short period of time. Xu Zong from Swallowed Star was also immersed in the life of the training camp. He would cultivate in the training camp on odd-numbered days and go to the wilderness area to hunt monsters on even-numbered days.

Unknowingly, it was already late March.


A loud rumbling sound echoed in the center of the abandoned city, and smoke and dust spread out in a ring shape.

Looking closely, a tall building in the center of the city collapsed!


A low roar resounded deafeningly.

A pig-like monster, over six meters tall and ten times stronger than a truck, roared out from the collapsed building. Its body was covered in fiery red scales, and it had three long horns on its head that pointed forward. The collapsed building didn’t leave a single scratch on it, and it easily ran at a speed surpassing the speed of sound!

“Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig?!”

The warriors hunting several kilometers away were startled by the rampage of this monster and fled in the opposite direction.

“Damn it, isn’t that a Junior Lord-level monster? Who provoked that thing?”

This city area was famous even before the Great Nirvana. It had a large area, which attracted settlements of Lord-level monsters. However, because of this, most of the warriors who dared to hunt here were Warlord Level warriors. But ordinary Warlord Level warriors wouldn’t dare to provoke Lord-level monsters!

“Is it a powerful stranger War God? Or one of the top thirty students in our training camp?”

A young man dressed in a red battle robe stood on top of a distant building, muttering to himself.

“The students who dare to hunt monsters here are probably not ordinary people… Well, let’s go and see!”

Saying that, his figure disappeared in an instant.

On the other side.

Facing the Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig, a figure moved between the tall buildings at a ghostly speed, easily avoiding the monster’s charge.

Then, he thrust his spear, and a strong gust of wind swept up, turning into a sharp and astonishing gust of wind, directly attacking the monster. It left a deep wound nearly one meter long on its side!

The Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig became even more shocked and angry, continuously crashing into two nearby buildings, but it couldn’t capture the figure that came and went freely.

“With my current speed, even a Junior Lord-level monster can’t catch up to me!”

Xu Zong’s feet didn’t stop, his figure flickered like a ghost, leaving traces in mid-air. With extreme speed, he not only produced a series of sonic booms but also made the Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig exhausted from running for its life.

“Let me try my self-created move!”

Xu Zong’s expression was extremely excited as he raised his spear high and drew a large circle. This circle was like a vortex, attracting all the surrounding strong winds and turning them into sharp wind gusts.

With the spear in his hand, Xu Zong’s muscular arms worked together, and multiple spiraling forces burst forth!

“Chasing Wind, Pursuing Shadow!”

The pitch-black shadow streaked across like a shooting star!


An ear-piercing sonic boom resounded like thunder.


The Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig let out a long howl, and its huge body collapsed to the ground like a mountain falling. Its body convulsed and quickly lost its breath.

From the side, it was clear that a half-meter-wide hole was blasted in the neck of the Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig!


Xu Zong cheered and landed beside the corpse of the Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig.

“After reaching the third level of World Annihilation, my power level has reached 3.6! Coupled with my physique reaching the level of a high-level Warlord, my strength is already close to that of a mid-level War God!”

During this month, he didn’t slack off in his cultivation. Although he had to spend half of his time hunting outside every month, which reduced the time for practicing the Guiding Technique, his physical fitness only reached the threshold of a high-level Warlord. However, because he put a lot of effort into multiple forces, he successfully reached the third level of World Annihilation yesterday!

Although World Annihilation teaches a different technique on each level, in reality, each technique can be stacked by personal choice.

For example, after learning the third level, Xu Zong could not only use the Fourfold Inch Force but also the Fourfold Spiral Force and the Fourfold Penetration Force!

The venomous dragon drill of the Fourfold Spiral Force, combined with the artistic conception of wind, was the spear technique Xu Zong had just successfully created – Chasing Wind, Pursuing Shadow!

Throwing the spear, with the wind-concept Fourfold Spiral Force, it was probably enough to threaten a mid-level Lord-level monster. The Fire Lin Three-Spear Pig, a Junior Lord-level monster, was pierced in the neck with just one spear!

“How should I transport this big guy back?”

Xu Zong circled around the huge corpse and found his Shadowless Spear stuck in the concrete floor. He reached out his hand, wanting to pull the spear back.

Who would have thought that the spear snapped into two pieces with a crisp sound, falling to the ground.


Xu Zong was speechless for a while.

Well, this spear was a grade 6 weapon he bought when he was in Jiangnan Base City. It was basically suitable for battles against all creatures below the high-level Beast General level.Unfortunately, this monster is only an elementary lord-level. Xu Zong got a little carried away and used too much force, causing the spear to break.

“No worries, I’ll soon have new level 9 equipment!”

Xu Zong didn’t mind and took out a dagger from his waist, trying to dismantle the three trident-like horns of the Fire Phoenix Boar.

With the materials from this elementary lord-level monster, he could sell them for around 500 million to 3 billion!

Of course, he couldn’t sell them at the Extreme Martial Arts School, otherwise his warrior certificate would automatically be upgraded to a junior war god, and he would be forced to graduate. He still had many benefits that he hadn’t obtained yet, so how could he easily leave?

“Xu Zong? Did you kill this Fire Phoenix Boar?”

Soon, a young Asian man dressed in deep red battle clothes arrived at the ruins, staring at Xu Zong who was digging out the horns with disbelief.

“Isn’t this Ma Shang?”

Xu Zong greeted him with a smile.

“Yes, it’s me. Did you really kill this Fire Phoenix Boar?”

Ma Shang walked over in a daze, smiling bitterly.

“I’ve been in the Elite Training Camp for three years, and I’m only ranked around forty. At most, I dare to hunt higher-level beast generals. I didn’t expect that you, who have only been here for a month, could kill an elementary lord. Is this what true talent looks like?”

If he could rank around forty in three years, he would definitely be able to enter the top thirty in four years. Before graduation, he should be able to reach the top ten. In twenty or thirty years, Ma Shang would most likely become a high-level war god. There was no doubt that he was a genius.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone better. Compared to Xu Zong, who could kill an elementary lord in his first month, he was just an ordinary person.

“Since there are no more beast generals around, let me help you!”

The monsters around had already been scared away by Xu Zong and the Fire Phoenix Boar’s battle, so they couldn’t find any monsters to kill. Ma Shang simply squatted down and took out his dagger to help with the dissection.

“Damn it, the scales are so hard. It’s so difficult to dissect!”

Ma Shang’s maximum strength was only at the level of a high-level war general, which was below the level of a junior war god. Dissecting the Fire Phoenix Boar’s body made him sweat profusely.

After more than an hour, the two of them finally separated the most valuable materials from the Fire Phoenix Boar’s body and put them in their backpacks. As for the large amount of flesh and bones, they could only be left to the monsters here.

“Where do you plan to sell the materials?”

“Of course, it’s the HR Alliance Mall!”

“Well, that is indeed the best choice. Not only do they offer high prices, but it also won’t affect your warrior level!”

Ma Shang nodded in agreement. It seemed that Xu Zong didn’t plan to graduate in the near future.

Within the Elite Training Camp, there were many war god-level students who would hunt lord-level monsters to earn some extra money. As long as they didn’t sell them to the Extreme Martial Arts School and didn’t upgrade their warrior level, they wouldn’t be forced to graduate.

Of course, lord-level monsters couldn’t count as achievements, and it would waste a lot of time. This aspect had to be considered by oneself.

It was close to noon, and most of the beast generals and monsters in the surroundings had hidden. Ma Shang gave up on hunting for today and returned to the base city with Xu Zong.

The two of them first went to the HR Alliance Mall. The materials from the Fire Phoenix Boar shocked the manager, and after careful examination, they were given a high price of 2.5 billion.

Then the two of them went to the Xifeng Tower and had a meal. It was almost the best chain hotel in China, and they could even turn monster meat into dishes. However, the price was high, and a top-level set meal cost more than 10 million. They had to make a reservation in advance, so they settled for a set meal that cost a little over 2 million.

“By the way, Xu Zong, when do you plan to challenge the Trial Tower?”

On the way back to the training camp, Ma Shang casually asked Xu Zong while picking his teeth.


Xu Zong opened the wristwatch that was distributed by the training camp and pointed to the information on it.

“I’m a new student who only has one hour of trial room usage time per month. According to the rules of the training camp, the trial room usage time for new students is always at the end of the month. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come back so early today!”

It’s simply discrimination!

Well, actually, it was only natural. After all, by the end of the month, the rankings on the Black Dragon Ranking would have been mostly determined. There weren’t many new students who could achieve good results in the Trial Tower. In general, their usage time would be scheduled at the end.

“Haha! Then tonight, I’ll definitely bring a chair and sit in front of the Black Dragon Ranking, waiting for the moment when you surpass everyone!”

Ma Shang burst into laughter.

I can’t be the only one who gets shocked! Everyone should be amazed by this ace newcomer!

“Watch closely!”

Xu Zong said excitedly.

3.6 times the power on the third level of World Annihilation, combined with the Realm of Artistic Conception in spear technique!

Even Xu Zong himself was looking forward to how far he could go!

“My performance points this month are quite good, thanks to the invincibility of the Sliding Shovel. It’s probably at the level of a fourth or fifth-grade student. I won’t be able to score too many points against top-level students, so the final ranking will depend on how far I can go in the Trial Tower!”Xu Zong’s heart surged with passion, everything depended on tonight!

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