Chapter 44 – Beautiful Master.avi

Hongning Base City, Nine Towers.

The ninth floor of the Nine Towers is filled with facilities unearthed from ancient civilizations. Among them are not only the trial room and the challenge room, but also the gravity room that Xu Zong had been longing for.


A beam of light swept across from above, followed by a faint mechanical sound. The door opened, and Xu Zong walked into the gravity room.

The entire gravity room, whether it was the walls or the floor, was made of various colored alloys such as black and yellow. It looked very complex and disorderly. Apart from a fist mark about an inch deep in the corner, the overall appearance was very smooth.

Xu Zong came to the console in the corner of the room and pressed the plus button, continuously increasing the value to 20.


With a low mechanical sound, the environment of the entire gravity room changed. An invisible force surrounded the entire room, even the air became inexplicably heavy.

Xu Zong’s shoulders sank, and the pressure on his knees suddenly increased.

As a master of Xingyi, he could clearly perceive that the flow of his blood became difficult, and his heartbeat became as loud as a drum.

The influence of gravity is on all atoms within the field.

Unlike normal training, ordinary training can only exercise one’s muscles. Even in the practice of genetic primal energy, the internal organs of a person are always more fragile than muscles and bones.

But in the gravity room, the invisible gravity presses on the whole body, not only the muscles but also the internal organs. Training in this environment will stimulate the potential of the human body from the inside out!

Generally speaking, according to the data statistics of the training camp so far, as long as one trains for two hours under extreme gravity within a day, the training speed of that day will be ten times faster than normal training!

Ten times faster!

What concept is this? If it originally took ten years to become a War God, with the help of the gravity room, one could become a War God in just one year!

“If I can use this gravity room as I please…”

Just thinking about such a scene, Xu Zong couldn’t help but have a greedy desire to possess the gravity room.

Due to the lack of saturation time, Xu Zong’s training for two hours under extreme gravity will definitely not be ten times faster than his normal training. But five times or three times faster is still possible, right?

If he could train in the gravity room for the whole day… he believed that he could become a high-level War God within a month!

“Unfortunately, I only have one hour of usage time in the first month!”

Xu Zong sighed inwardly, not daring to waste such a good opportunity, and quickly started his extreme training.

“It’s so difficult to cultivate the Fourth Layer Strength. It feels several times harder than the Third Layer Strength, and it can’t train the whole body… Well, let’s practice spear technique!”

Whether it was normal training or practicing spear technique, as long as the muscles, bones, fascia, and internal organs were compressed to the limit, it would stimulate the cells to the maximum extent and make the cells enter a state of extreme hunger.

Just like how one needs to eat more when doing more exercise, when cells move more, they can consume cosmic energy faster and in larger quantities!

After sweating for half an hour in the gravity room, Xu Zong felt that his body had reached its limit, and quickly took out the water cup he carried with him and drank the red wine-like liquid inside!

A strong warmth rose from his abdomen and rushed to his limbs and bones. His whole body turned red.

Xu Zong quickly sat cross-legged on the ground and assumed the posture of Great Annihilation. The energy floating in the universe was quickly absorbed by his cells. At the same time, the power of the red fruit wine penetrated every inch of his muscle fibers. His physical strength was rapidly increasing at an astonishing speed!

After a full twenty minutes, the feeling of hunger in his cells gradually disappeared, and Xu Zong stood up from the ground.

He jumped in place a few times, revealing a face full of joy.

“It’s amazing! My physical strength has probably increased by nearly half!”

His original single-arm strength was only about 16 tons, which in the world of The Nine Cauldrons was equivalent to the strength of both arms being 60,000 jin, far less than the current Xu Zong!

According to the maximum increase of 20,000 jin that the red fruit wine could provide, his current single-arm strength should be over 20 tons!

“Beep, student Xu Zong, your time limit for using the gravity room has expired!”

As an electronic female voice sounded, the gravity in the room quickly returned to normal, and the door opened.

Xu Zong sighed helplessly. No matter how reluctant he was, he could only leave the gravity room.

After he left, the next student quickly entered.

“I’ve used up my quota for this month!”

Although his whole body felt comfortable, Xu Zong was still very sad.

In the training camp, the use of the gravity room requires advance application, and each application must be at least one hour. In other words, his usage time for this month has ended, and he can no longer enter!

After leaving the gravity room, Xu Zong returned to Jiangnan Ge silently.When he returned to the courtyard, he saw Bai Zhiwei standing in the small pavilion, gazing at the distant sky, lost in thought.

The weather wasn’t good today, the sky was gloomy, and raindrops had already started to fall.

“Sister, why are you standing here?”

Out of politeness, Xu Zong approached and greeted Bai Zhiwei.

“Missing home.”

Bai Zhiwei seemed unaware of his presence and continued to stare at the sky, absentmindedly replying.

“Then why don’t you take a leave and go back?”

Xu Zong asked, feeling puzzled.

Isn’t it too early?

It’s only March 7th, it’s only been 7 days since school started. Didn’t you spend enough time at home during the winter break?

“Home is gone.”

Bai Zhiwei suddenly said.


Xu Zong was taken aback.

Bai Zhiwei’s expressionless face, in his eyes, suddenly became different.

He used to think that this woman had a strange personality, but now he understood that she was probably experiencing some family troubles, which made her somewhat withdrawn.

“What about your family?”

Xu Zong asked more seriously.

“I don’t know.”

Bai Zhiwei looked up at the sky, her gaze empty, as if her spirit had long since left, with a hint of desolation in her expression.

“Maybe they’re already dead.”

Gradually, the drizzling rain started to fall.

Falling on the pavilions, falling into the pond, falling on the tiles of the small pavilion.

And falling into people’s hearts.

“Where are you from?”

Xu Zong continued to ask.

Bai Zhiwei shook her head and fell silent.

Xu Zong was quite familiar with her. Bai Zhiwei had almost no boundaries and could say anything. Once, he almost blurted out a question about the color of her underwear. Bai Zhiwei’s indifference towards things had reached such a level.

But she seemed unwilling to talk about her origins.

Is it because she has too many sad things?

Xu Zong didn’t know.

He didn’t intend to find out either.

Since Bai Zhiwei didn’t want to be known by others, it was obvious that she had her own concerns. Xu Zong and her had an ordinary relationship, and he didn’t have the habit of seeking trouble.

The light rain stopped, and Xu Zong left the pavilion and returned to his attic.

Bai Zhiwei was still standing there, looking into the distance. She was only wearing a thin practice suit, and he wondered if she felt cold in the rain.

In the chat group.

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “I’ve learned the first combat technique. Now it’s in my shareable skills. @All Xu Zong.”

As soon as Xu Zong returned to the attic, he absentmindedly clicked on the profile picture of Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens in his mind, and found a new skill in his shareable skills.

Thousand Wind Gang (Profound Rank Intermediate Combat Technique)

He clicked on share, and a memory instantly appeared in his mind.

This combat technique was a wind attribute technique. After mastering it, he could shoot out five spiraling gusts of wind from his fingertips, intertwining with each other to form a terrifying gust of wind that could easily penetrate diamonds!

In the world of Battle Through the Heavens, warriors had basic attributes. For example, alchemists, who were very famous, had to be born with both fire and wood attributes to succeed. However, Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens seemed to have a wind attribute, so he had no chance of becoming an alchemist in this lifetime.

But the concept of attributes only appeared in the early stages of Battle Through the Heavens. In the later stages, even if the techniques and combat techniques didn’t match one’s own attributes, they could still be used. So, in fact, there wasn’t much value in the concept of attributes.

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Huh? This gust of wind… I’ve comprehended it! It’s the next realm of Internal Martial Arts! I’m going into seclusion, don’t disturb me!”

As he spoke, the profile picture of Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons turned black.

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Is this combat technique really that amazing? It made him comprehend it?”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “It’s probably a case of understanding through analogy. This combat technique made him understand the path he should take next… By the way, what realm comes after Grandmaster in the world of The Nine Cauldrons?”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “You don’t remember, and you’re asking me?”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Let’s ask Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons later.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “By the way, can you record a video of yourself using this Thousand Wind Gang combat technique for me?”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Why?!”

What’s going on?

Why did he suddenly become nervous? His voice even raised several degrees!

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “I’ve been studying the Realm of Artistic Conception for firearms recently, but I lack substantial inspiration. After watching your combat technique, I have a feeling that it might be useful to me!”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Oh… wait.”

Xu Zong patiently waited in the attic.

He also entered the training room and tested his progress today. His punching force had indeed increased to over 21 tons, and his speed had reached 180m/s. If he used the Triple Force, his strength would be even stronger, approaching that of a low-level War God!

Half an hour later.

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Master Beauty using Thousand Wind Gang.avi”Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Beautiful Master Using Wind Spirit Splitting Sword.avi”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Beautiful Master Using Wind Pushing Force.avi”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Beautiful Master Using Wind Returning to Earth.avi”

In the blink of an eye, Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens had posted seven or eight videos in the group!

In the training room, Xu Zong opened each video one by one. In each video, there was a beautiful woman dressed in a tight golden robe with purple trim, her black hair styled like a phoenix in full cry. Her face was as elegant and beautiful as a mountain spring, and her demeanor was as calm and noble as the bright moon.

With a flick of her finger, a gust of wind broke through the air and pierced the giant rock on the cliff.

In a backhand move, her long sword trembled, leaving several afterimages in the air.

Immediately after, she placed her bare hand in front of her body, forming a strange seal. A green tornado appeared out of nowhere in front of her, howling towards the cliff.

In the blink of an eye, she formed a new seal, then fiercely slapped down with her backhand. A violent wind descended from the sky, countless wind blades cutting the earth into unrecognizable shapes!

Several kinds of intermediate and advanced Profound Rank Combat Techniques were casually used by her. As her delicate body danced, a green light enveloped the surroundings like a thin veil, giving a hazy sense of beauty that was truly a feast for the eyes.

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