Chapter 43 – Help me say sorry a few more times

On March 2nd, Xu Zong spent the whole day in the wilderness area, killing monsters and earning some battle points.

He did not use the Intelligence Reduction Aura, so the number and quality of the monsters he hunted that day were limited. If he couldn’t turn it on and off at any time, Xu Zong didn’t want to use it.

March 3rd arrived.

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “I finally found Iron Arm Monkey Mountain @ all Xu Zongs!”

Early in the morning, while Xu Zong was still browsing the Extreme Home website, he heard Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons shouting in the group.

Then a picture was sent to the group, Xu Zong opened it and saw a towering mountain over three thousand meters high standing among the mountains, giving off an unshakable and spectacular feeling.

After a while, Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons sent another picture.

Located halfway up the mountain, there were overgrown weeds in front of him, and not far away was a huge basin with countless black gorillas taller than humans sleeping, drinking, fighting, and reproducing.

On the opposite side of the basin, a two-meter-high black cave could be seen, guarded by a very powerful black gorilla.

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “It seems that Red Fruit Wine is in that cave!”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “Where is the bag I asked you to prepare, Swallowed Star?”

Swallowed Star: “Wait a moment, I’ll send it over!”

Swallowed Star: “By the way, I also bought an auxiliary tool, I’ll send it to you as well, it should come in handy!”

The world of the Nine Cauldrons.

A young man with a tiger-like back and bear-like waist lay in the grass, observing the monkey group in the basin from a distance. Although they were called monkeys, they looked like gorillas, each several meters tall, and their muscles were intimidating.

“Just the iron-arm monkey guarding the entrance of the cave exudes an innate level of pressure! I don’t even know how strong the three-meter-tall monkey in the basin is!”

Xu Zong glanced at a silver-haired gorilla in the basin, lying there comfortably while other monkeys helped it catch lice. That was probably the king of this group of monkeys, and its aura was almost solidified.

“I can’t let these monkeys discover me! Otherwise, even I won’t have a good time!”

Xu Zong secretly made up his mind. The strength of this monkey group was probably extremely strong!

Although that was the case, he wasn’t actually afraid of those monkeys.

From practicing the Tiger Shape Divine Art to the Great Annihilation, and now, with the talent to cultivate without bottlenecks, his arms already had a strength of 200,000 catties! Plus the 2.7 times power boost from the second level of the World Annihilation, he could directly burst out a strength of over 500,000 catties!

Under normal circumstances, according to the Taoist method of cultivation, an innate expert would have a strength of about 200,000 catties for the Virtual Elixir, and about 400,000 catties for the Real Elixir. As for the Golden Elixir realm, because it could eliminate air resistance, a single strike would have at least 800,000 catties of strength!

With his current strength, although he would still be crushed when facing an innate Golden Elixir, he would have more than enough power to deal with an innate Real Elixir.

The aura of that monkey king was majestic, and even Xu Zong secretly felt that he was far from being a match. It was probably a monster at the innate Golden Elixir realm. However, the one guarding the entrance of the cave was probably much weaker, estimated to be at the innate Virtual Elixir level.

“It’s here, huh, what’s this?”

With a thought, Xu Zong accepted the things Swallowed Star sent in the chat group. In the blink of an eye, two things appeared by his feet.

One of them was a large bag rolled up, made of an unknown material, transparent in color, and very sturdy when he touched it.

The other one was a mechanical product that looked like a remote-controlled airplane, with four small propellers on top and a pair of clamps underneath.

“This… is a drone?”

Xu Zong was instantly shocked.

Swallowed Star: “In addition to the bag, I also sent a military optical camouflage drone. It can be used silently and stealthily, it should be useful for stealing things!”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens: “What happened to the family of military practitioners? Why are you doing these sneaky things?”

Swallowed Star: “Afterwards, please apologize to the monkey group for me @ Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons.”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “Okay!”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens: “6!”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens: “Also, please apologize to them for me, and also send me some Red Fruit Wine later.”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “Oh, you’re here too, a person who has nothing is asking for something, you really have a thick skin!”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens: “What can I do? I’m just a fighter, not even an alchemist, and I haven’t started practicing combat techniques yet. Can you guys wait for me to grow a bit? Besides, can you eat thick skin?”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “If it really doesn’t work, how about giving me some equipment! Doesn’t your world have spatial rings? Send me one!”Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Do you think it’s easy to obtain a storage ring? It costs 100,000 gold coins, and it’s rare for even a great fighter to have one. It’s very precious, you know? I only got one because of my position as the young master. With this, how many people will be against me? I don’t want to be inexplicably targeted again.”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “When I become stronger in the future, I’ll get one for you.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “I think I have a spatial ring too. I’ll look for it later.”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Alright! Let’s see how much I can steal this time. I’ll take the main credit, and Xu Zong from Swallowed Star can take the secondary credit. Let’s satisfy our needs first. If there’s more, I’ll transfer it to you.”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “I guess there’s no other way.”

Iron Arm Monkey Mountain, halfway up the mountain.

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons played with the drone in his hand, looking delighted.

“Goodness gracious, it’s truly the technology of the future. This drone is much better than DJI! But the operation is a bit complicated… Hmm, it’s foolish to steal during the day. Let’s wait until night. I’ll practice with this drone first!”

Having made up his mind, Xu Zong quietly left the halfway point of the mountain and returned to the foot of the mountain. He then began practicing with the drone according to the instructions.

“Hehe! This drone is so fun!”

The handling was excellent, silent and almost without causing any airflow. The control range was particularly far… Xu Zong gradually understood the joy of drone enthusiasts.

It wasn’t until nightfall that Xu Zong returned to the basin halfway up the mountain.

He controlled the drone to pick up a transparent storage bag and quietly flew towards the direction of the cave without alerting anyone.

“That monkey guarding the cave entrance…”

Xu Zong looked around, picked up a stone, and with a flick of his wrist, the stone shot out like a bullet and hit near the cave. The monkey guarding the entrance heard the sound and quickly went to check.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xu Zong controlled the drone to fly into the cave and slowly entered the depths of the cave through the night vision device installed on it.

Beasts at the Innate Realm already had a certain level of intelligence, but obviously, they had never interacted with humans before and didn’t understand what “number six” meant. Their intelligence was still low, so it was easy to distract them.

The place where the red fruit wine was stored was also not allowed for any monkeys to approach, and the cave was unobstructed.

“Found it!”

The drone entered the deepest part of the cave, and Xu Zong’s eyes lit up when he saw a stone pool filled with red liquid. He quickly controlled the drone to place the storage bag down and opened the bag with a clamp.

The red liquid slowly flowed into the storage bag, bit by bit.

After ten minutes, the bag was completely filled, and only a thin layer of red liquid remained in the stone pool.

The drone picked up the storage bag again and flew out step by step.

The unfolded storage bag was as tall as half a person, and the weight was even greater than expected. The drone’s power was obviously not enough, and its flying speed slowed down significantly.

“I hope I can make it!”

Xu Zong picked up another stone and threw it towards the passage next to the cave, once again luring the monkey guarding the entrance away.

Taking this opportunity, he quickly controlled the drone to lift the storage bag out.

Fortunately, the intelligence of that monkey was obviously not high. It stayed in place for a while before returning to the cave entrance. By that time, the drone had already flown out of the cave, and the drone itself was invisible, and the storage bag was colorless. The red liquid in the dark night was also difficult to see. This plan was successful!

“Sniff sniff!”

The monkey that returned to the entrance suddenly twitched its nose.

Then its monkey face changed, and it quickly ran towards the cave.

“Oh no, the smell has been exposed!”

Xu Zong’s heart tightened, realizing that the storage bag had been soaked in the red fruit wine for ten minutes and must have absorbed the smell. It floated all the way out, releasing the scent. The monkey must have smelled it in the air and felt something was wrong!

“Rise, rise, rise!”

Xu Zong quickly controlled the drone to climb rapidly into the sky.

“Ugh! Ee-ee-ee!”

Before long, the anxious and angry screams echoed from the cave, spreading throughout the basin.

The monkey king, who was happily living in the basin, immediately jumped more than ten meters high and took a few big steps to reach the cave entrance.

Following that, the entire mountain was filled with the furious roars of the monkey king, as if the mountain was collapsing and the ground was cracking.

However, at this time, the drone had already risen to an altitude of over a thousand meters, and Xu Zong had long since retreated and hurriedly ran towards the outside of the mountain.

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons steals red fruit wine.avi”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “It’s done! This bag contains at least a few hundred liters! It’s more than enough for drinking or bathing! This drone is truly extraordinary!”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “It cost me 11 points to teleport over. If it wasn’t extraordinary, I would have been furious. I only have a total of 46 points, and I just lost a quarter of them!”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Anyway, this chat group doesn’t even have a mall. You don’t need to worry about how many points you have.”Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “What if the chat group gets upgraded in the future?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Let me first try the effects of this Red fruit wine, I’ll give you the results later!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Find a safe place first, in case you get drunk or something and get bitten by poisonous insects or snakes.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I believe that mere poisonous insects can’t harm a Xingyi Quan master like me. But you’re right, better safe than sorry. I’ll dig a cave and experiment slowly!”

Half an hour later.

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Wow! The effect is amazing! I drank about a liter, and I feel that the strength in my arms has increased by at least ten thousand catties! My body is warm now, there must still be some medicinal effects left!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Quickly practice the Great Silence! The energy absorption effect of the Great Silence is even better than the Tiger Divine Art!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I’m practicing it now!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Hmm, according to preliminary experiments, drinking a liter of this Red fruit wine is enough, drinking more is useless. Initially, it can increase the strength by more than ten thousand catties, and as it is slowly absorbed, it can continue to increase a bit. We Xingyi Quan masters can stimulate the body to absorb it more thoroughly, conservatively estimated, it can increase the strength by twenty thousand catties!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Wait, I’ll teleport two liters each for you to try!”

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