Chapter 39 – Senior Sister Bai Zhiwei

“Why are you looking for me at this time?”

Xu Zong tilted his head, realizing that he didn’t really know many people yet.

He went downstairs and arrived at the living room door, where a graceful figure caught his eye.

She was wearing a simple white training outfit, with a black belt wrapped around her slender waist. Her long black hair was tied up in a neat high ponytail, and her features were more delicate than most female celebrities Xu Zong had seen. Her face was completely natural, without any makeup, giving off a pure and unadorned feeling.

“I am Bai Zhiwei, your senior sister who lives next to you.”

After seeing Xu Zong, the elegant and heroic woman smiled faintly and extended her hand.

“Hello, senior sister.”

Xu Zong nodded understandingly and shook hands briefly before they separated.

“Is there something you need, senior sister, coming to find me at this time?”

“Today is the day for new students to enroll. Dai Xuechang plans to hold a banquet to welcome our new compatriots from China. He asked me to inform you.”

“Dai Xuechang?”

“The second on the ranking list.”

“So, it’s that senior!”

Xu Zong suddenly realized.

The second on the Black Dragon Ranking List, Dai Longwei!

“When and where is it?”

Xu Zong asked eagerly. He wasn’t the kind of person who solely focused on cultivation and ignored worldly matters. In his previous life as a headhunter, he attended two banquets a day during the busiest times and never complained.

“Tonight at six o’clock. I’ll come and get you.”

“Thank you, senior sister.”


After saying that, Bai Zhiwei turned and left. Judging from the direction, she should have returned to her own attic.

She seems like a senior sister who doesn’t like to talk much.

Xu Zong shook his head.

She’s quite a beautiful woman, so she should be popular. However, her personality might deter many people.

After senior sister left, Xu Zong returned to his own room. It was only a little past two o’clock, so he needed to plan his cultivation schedule for the next steps.

First, he needed to determine one thing: there was no need for any hidden abilities in this elite training camp. As long as there was a breakthrough in strength, it had to be revealed as quickly as possible. All of this was for the sake of achieving a good ranking on the leaderboard!

“My ID number is 600330, which is an even number. This means that every month, I have to leave the training camp and go to the wilderness area to hunt monsters. Only odd-numbered IDs can stay in the training camp for cultivation!”

Xu Zong recalled the rules in the student handbook. This was a strict rule of the training camp.

“Fighting in the wilderness helps me gain combat experience, and the effect of cultivating through battles is much better than practicing in seclusion. However, it’s troublesome during the days of cultivation in the training camp.”

The most troublesome part was the usage time of the Trial Room and Gravity Room!

The rule of the elite training camp was that days 1 to 28 were for regular cultivation and hunting. On the evening of the 28th, there would be a comprehensive assessment to determine the rankings for the month.

Based on the rankings, the next month’s allocation of usage time for the ancient civilization relics facilities would be determined!

For students ranked beyond the top 100, they would only have one hour of usage time for the Trial Room and Gravity Room each month!

In other words, in March, Xu Zong would only have one hour of usage time for the Trial Room and Gravity Room. If he wanted more usage time in the following month, he had to achieve a good ranking in the end-of-month assessment!

The student ranked first would receive 90 hours of usage time the next month!

The second-ranked student would receive 60 hours!

Just thinking about it made people envious!

“Why doesn’t this global training camp have any entrance tests or something?”

Xu Zong felt frustrated.

With his current strength, even in the elite training camp, he should be able to achieve good results. At the very least, he shouldn’t be ranked outside the top 100!

But this training camp didn’t have any entrance tests. New students only had one hour of usage time in their first month.

It was very unreasonable!

Were senior students always stronger than newly enrolled students?

“Never mind, this month I’ll focus on cultivating the third level of World Annihilation and improve my marksmanship to the Realm of Artistic Conception!”

Although he said that, Xu Zong couldn’t directly complain. Who do you think you are? Why should they follow your rules? Xu Zong could only follow the rules of the training camp.

“As for the usage time of the Trial Room and Gravity Room… Well, I’ll consult the seniors’ opinions tonight!”

The sun was setting.

At around half past five, the doorbell rang again.

Xu Zong was already prepared. He had taken a shower and changed into casual clothes before leaving the attic.

Senior sister Bai Zhiwei stood there quietly, still dressed in her white training outfit.

“Senior sister, are you going to the banquet dressed like this?”

“Is there something wrong?”

Bai Zhiwei looked over, her eyes unwavering.

“Don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

Xu Zong asked.Xu Zong looked at her in disbelief, “Are you a girl and I am a girl?”

“I didn’t think so. I used to wear training clothes to banquets and no one said anything.”

Bai Zhiwei looked away and said indifferently.

Most likely, everyone gave you face and didn’t embarrass you in front of others, right?

“If you think it’s fine, then forget it.”

Xu Zong waved his hand. Since everyone gave face, it didn’t matter. He had just met Bai Zhiwei and didn’t want to say much.

The two of them left Jiangnan Pavilion and, led by Bai Zhiwei, arrived at another courtyard. The three characters “Northeast Pavilion” were written on it. There were already many people gathered here, all of them from China.

So, that senior Dai is actually from Northeast China?

“Our female War God is here!”

“Could the person next to her be the junior brother who passed the B-level test in five minutes?”

“Tsk tsk, the famous group!”

As soon as the two of them arrived, they caused a commotion. However, no one had ill intentions. Everyone welcomed them with smiles. Some people looked curiously at Xu Zong, while a few obviously new male students looked at Bai Zhiwei in awe.

“Junior brother, I advise you not to have any ideas about Senior Sister Bai! As soon as the female War God entered the school, she beat up the senior who harassed her and sent him to the hospital!”

The two new students immediately laughed awkwardly and quickly expressed that they didn’t have such thoughts.

“Senior, is Senior Sister Bai really powerful?”

Xu Zong curiously asked a senior.

“She entered the school in 58 and is currently ranked 36th on the leaderboard. Do you think she’s powerful?”

The senior shrugged and looked at Bai Zhiwei, who was sitting alone in the corner, looking serious and not smiling.

“You should know that among the top thirty in our Elite Training Camp, all of them have the strength of a War God! Senior Sister Bai can definitely enter the top thirty this year. Maybe she already has the strength of a War God!”

So that’s how it is, she’s really powerful!

Judging by her age, she shouldn’t be over twenty-five years old. She must be outstanding among the elite training camp!

“Is everyone here?”

Before long, a tall and sturdy man, nearly two meters tall, walked in carrying several boxes of wine.

Behind him was a young man with messy black hair, who looked ordinary.

But the aura of these two people, in Xu Zong’s perception, was no less than Zhou Zhengyong!

“Big Brother Dai!”

“Senior Cai is here too!”

Dai Longwei, ranked second on the leaderboard, and Cai Lin, ranked third, were both from China. There were about twenty-six or twenty-seven Chinese people gathered here.

“There are quite a few of us from these few batches! According to War God Teacher, it’s the peak period!”

“Especially Senior Dai and Senior Cai. Senior Cai has been in the top ten for a long time, and Senior Dai has firmly held the top five. They probably have the strength of a mid-level War God!”

For a while, the living room was filled with laughter and conversation. Everyone came from a country with a high degree of cultural identity, so they spoke to each other in a friendly manner without any hidden intentions.

“You must be Xu Zong, right?”

In the midst of the conversation, the tall and burly Dai Longwei came to Xu Zong’s side.

He looked Xu Zong up and down for a while, showing appreciation in his eyes, and patted his shoulder.

“You passed the B-level test in five minutes. Even Luo Feng didn’t do something so outrageous. Since the establishment of the Elite Training Camp, I have never seen such an outstanding young person like you. Your name has already spread throughout the entire training camp! Work hard. Senior Cai and I will graduate at the end of this year. The future status of us Chinese people in the Elite Training Camp will depend on you!”


Xu Zong nodded with a smile.

“Be a man and drink it all at once!”

Dai Longwei raised a glass of white wine and downed it.

“Then I can’t say no!”

Xu Zong also raised a glass of white wine and drank it all in one gulp, his face turning red.

“Hahaha! Refreshing, I like a man like you!”

Dai Longwei laughed loudly and looked at Bai Zhiwei, who was sitting quietly on the side.

“Young Sister Bai, you are Junior Xu’s senior sister and also from the same city. Take care of him in the future!”


Bai Zhiwei nodded calmly, but it was unclear whether she really took in what he said.

Looking at Bai Zhiwei, who seemed unapproachable, Dai Longwei also seemed helpless.

The night went on with joy and laughter.

“Phew… Haven’t drunk for such a long time. I feel like my head is getting fuzzy!”

After the banquet, Xu Zong walked out of the Northeast Pavilion, holding his hot head.

“Do you need help?”

Bai Zhiwei stopped and looked at him quietly.

“No need, this little bit of alcohol can’t defeat me!”

Xu Zong hesitated for a moment and directly refused.Using the exquisite control of an Internal Martial Arts master, Xu Zong suppressed the flow of blood and qi within his body to an extremely low level. His heart rate gradually slowed down to a frequency of thirty beats per minute, and his complexion quickly recovered.

Of course, this was only a temporary solution, merely prolonging the time alcohol took effect in his body.

He didn’t possess Inner Power, so he couldn’t expel the alcohol from his body like the Nine Cauldrons’ Xu Zong. Thus, he could only deal with it in this manner.


Seeing his expression return to normal, Bai Zhiwei turned around again.

The two of them returned to the Jiangnan Pavilion, one in front of the other.

“Student Xu Zong, please come with me. Inspector Wang wants to see you!”

Just as they arrived at the pavilion, an old man dressed as a housekeeper greeted them with a smile.

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