Chapter 38 – I’m so poor!

“This Jemir, really!”

“Such quick reaction!”

Lamplos and Ma Shang finally came back to their senses, unable to help but grit their teeth and remain speechless.

“Lamplos, I don’t think you would mind just a billion people, right?”

Ma Shang glanced at Lamplos and chuckled.

“You Chinese people always like to plan benefits for your own people.”

Lamplos shrugged his shoulders, indifferent.

“You don’t have to provoke me, I don’t care about just a billion. After school starts, I can just go to the city area to kill monsters and make money!”

Not only were they stunned in the hall, but Xu Zong was also stunned.

He couldn’t understand why someone would grab his arm and give him money as soon as he came out.

And it was 120 billion!!!

He had never seen so much money in his life!

It felt like in the past month, the units of money he had seen and heard were updating at a dazzling speed!

“Your name is Xu Zong, right?”

Lamplos also walked over, straightened his clothes, and revealed a very gentlemanly smile.

“This is just a small bet for us. This 120 billion is nothing to us. You can accept it! Of course, in return, we hope you can consider joining our HR Alliance. Our alliance has the strongest economic strength. Even during your training camp and school term, the alliance can provide you with more than 10 billion in funding each year…”

They were destined to become powerful war gods in the future, so they had long received olive branches thrown by major forces from around the world!

Among them, only a part of them came from big families and lacked nothing. There was also a large part of them who had various cultivation needs, so many of them had already joined major forces. There were forces behind them providing them with funds. After all, the needs of future war gods were not something any force would be stingy about!

Of course, because they had joined forces, they usually had some small tasks to shoulder.

That was to win over other geniuses!

Every force in the world wanted to capture all the geniuses in the Elite Training Camp. Even if they could only win over one, it would be a great thing!

“Uh, I have already joined the Martial Arts School.”

“Just a breach of contract fee, the alliance will help you pay for it.”

“Hehe, I will consider it.”

Seeing this, Xu Zong quickly glanced at the faces of the people around him.

It seemed that no one was angry that he alone received over 10 billion. They all had smiles on their faces and seemed happy to establish a good relationship with him.

“Thank you all for your care. I do need money, so I will accept this 120 billion with gratitude!”

Naturally, Xu Zong was happy to receive over 10 billion for free. He quickly exchanged contact information with Jemir and transferred all the funds from the bet into his account.

“Alright, I will take Xu Zong to handle the procedures.”

After transferring the money, Puka walked up with a smiling face.

“You little brat, trying to steal the Martial Arts School’s students right in front of me? Don’t you want to live? It’s almost 1 p.m. now. You little brats who want to enter the Gravity Room and Trial Tower, hurry up and go in!”

Puka didn’t really seem angry either. After he spoke, everyone followed his orders.

“He looks like he’s only sixteen or seventeen years old, but he actually passed the B-level test in less than five minutes?”

Looking at Xu Zong’s departing figure, Ma Shang’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

“Even the first place who came from the Basic Training Camp every year can’t do this. Lamplos, your ranking is 56th. Do you think you can do it?”

“It’s hard to say!”

Lamplos showed a difficult expression upon hearing this.

“My swordsmanship and body movement have reached the perfect and complete level, but my strength is stuck at just over double. If I go all out to pass the B-level test on the first floor of the Trial Tower, the possibility of doing it within five minutes… is less than thirty percent!”

The students in the Elite Training Camp generally reached the perfect and complete level in body movement and combat techniques after two or three years of study. But the level of strength was the most difficult to train!

Reaching double the strength was considered normal, and reaching triple the strength was very outstanding, indicating that the student had already studied for four or five years!

Like Puka, as an advanced war god and Hong’s disciple, his strength was just over triple. It could be seen how difficult it was to train in this aspect!

So Xu Zong learning the first two levels of World Annihilation in one breath and reaching a strength of 2.7 surprised Puka!

“There will probably be an extraordinary newcomer in our Elite Training Camp!”

“Quickly go back and inform the family! We must bring such a genius under our wing!”

“Hey, Jemir! Tell us the newcomer’s number!”

“Oh, forget it! Don’t even think about it!”

The hall became chaotic for a while.

On the other side, Xu Zong sent the video to the chat group and then went to complete the enrollment procedures with Puka. His final number was decided to be 600330, ranking 176th.

“We’re here. This is Jiangnan Pavilion!”

Passing through a wooden arch bridge, Puka brought Xu Zong to a courtyard.

“The dormitories in the Elite Training Camp are distributed according to the hometown base cities. Since you are from Jiangnan Base City, Jiangnan Pavilion is your dormitory. According to the information, there is currently only one person here. When you enter, there will be two people.”

“Alright, everything is done. I should leave now, but before I go, I have to remind you of a few things.”

Puka’s expression became very serious.

“In the Elite Training Camp, no one can threaten you. You can fully display your talent! The stronger your talent is, the better treatment you will receive! So here, you don’t have to hide any trump cards. Just show your achievements directly, be absolutely high-profile!”

“I will remember.”

“Well, then I’ll leave!”

As if there was something urgent, Puka quickly left.

“Absolutely high-profile!”

Xu Zong smiled thoughtfully.

“I haven’t been low-profile until now!”

Thinking like this, Xu Zong turned and walked into Jiangnan Pavilion.

Jiangnan Pavilion had three attic buildings, each with three floors. There was a sign hanging at the entrance of the middle building with three Chinese characters written on it.

“Bai Zhiwei… Senior Sister?”

Xu Zong understood in his heart.

It seemed that this Bai Zhiwei was the senior sister from Jiangnan Base City that Puka mentioned. But he didn’t see anyone here. Was she not here?

The attic buildings on the left and right sides didn’t have name signs, so they were probably not in use. Xu Zong chose the attic building on the east side to settle in.

“The Elite Training Camp even provides new students with laptops?”

Entering the bedroom, Xu Zong immediately saw a brand new laptop on the table.

After arranging his luggage properly, Xu Zong opened the laptop to try its feel.

“Student Instructions?”

As soon as the laptop was turned on, a document popped up on the simple desktop. Xu Zong raised an eyebrow and opened it, suddenly realizing something.

This document mainly introduced the facilities in the Elite Training Camp and important academic indicators such as the points ranking.

In the Elite Training Camp, there were many facilities that were moved out by Hong from ancient civilization ruins. The most important ones were the Trial Room, Challenge Room, and Gravity Room.

These facilities were special and couldn’t be replicated with the current technology on Earth. They had great benefits for improving one’s strength.

For example, the Gravity Room. The gravity rooms produced on Earth could generally only maintain 1 to 3 times the gravity of Earth, but the gravity rooms unearthed from ancient civilization ruins could reach up to 1000 times!

3 times gravity was only useful for students, but 1000 times gravity could even help senator-level powerhouses in their cultivation!

It could be imagined how good the training conditions for students in the Elite Training Camp were!

To use these relics from ancient civilizations, one had to mention the “Black Dragon Ranking,” which was the ranking carved on the sculpture at the entrance!

Simply put, the higher the ranking, the more time one could use those relics!

The better the results, the more rewards one would receive!

In the Elite Training Camp, the results were mainly based on three aspects: battle points, Trial Tower level, and strength level!

Among them, battle points referred to the points obtained from killing monsters.

The students in the Elite Training Camp were not sheltered flowers. According to the rules, the students here had to spend half of their time in the wilderness area every month. The monsters they killed during this time would turn into points based on their strength level.

The Trial Tower level didn’t need much explanation. It was the level displayed by the Trial Tower Xu Zong had challenged before.

Currently, Xu Zong had passed the B-level test on the first floor of the Trial Tower, and his Trial Tower level was 1.6.

Lastly, the strength level referred to how much strength one could exert. Xu Zong had reached a strength level of 2.7 because he had mastered the first two levels of World Annihilation!

In the end, battle points × Trial Tower level × strength level = total points.

The higher the total points, the higher the ranking on the Black Dragon Ranking, and the more time one could use those relics from ancient civilizations!

“So, just like Puka said, in the Elite Training Camp, if you want better treatment, you must fully display your talent, be absolutely high-profile!”

Xu Zong’s eyes sparkled.

Everyone was high-profile, everyone was improving! This was simply a paradise for the strong!

I like it here!

Let’s go all out together!

After reading the Student Instructions, Xu Zong opened the laptop and logged into the Extreme House. He first added a new shipping address.

He earned over 10 billion for no reason today, so he could conveniently buy the next manuals for World Annihilation!

Xu Zong intended to buy the manuals for the first four levels, but when he saw the requirements, he had a heart attack!

The full price was 15 billion! Can’t afford it!

The half price was 7.5 billion, but it required a three-star contribution point! Converted into donations, it would require 10 billion! A total of 17.5 billion! Even more unaffordable!

“I’m so poor! Really, I’m so poor!”

Xu Zong choked up and put the first three levels into the shopping cart.

The full price was 5 billion, but the half price was 2.5 billion plus a two-star contribution point. Donating 1 billion would get him a two-star contribution point, so the total price would be 3.5 billion to buy the first three levels.

“Ding Dong!”

Suddenly, the doorbell of the attic rang.

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