Chapter 40 – The Calamity of the Martial Arts School

With a creak, the wooden door opened and Xu Zong pushed it open and walked in.

This was a room decorated like a teahouse, with a middle-aged man in a black robe sitting cross-legged in front of a tea table, his expression calm and composed, as if nothing could faze him.

The sound of flowing water could faintly be heard in the courtyard, and under the bright moonlight, it was refreshing and peaceful.

This was the interior of the Elite Training Camp, a loft belonging to the teachers.

“Have a seat.”

The man in the black robe waved his sleeve and pointed to the seat opposite him.

“Take a look at this contract.”

There was a white paper with black words on the table.

Xu Zong walked forward and sat down at the tea table as instructed, opening the contract.

A few big words were written on it.

“Official Recruitment Contract of the Extreme Martial Arts School”

Unlike the contract he had signed with Zhou Zhengyong before, which only represented joining the martial arts school and obtaining an official identity, the school would not ask anything of you or give you anything.

But this contract was different! This was the contract for officially joining the martial arts school. Once you joined, according to the contract, not only would you receive five billion in activity funds every year, but the school would also make some demands on you, such as joining a team, investigating which ruins, and so on.

“Five billion?”

Xu Zong muttered to himself.

With my talent, it’s a sure thing that I’ll become a senator in the future. Even Liu He thinks he has the potential to become a senator. Can you really bind a senator with just five billion? You should know that a middle-level War God can earn five billion in a year!

Lamplos said before that the activity funds given by the HR Alliance every year can reach one hundred billion!

Don’t blame Xu Zong for being worldly. In fact, he is really in need of money right now!

“Below the senator, regardless of the level of the War God, the annual activity funds are always five billion. If you need money, you can go and kill Lord-level monsters yourself.”

The man in the black robe said indifferently.

“If you become a senator in the future, the activity funds will naturally increase. Of course, by that time, you probably won’t care about mere money.”

“And the biggest advantage of joining the martial arts school has never been money. We, the Extreme Martial Arts School, have the most ancient civilization ruins in the world, and naturally, we also have the most treasures unearthed from them… You should understand that as your strength grows stronger, some things on Earth will no longer be worth your attention, only the things unearthed from ancient civilization ruins are what you need.”

The man in the black robe took a sip of tea and continued.

“You will naturally understand these things later. Now, take a look at the third page.”


Xu Zong opened the third page of the contract as instructed, and his eyes lit up.

Here it is!

This is what I want!

Xu Zong always remembered that Luo Feng, shortly after entering the Elite Training Camp, signed a special contract with the Extreme Martial Arts School because of his outstanding performance! Naturally, he also wanted to sign this contract. He had even thought about whether or not to challenge the Trial Tower again, but he didn’t expect this contract to arrive so quickly!

“Party B, before August 1, 2060, if the power amplitude reaches 12, you can obtain a set of 9th series combat suits, a complete set of weapons, a complete set of any secret technique, and a piece of Dragon Blood worth 80 billion.”

“Party B, before January 1, 2061, if the power amplitude reaches 12, you can obtain a set of 9th series combat suits, a complete set of weapons, and a piece of Jade Quartz worth 30 billion.”

“Party B, before August 1, 2060, if the power amplitude reaches 16, you can obtain a set of SS-grade combat suits, a complete set of weapons, three complete sets of any secret technique, and a set of the ‘Black God’ from the ancient civilization ruins worth 80 billion.”

“Party B, before January 1, 2061, if the power amplitude reaches 16, you can obtain a set of SS-grade combat suits, a complete set of weapons, a complete set of any secret technique, and a piece of Jade Quartz worth 30 billion.”

Power amplitude refers to the level of the Trial Tower multiplied by the level of fist strength.

In general, a power amplitude of 1-2 is considered elementary, which is the level of students who have just entered the Elite Training Camp.

A power amplitude of 2-4 is considered intermediate, and as long as you practice in the training camp for a year or so, you can reach this level.

A power amplitude of 4-8 is considered advanced, and students at this level are considered qualified students of the Elite Training Camp.

A power amplitude of 8-16 is considered special! This is the level that only very outstanding students can reach. Generally speaking, the top five in the Black Dragon Ranking are basically intermediate War God-level strength, with a power amplitude of around 14-15. It is rare to reach 16, and it may not even appear in five years!

And a power amplitude exceeding 16 is considered super! It may not even appear in ten years, but once it does, even Hong and Lei Shen will come to take him as their disciple. Countries and major forces around the world would rather spend a huge price to invite them.

Of course, Hong and Lei Shen are already in a deep sleep now, so even if a genius with a power amplitude exceeding 16 appears, they won’t be able to become their disciples.

“You passed the B-level test in less than five minutes after entering the school. This is something that many advanced students cannot do. The news has already spread throughout the training camp, and our five inspectors have received the news and urgently held a meeting to decide on this training contract for you.”

The man in the black robe, Wang Yu, was one of the five inspectors of the Extreme Martial Arts School!

During Hong’s sleep, he and Liu He were the de facto and nominal highest level!

“Is this contract the same as Luo Feng’s?”

Xu Zong looked at the terms on the contract and suddenly spoke.

“That’s right.”

Wang Yu couldn’t help but smile at his words.

“Now that you mention it, I remember that three years ago, Luo Feng was also sitting across from me, having this conversation… But now, sigh.”

For that genius who surpassed him in such a short time, even reaching a level close to Hong in terms of status and strength, Wang Yu also felt a sense of regret. He also respected Luo Feng’s selfless spirit.

Unfortunately, both Luo Feng and Hong have now disappeared from the public eye.

“If there are no issues, go ahead and sign the contract.”

Coming back to his senses, Wang Yu sighed and took a sip of tea, speaking to Xu Zong with a somewhat listless tone.

“I have a small question.”

Xu Zong pointed at a term on the contract, a gentle smile on his face.

“If I can reach a combat power amplitude of 16 by, say, June, before August this year, can the reward be upgraded?”

In fact, Xu Zong felt that with his own cultivation speed, he should be able to reach a combat power amplitude of 16 by around May at the latest. However, just to be safe, he reported an extra month.

“What do you want?”

Wang Yu stared at Xu Zong.

“Can I have a Spirit of Grass and Wood? I also really want a Mu Yajing!”

Xu Zong coughed lightly, revealing a shy smile.

“In your dreams!”

Wang Yu smiled slightly, his words stabbing like a knife.

“I can’t even get a Mu Yajing for myself, let alone give one to you. Who do you think you are? The Spirit of Grass and Wood is also extremely precious, only War God powerhouses who have made great contributions have the right to obtain it! If you want it, earn it yourself!”

“I was just saying, just saying.”

Xu Zong gave an awkward laugh, then signed his name on the contract.

He was just mentioning it, knowing that the chances were slim, so he didn’t feel too disappointed.

Mu Yajing has a huge effect on the cultivation of council-level powerhouses, and the Spirit of Grass and Wood, the entire Martial Arts School doesn’t have much in stock. To cultivate a genius, would they consume so many resources?

“There is an unwritten rule within the Martial Arts School, only ‘renewable resources’ can be used to cultivate geniuses. Any non-renewable treasures can only be obtained by making contributions.”

Wang Yu glanced at Xu Zong, speaking indifferently.

“And among the renewable resources, dragon blood is the top-tier resource!”

What’s more troublesome is that only Hong, the head of the school, can produce dragon blood!

After Hong fell into a deep sleep, the dragon blood in the school’s inventory is decreasing with each use!

The reason it can still be included in the contract is because there is still a certain amount of dragon blood left. Once there is not much dragon blood left, they might have to remove it from the contract for cultivating geniuses in the future!

Xu Zong’s greed had backfired this time.

“Go, work hard on your cultivation. This is already the top-tier cultivation contract.”

“I understand.”

Xu Zong nodded humbly and left the room.

Wang Yu sat alone in the teahouse, occasionally sipping his tea, but a trace of worry inevitably appeared in his eyes.

“Headmaster, when will you wake up?”

According to the headmaster’s character, if he were still here, he might really put the Spirit of Grass and Wood into Xu Zong’s cultivation contract considering his emphasis on geniuses. But now, the school can’t afford such expensive resources.

Moreover, what Wang Yu was most worried about was something else—

“Hmm? A call from Yao Rao?”

Wang Yu picked up the wristwatch next to him, his eyebrows raised, and answered the call.

In addition to the five Inspectors, the Martial Arts School also has three personal guards!

They are three council-level powerhouses who have been following Hong since the Great Nirvana period, loyal and devoted! And because they often receive guidance from Hong, their strength is generally a bit higher than that of the Inspectors!

“There’s trouble at the Thunder Martial Arts School! A newly promoted Indian Mind Teacher council member is vying for power with several Inspectors, and the whole Thunder Martial Arts School is in chaos!”

Yao Rao’s voice had a seductive charm that tickled people like a cat, but her tone was extremely serious.


Wang Yu’s face changed, his expression gradually darkening.

What he was most worried about had happened!

“With the headmaster and the Thunder God in deep sleep, some ambitious people won’t miss this opportunity. The Thunder Martial Arts School has already suffered, and next, those people are likely to target our Martial Arts School!”

The Martial Arts School and the Thunder Martial Arts School have been dominant for decades, and there are plenty of people who are displeased with them and want to take their place!

“Those bastards, when they encounter the Swallowed Star beast, they don’t dare to fart! Now that the disaster is over, they are so unscrupulous, truly ambitious wolves!”

Wang Yu’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and he also understood the importance of this matter.

“Call a roundtable meeting. This is a crisis for our Martial Arts School, we must discuss how to deal with those bastards!”

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