Chapter 37 – I’ve become rich!

The Ninth Tower, Ninth Floor.

Xu Zong and Puka took the elevator to this floor together. As soon as they arrived, they found more than ten young men and women scattered around, as if waiting for something.

“Oh? Puka, the War God, personally brought someone here?”

One of them saw the two people coming up on the elevator and looked surprised.

“Is this a B-level test?”

“Xu Zong, follow me.”

Puka walked ahead and led Xu Zong to the innermost part of the spacious hall. There was a long corridor here, with rooms on both sides of the corridor.

Soon, Xu Zong was taken to the innermost room.

The room was very spacious, with only two sofas, each with a helmet placed on it.

“This is the consciousness sensor. Put it on.”

Puka lay on a sofa, picked up a helmet, and demonstrated it to Xu Zong.

Xu Zong’s eyes lit up, and he felt excited.

Here it is!

He had been reborn in this world for more than ten years, and he had never truly understood the vast technological system of this world. This consciousness sensor was the first step!

“These two consciousness sensors are virtual space devices that our Earth scientists have researched from ancient civilization relics. It took a lot of effort to replicate them. As for the virtual host, that thing, Earth’s technology is simply unable to replicate it. The difference in level is too great.”

In fact, without Puka’s explanation, Xu Zong also knew that this consciousness sensor was just a degraded version of the consciousness helmet used by aliens to enter the virtual universe. In fact, in the universe, consciousness helmets were already very outdated products. In other words, what Earth was currently using was a degraded version of the most outdated product in the universe!

Xu Zong walked forward, lay on the sofa, took a deep breath, and put on the helmet.

His mind suddenly buzzed.


His vision blurred, and Xu Zong appeared on an endless silver land.

The sky here was a starry sky of the universe, with countless stars in the distance, while the ground beneath his feet was smooth and cold metal, giving a strong sense of disconnection from reality.

“This is the virtual space, with 100% simulation!”

At this moment, Puka’s figure appeared beside Xu Zong. He looked around with a sigh of emotion, as if he had returned to his alma mater after many years.

“Look over there!”

Puka pointed to the distance.

Looking around, on this endless silver land, there was only one building, about four hundred meters away. It was a towering and huge tower, carved with countless complex images. It could be seen with the naked eye that it had seven floors.

“That is the Trial Tower, let’s go!”

Puka took the lead and walked forward, leading Xu Zong to the front of the Trial Tower.

At the moment they reached the entrance, the black pillars on both sides of the main entrance of the Trial Tower emitted a faint light, and some information appeared on them.

On the left pillar.

Name: Puka

Identity: War God

Trial Tower Level: 4.8

On the right pillar.

Name: Xu Zong

Identity: Elite Training Camp Trainee

Trial Tower Level: 1

“In this virtual space, everyone’s bodies are the same, with a punching force of 10 tons, a speed of 150m/s, and excellent primary battle reaction speed.”

Puka explained in detail, and as he spoke, he threw a punch, which had limited power, similar to that of a primary battle general.

“And the level of the trial tower is based on the same body to challenge the tower. The level you can reach is the level you are at, and the decimal point behind represents your performance in this level! For example, I almost made it to the end of the fourth level, so my level is 4.8!”

“Currently, only the master of the Martial Arts School has reached the sixth level in the entire Extreme Martial Arts School! The inspectors usually reach the fifth level, and I am slightly behind, still on the fourth level.”

Because everyone’s bodies are the same, the progress in the tower depends on your combat skills, experience, body movement, and punching force level, etc. The stronger these abilities are, the farther you can go!

“Trainee Xu Zong, please choose your combat suit and weapons. Enter the trial tower within one minute and accept the B-level test!”

Suddenly, an electronic voice floated from above the trial tower.

At the same time, various styles of combat suits and weapons appeared in front of Xu Zong.

Without hesitation, Xu Zong naturally chose the Shadowless Spear. The combat suit only needed to fit, and to prevent accidents, he also chose several flying knives.

“Go in. Once you go in, you will understand how the test works! With your strength, passing this assessment will be a piece of cake!”

Puka encouraged him beside him.

Xu Zong nodded and walked into the entrance of the trial tower with a serious expression.


The space suddenly changed, and as soon as Xu Zong stepped into the gate, he appeared on a vast grassland.

“Trainee Xu Zong, you are required to kill 100 initial-level beast generals, the Fierce Bulls, who are besieging you within 30 minutes. If you die midway or fail to reach the required number of kills within the specified time, it will be considered a failure!”

The electronic voice sounded again.

On the grassland around him, Fierce Bulls, each taller than a person, continuously appeared one after another. They all stood there motionless, as if time had stopped.

At the same time, a countdown of 60 seconds appeared in front of Xu Zong.

“My body is a primary battle general, and the requirement is to kill 100 initial-level beast generals?”

Xu Zong nodded inwardly, his face showing no signs of panic.

“If an ordinary battle general came, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to kill even three or five, and they would die directly!”

But it’s me!

A relaxed smile appeared on Xu Zong’s face.

His body in reality was almost at the level of an intermediate battle general, but he could kill a high-level battle general like Han Qihu, who had three times his physical strength, in an equal battle!

Now, he was going to kill these Fierce Bulls, who were all just initial-level beast generals with the same basic qualities as him?

“The countdown is over, the test begins!”


The Fierce Bulls around him suddenly started moving, rushing towards Xu Zong like a tide.


Xu Zong chuckled lightly, gripping the long spear in his hand, and with a leap, he darted out like lightning.

Stars flickered in the air as the Fierce Bulls fell like dumplings!

He spun among them like the wind, his body movement comfortable and natural, his spear technique agile and sharp. Every thrust of the spear caused a Fierce Bull to fall.

The visible slaughter began at a rapid pace!

“It really is a B-level test!”

The men and women waiting outside, seeing Xu Zong enter the innermost room, all understood.

“From the name, he should be from China!”

“It seems that we will have another person from China in our training camp!”

A young man who was obviously of Asian descent suddenly laughed.

“Ma Shang, how about we make a bet?”

The young man next to him, who looked European, also laughed.

“Lamplos, do you think he can pass?”

Ma Shang glanced at him sideways, somewhat displeased.

“Why not? I’m not an idiot! That person brought by Puka, he must be exceptional. I think it should be a sure thing for him to pass the B-level test. I’m almost certain.”

Lamplos waved his hand, as if to say, don’t misunderstand me, repeatedly.

“However, you know, I’ve been short of money recently, so I want to make a small bet. Let’s bet on how long it will take for that newcomer to pass the test. Personally, I think it will take at least twenty minutes!”

“I see. Then I bet he can pass in about ten minutes!”

Ma Shang’s expression eased slightly. For the sake of his compatriot’s face, he couldn’t show weakness either!

Anyway, for these people, ten billion was just small change.

“Jamil, you be the referee!”

“Okay, Lamplos thinks the newcomer can pass in 20 to 30 minutes, Ma Shang thinks the newcomer can pass in 10 to 20 minutes, is that okay?”

“No problem!”

Both of them nodded and agreed to this bet.

“Haha, Ma Shang, you’re doomed to lose!”

Seeing Ma Shang agree, Lamplos laughed.

“You’re too focused on saving face and forgot how young that newcomer is! In my opinion, he can’t be more than twenty years old! At this age, no matter how talented he is, how powerful can he be? Passing in more than 20 minutes is already good enough!”

“Even Luo Feng back then took 21 minutes to break through the B-level test!”

Ma Shang’s face slightly darkened.

Oh no, he really forgot. That newcomer looks very young and immature, probably only sixteen or seventeen years old. He may be a genius, but what can he achieve at this age? To win in 20 minutes?

The others, including the two Chinese people, also gathered around, and a few of them with spare money seemed to want to join in. They almost all bet on 20 to 30 minutes.

Only one other Chinese person couldn’t bear to see it and bet on the same option as Ma Shang.

The atmosphere in the hall became tense for a while.

Not long after.

“They’re out!”

With a shout, everyone turned their gaze to the entrance.

They saw Puka and Xu Zong walking out, smiling and looking very relaxed. It was obvious that they had passed the test.

“Puka War God, how long did it take for this newcomer to pass the test?”

Lamplos took the initiative to walk up, looking confident.

“If you personally escorted him, it seems that his talent is quite good. But he is still very young, so it should have taken him more than 20 minutes, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

Puka looked at him speechlessly.

“Xu Zong doesn’t need more than 20 minutes. He finished it in less than five minutes!”

Xu Zong, who learned the second level of World Annihilation, had a power level of 2.7 times, comparable to the third level of the Ninefold Thunder Blade. Once he started running, even a herd of Fierce Bulls couldn’t catch up with him. And Xu Zong only needed to use his spear, use his spear again, and use his spear once more, and he naturally won! There was no room to display his superb spear technique!

Lamplos was stunned.

Not only him, but everyone in the hall, including Ma Shang and the two Chinese people, were all stunned.

“So… who won this…?”

Jamil looked at the bet that had already formed on his wristwatch and didn’t know how to judge it.

The house wins?

But who is the house?

Jamil suddenly had an idea.

“Hey, young newcomer! Here’s the thing. We made a bet about your progress!

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