Chapter 23 – Coming for you

Han Qihu was scared, his face turned pale.


Why is it an inspector!

Out of the whole earth, how could it be such a coincidence that an inspector came here!

Who is an inspector?

A senator-level powerhouse!

In their entire Flame Legion, only the two founders are senator-level powerhouses!

And in the Extreme Martial Arts School, all five inspectors are senator-level powerhouses!

Their Flame Legion is considered a powerful force in the eyes of ordinary people, but in front of the Extreme Martial Arts School, they are no different from children!

Even their two legion commanders have to speak politely to the inspectors of the Extreme Martial Arts School. Sometimes, even if they suffer losses, they can only bear it!

How could a small warlord like him attract the attention of an inspector?

“You came to arrest people while Zhou Zhengyong was away because you wanted to quickly put Xu Zong in prison to avoid punishment from the Flame Legion headquarters, right?”

Liu He had long been accustomed to the thoughts of subordinates and easily guessed Han Qihu’s plan.

“I will tell your legion commander about this.”

“Zhengyong, Xu Zong, let’s go.”


Zhou Zhengyong quickly responded.

Xu Zong quickly followed the footsteps of the two.

Before leaving, he glanced at Han Qihu in the room.

He looked like he had collapsed, sitting there, his face full of gloom.

“It’s over, it’s all over…”


Xu Zong spat and walked out of the door.


After leaving the military base, Liu He reported his location to his wristwatch.

Soon, a buzzing sound came from the distant sky, and then a black spaceship landed!

It was only about ten meters long, but its metallic texture was extremely solid. Its flying speed was even faster than Xu Zong’s running speed on the ground, like a flying steel behemoth!

“A King-level intelligent fighter jet! Only members of the Martial Arts School who have achieved great accomplishments can buy it from the Martial Arts School’s owner!”

Zhou Zhengyong looked at the fighter jet with envy, wishing to engrave its appearance into his eyes. His envy was evident.

Compared to this fighter jet, his flying sports car was like a child’s toy!

“Come on board!”

Liu He said calmly.

After he agreed, Zhou Zhengyong and Xu Zong dared to step onto the fighter jet and enter the cabin.

The cabin was quite spacious, with a series of control panels built around the edges, but there was no one operating them. Advanced technology could be seen everywhere.

“Go to the headquarters in Jiangnan City.”


Liu He gave the command, and the mechanical voice gave an intelligent response.

The fighter jet then took off vertically, breaking through the night sky at an extremely fast speed, heading towards the city center of Jiangnan Base City.

This was an intelligent fighter jet! The intelligent system installed on the fighter jet would automatically navigate and travel to the destination for the owner!

Xu Zong and Zhou Zhengyong looked at this scene with great envy. This fighter jet was obviously Liu He’s private property. With such a fighter jet, he could go wherever he wanted. It was so cool!

“Xu Zong, I heard you are only 16 years old?”

Liu He, who had seen this kind of envy many times, ignored their expressions and asked Xu Zong.

“Yes, Inspector Liu.”

Xu Zong lowered his head and showed a respectful posture.

“I just turned 16 and a half!”

“Only sixteen years old, Zhengyong told me that you are already an advanced warrior, your body movement has reached the realm of perfection, and when you first practiced the guiding technique, you increased your strength by more than three thousand kilograms?”

Liu He nodded slightly, and even he couldn’t help but show surprise when it came to the three thousand kilograms.

“It’s true.”

Xu Zong said honestly.


Liu He exclaimed.

“I have been an inspector for so many years and have never seen a genius like you. Among the young people in the world, there is no one who can compare to you. You are truly a genius among the 7 billion people!”

To become an advanced warrior at the age of 16, a genius like this would definitely become a war god in the future. It was a certainty. Perhaps he could even become a senator-level powerhouse at the same level as him!

Liu He nodded secretly.

No wonder Zhou Zhengyong said that there was no one more suitable than Xu Zong to enter the elite training camp. He was truly remarkable!

“We have arrived.”

In less than a minute, the disc-shaped fighter jet landed on a lawn in front of a building with more than 50 floors.

Liu He took the lead and got off the fighter jet.

“Lead the way to the training room.”

Zhou Zhengyong didn’t understand why they were going to the training room, but he still led the way.

In the training room.

“What weapon do you use?”

Liu He asked Xu Zong.

“I use a spear.”

Xu Zong answered honestly.

“Go and get a spear and attack me!”

Liu He instructed calmly.


Xu Zong hesitated for a moment, then chose a black spear from the rack. It weighed over two hundred kilograms.


Without hesitation, Xu Zong displayed the Shadowless Spear Technique. The spear tip was like countless shooting stars, stabbing straight towards Liu He!

Liu He stood still, and in the instant the spear tip approached, a gust of wind suddenly blew around him, forming a soft shield around him.

Xu Zong felt uncomfortable. When he stabbed with the spear, it felt like stabbing into cotton.

He immediately changed tactics, and the force of the spear suddenly became softer. Suddenly, a burst of great force erupted, and the spear twisted, piercing through the wind shield in an instant!

Liu He’s expression changed, and then he flicked his finger.


Suddenly, the wind surrounding Liu He transformed into several colorless swords, stabbing straight towards Xu Zong!

Xu Zong remained calm, and with a slide of his spear, the spearhead passed and shook, knocking away one wind sword. With a kick of his foot, the spear stood upright, blocking all the wind swords like a spinning wheel.

“That’s enough.”

Seeing that Xu Zong was still about to attack, Liu He stopped him and then looked at Zhou Zhengyong with a smile.

“What do you think, Zhengyong?”

“It’s incredible! Truly incredible!”

Zhou Zhengyong widened his eyes, full of confusion and disbelief.

“I thought that Xu’s body movement reaching the realm of perfection was already remarkable, but I didn’t expect his spear technique to be even higher! It has reached the realm of perfection! Although I suppressed my strength, his attacks could rival some war gods! And he’s only 16 years old! I don’t know how he cultivated.”

Not only Zhou Zhengyong, even Liu He looked at Xu Zong with the eyes of a monster.

This kid was even more amazing than Luo Feng back then!

Xu Zong touched the back of his head and showed a shy smile.

“Inspector, can Xu join the elite training camp?”

Zhou Zhengyong, with a proud smile on his face, was obviously very confident in Xu Zong’s abilities.

“Why are you so proud? He is not cultivated by you.”

Liu He glanced at Zhou Zhengyong again. What does Xu Zong’s age of 16 have to do with you? He didn’t even join the martial arts school before.

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