Chapter 24 – Set a small goal first

Xu Zong first picked up the contract to join the Extreme Martial Arts School and carefully read it.

The requirements for joining the martial arts school were relatively relaxed compared to the military and mercenaries. For Xu Zong, it was completely acceptable. He valued the preferential conditions.

After all, I am the only genius among billions of people. The preferential conditions should not be bad, right?

“Warriors who join our Extreme Martial Arts School will first receive a villa! You can choose to live in an empty villa in Mingyue Community in Jiangnan City or Yangzhou City. Inside, there are only warriors from our Extreme Martial Arts School, of course, only the right to live.”

“Secondly, our martial arts school will directly give you a portion of start-up capital. Ordinary warriors only have one million, talented warriors will have ten million or twenty million, and the highest grade is one billion! I can decide and give you the highest grade of one billion start-up capital!”

Zhou Zhengyong explained in detail.

Just the one billion start-up capital made Xu Zong’s breath stop. He hadn’t seen so much money in his life!

“Thirdly, our Extreme Martial Arts School will also provide you with a set of guiding techniques, a copy of martial arts secret techniques, and a set of body movement secret techniques. The price of these three items should be lower than one billion, and the martial arts school will reimburse you. If it exceeds that amount, you will have to pay for it yourself.”

Another one billion!

Xu Zong swallowed his saliva, feeling like his life was about to take off!

“In addition, I will personally sponsor you with one billion Huaxia currency, which will be deposited into your warrior account. Don’t think it’s too little.”

Zhou Zhengyong patted his chest and decided on the whereabouts of the one billion funds!

“Thank you, Uncle Yong. I will never forget this favor!”

Xu Zong took a deep breath and accepted it without hesitation.

Accepting this money meant that he truly had a vested interest with Zhou Zhengyong. In the future, if anything happened, they would take care of each other.

Even if Xu Zong’s future achievements were high, he was currently only a high-level warrior. Having a war god as a contact and backing was a good thing. Without Zhou Zhengyong, he would have to spend some time in the security bureau for Han Qihu’s arrest!

There was no need to think that their relationship had become impure. In fact, as a member of society, one should understand that any relationship needed to be maintained with money!

“Since you have given it, I can’t be empty-handed.”

Inspector Liu He shook his head and chuckled.

“How about this, I will personally sponsor you with one billion as well, which will also be deposited into your account.”

One billion?!

Not only Xu Zong, but Zhou Zhengyong also couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

One billion!

As a mid-level war god, his annual income was usually around fifty to sixty billion. One billion was already about two months’ worth of income for him!

Moreover, Liu He’s sudden offer not only meant that he had a lot of money, but also that he saw potential in Xu Zong and wanted to invest in him!

What did Liu He’s investment mean?

He was a senator-level powerhouse! Usually, even in the face of higher-level war gods, he wouldn’t show any deference. Only senators of the same level were qualified to make him take notice!

This meant that Liu He believed that Xu Zong had the qualifications to become a senator!

“In addition, I want to give you a few pointers.”

Liu He’s expression was calm, as if he didn’t care if Xu Zong listened or not.

Xu Zong immediately assumed a posture of attentive listening.

“With this billion start-up capital, don’t use it casually. If you can take my advice, if you insist on focusing on gun skills, you can buy the first two levels of the ‘World Annihilation’ gun technique.”

“Just buying two levels is enough. With your current gun skills, mastering World Annihilation should be twice as effective with half the effort. As for the other secret techniques, you can wait until you enter the Elite Training Camp.”

Liu He finished speaking and said no more.

“Thank you, Inspector. I will remember!”

Xu Zong nodded seriously, proving that he was not just hearing words in passing.

“If there are no problems, then sign the contract!”


Xu Zong followed the instructions and signed his name on the first two contracts.

From then on, he became a warrior under the Extreme Martial Arts School.

“Now let’s look at this one!”

After saving the first contract, Zhou Zhengyong took out another contract and personally explained it in detail.

“The Elite Training Camp starts on March 1st every year. Before the start, someone will come to pick you up. The Elite Training Camp has a five-year curriculum, with January and February as holidays. If you rank at the bottom for three consecutive months in the training camp, you will be forced to drop out!”

“This is the basic system of the Elite Training Camp. In addition to this, if you want to enter and study, you have to pass the B-level assessment!”

B-level assessment?

Xu Zong was suddenly surprised. He was recommended by the inspector, and he still had to be assessed?

“It’s just a formality. Anyone who is recommended has to go through this test to enter. After all, the training camp was founded by the owner of the martial arts school, and no one can just squeeze in without giving face.”

Liu He explained briefly.

Xu Zong nodded in understanding. It meant that even the inspector couldn’t get special treatment in the Elite Training Camp.

“With your body movement and gun skills, passing the B-level assessment is a very simple matter. Even if you can’t pass, you can still enter the Basic Training Camp, where many people are promoted to the Elite Training Camp every year.”

“Then I definitely have to enter the Elite Training Camp!”

Xu Zong nodded repeatedly. If he had to enter the Basic Training Camp, how much time would he waste?

“Good ambition!”

Zhou Zhengyong praised and pushed the contract towards him.

Xu Zong also signed his name on these two contracts.

“Now that everything is settled, I’ll take my leave.”

After saying that, Liu He directly opened the glass window and flew out of thin air.

A black flying saucer-shaped fighter jet suddenly rose from the lawn, and after Liu He flew in, his figure flashed and disappeared into the sky.

“Flying, that is the dream of many people throughout history. Only when you reach the senator level can you fly.”

Zhou Zhengyong looked at Liu He’s departure, feeling envious and sentimental, then smiled again.

“How about it, little Xu, it’s getting late. Let’s have dinner together?”

“I will definitely accept Uncle Yong’s invitation.”

Xu Zong smiled first, then shook his head.

“But let’s do it next time. I want to contact Little Uncle first. He doesn’t know the result of my assessment yet!”

“Little Uncle is your only family. You should inform your family and let them rest assured. Well, I won’t insist. Let’s do it next time!”

Zhou Zhengyong released him generously.


After leaving the Extreme Martial Arts School building, Xu Zong took out his phone and dialed a certain number.


A deep voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Uncle, it’s me.”

“Xiao Zong, I know.”

“I passed the special assessment.”

“Yeah, as long as you’re safe.”

There was a pause on the other end, then the voice continued.

“Did you join the martial arts school?”

From Uncle’s tone, Xu Zong couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry.

He was a left-behind child when he was young. His father went to the battlefield early, and it was his grandfather who raised him, causing him to have a silent and introverted personality. He kept everything in his heart and didn’t speak about anything.


Xu Zong gave an honest answer.

There was silence for a moment on the other end.

“The martial arts school…that’s fine. You have had your own opinions since you were young, and I respect your choice.”

Uncle sighed, and it seemed that the tradition of the old Xu family joining the military would probably end with this generation.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Suddenly, Uncle changed the subject.

“Not yet.”

Xu Zong immediately had a headache.

“You’re already sixteen. You can start looking for one. You can get married at eighteen. The old Xu family relies on you to continue the family line. Once you get married, I will feel relieved.”

Uncle couldn’t hide his emotions in his tone.

“Uncle, you should find a way to solve your own single problem first!”

Xu Zong couldn’t bear being pressured to get married at sixteen and launched a counterattack on the spot.

“I…I better not.”

Uncle’s tone became low again.

“I’m already in my thirties this year, and it’s quite dangerous in the military. If I get married, I probably won’t be able to take care of my family. It’s not good for her or the children. Besides, I’m already this age…let’s not delay the little girl.”

According to his thoughts in his previous life, Xu Zong wanted to remain single until the end of the universe. But the task of expanding the old Xu family’s branches and leaves fell on his shoulders.

“Then my matter, don’t rush me either!”


Uncle’s tone became somewhat disappointed.

“Then what are your plans next?”

“Young nephew, you have good talent. You’re going to the headquarters of the Extreme Martial Arts School’s Elite Training Camp for further studies. I plan to drop out of school and sell the house online.”

“Alright, handle it yourself. I’m in the military and can’t help much.”

“Okay, that’s it. Take care, Uncle.”

“I will, and you have to work hard in the training camp.”

The call ended in a few minutes.


Standing in the bustling city, Xu Zong sighed deeply.

He had lived two lifetimes but had never experienced a normal family.

He didn’t know how his parents in his previous life were doing, but fortunately, after their divorce, they found new partners early and had new children. He didn’t need to support them in their old age. Xu Zong had no attachment to returning to the previous world.

“I want to reach the pinnacle in this world!”

After two lifetimes, he had almost no decent aspirations. Xu Zong suddenly set a goal for himself.

First, become the Lord of Hanyuan!

With such a powerful talent for “cultivation without bottlenecks,” if he remained mediocre in this life, he would look down on himself!

“As for the descendants of the old Xu family…”

On this matter, Xu Zong hesitated a bit.

According to his thoughts in his previous life, he wanted to remain single until the end of the universe. But the task of expanding the old Xu family’s branches and leaves fell on his shoulders.

“Let fate decide!”

Xu Zong shook his head and decided to leave this matter to fate.

If he found a girl who was compatible and satisfied in all aspects, he wouldn’t mind getting married and having children here. But this kind of pressure, he had to let Uncle bear it first! It’s better to hang Uncle’s photo on the dating website first!

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