Chapter 22 – Inspector Liu He

Xu Zong took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

“Examiner, where is the evidence that I intentionally killed the other examinee?”

The laws of the five major countries clearly prohibit killing between warriors!

But everyone knows that fights and killings among warriors are inevitable. When people have power, they will seek a position that matches their strength, seek their own interests, and satisfy their desires. No one is willing to submit to others, so fighting is inevitable.

Therefore, although most warriors respect the law on the surface, they still fight and kill in private. As long as there is no evidence, everything is okay!

And most of these fights and killings happen in the wilderness!

First, fighting is prohibited in the base city. Accidentally injuring civilians could lead to national televised criticism, and it would damage one’s reputation.

Second, there are a large number of monsters in the wilderness! Once the opponent is killed, hungry monsters will automatically help dispose of the body, leaving no evidence behind!

Xu Zong also killed the dozen or so mercenaries in the wilderness. The smell of blood at that time must have attracted many monsters. By now, those bodies should have been eaten up.

So there shouldn’t be any evidence left.

“Hmph, I knew you wouldn’t cooperate!”

The Flame Emblem warrior sneered.

“But you don’t know, in order to assess whether you personally killed the monsters, the equipment you’re wearing is specially made with hidden surveillance cameras. The cameras have recorded everything you did!”

What the hell!

Xu Zong almost burst out cursing!

A camera inside the equipment? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Indeed, without evidence, a warrior who has killed someone can act freely. However, once the evidence is conclusive, the Warrior Security Bureau will immediately take action and lock the criminal in a specially made prison for warriors!

“Arrest him for me!”

The Flame Emblem warrior ordered.

Immediately, several warriors in military uniforms appeared behind him, all of them extraordinary and high-level fighters. Without hesitation, they rushed towards Xu Zong.

“Wait, I have something to say!”

Xu Zong stepped forward and swiftly evaded the attacks of several people.

“Since you have the recording, you should understand that I acted in self-defense! Those mercenaries intentionally drove the monsters towards me. Did you intentionally turn a blind eye?”

Upon hearing this, the military warriors hesitated and stopped their steps, looking at each other.

Legally, self-defense is completely acceptable.

And because warriors often use weapons, it is difficult to distinguish self-defense from that of ordinary people. It is easy to determine a warrior’s self-defense, and even if it is excessive, killing the opponent will not incur legal responsibility!

The Flame Emblem warrior furrowed his brows.

How could this kid react so quickly?

When an ordinary person is arrested by the police, their mind is in chaos and it is difficult for them to organize effective language to defend themselves. He planned to quickly capture Xu Zong while his mind was in chaos and lock him up in a special prison!

As for the subsequent judgment?

That’s none of his concern!

He just wanted to find a reasonable excuse to avoid punishment from headquarters. As long as he had this excuse, headquarters would cancel the punishment, and he would be safe!

And he was also following the legal process, no one could make things difficult for him!

“Is what this kid said true?”

Suddenly, a low and chilling voice interrupted.

The Flame Emblem warrior’s eyelids twitched and he forced a smile, looking towards the person who spoke.

“War God Bloodthorn, what brings you here?”

“My nephew also encountered those mercenaries on his escape route. Coincidentally, they were also fighting monsters at that time, and they extorted five million from him!”

Bai Chengying smirked, revealing a chilling smile.

“Do you think this is a coincidence?”


The Flame Emblem warrior was dumbfounded, cursing the young mercenaries in his mind!

How could this happen!

As an experienced mercenary, how could he not guess that those little bastards were just greedy and targeted two students with a background in War God? They extorted one and then went after the other!

And then they all got flipped over by a car!

“It seems obvious. Those mercenaries were despicable and wanted to blackmail us, but Xu Zong killed them in self-defense!”

Bai Ziwen also walked up, his face filled with satisfaction.

“Throughout the whole process, Xu Zong did not violate any laws. There shouldn’t be any problem, right?”

Xu Zong unexpectedly glanced at Bai Ziwen.

He thought Bai Ziwen was just a talented rich young man, but he didn’t expect him to be fair-minded. He didn’t envy Xu Zong for his over 3000 kilograms of strength and didn’t seem to want to harm him.


The Flame Emblem warrior’s face showed a look of embarrassment.

With Bai Ziwen’s testimony and the recording, even if it was submitted to the Warrior Security Bureau, Xu Zong would most likely be released as innocent!

But he didn’t care if Xu Zong was innocent or not! What he was most anxious about was capturing Xu Zong first and framing him!

However, if Bai Chengying intervened and prevented him from arresting Xu Zong, he wouldn’t be able to do anything!

Warriors were a privileged class, and War Gods were the privileged class among the privileged class!

“Han Qihu! How dare you lay hands on someone from my Extreme Martial Arts School?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout resounded, causing everyone’s ears to ache, and even the glass windows trembled.

“Oh no!”

The Flame Emblem warrior, named Han Qihu, suddenly changed his expression.

A gust of wind blew abruptly, and everyone saw a tall figure appearing in the room as if teleporting.

“Han Qihu! You have the audacity to even capture my people?”

Zhou Zhengyong’s face was filled with coldness as he locked his eyes on Han Qihu like a fierce tiger.

He had only left for a few hours and Xu Zong was almost captured!

He had made it clear that he would cover for Xu Zong. If Xu Zong had been captured, where would he, the president of the Jiangnan Extreme Martial Arts School, put his face?

Being stared at by a middle-level War God full of killing intent, Han Qihu felt a suffocating pressure.

“I dare not, Iron Hand War God, please calm down. I just… just didn’t understand the situation!”

Han Qihu immediately admitted his mistake, wearing a smile on his face.

He was just a red mercenary of the Flame Legion. The mercenaries of the Flame Legion were distinguished by the color of flame. Black was for quasi-warriors, white for warrior-level, red for warlord-level, and gold for War God level.

He wore a deep red emblem on his chest, representing that he was a high-level warlord-level warrior, but there was still a small gap between him and a middle-level War God!

Even though it was just a small gap, he didn’t know if he could cross it in his lifetime!

“You better make sure you understand the situation next time before deciding to capture or not. I won’t be so restrained every time!”

Zhou Zhengyong’s tone was low, and his icy gaze made it seem like he didn’t care about Han Qihu at all.

Han Qihu’s face changed slightly, but he continued to smile.

“I’m sorry, Little Xu. I had something come up and had to leave for a while, causing you trouble.”

Zhou Zhengyong walked up to Xu Zong, his face full of apology.

“I’m fine, it’s not a big deal.”

Xu Zong also breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, Zhou Zhengyong came back in time.

But deep down, he was actually complaining. Zhou Zhengyong promised to cover for me, but he left without a word. I almost got caught. Why was he in such a hurry?

“Haha, Zhou, where did you go? Look at what happened to your protégé. He almost got captured by the Flame Legion. You, as the president, have really lost face!”

Bai Chengying laughed heartily as he walked over, a face full of mockery and a sinister smile.

“You don’t know anything!”

Zhou Zhengyong scolded him.

“Do you know who I went to meet? And here you are, shouting like this!”


Bai Chengying suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

He wanted to see Zhou Zhengyong embarrassed, but Zhou Zhengyong was looking at him as if he were an idiot.

Go meet someone?

Who could he meet?


In the room, the air seemed to swirl silently, stirring up a whirlpool-like motion.

Silently, a figure wearing a black robe, with hands behind his back, appeared in the room.

“Inspector Liu He!”

Zhou Zhengyong immediately bowed respectfully.

“Liu He, one of the five inspectors of the Extreme Martial Arts School!”

Bai Chengying’s face changed drastically, and he quickly bowed respectfully.

He bowed and signaled Bai Ziwen to do the same. Bai Ziwen quickly followed suit.

Bai Chengying’s thoughts were complicated, and his mind was in chaos.

The Extreme Martial Arts School was the most powerful force in the world!

Not to mention when Hong was still around, even now in his slumber, the Extreme Martial Arts School was still astonishingly strong, with hundreds of War God-level powerhouses! Even the senator-level powerhouses who surpassed War Gods, the inspectors, numbered up to five!

These five inspectors were responsible for inspecting the Extreme Martial Arts School’s branches in various base cities around the world. If they wanted to remove a branch’s president, they could do so without reporting to Hong. Their power was astonishing! No wonder even Zhou Zhengyong treated them so respectfully. They truly had the power to remove him as president!

But why did the inspector come here?

Bai Chengying thought of a possibility.

“So you’re Xu Zong?”

Inspector Liu He looked at Xu Zong and his expression softened.

“I heard about the argument between you. You did well. Any idiot who challenges the dignity of our Extreme Martial Arts School can only beg for death!”

Then, he turned to Han Qihu, and his face instantly froze like ice.

“The Flame Legion? Even your Legion Commander doesn’t dare to provoke our Extreme Martial Arts School. They would speak to me politely when they see me. How dare a mere warlord like you pick a fight with our school?”

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