Chapter 16 – Flame Legion

“Hey, Iron Hand Zhou!”

As soon as the door opened, a loud voice exclaimed in surprise.

“Long time no see, why did you bring a newcomer this time?”

Xu Zong looked up.

A young man who was nearly two meters tall, with a burly figure and handsome appearance, walked towards them. His face had some European bone features, making him look like a mixed race. He was the same age as Zhou Zhengyong and was now walking towards them with a big smile on his face.

“Bloodthirsty Bai Chengying?”

Zhou Zhengyong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, he seemed somewhat wary of this middle-aged man.

Then, his gaze suddenly froze, and a look of shock appeared on his face.

“You’ve broken through to the high-level War God?”

“Haha! It’s just luck. My family spent a lot of money to get me a Spirit of Plants and Trees, and I broke through just like that! Old Zhou, you can also apply to your Wang family!”

The middle-aged man known as Bai Chengying burst into laughter, saying it was just luck, but his expression was full of pride.

“Hmph! It’s none of your business!”

Zhou Zhengyong’s face turned dark. Although he was wary, he didn’t give Bai Chengying any face. However, Bai Chengying didn’t seem to care at all.

In addition to being a medium-level War God, Zhou Zhengyong was also the president of the Jiangnan Extreme Martial Arts School and a heavyweight in Jiangnan City!

Anyone who wanted to pick a fight with him had to consider whether it was worth offending such a powerful figure!

So Zhou Zhengyong could completely ignore a high-level War God.

“Uncle Yong, who is this?”

At this moment, Xu Zong asked in a low voice, taking the initiative to change the topic.

“Xiao Xu, let me introduce you. This is Bai Chengying, the War God of the Bai family in Kyoto. The name Bloodthirsty is quite famous.”

Zhou Zhengyong’s expression eased a bit as he introduced them to Xu Zong.

Bai family in Kyoto?

Xu Zong raised his eyebrows. If he remembered correctly, among the twelve major families of the HR Alliance in China, there was a Bai family in Kyoto, and they were one of the top three families?

Bai Chengying was the current head of the Bai family and had no interest in business since he was young. Instead, he was interested in warriors and embarked on the path of a warrior with the help of his family.

Recently, major forces around the world have obtained many treasures called “Spirits of Plants and Trees” in Australia. The HR Alliance has also obtained some. In order to help Bai Chengying, the Bai family sold many assets in Europe and bought a Spirit of Plants and Trees, successfully allowing him to become a high-level War God!

Compared to that, although Zhou Zhengyong was also the son-in-law of the Wang family, one of the twelve major families, they wouldn’t cut off an arm to buy him a Spirit of Plants and Trees.

In fact, due to the recent major discoveries in Australia, powerful individuals on Earth have been developing rapidly, with War Gods and senator-level powerhouses appearing one after another.

That was all thanks to City Lord Luo.

“Why are people from the Bai family in Kyoto coming to Jiangnan Base City?”

Zhou Zhengyong glared at Bai Chengying with a cold expression.

“It’s all because of my nephew!”

Bai Chengying waved his hand not far away, and a teenager who looked about seventeen or eighteen years old walked over with a warm smile on his face.

“The training camp spots in your Extreme Martial Arts School were just decided, right? The Bai family got one spot, and I gave it to my nephew. But he just became a warrior a few days ago and urgently needs a warrior certificate!”

“War God Zhou, hello, my name is Bai Ziwen. I’ve heard of your name for a long time!”

The teenager introduced himself as Bai Ziwen and respectfully bowed to Zhou Zhengyong.

The training camp spots at the Extreme Martial Arts School have been decided?

Xu Zong’s heart tightened at the mention of this. His goal was the training camp at the Extreme Martial Arts School, where there were many benefits waiting for him to take advantage of and become stronger faster. But the spots for this year have already been determined? He didn’t want to wait until next year!

“Bai Ziwen? How old are you this year?”

Zhou Zhengyong looked at the young man in front of him with a casual glance.

“18 years and 9 months old.”

Bai Ziwen raised his head and smiled.


Zhou Zhengyong responded nonchalantly.

“You’re entering the basic training camp, right? Why did someone from Kyoto come to our Jiangnan City for the assessment?”

“Of course, it’s the basic training camp. Old Zhou, you know, it’s too difficult to get into the elite training camp!”

Bai Chengying shrugged and then revealed a malicious smile.

“Who told you that the quality of warriors in Jiangnan City is not high this year? The basic training camp spots couldn’t be filled by you, so our Bai family generously helped fill the vacancies for you!”

Zhou Zhengyong’s face turned black as the bottom of a pot.

The quality of warriors in Jiangnan City not high?

He was the leader of the warriors in Jiangnan City! Wasn’t this saying that his work wasn’t good enough to his face!

“This kid Ziwen, just practiced the Five Hearts Reaching Heaven cultivation technique a few days ago and gained over 1600 kilograms of strength. He is already a solid intermediate warrior, and he is not even 19 years old this year. He is definitely a rare genius among millions!”

Bai Chengying introduced Bai Ziwen’s achievements loudly, as if he didn’t notice Zhou Zhengyong’s expression at all. His loud voice immediately attracted the attention of everyone else in the room.

Bai Ziwen straightened his chest, showing a hint of pride on his fair face.

Showing off in front of a War God was quite cool!

“Oh? That’s impressive.”

Zhou Zhengyong’s face suddenly relaxed, and he looked at Xu Zong with a warm smile.

“Xiao Xu, I forgot to ask, how old are you this year?”

Xu Zong blinked.

He showed a very shy smile.

“Uncle, I just turned 16 years old a few days ago!”

The smiles on Bai Chengying and Bai Ziwen’s faces suddenly paused.

“The Five Hearts Reaching Heaven cultivation technique, Wu Tong gave it to you a few days ago, right? How much strength did you gain from your first cultivation?”

Zhou Zhengyong smiled slightly, with a hint of indifference.

“Not much, just over 3000 kilograms.”

Xu Zong touched the back of his head and modestly said.

The smiles on Bai Chengying and Bai Ziwen’s faces completely disappeared.

Over 3000 kilograms!

This result could be said to be explosive!

If Bai Ziwen, who gained over 1600 kilograms of strength in his first cultivation, was a top-notch genius among millions, then Xu Zong, who gained over 3000 kilograms of strength in his first cultivation, was an extraordinary genius among billions!

Bai Chengying clicked his tongue, feeling a bit self-defeating.

Bai Ziwen looked at Xu Zong with suspicion, wondering if it was true or not.

Even Zhou Zhengyong was startled and looked at Xu Zong like he was looking at a monster. He knew that Xu Zong’s first cultivation results must be excellent, but he didn’t expect it to be this good!

However, in reality, no one knew.

Xu Zong’s first cultivation of the Guiding Technique only increased his strength by over 600 kilograms. The increase of over 3000 kilograms was actually the result of practicing the Tiger Form Divine Art for five days.

Bai Chengying lost interest and left with Bai Ziwen.

In the spacious room, over twenty people were divided into three groups.

One of them was Zhou Zhengyong and Xu Zong.

On the other side were Bai Chengying and Bai Ziwen, along with four young men who looked like hired bodyguards, who were being lectured by Bai Chengying.

The last group consisted of a dozen young people.

They were about the same age, around twenty years old, and they were all wearing uniforms with a black flame pattern. Their eyes all carried a hint of coldness, giving off an unfriendly vibe.

“Boss, it seems that the backgrounds of those two young men are not simple!”

A thin young man with a monkey-like appearance had a mysterious glint in his eyes. He leaned towards a muscular young man and whispered in his ear.

“Do you want to be blasted into pieces by the two War Gods?”

The muscular young man, wearing sunglasses, gave him a cold glare.

“Let’s go at our own pace!”

“Yes, boss!”

The group of people became more restrained.


“This is not good.”

Xu Zong was observing his fellow colleagues from the same batch. When he heard Zhou Zhengyong’s muttering, he suddenly shivered.

“Uncle, Bai War God won’t come after me, right?”

He looked at Zhou Zhengyong with a hint of nervousness.

War God powerhouses, he couldn’t afford to offend them!

If he would be targeted by a War God powerhouse, he might as well give up on this assessment and try again next time!

“Where are you thinking?”

Zhou Zhengyong looked at him helplessly.

“I know Bai Chengying. Although he is ambitious and proud, he wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks. You can rest assured. Besides, I’m here. If he succeeds, wouldn’t it be a blow to my prestige?”

“That’s good!”

Xu Zong reluctantly breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he did want to become stronger, there was a difference between becoming stronger and seeking death!

Living in this world, never pray for mercy from your opponents! This was a lesson he learned after being beaten by society in his previous life!

“But why did you say it’s not good?”

“You see those dozen people over there.”

Zhou Zhengyong nodded towards the clearly formidable group.

“When you see the black flame pattern on their bodies, what do you think of?”

“…The Flame Legion!”

Xu Zong suddenly realized something and his expression became serious.

In addition to the five major countries that still remained powerful in the world, there were four major organizations that had power comparable to the five major countries!

Among them were the Extreme Martial Arts School and the Thunder Martial Arts School! These two were spread all over the world and their status was even higher than the five major countries.

The third one was the HR Alliance, a world-famous capital group and family. They held the lifeline of the global economy, and even the five major countries couldn’t afford to offend them without reason.

The last one was the “Flame Legion”!

“The Flame Legion is a mercenary organization founded by two senator-level powerhouses! Their biggest characteristic is that they prioritize tasks. As long as they accept a commission, whether it’s good or bad, they must complete it. They are all ruthless characters and don’t play by the rules! “

Zhou Zhengyong’s expression was very serious.

“The special practical assessment was originally set up by the HR Alliance and the Flame Legion. The essence of their actions is to train soldiers! In other words, everyone who participates in the assessment is an experienced expert!”

“At the beginning of the assessment, try to avoid this group of people. If you get entangled with them, it will be troublesome!”

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