Chapter 15 – Special combat assessment

Chairman Zhou, the president of the Jiangnan Base General Association, is the leader of all the extreme martial arts schools in Jiangnan Base City in name and in fact! He has the power to remove any city-level school’s chief instructor, and he also commands an army directly under the extreme martial arts school. He is undoubtedly a powerful figure!

In Jiangnan Base City, Zhou Zhengyong’s words may be more useful than the mayor’s!

The most important thing is that Zhou Zhengyong is not only powerful, but his strength is also amazing.

He is a mid-level war god and is undoubtedly one of the top warriors among the warriors. He is also the son-in-law of the Wang family, one of the twelve major families of the HR Alliance in China. He is also very wealthy and perfect in all aspects!

Sister Wang’s breathing became slightly rapid.

This is the first time she has met Chairman Zhou face to face, let alone being smiled at by such a person.

Although Zhou Zhengyong looks like he is only in his thirties this year, warriors who cultivate the genes of primal energy tend to have a longer lifespan and look younger. In fact, he is already fifty years old this year.

But even so, if he proposes to “exchange feelings” or something like that, it would definitely be something that countless women dream of. If she could get rid of the yellow-faced woman in the process-

“Xiao Xu, sorry to keep you waiting!”

Without even looking at Sister Wang, Zhou Zhengyong went straight to Xu Zong and spoke gently.

“In a place like this, even if I just look at it, I can gain a lot of knowledge!”

Xu Zong withdrew his gaze and revealed a shy smile.

“You brat!”

Zhou Zhengyong smiled strangely at his words.

Although he is young, he speaks very nicely!

But it has to be said that saying such words makes people feel beautiful!

“Alright, follow me, I’ll take you to the assessment site!”


The two immediately left the gate, and their figures quickly disappeared.

Leaving Sister Wang alone at the door, blowing in the cold wind.

“What was I thinking just now!”

She shivered, covered her face, and squatted on the ground, full of shame.

At the moment when Chairman Zhou smiled at her, she really thought she had found the ideal son-in-law, and she might even become the third party… Damn it, how could love be called the third party? It should be true love taking the lead!

But she quickly realized that Chairman Zhou could never be interested in her.

Fortunately, it was just a momentary fantasy. If she really did something, it would be a social death!

“Sister Wang, I think you better give up.”

Her best friend walked over from the side, her face full of astonishment.

“That little boy just now was actually talking and laughing with the chairman. His background is probably not small! He probably doesn’t even look at you, an old woman!”

“You damn flat-chested, are you trying to die!”

Sister Wang was immediately angered by the words “old woman” and chased after her flat-chested friend, giving her a beating.

On the other side.

“Men, when you’re out, you have to know how to protect yourself!”

While riding the escalator down, Xu Zong had a realization.


Zhou Zhengyong turned his head back, looking at him with confusion.

“It’s nothing, Chairman Zhou. Where are we going?”

“To the underground parking lot. My private car is parked there.”

Zhou Zhengyong walked ahead and led the way into the slightly damp underground parking lot.

“I spend most of my time here at the headquarters. My car has been sitting on top and collecting dust, so I park it here… If you don’t mind, you can just call me Uncle Yong.”

“Okay, Uncle Yong!”

Xu Zong immediately played along.

“You’re straightforward.”

Zhou Zhengyong laughed again. Of course, it’s always better for a man to be straightforward than a scheming woman.

This young man is much more interesting than he imagined.

He took out the keys from his pocket and pressed the button on the key.

“Beep, hello Chairman Zhou, the Aston Martin thr191 is at your service!”

Not far away, a silver sports car lit up its lights and drove out of the parking space on its own.

There was clearly no one inside the car!

“This is an intelligent AI-equipped sports car. It can drive automatically. It’s a popular model in the Aston Martin series. Come on, get in!”

Under Zhou Zhengyong’s introduction, Xu Zong’s eyes gleamed as he touched the driver’s seat.

The hobbies of men are nothing more than women, guns, cars, or games. This is the first time he has seen a car that can drive automatically!

“Destination: North Military Base. Activate flight mode!”

At Zhou Zhengyong’s command, Xu Zong felt a vibration under him, and the sports car floated up, quickly maneuvering through the complex underground parking lot at high speed.

In the moment it drove out of the underground parking lot, the car shook again and flew into the sky!

“Damn, so cool!”

Xu Zong couldn’t help but blurt out.

The streamlined steel box flew between tall buildings. In the blink of an eye, the speed had already reached two hundred kilometers per hour, and it was still accelerating rapidly!

“Hahaha! Cool, right? This is my favorite among all my cars! It has a limited global release and cost over thirty million Huaxia coins!”

Zhou Zhengyong laughed proudly.

A flying sports car, even in this era, is a rare type of vehicle. It is unheard of among ordinary people.

What’s more, because there are very few flying cars, there are currently no regulations on the speed limit for flying cars. This Aston Martin can accelerate to a maximum speed of six hundred kilometers per hour! Riding in this car can experience the thrill of flying in an airplane! It’s computer-controlled, so it’s very safe, and there’s no need to worry about traffic accidents.

However, cars like this can only be used within the base city. The materials used to construct them cannot withstand the attacks of flying monsters.

Planes that can withstand attacks from flying monsters are made of level 9 Cro alloy and are difficult for even war god-level experts to break!

“By the way, Xiao Xu, you haven’t answered me about the internal martial arts. I’m interested in it!”

Zhou Zhengyong, with the appearance of a diehard fan of internal martial arts, asked with great interest.

“Well, Uncle Yong, actually what I practice is not the internal martial arts as commonly known…”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. I just want to know if the legendary things are true or not…”


Within the six base cities in Huaxia, each base city has military bases stationed in various directions. Xu Zong and Zhou Zhengyong are heading to the North Military Base, which is under the jurisdiction of Jiangnan Base City.

The flying sports car landed steadily on the concrete ground. As soon as they got out of the car, a huge steel base, like a beast crawling on the ground, fiercely entered Xu Zong’s sight.

The base is five stories high, with a length and width of several kilometers. It is completely black, and soldiers and tanks are constantly entering and leaving the base, patrolling inside and outside. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of solemnity, making Xu Zong’s mood heavy.

“The military base not only houses the soldiers guarding the base city, but also serves as the forward base for the warriors. The warriors who set off from the base city use this as a stronghold to go to the wilderness for battle.”

Zhou Zhengyong pointed to the many warriors not far away, dressed in battle armor, some serious and some relaxed. They were grouped together, carrying backpacks and weapons, heading towards the wilderness area without even a means of transportation.

“Let’s go, we’re going to the place where the special combat assessment is held!”

The two walked into the base.

On the way, Zhou Zhengyong carefully explained the special features of the special combat assessment to Xu Zong.

“The usual combat assessment held in January and August is usually led by the Extreme Martial Arts School and the Thunder Martial Arts School. The two schools arrange measures for the quasi-warriors under their command to pass the assessment as safely as possible. The military will clear out a small town in advance and capture specific monsters to put in. As long as the quasi-warriors kill a certain number of these monsters, they can pass the assessment. It is arranged by the two schools, which can both train the quasi-warriors and provide a relatively safe assessment method!”

“But the special combat assessment is different! It is led by the HR Alliance and the Flame Legion. It is a very realistic assessment. The assessment organizers directly send the quasi-warriors into the wilderness area to fight against the monsters. If they come back alive, it means they have passed the assessment!”

Xu Zong immediately understood the difference.

The usual combat assessment has no unexpected factors, and there are only a few dangers. The quasi-warriors can deal with them relatively calmly. Even if they fail, as long as they are notified in time, the examiners can rescue them as soon as possible!

But the special combat assessment is a completely realistic wilderness battle! It should be noted that there are all sorts of strange monsters in the wilderness, far more than just two or three types. Not to mention that there may be experts in ambush and experts skilled in poison. There are also many high-level monsters that the quasi-warriors cannot handle in the wilderness!

And once injured in the wilderness, even if they fail and give up, the examiners cannot arrive at the scene immediately to save their lives!

“Once you die, your body may even be eaten by the monsters! Although it is a means of examination, it is bloody!”

Seeing Xu Zong’s attitude becoming serious, Zhou Zhengyong knew that Xu Zong had taken his words to heart and nodded secretly.

Don’t be afraid of talented young people being young, but be afraid of their arrogance!

If he really thinks that he can definitely pass the assessment with his own strength, then he probably doesn’t even know how he died!

Fortunately, Xu Zong’s attitude is very humble, treating himself as an ordinary person, and he has a very mature mind. This is what makes Zhou Zhengyong feel that he is most teachable.

“This is your first time going to the wilderness. Normally, you should have been given some training in advance, but unfortunately, there is no time for that. The most important experience in surviving in the wilderness is something you don’t have, so you can only rely on your strong abilities!”

“But you don’t have to be too nervous. With your strength and the body movement at the Micro Level Great Achievement, as long as you are careful, just wandering in the wilderness, your survival rate will be much higher than others!”

Not wanting to put too much pressure on Xu Zong, Zhou Zhengyong reassured him.

“We’re here, this is it!”

The two stopped in front of a large gate with a black flame pattern deep within the base. Zhou Zhengyong pushed open the gate.

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