Chapter 17 – Assessment begins

Students who graduate from the Extreme Martial Arts School and the Thunder Martial Arts School, also known as warriors, are actually free agents and do not necessarily join the Extreme Association or the Thunder Association.

This is the result of the joint resistance of the five major countries and international forces such as the HR Alliance. If they don’t resist, all the talents in the world will eventually flow into the hands of the two major martial arts schools.

After graduating from the martial arts school and becoming a warrior, it is the freedom of the warrior to join any force. The five major countries’ armies, the two major martial arts schools, the HR Alliance, and the Flame Legion all have their own means of attracting new recruits.

Of course, most of the students who graduate from the martial arts school also have feelings for the martial arts school, and in the end, 80% of them will choose to join the two major martial arts schools.

The HR Alliance and the Flame Legion have their own talent training bases to prevent the loss of talents.

It’s not that they don’t trust the warriors who graduate from the two major martial arts schools, but the talents they cultivate naturally understand the needs and requirements of their own organizations, and their loyalty is higher!

The mercenary group formed by those dozen people is obviously trained by the Flame Legion.

Not every one of them may have the strength of a warrior, and they may not even have the strength of a quasi-warrior, but each of them is undoubtedly accustomed to fighting in the wilderness and is very proficient in combat and completing tasks using various means!

Compared to Xu Zong and Bai Ziwen, they are like flowers in a greenhouse!

Until this moment, Xu Zong finally understood why the instructors and instructors of the Extreme Martial Arts School were so secretive about the special assessment, and he also understood the origin of the 20% death rate!

“Mercenaries are famous for ‘fighting in one place and moving to another’. In the base city, they are not afraid of anyone! As long as you don’t provoke them, they generally won’t provoke others. Just keep your distance from them!”

Xu Zong thought to himself.

“All those participating in the assessment, follow me!”

At eight o’clock, a warrior in battle clothes came to this room, wearing a deep red flame emblem on his chest.

“Go, be careful, but don’t be afraid of trouble. I’ll back you up!”

Zhou Zhengyong waved his strong arm as a gesture of encouragement to Xu Zong.

“Remember, if anything happens to my nephew, none of you will survive!”

Bai Chengying showed a sinister smile to the four bodyguards-like people, and the four of them nodded in fear.

“Let’s go too!”

The burly young man stood up from his chair, and the dozen or so people next to him followed suit.

“Listen up, I will only explain the rules to you once!”

The warrior wearing the flame emblem led the way while speaking coldly.

“Later, you can freely choose equipment. They are all of the 3rd series. Generally, it is difficult for advanced beast soldiers to break through. Each of you should equip yourself and then enter the wilderness area! Whether you wander in the wilderness or enter the city area, there is only one requirement: collect three different primary beast soldier body materials, or collect one intermediate beast soldier body material! Bring it back for me to inspect, and I will let you pass the assessment!”

Indeed, the warrior from the Flame Legion was straightforward and rough!

“What if we collect the body materials of higher-level beast soldiers?”

Bai Ziwen raised his hand and asked.

“That’s your ability, it still counts! Don’t ask me such stupid questions!”

The warrior with the flame emblem gave him a cold glance.

Bai Ziwen’s expression stiffened slightly.

I am Young Master Bai, a top-notch genius. Who doesn’t show respect when they see me? You, a warrior who is not even a war god, dare to call me stupid?

The status of a warrior does not rise until it reaches the level of a war god!

Warlord-level warriors can easily attract a group of people from these big families.

But the strength of a war god is not something the Bai Family can easily command. Even the Bai Family would have to show goodwill and seek cooperation with such a strong person.

Even stronger than the war god, the senator-level strong… even if the Bai Family’s patriarch goes to someone, they may not even pay attention.

The warrior with the flame emblem led everyone to an arsenal, which not only had knives, guns, swords, and axes, but also shields, daggers, ropes, backpacks, and many other weapons and equipment, dazzling the eyes.

Xu Zong picked up a black gun with a silver-white spearhead, which had a short blood groove on the spearhead. It would be satisfying to spill blood with it!

“It’s so light…”

But Xu Zong didn’t like the weight of less than 100 kilograms.

“Forget it, there are only 3rd series equipment here, so I won’t be picky. I’ll choose a set of battle clothes. If it’s armor, I’ll choose light armor. If you can’t run fast in the wilderness, you’re done… Goodness gracious, they even have handguns?”

With the addition of a positioning watch, a backpack for materials, and other items, a complete set of combat suits was almost ready.

Five minutes later, Xu Zong left the room.

By this time, the others had also put on their equipment.

Xu Zong glanced at them briefly. Among the five people including Bai Ziwen, two chose shields, indicating that they valued defense. He also looked at the location of the mercenaries and his heart suddenly sank.

“Machine guns! Are firearms like this allowed?”

Looking at the skinny young man carrying a heavy machine gun, Xu Zong’s pupils contracted.

None of the people present chose small pistols.

For warriors, even the weakest junior fighters have skulls as hard as rocks, and their muscles can easily catch bullets from pistols. All warriors can ignore small-caliber pistols!

But if someone is holding a heavy machine gun, even advanced fighters have to avoid its edge!

“Where did they find the heavy machine gun?”

Bai Ziwen also frowned as he looked at the heavy machine gun. He had looked around inside earlier and clearly didn’t find any heavy machine guns!

“It couldn’t be…”

Bai Ziwen discreetly glanced at the warrior with the flame emblem.

He looked stern and seemed like a fair person.

“Follow me, and we will be transported to the wilderness by military vehicles!”

The warrior with the flame emblem shouted.

Under his leadership, the well-equipped group of people walked silently out of the military camp.


Suddenly, the burly young man broke the silence.

He first glanced at Xu Zong, then thought for a moment before focusing his gaze on Bai Ziwen.

“Let’s make a deal!”

“What do you mean?”

Bai Ziwen frowned. He didn’t really want to deal with these mercenaries, but since they came to him, he couldn’t just ignore them.

“Both of you have extraordinary backgrounds and have war god-level powerhouses behind you. I believe your lives are very precious. In that case, why not hire us?”

The burly young man grinned, revealing a fierce smile.

“As you can see, we have a dozen brothers here. Killing some low-level beast soldiers is a piece of cake for us. We guarantee that all of you will safely pass the assessment without losing a single hair!”

“But, you know, your lives are precious after all. Let me think… how about 1 million for the brother with bodyguards, and 3 million for the brother who is alone? What do you think?”

Bai Ziwen sneered.

So the mercenaries’ true nature has emerged.

But it’s not impossible to take advantage of them. 1 million is nothing to him.

“What is your strength?”

Bai Ziwen looked at the warrior with the flame emblem in the front, who completely ignored them, and asked the visibly captain-like burly young man.

“The little monkey is a quasi-warrior.”

The burly young man patted the shoulder of the skinny young man who resembled a monkey.

“But as you can see, he plays with hot weapons. Even advanced fighters are afraid of his heavy machine gun! The other brothers are all junior fighters, as for me…”

He raised his thumb and pointed at himself, revealing a wicked smile.

“I’m an intermediate fighter!”

“It’s quite average, forget it.”

Bai Ziwen sneered, showing a disdainful expression.

“Are we proud to have a group of middle fighters?”

He then accelerated his pace and got into the military vehicle on the cement field ahead.

If the assessment didn’t prohibit the participation of real warriors, he would have brought several warlord-level powerhouses as bodyguards! He also came to participate in the assessment in a hurry, and it was already good enough for the family to find a few quasi-warriors with the strength of middle fighters.

The smile on the burly young man’s face froze slightly.

“What about this brother…”

He looked towards Xu Zong.

But he found that Xu Zong had disappeared without a trace. It seems that when he was talking to Bai Ziwen, Xu Zong had already entered the military vehicle.

“Boss, that guy surnamed Bai, he actually looks down on us?”

The skinny monkey-like young man laughed strangely.

The others also smirked, seemingly disdainful of the young master from the Bai family.

“Heh heh.”

The burly young man grinned, his face darkening.

“It’s okay, let’s do things at our own pace!”

“Heh heh, is it starting?”

“Let those flowers in the greenhouse taste the ruthlessness of survival!”

For a while, a strange atmosphere enveloped these dozen people.


The military vehicle stopped in the wilderness, three kilometers away from the base.

Xu Zong, Bai Ziwen, and the other five, along with the dozen mercenaries, all got off the vehicle.

“You have ten hours! If you don’t come back after ten hours, you will be treated as dead!”

The warrior with the flame emblem shouted mercilessly from the driver’s seat.

“Spread out! Why are you still gathering here? Ordinary beast soldiers dare not approach the military vehicle. If you stay here, you will never pass the assessment!”

“Let’s go!”

Bai Ziwen ordered, and the five of them quickly rushed into the wilderness.

Xu Zong didn’t say a word, holding a long spear, quietly sneaking towards a distant grove.

“Boss, who should we target first?”

The skinny monkey-like young man licked his dry lips and asked the burly young man.

“The one surnamed Bai.”

The burly young man took out a cigarette case from his inner pocket, lit one, and started smoking.

“Remember, don’t harm them and don’t leave any clues. Although it’s forbidden to fight in the base city, I don’t want to be in trouble with the war gods afterwards. We only have one goal, and that is to make money!”


The group of people divided into several small groups and dispersed in different directions.

Bai Ziwen had no idea that he had already been targeted.

On the other side, Xu Zong stopped in a small grove.

He took off his backpack and searched through it for quite a while before finding a button-sized device hidden in one of the compartments. These backpacks usually have many compartments designed to allow warriors to carry more spoils of war.

“Is this a bug or a transmitter?”

Xu Zong fell into deep thought.

When they were on the military vehicle earlier, the skinny monkey-like young man pretended to be indifferent and lingered around him and Bai Ziwen for a while. As a master of Xingyi, Xu Zong’s keen perception made him notice something was wrong.

“Do you want to pick a fight with me?”

Xu Zong initially wanted to crush the transmitter, but suddenly stopped.

“Let’s see who is picking a fight with whom!”

He held the transmitter and walked deeper into the woods.

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