Chapter 14

Early in the morning, Xu Zong woke up at four o’clock.

After fully sharing the realm of the Nine Cauldrons, he had already become a master of Xingyi Quan. As a master, he could control the flow of blood and Qi in his body, and even consciously enter the state of rapid eye movement sleep, which is deep sleep.

Basically, he only needed to sleep for two to three hours a day to meet the needs of spiritual recovery.

The rest of the time, he spent most of it on the Tiger-Shaped Divine Art. He spent seventeen to eighteen hours on it every day, and even squeezed out only one hour for spear training.

Without disturbing Auntie Liu, who was sleeping on the first floor, Xu Zong quietly entered the training room.

He closed the door, achieved the best soundproofing effect, and then turned on the force testing machine.

He jumped in place twice, and then threw a punch abruptly!

In an instant, it was like a bullet being fired!

With a loud bang, the testing machine shook violently.

“Punch strength: 6899kg!”

A while later, he went to test his speed.

“Speed: 83m/s!”

Excellent for an advanced warrior!

He was not far from the strength of a junior warlord, which was 8000kg.

But looking at this result, Xu Zong fell into deep thought.

He silently opened the chat group in his mind.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Something strange happened. In the past five days, I have spent seventeen to eighteen hours practicing every day, but I have only increased my strength by more than 3 tons. @Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “You’re up so early. I’m still sleeping… So what do you want to say?”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “You said that you increased your strength by 10,000 jin in ten days, which is 5 tons. My progress is similar to yours. Isn’t that strange? I am in the Swallowed Star World, where the spiritual energy of heaven and earth should be much denser than in your world, right? And I practice for seventeen to eighteen hours every day!”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “You make a good point – but the 10,000 jin I increased in ten days refers to the strength of both arms!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “…Oh, right, I only increased the strength of one arm. Then it’s fine!”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “But now that you mention it, I also find it strange. In theory, the Swallowed Star World should be several levels higher than the Nine Cauldrons World… Why haven’t our strength gaps widened?”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Maybe your world is not simple either? After all, the Nine Cauldrons only depict a Nine Continent World. After the Broken Void, there must be a longer road.”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “That makes sense!”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “You disturbed my sleep, can I have some compensation? How about sending me a phone or something! After twenty years without internet, I feel like I’m going crazy!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “You’ve been freeloading off my talents every day, and you dare ask for compensation? Just wait, I’ll set the price of my talents at 1,100 times!”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Hold on! Pretend I didn’t say anything! I’ve thought it over, and if my cousin finds the phone, it would be troublesome, so forget it! I’m going back to sleep, bye!”

In a short while, his profile picture dimmed.

In the training room, Xu Zong sighed.

After starting his second life, their personalities had indeed changed.

Because he had to consider the Xu family’s reputation, he couldn’t say things that were too shameless.

But the Xu Zong from the Nine Cauldrons was becoming more shameless.

“In the future, there will probably be different versions of me in the group. I just hope that an extremely evil Xu Zong won’t appear…”

Shaking his head, Xu Zong expelled these thoughts from his mind and left the training room. He changed into his sportswear, took his ID card and student card, and left a note for Auntie Liu before leaving home.

In the Jiangnan base city, there was a main city and eight major defense cities, which were mainly connected by trains.

“Train tickets are so expensive!”

Xu Zong stuffed a large meat bun into his mouth and chewed it fiercely, complaining about the high price of train tickets.

The defense cities and the main city were not directly connected. There was a wilderness area in between where many monsters lived. Therefore, it was not easy to establish a railway between the two cities. The attacks from the monsters also required the tracks to be regularly maintained. As a result, train tickets were very expensive in this era, costing tens of thousands for one ticket!

And that was just for the ticket between the defense cities and the main city. If it was a ticket between base cities, the price would skyrocket to over a hundred thousand!

What? You’re asking about airplanes?

In this day and age, airplanes that could withstand attacks from flying monsters were made with cutting-edge technology. There were only a limited number of them in the world. The cost of building one plane was several trillion Huaxia coins!

According to online sources, you couldn’t get a ticket for less than ten million!

Actually, Xu Zong’s family background was quite good. Although his parents had passed away, they left behind millions of funds. His Little Uncle was also a warrior-level platoon leader in the Southwest Military Region, earning millions every year.

And Luo Hua had just transferred one billion to him half a month ago!

But Xu Zong planned to use that money after he became a warrior. After all, warriors were known for being able to spend money!

“Beep beep, Warrior Card!”

On the other side, a stern young man in black battle clothes swiped a card, and the gate opened automatically without asking him to pay.

“Warriors, the wicked privileged class! I love it!”

Xu Zong praised in his heart, feeling motivated.

After passing today’s practical assessment, I will also be one of the warriors!

Jiangnan City was the main city of this base city.

There were countless high-rise buildings that could be seen with the naked eye. Buildings with ten or twenty floors were everywhere, and even in the city center, there were buildings with seventy to eighty floors! They were not ordinary residential buildings, but prosperous commercial buildings!

In this era, the higher the building, the more susceptible it was to attacks from flying monsters.

Those who dared to build such tall buildings meant that they were extremely bold and not afraid of attacks from flying monsters!

“Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall!”

After getting off the train, Xu Zong saw a magnificent building at least fifty floors high. The words “Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall” were engraved on the wall from top to bottom, and even from a dozen miles away, a warrior with strong vision could see it clearly. It was visually striking.

However, the tallest building was not the Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall.

It was the “HR Alliance” Building several kilometers away, which had 88 floors!

“The HR Alliance is a union formed by major capital families from both domestic and international forces. Among the international powers, the HR Alliance is the richest! In terms of assets, even the Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall can’t compare to them.”

The Rothschilds, Morgans, and other big capital families that were famous before the Great Nirvana were now members of the HR Alliance!

Of course, for the strongest person in the world, “Hong,” worldly wealth had lost its meaning.

So the Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall was not a facility designed to make money. Otherwise, the district-level Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall school would not allow students to join and learn martial arts for free. Hong valued the evolution of all human beings on Earth.

From this perspective, there was no doubt that Hong had a higher vision!

“Chairman Zhou, I’m here.”

Xu Zong took out his phone and dialed the number Chairman Zhou had left for him.

“Hmm? Little Xu? Have you arrived?”

Chairman Zhou’s voice still carried a hint of sleepiness.

“Where are you? At the entrance? Okay, wait for me, I’ll be right there!”

After finishing his words, Chairman Zhou hung up the phone.

Xu Zong waited at the entrance of the building for a while. The Extreme Limit Martial Arts Hall was only accessible to true warriors, so everyone coming and going here, without exception, were all warriors! Almost everyone was wearing battle clothes and carrying weapons and backpacks, and they all looked busy.

“Oh, where did this little kid come from?”

A Mercedes S600 series sports car stopped in front of the Martial Arts Hall, and two tall and slender female warriors walked out of it. One of them saw Xu Zong, who was walking aimlessly at the entrance, and her eyes lit up.

“Sister Wang, you’re here again?”

The other female warrior couldn’t help but sigh.

Among warriors, the ratio of men to women was overwhelmingly high. Women accounted for only about one or two-tenths of the ratio, so female warriors were very popular. After all, birds of a feather flock together, and warriors naturally preferred to find warriors as their partners, which resulted in many female warriors being highly sought after and unwilling to marry early.

Sister Wang was one of them. She was in her early thirties this year. Although she wasn’t extremely beautiful like a superstar, her figure was attractive, and she was also popular among male warriors. There were plenty of people willing to team up with her in the wilderness area, but she had never responded to anyone’s admiration. She had always wanted to catch a rich husband.

This kind of mentality was actually quite common among women. It was hard to say, but everyone had some needs, and it wasn’t a big deal in the eyes of many female warriors before getting married.

But a woman in her thirties had some special interests, and she liked to stare at younger men. Sister Wang had a picky gaze and didn’t like cream puffs. She liked muscular guys.

“Little kid, are you waiting for someone here?”

While she was still speechless, Sister Wang took the initiative and reached out to the young man who looked sturdy and handsome.

“Shall I help you call the person you’re looking for?”


A question mark slowly rose above Xu Zong’s head.

“Sister, your gaze is too direct, isn’t it?”

As a master of Xingyi Quan, Xu Zong was very sensitive to people’s subtle reactions. Although this person seemed polite, the invading feeling in her eyes couldn’t be erased.

If it were in his past life, he wouldn’t mind interacting with this sister, but in this life, he was a soldier, and his way of doing things couldn’t be so unrestrained.

“Ah? Is it that obvious?”

Sister Wang looked embarrassed.


The entire entrance of the Martial Arts Hall fell silent, and the passersby involuntarily stopped in their tracks.

A young man with a well-proportioned face, tall stature, and only in his thirties appeared at the entrance. He looked towards Xu Zong and Sister Wang, then smiled and walked over.

Sister Wang suddenly shivered.

“Chairman! Zhou Zhengyong, the head of the Jiangnan Martial Arts Hall, a mid-level War God! Why is he walking over here? What does it mean?”

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