Chapter 88 – Pick up a bargain

Due to the fact that the new generation of disciples has not yet fully grown up, the next generation of sect masters in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has not been clearly determined. Of course, the situation is similar in other supreme sects.

To become the helmsman of a super power, cultivation is the most important bargaining chip. However, cultivation alone is not enough. Fate, intelligence, temperament, accumulated merits, connections, reputation, and other conditions are indispensable. It also requires long-term observation and experience before one can finally rise to the top.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord glanced at Yu Lingzhou and said, “It’s normal for you to have a good impression of Qing Muling after receiving his favor. We are all the same. However… this little guy is still too young. Is it really a good thing to let him take on such an important responsibility at such an early stage?”

Yun Miao Immortal Lord, who presided over the Pill Hall, said calmly, “Regarding this matter, I agree in principle, but it shouldn’t be now. We should wait, at least until he overcomes the Great Tribulation of Heart Demons before discussing it, right? Otherwise, it’s really unreasonable!”

The elders pondered. Considering everything, Qing Muling has not been in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace for long since he entered. His cultivation in the Nascent Soul Realm is still relatively low. In the eyes of outsiders who don’t know the truth, he is at most an ordinary core disciple. He is still in the stage of honing his cultivation and accumulating merits. How could he suddenly become the future helmsman of the sect?

Moreover, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has always been led by female cultivators. Now, suddenly appointing a man as the Holy Son and heir, especially a newly promoted core disciple with low cultivation, it is difficult not to arouse excessive speculation from the outside world.

Fenghua Immortal Lord, who presided over the Law Enforcement Hall, said, “If I were an enemy of the sect, I would probably think of abducting this little guy as soon as possible to see what secrets he has that are worth Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace’s attention.”

The elders nodded in agreement. Although everyone has high hopes for Qing Muling, there are priorities and urgencies. There is no need to put him in the spotlight now, lest he attracts the attention of powerful figures from other forces and brings unforeseen disasters.

“Then let’s do it this way. We can provide him with specific resources and other benefits according to the standards of the heir, but there is no need to give him the title. We will secretly cultivate him with all our efforts. I look forward to how much surprise he can bring to the sect in the future. If Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace can be revived because of him, the sect can give him everything he wants, not to mention the position of the heir…”

Mu Yinghua made the final decision, ending the discussion.

Yu Lingzhou was not disappointed and smiled as she proposed a second plan, “As for the matter of the heir, we can discuss it in the long term. But, shouldn’t we stop delaying the matter of finding a Dao companion? For someone with Qing Muling’s special bloodline, it is necessary to leave behind offspring as soon as possible, don’t you all think so?”

Fenghua Immortal Lord asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Yu Lingzhou immediately said, “There is a descendant in my family who has good looks, talent, cultivation, and temperament. How about granting him the position? After all, he is a man, and it’s not a problem to have multiple Dao companions. Does anyone have any objections?”

Hehe, I’m afraid this is your true intention, right? Seeing that the Supreme Sect Master’s personal disciples and Qing Muling are getting closer, you want to get involved as well? Planning for your family’s descendants?

Yueyi Heavenly Lord sneered inwardly. This fox-like woman must have been envious and jealous when she saw that Luo Huan was arranged by herself to be by Qing Muling’s side, so she wants to imitate her.

Mu Yinghua’s face darkened slightly on the cloud bed, but she remained silent.

However, looking at the expressions of the other high-level elders, it seems that they are somewhat interested in this matter. Since Yueyi Heavenly Lord can do it, and Yu Lingzhou can do it, why can’t they?

Which family doesn’t have a bunch of descendants or disciples? They will go back and carefully select the most outstanding one to be placed by Qing Muling’s side. This way, they can ensure their own family’s future influence.

Yun Miao Immortal Lord stared at Yu Lingzhou with suspicion. After her injuries healed, this young-looking elder became even more radiant and beautiful, like a newly sprouted bud, exuding a refreshing and youthful aura that even female cultivators couldn’t help but be attracted to.

Could it be that this fox-like woman intends to personally intervene? She’s simply… too cunning and shameless!

Misty Illusion Secret Realm, Yunzhou City.

“…I really didn’t expect that there would be such a place in this secret realm.”

Stepping out of the huge long-range teleportation formation, Qing Muling looked around curiously. Unlike the cities of the Heavenly Human Clan’s remnants, there were an unusually large number of foreign cultivators here. Those who didn’t know the inside story would think that this place was somewhere in the Great Void Starry Sky.

Yunzhou City, to be precise, is a gathering place established by foreign cultivators. It has existed since ancient times for the purpose of exchanging resources and information that they don’t want to sell to the Heavenly Human Clan’s remnants.

Xuebing Xuan, who was by his side, said, “This place is specially permitted by the high-ranking remnants of the Heavenly Human Clan. It’s the only city managed by foreign cultivators. Of course, the remnants of the Heavenly Human Clan will also send envoys to supervise and ensure that nothing jeopardizes their interests.”

“We should take a look around here. We should be able to find some suitable resources. It’s better than fighting to the death outside.”

Qing Muling nodded in agreement. Every time the Misty Illusion Secret Realm opened, thousands of cultivators from The Great Void swarmed in. The total amount of resources that could be scavenged every moment was a terrifying number.

Although most of the resources would eventually flow back to the remnants of the Heavenly Human Clan, from the perspective of foreign cultivators, the improvement of their own cultivation was more important.

Therefore, some resources that were hard to obtain but not suitable for personal use could be considered for resale to foreign cultivators from other forces, in exchange for things they needed. Both parties would get what they needed, and everyone would be happy.

The five senior sisters took Qing Muling around for a while and arrived at the largest market area in the city center. On both sides of the spacious road, there were luxurious shops everywhere. The people coming in and out were all high-ranking cultivators dressed in bright clothes, most of them were human, and there were not many cultivators from other races.

Of course, there were also many cultivators setting up stalls on the roadside, with all kinds of things piled up on the ground, including medicinal herbs, beast bones, jade slips, ores, and some strange materials of unknown origin, attracting many cultivators who wanted to pick up a bargain.

Qing Muling casually looked around, not intending to pay attention, and followed his senior sisters into a magnificent shop on the roadside. Most of these shops were backed by a major force, and high-end items would usually only appear here.

However, just before he entered the shop, the movement of the innate Harmony Spirit Seed in his sea of consciousness suddenly drew Qing Muling’s attention to a stall not far away.

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