Chapter 89 – Bold idea

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing Qing Muling stop, Xuebing Xuan turned her delicate body and asked with her divine sense.

“Just wait a moment, I want to take a look.”

Qing Muling responded simply and walked over. Luo Wanqing and the other women followed suit.

Although they were not sure what Junior Brother was interested in, since he wanted it, the senior sisters naturally wouldn’t let him down.

The stall was not big, just a few pieces of animal skins laid on the ground, with more than twenty items placed haphazardly on top. The quality was not to mention, and they emitted an unpleasant smell.

The stall owner was an old man with white hair. His robe was tattered, and his aura was weak and scattered. His eyes were dim and lifeless, as if he had not recovered from an old injury.

“Ladies, please feel free.”

Seeing these high-level female cultivators with beautiful dresses and extraordinary elegance approaching, the old man didn’t have any special reaction. He hummed weakly a few times, indicating that they could choose for themselves.

Qing Muling slightly bent down and swept his gaze over the stall. He quickly found his target.

It was a dull gray stone that looked inconspicuous and did not show any spiritual fluctuations. It seemed to be a piece of rubbish stone that could be found anywhere in the wilderness. The only special thing about it was that it was slightly heavier. It was the size of a fist but weighed over a thousand kilograms.

Perhaps it was some rare spiritual mineral that could be used to forge treasures?

Qing Muling pondered in his heart and asked, “How much is this?”

The old man closed his eyes and slowly said, “Ten thousand crystal jades, no bargaining.”

“So expensive? Why don’t you go rob someone?”

“Please understand, ladies, my business is fair and honest. The price is the same for everyone!” The old man squinted his eyes, looking like he didn’t care if they bought it or not.

Qing Muling frowned slightly, “Can I ask what exactly is this thing? Why is it being sold at such a high price?”

The old man hummed, “Miss, it seems that your cultivation method is mainly based on the wood element. This is a pure yin and soft water essence from the depths of the ten thousand zhang deep sea. It should be of great benefit to you. This price is considered cheap. If you go elsewhere, it would be ten times more expensive, and there might not even be any available!”

Qing Muling fell silent for a moment. The pure yin and soft water essence was a rare water attribute spiritual object. Cultivators who practiced water-based techniques favored this rare resource because it could achieve twice the result with half the effort and slowly transform and improve the cultivator’s physique. It was considered a highly sought-after item in the market.

According to the principle of the five elements generating and restraining each other, water could nurture wood. Therefore, this resource had obvious benefits for cultivators who primarily practiced wood-based techniques.

“Alright, I’ll take it!”

Qing Muling no longer hesitated. According to the guidance of the Harmony Spirit Seed, this thing was not the pure yin and soft water essence, but a rare material called the Primordial Crystal, which was condensed from the primordial mother liquid of the Harmony at the beginning of the birth of a powerful world. It was truly a rare material of the innate level, and its value could not be measured by mere crystal beads or crystal jades.

When encountering someone who recognized its value and had sufficient cultivation, it should be possible to refine a very powerful postnatal spiritual treasure with it.

“Alright, take it!”

Seeing that he had made up his mind, Xuebing Xuan didn’t say much. She immediately opened the Space Bracelet and settled the payment. Luo Wanqing and the other women were slightly slower, looking a bit dissatisfied as they glanced at the eldest senior sister. They made up their minds not to let her take the lead next time.

No matter what this thing was, even if it was a piece of scrap iron, as long as Junior Brother wanted it, the senior sisters would compete to pay for it and buy it for him.

In order to avoid attracting the attention of those with ill intentions, Qing Muling didn’t want to use his spiritual power to investigate in public. He took out a square handkerchief from his sleeve and wrapped the stone in it, then put it in his sleeve and left.

The six of them walked back up the steps. This was a shop specializing in various talismans and disposable magical tools. They had everything from basic goods to some rare treasures. The cheapest item could be exchanged for a crystal bead, while the most expensive could be equivalent to a genuine treasure.

A genuine treasure required at least a cultivator at the True Person Realm to have the ability to refine it. Not only were suitable materials hard to find, but the required time also started from a hundred years. Sometimes, it was not an exaggeration to spend a thousand years to refine a powerful treasure. Its value could be imagined.

Xuebing Xuan and the others had never personally refined a treasure. After all, it took too much time. The treasures they used were either from the sect’s secret treasury, bestowed by their Master Mu Yinghua, or obtained by chance encounters or from ancient cave ruins. Second Senior Sister Cheng Yulan’s set of formation tools was self-refined, but it still hadn’t been completed.

Therefore, using treasures as disposable consumables, even the talented seeds of the Supreme Dao Lineage rarely had the capital to be so extravagant, unless it was something they had snatched and didn’t need to worry about.

Of course, as long as they had the means, high-level cultivators would try to get one or two of these talismans or magical tools for themselves, to serve as life-saving cards in critical moments.

After looking around for a while and buying some random items, the women turned and left to look at the next shop.

The streets were bustling with crowds, and grand and magnificent large shops that resembled palaces could be seen everywhere. They were established by the people of the Supreme Dao Lineage in the Great Void Starry Sky, either independently or in partnership with some important figures among the Heavenly Human Clan survivors.

These large shops usually employed many servants and guards from the Heavenly Human Clan. There were also many maidservants. As long as the crystal beads were paid, it was easy to make them work wholeheartedly.

The guards responsible for welcoming and receiving guests had good appearances, and their cultivation levels were generally commensurate with their salaries. From the Qi Refining Realm to the True Person Realm, they were all present. Naturally, the higher the cultivation level, the higher the employment price.

“These survivors of the Heavenly Human Clan… their overall strength seems quite impressive!”

While strolling around, Qing Muling calmly commented.

“Yes, indeed. Fortunately, their strength is strong enough. Combined with the inconvenience of communication with the Great Void Starry Sky, otherwise those Supreme Dao Lineage would have long united and occupied and divided this treasure land of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm!”Xuebing Xuan said that in the ancient times, when the Misty Illusion Secret Realm first appeared, many powerful beings had such thoughts. After many failed attempts and heavy losses, they gave up.

The cultivation world is a world of great competition, and there is no right or wrong. When encountering a treasure like the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, which is no different from a super treasure trove, it is only natural for everyone to rush to divide it if possible.

Qing Muling didn’t say anything anymore. He hid his hand in his sleeve and grabbed the mother liquid crystal. Countless chaotic light patterns spread out from his body, wrapping it up. It quickly absorbed the essence inside, and soon, only a layer of residue was left on the crystal.

In his sea of consciousness, the Harmony Spirit Seed emitted a bright light on the surface, as if it had taken a powerful divine medicine. More chaotic light separated from the Blue Lotus phantom, and each point of chaotic light contained a hint of mysterious Dao rhyme, silently merging into Qing Muling’s divine soul and continuously enhancing his foundation and talent.

In a short moment, the third Blue Lotus leaf phantom slowly took shape and finally stabilized. Bright and rich Dao rhyme filled the air.

Qing Muling paid close attention to the reaction of the Harmony Spirit Seed. Based on previous experience, every time a Blue Lotus leaf phantom appeared, he would awaken a new talent or ability. He wondered what kind of ability would appear this time.

He didn’t have to wait long. As the Harmony Spirit Seed’s transformation approached its end, a clear and hazy spherical space appeared inside the third Blue Lotus leaf. It slowly expanded over time and finally stabilized at a size of ten zhang in diameter.

This space was not large in volume, but it was not small either. It could at least hold a house without any problem. If it was used to store spiritual treasures and cultivation resources, the total amount would undoubtedly be considerable. More importantly, compared to items like the Space Bracelet or Space Ring, its safety was on a completely different level. There was no need to worry about being robbed or lost, and it could evade the detection of others.

“It feels pretty good. As my cultivation improves, the volume of the space should continue to grow and expand. But…”

Qing Muling was satisfied, but there was a bold idea emerging in his mind: Could the things stored in here be safely brought out of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm? Or could the treasures and pills from the Great Void Starry Sky be brought into this secret realm?

However, this matter was too shocking, so he couldn’t speak out about it for now. He needed to find a safe place to try it out.

“Junior Brother, what are you thinking?”

Qi Yalan, who was beside him, couldn’t help but ask him with her divine sense as he had been lost in thought.

“It’s nothing. I have a bold idea.”

Qing Muling snapped back to his senses and looked at his Third Senior Sister’s enchanting figure. He smirked.

Qi Yalan’s heart raced, and she coquettishly said, “W-what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking!”

Qing Muling didn’t hide his thoughts at all. “Let’s find an inn later. There’s something I need to verify, and I can’t do it without Senior Sister’s cooperation. You definitely won’t refuse, right?”

“Of… of course.”

Qi Yalan’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster. What did Junior Brother mean? Did he finally make up his mind to make a move on her? When faced with Yu Lingzhou’s crazy insinuations last time, he had been pretending to be clueless.

The six of them walked around, stopping at shops that caught their interest. With their abundant wealth, they didn’t need to worry about balancing their income and expenses.

After a while, Qing Muling and his senior sisters approached a new shop that specialized in selling pills and also bought various spiritual herbs and plants produced in the secret realm.

On the twelve-level white jade steps, two teams of burly guards stood in formation, their eyes cold and stern. They wore uniform armor and held uniform magical weapons, emitting a strong sense of oppression. They indeed looked quite imposing.

Any cultivator with a bit of knowledge would understand that this kind of place didn’t do small business. So, if your purse wasn’t thick enough, it was better not to enter and be looked down upon. It was better to move on to another place.

Seeing this group of beautiful and noble high-level female cultivators approaching, a woman in a red palace dress, whose status was not low, immediately came forward, bowing and greeting them politely, “Ladies, please come inside. May I ask how I can be of service to you?”

Xuebing Xuan casually ordered, “We have a large order. Please call someone who can make decisions to discuss it!”

The woman knew that important guests had arrived and didn’t dare to neglect them. She immediately respectfully led them to the VIP room.

A young and beautiful maid served various spiritual teas and snacks. After a short while, a middle-aged man in a green robe walked in. His eyes were warm and bright, and his face carried a gentle smile. He was a cultivator in the Heart Demon Realm.

“Ladies, you are too polite. I am Xiao Wenxin, the person in charge here. May I know how to address you?” he said politely.

“Just casual cultivators. There’s no need to mention our names.”

Xuebing Xuan didn’t intend to reveal her identity. Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had gradually declined over the past ten thousand years, and there were still some businesses in this Yuezhou City that belonged to them, but they had gradually declined as well. Therefore, there was no need to make a fuss.

Before Xiao Wenxin could speak, Xuebing Xuan continued, “We have a batch of magical treasures that we want to sell. You should know where they came from. Do you have the courage to take them all?”

Since they had killed many cultivators from various sects in the Weakening Water Galaxy, they had obtained a considerable number of magical treasures. Since these things couldn’t be brought out of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, they might as well sell them here. Moreover, most of the items were not of particularly high rank.

Xiao Wenxin raised an eyebrow. “No problem. Everyone here understands the rules, so there’s no need to worry. Just take them out, Fairy!”

Xuebing Xuan nodded, and thirty Space Bracelets and Space Rings appeared on the nearby table. Then, dozens of magical weapons and defensive robes of the magical weapon level were piled up on the table, emitting various dazzling lights.Xiao Wenxin’s eyes flickered slightly, he looked at her deeply, his smile unchanged on his face: “It seems that the fairies have gained a lot, hmm, these things are all very good, I wonder if there are more?”

Several senior sisters waved their hands slightly, and a large pile of Space Bracelets and rings were thrown out, as well as some unused elixirs, precious materials, spiritual medicines and herbs, almost filling half of the VIP room.

Xiao Wenxin nodded, considering the large amount of items, he ordered people to call a group of treasure appraisers to help with the valuation.

These treasure appraisers also came from the remnants of the Heavenly Human Clan, their eyes and techniques were professional. After entering the room, they didn’t talk much, they took out the items from the bracelets and rings one by one, appraised and valued them, and then had a dedicated person in charge of keeping accounts.

It didn’t take long for the final total price to come out, which had exceeded 350,000 crystal jade. Xuebing Xuan was quite satisfied with this price, so she expressed her approval.

After a while, a maid came in with a jade tray, on the brocade base was a palm-sized exquisite green-purple bone token. Xiao Wenxin held it in his hand and handed it to Xuebing Xuan with both hands, introducing:

“This is a token of guarantee issued by hundreds of top businesses in Yuezhou City, and it is also an identity proof of VIP customers. With this bone token, the fairy can freely purchase items in our shop or other shops in the city, and there is a certain discount.”


Xuebing Xuan was not surprised by this, she took it over for inspection, and put it away after confirming that there were no problems.

As they were about to leave, before deciding which shop to go to, Qing Muling suggested finding an inn to stay first.

The eldest senior sister was a bit surprised: “Junior Brother, are you tired already?”

“No, I want to return once, to see if I can…”

Qing Muling informed her of his thoughts through divine sense, which struck her like a thunderbolt, and she was stunned for a while.

It was common knowledge that most of the rare resources in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm could not be taken out. However, if Qing Muling could break such shackles and continuously bring back a large amount of resources to the sect, what would that mean?

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