Chapter 87 – Establishing the Holy Son

In the cave.

Radiant rays of light and swirling spiritual energy filled the air. Qing Muling sat silently on a large cold jade bed, with profound and agile enlightenment radiating from his body, gradually spreading out to a radius of ten meters, forming a pure and flawless light barrier.

Five beautiful women in exquisite dresses and different temperaments surrounded him, also entering a state of deep enlightenment and unity with heaven and man through the profound enlightenment light.

A month quietly passed, and Qing Muling woke up from deep meditation. Electric sparks flickered in his bright eyes, and his body was filled with abundant spiritual energy, reaching the seventh level of the Nascent Soul Realm. There were still a large amount of divine medicine essence hidden in his meridians and organs that had not been completely digested and absorbed.

As the enlightenment light faded away, the five senior sisters also finished their cultivation and woke up.

“Junior Brother’s talent and abilities are truly amazing.”

Feeling the speed of his cultivation, Luo Huan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Now I finally understand why you all are so careful and concerned about him, as if afraid that others would take advantage of him.”

Cheng Yulan smiled slightly, “With such divine abilities, we won’t need much time to break through to the Ascending to Immortality Realm, or even the Elemental Immortal Realm. I originally thought it would take at least a thousand years to complete this process.”

It was the first time for the two of them to cultivate in seclusion with Qing Muling, and they were naturally shocked and had a deeper understanding of his importance when they witnessed the amazing talent of the enlightenment light.

Qi Yalan gave her a white look, “Aren’t you taking advantage of Junior Brother now? Just keep it to yourself. If you don’t want more fox-like women to break their heads and try to seduce him.”

Luo Huan nodded vigorously, “Of course I understand. Senior Sisters don’t need to worry.”

Such a peerless opportunity should be known by as few people as possible. Otherwise, once the news spreads, all the fox-like women in the sect will go crazy. At that time, they will have to rack their brains and desperately seduce Junior Brother. They absolutely cannot tolerate it!

Qing Muling smiled, “The cultivation progress of the senior sisters is very obvious. Perhaps when the Misty Illusion Secret Realm closes this time, you can both advance by two realms?”

“Definitely, it will only increase, not decrease.”

Luo Wanqing smiled and hugged him tightly, taking a few bites before letting go. With the enlightenment light and a large amount of sacred and divine medicine resources, the effect of her seclusion this time was equivalent to hundreds of years of hard cultivation for ordinary cultivators. She was already close to perfection in the Nascent Soul Realm, and it felt extremely satisfying.

Qi Yalan made the fastest progress. She had already broken through to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm and officially stepped into the Ascending to Immortality Realm. Her divine soul began to transform and ascend to the level of an immortal. After all, she had been cultivating with Qing Muling for the longest time, so she naturally gained the most benefits.

Xuebing Xuan and Luo Wanqing made slightly slower progress, while Luo Huan and Cheng Yulan were the slowest. However, they were already strong in the Nascent Soul Realm, and in terms of aptitude and fortune, they were not inferior to the monstrous geniuses of those super Dao Lineages.

They were now looking forward to the extent to which the enlightenment light would assist them when Qing Muling’s cultivation reached the Spiritual God Realm or even the True Person Realm.

Qing Muling asked, “We haven’t been out for a month. What’s the situation outside? Where should we go next to find opportunities?”

Xuebing Xuan took out a palm-sized communication jade talisman, activated it with mana, and looked at it for a moment before saying, “There is nothing major happening for now. Most cultivators in the Weak Water Star River have already evacuated. It is said that the Holy Maiden of the Calamity Fate Palace was almost killed by disciples of many Supreme Dao Lineages. I don’t know what means she used to barely escape.”

Mei Qingfeng naturally couldn’t swallow this anger after being inexplicably framed. A month ago, she had issued a sky-high reward in the name of the Calamity Fate Palace to investigate the cultivator who took away the Heavenly Medicine opportunity. She wanted to see the person alive or dead.

Of course, with Qing Muling present, no divination or secret technique could possibly reveal any information related to him. So this was destined to be an unsolved mystery unless Qing Muling reached the peak of this world’s path in the future and chose to reveal it.

Qing Muling pondered, “The Calamity Fate Palace doesn’t seem to be a good force. We have to be on guard!”

Xuebing Xuan pondered, “Junior Brother, your view is correct. This force rarely conflicts with other Dao Lineages on the surface, but no one knows what they do in secret. It is said that many talented seeds in the Great Void Starry Sky have mysteriously fallen or disappeared in the past ten thousand years, and this force is suspected to be behind it.”

As a popular candidate for the next Sect Master, the eldest senior sister was obviously aware of many insider secrets. The Calamity Fate Palace seemed to belong to the righteous forces of the Dao Lineages on the surface, but in secret, they had many shady businesses. Even if there was no evidence, many things didn’t need evidence.

Luo Huan’s expression became serious, “From the standpoint of our Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, we must not let this force know about Junior Brother’s existence. Any form of contact is not allowed, only in this way can we ensure his safety.”

The senior sisters nodded in agreement. This was only natural. Any new generation elite with a bit of potential in the Great Void Starry Sky would be included in the Calamity Fate Palace’s watchlist. Especially those monstrous geniuses from the Supreme Dao Lineages and Immortal Dynasties, they had always been their key targets. If they were to learn about the secret on Qing Muling, the consequences would be terrifying.

Luo Wanqing smiled mischievously, “We can temporarily put aside the search for opportunities. How about we go to the Yuezhou City? Maybe we can find something valuable there. Of course, Junior Brother, you have to disguise yourself.”

Qing Muling pondered for a moment, but did not refuse. After all, he had schemed and killed too many people in the Weak Water Star River. Those Supreme Dao Lineages had suffered heavy losses, especially the cultivators from the Armillary Sphere Star Palace and the Bright Moon Sword Sect. Even monstrous geniuses like Yan Lingji and Lin Shengqing had unfortunately fallen into his trap, and it might be difficult for them to recover in their lifetime. One could imagine how furious the higher-ups of these Dao Lineages would be.

However, from the standpoint of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, this was undoubtedly good news. The greater the losses of these hostile forces, the easier it would be to deal with them in the future.

The Supreme Sect Master of the Bright Moon Sword Sect, Lin Xuan Yuan, publicly demanded an explanation from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace for the attack on Lin Shengqing in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. However, he was bluntly rebuffed by Mu Yinghua, who even threatened to go to war.

This made the higher-ups of the Bright Moon Sword Sect extremely angry. However, the journey to the Misty Illusion Secret Realm was not yet over, and many of their elite disciples were still inside and had not returned. It was inconvenient to take further action, so they had to temporarily swallow their anger and plan to settle the score after the Secret Realm was closed.


At the Imperial Dao Peak, outside the Cave Heaven Secret Realm.

Hundreds of high-ranking female cultivators with solemn expressions stood guard outside. They stood tall and did not glance around. Their powerful divine consciousness enveloped the entire mountain peak. The protective array was fully activated, and any slight movement in the surroundings could not escape their perception.

Inside the Cave Heaven Secret Realm, Sect Master Mu Yinghua sat on a cloud bed on the high platform. Below her, more than thirty elegant and restrained beautiful women sat on both sides. Their beautiful backs were straight as they quietly observed the huge mana projection mirror in the middle. Yueyi Heavenly Lord and Yu Lingzhou were also among them.

The mirror clearly displayed the detailed star map of the Cloud Dream Immortal Domain. Only a small part of the area was still under the control of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. The rest was basically controlled by various external forces, or by opportunistic turncoats.

In the past, the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had the intention but not the power to control these areas. Even if they could conquer them, they were not sure they could hold them, as their strength was no longer sufficient.

But now, the situation of the sect had begun to change from before, so the higher-ups no longer planned to continue to endure.

“……Two days ago, the last few elders have finished healing and returned from the Misty Illusion Secret Realm.”

Mu Yinghua’s cherry lips slightly opened, her voice clear and soft: “This time, not only have more than thirty Supreme Elders fully recovered, but nearly a hundred Supreme Elders have significantly improved their injuries, extended their lifespan, meaning that the sect’s available high-end strategic power has greatly recovered. Therefore, I think it’s time to take action and reclaim some of the important lost territories at our doorstep.”

The female cultivators below all nodded. They were all important figures in the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, in charge of important duties in different fields, and could freely express their opinions on such major matters.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord said with a smile: “I think we should at least reclaim ten star domains this time. As for which places to target, we can discuss it. I’ve long been displeased with those clowns around us.”

A beautiful woman raised her eyebrows slightly and said unhurriedly: “We should prioritize clearing out the pawns of the Bright Moon Sword Sect. In addition, we should also eliminate some of the small families and sects that are affiliated with the Armillary Sphere Star Palace, and by the way, deter those fence-sitters who are ostensibly neutral. This Cloud Dream Immortal Domain is our traditional territory, and we can’t tolerate those guys jumping around arrogantly.”

“Of course, that’s a must.”

Yu Lingzhou looked at the expressions of the female cultivators and suddenly said: “Actually, there’s not much to discuss about this matter. What I’m more concerned about is that Qing Muling’s importance has reached a point where it affects the rise and fall of the sect. So, should we take some more thorough measures to prevent problems before they arise?”

Mu Yinghua’s eyes flickered slightly: “Oh, I wonder what Elder Yu has in mind?”

“It’s simple. Make him the Holy Son of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, give him the authority over the Dao Treasury, and train him as the next Supreme Sect Master!” Yu Lingzhou said lightly.

At her words, the other high-ranking elders looked slightly surprised, or were deep in thought, but no one openly objected.

Qing Muling was the main contributor to the recovery of many Supreme Elders this time. His contribution could no longer be measured by specific merits, so such an arrangement was not excessive.

Considering Qing Muling’s luck, talent, and aptitude, there seemed to be no one more suitable than him. The only shortcomings were his low cultivation level and the fact that he was a man, but of course, these were not big problems.

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