Chapter 86 – The beginning of revival

Someone has already taken the lead?

And it seems that they didn’t alarm any natural formations or restrictions? They quietly sneaked in and took away all the benefits? How is this possible? Who could have such incredible means?

For a moment, Mei Qingfeng felt thunder rolling in her heart, with a belly full of anger that had nowhere to vent, and she had the urge to go berserk on the spot.

She led her disciples all the way, fighting bloodily, enduring countless hardships, and exhausting all the carefully prepared cards and means, paying the price of losing more than half of her people. It was not easy to finally kill her way here, but the result was that it was all in vain? Didn’t even get a single hair?

“Who is it?”

The gnashing voice came out from between her cherry lips. Even with the temperament and cultivation of this beautiful woman, she had the urge to go crazy at this moment.

At this moment, outside the stone hall.

Seeing their saintess Mei Qingfeng enter the hall, the remaining elder disciples of Calamity Fate Palace all blocked the steps without prior arrangement, using all their abilities to desperately prevent disciples from other Dao Lineages from approaching, pouring out various powerful divine spells as if they cost nothing.

Hundreds of disciples from other Dao Lineages couldn’t dodge in time and suffered heavy casualties. Some unlucky disciples were almost completely destroyed because they were in the area that was heavily targeted.

This undoubtedly aroused public anger, and Calamity Fate Palace immediately became the target of public criticism.

“…Bastards! What do you people from Calamity Fate Palace mean? Do you want to monopolize all the opportunities?”

The surviving cultivators on the square cursed loudly. Everyone had suffered countless casualties and fought bloodily to finally arrive here. They saw victory within reach, but you people from Calamity Fate Palace blocked their way and prevented them from making any progress. The suppressed anger could no longer be contained and erupted completely.

“…Opportunities belong to the virtuous. Please don’t act impulsively. Calamity Fate Palace will remember everyone’s goodwill!”

A senior elder from Calamity Fate Palace shouted loudly, but unfortunately, he underestimated the emotions of the cultivators present and overestimated the deterrent power of his own sect. Even the most ancient and mysterious superpower in the Great Void Starry Sky couldn’t simultaneously resist so many Supreme Dao Lineages.

“We don’t have time to waste with you. Get out of the way or die!”

Many cultivators scolded fiercely. Some hotheaded individuals couldn’t hold back any longer and began to attack the disciples of Calamity Fate Palace on the steps. The brilliance emitted by various divine spells and treasures temporarily engulfed the entire stone hall, creating a chaotic scene.

After several rounds of fierce fighting, there were still several thousand surviving cultivators from various sects on the square, while Calamity Fate Palace had less than three hundred disciples left, with most of them injured.

The power contrast between the two sides was too great. With just a few moves, Calamity Fate Palace couldn’t hold on. The number of people decreased by more than half in an instant. The dozens of surviving disciples had to retreat from the side of the steps in a sorry state and fled into the stone hall.

“Your Highness, something’s wrong. They’ve broken in!”

A senior elder with a blood-stained robe hoarsely shouted.

After multiple investigations yielded no results and after using many forbidden divination techniques of Calamity Fate Palace, Mei Qingfeng, who still hadn’t gained any useful information, was contemplating countermeasures inside the hall. Suddenly, when she saw her disciples rushing in, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, and then she forcibly calmed down.

“No need to panic, we…”

Before she could finish speaking, a large group of cultivators rushed in from outside the hall, surrounding them with bloodshot eyes and a murderous aura.

“Where are the opportunities here? Where did they go? Did you take them all?”

An elder from armillary sphere Star Palace, with no valuable things in sight, said fiercely, “Hand them over quickly, and we’ll spare you today. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

“Yes! Hand them over!”

“Even if it’s Calamity Fate Palace, there’s no reason for them to monopolize everything!”

“If you don’t give us the opportunities, even if you are the saintess of Calamity Fate Palace, we won’t spare you today!”

The enraged cultivators roared and threatened, making Mei Qingfeng’s face extremely ugly. She clearly didn’t find any benefits, but they insisted that she had taken them all. Where could she go to explain this grievance?

“On the honor of heaven and earth, although I was the first to enter, I really didn’t find any opportunities. Someone else got ahead of us!”

Mei Qingfeng said in a deep voice, but she hated herself for not being able to see the identity of that young man. Even with the divination technique, it was all blurry, and there was no useful information. So she was destined to be the scapegoat for that damn bastard?

“Do you think we’re fools? Do you expect us to believe your words?”

An elder from Secret Demon Sect said gloomily, “One word, hand over the opportunities here, or we’ll have a fight!”

Mei Qingfeng angrily said, “Are you really going to attack? Don’t you want to do business with Calamity Fate Palace in the future? Don’t forget that only we can provide those special resources. If you dare to harm me today, this matter will never end!”

On the edge of the Weak Water Star River.

Qing Muling had just revealed his figure and plunged into the embrace of a fragrant beauty. Then a pair of jade arms wrapped around him tightly, and a nearly suffocating sense of pleasure surged over him.

“Junior Brother is back.”The seven women waiting here breathed a sigh of relief. For them, this expedition could be considered the smoothest in their cultivation careers, yet the gains were the greatest. When had they ever had such good fortune before?

Reluctantly, Qing Muling extricated himself from Luo Wanqing’s embrace and said, “Let’s hurry back. We’ve gained a lot this time. We need to distribute and use them as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected problems.”

Xuebing Xuan nodded, waved her hand to summon a flying boat, and everyone, along with Qing Muling, boarded it. The flying boat turned into a streak of light and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Half an hour later.

In the largest inn in the city, Xuebing Xuan booked the best private courtyard, then activated all the shielding formations and began to inventory all the gains from this operation.

The good things they had scavenged were too numerous. Qing Muling’s beast skin bag was already full, filled with storage bracelets, storage rings, and spatial artifacts like waist belts, jade pendants, and seals. Regardless of their size, they were all stuffed full. The spatial artifacts on the senior sisters were the same.

The most numerous were various spirit medicines, sacred medicines, and divine resources. In addition, there were many rare spirit ores, ancient book fragments, high-grade ingredients, blood, scales, precious bones, and fur from high-level beasts, all of which were valuable items.

This didn’t even include the resources that Qing Muling and his senior sisters had consumed along the way. It could be said that after the opening of the Weak Water Star River, the most valuable opportunities were basically taken by them.

Of course, there was a price to pay. Qing Muling used a secret method to check his own luck and found that he had consumed as much as thirty percent, most of which was consumed on the last trip to the sacred mountain.

Fortunately, after leaving the Weak Water Star River, the continuous erosion of his luck had stopped and began to slowly recover.

“There’s no time to lose. I plan to return once to inform the Supreme Sect Master of the details, then quickly decide on the distribution plan for these resources. Soon, we will have a batch of high-end strategic forces that can be used immediately!”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord said joyfully, and all the women agreed. Twelve mature Heavenly Medicine fruits could restore twelve elders, and the remaining divine medicine resources could also help a group of elders with relatively light injuries recover, alleviate some of the elders’ injuries, and prolong their lifespan.

With a sufficient number of elders, the overall strength of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace will take a leap. Although it can’t compare with its heyday, it can greatly improve the security situation around the sect and successfully recover some of the power range, bringing it one step closer to a full revival.

Half a day later, Yueyi Heavenly Lord returned with the distribution plan agreed upon by Mu Yinghua and the elders.

Then Xuebing Xuan went out and found the high-ranking survivors of the Heavenly Human Clan in the city lord’s mansion. She used some less important resources to successfully obtain the previously agreed 150 spots.

After waiting for seven days, the elders who had received the spots and arrived in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm from various places began to close up for cultivation after receiving the distributed resources.

From this moment on, the situation in the Great Void Star Space and the Cloud Dream Immortal Realm began to subtly change.

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