Chapter 85 – The matter is finished, I brush off my clothes and leave

Inside the stone hall.

The heavy doors slowly closed behind them. Qing Muling looked around. It was quite spacious inside, except for a peculiar tree standing in the middle of the hall, there was nothing else.

“This is our ultimate goal for this trip!”

Yu Lingzhou’s eyes sparkled as she stared at the not-so-tall peculiar tree. Although it was only three zhang tall, it emitted a strange and profound Dao rhyme, as if it were an unfathomable vast void, awe-inspiring. The tree crown, with a radius of about ten zhang, was shrouded in colorful clouds, radiating brilliant colors.

Among the crystal-clear branches and leaves, hung twelve fist-sized, golden and radiant fruits. Almost substantial law runes pervaded, exuding a solemn and immaculate aura.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord focused her senses and nodded, “That’s right, this is the legendary Heavenly Medicine: the Nine Easy Empty Mulberry Divine Tree. It is recorded in the ancient scrolls of the sect, possessing incredible miraculous effects. With just one fruit, it can defy fate, repair all injuries to the Great Dao, and reshape a perfect foundation. In ancient times, it was a forbidden treasure of an immortal holy land, but it disappeared during a great calamity. I didn’t expect to find one here.”

Qing Muling pondered, “Only twelve fruits, it seems not enough to share. Can we move this divine tree as well? If we can transplant it to the Heavenly Palace’s secret realm in the Main Altar…”

Yu Lingzhou widened her eyes and couldn’t believe what he said, “What nonsense are you talking about? We don’t have the right treasures to move it alive. Besides, we are in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, it is simply impossible to bring such a huge thing back to the Great Void Starry Sky!”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord agreed, “That’s right, we shouldn’t be too greedy. Obtaining twelve mature Heavenly Medicine fruits is already our fortune. If we want more, it may attract calamity.”

Qing Muling thought about it and realized it made sense. He didn’t say anything more. After all, the people from the Supreme Dao Lineage outside were still fighting to the death. Every step forward came at the cost of bloodshed. It was indeed fortunate for their group to arrive here so easily.

Xuebing Xuan was about to reach out, but she was stopped by Yueyi Heavenly Lord, “Let Junior Brother do it. Our luck is not enough. If we rashly approach it, who knows what might happen.”


Qing Muling agreed and released a trace of the aura from the Harmony Spirit Seed in his body. Step by step, he approached the Nine Easy Empty Mulberry Divine Tree. During this process, the oppressive feeling that seemed to exist but not exist in the surrounding space gradually faded away, without any impact on him.

He looked up and a green rainbow rose from his hand. When it touched the body of the divine tree, a trace of the essence of creation was delivered. Then, it gently exerted force on one of the fruits. The law runes around it suddenly brightened, emitting a deep and pleasant resonance. A magnificent and colorful mist surged, causing the senior sisters behind him to hold their breath.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened. The Heavenly Medicine fruit was successfully picked. Qing Muling faintly sensed the ignorant and blurry consciousness within the body of the divine tree, as well as the joy it transmitted. Obviously, it was the effect of the essence of creation, which gained its approval.

If only he could bring it back.

Qing Muling thought with regret once again. It was not only this divine tree, but there were also countless rare holy medicines and divine medicine resources in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. If they could all be transplanted into the Heavenly Palace’s secret realm in the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, it would play a crucial role in enhancing the sect’s strategic strength.

However, this matter couldn’t be rushed. Perhaps he had to wait for the Harmony Spirit Seed to further grow and awaken more innate talents and divine abilities before he could put such thoughts into action.

Qing Muling carefully examined the fruit in his hand for a moment, then threw it to Yu Lingzhou and turned to pick the second one. Time was pressing, and he couldn’t afford to think too much.

Yu Lingzhou caught the fruit without hesitation and immediately chewed and swallowed it. After all, this thing couldn’t be taken out of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. Eating it on the spot was the best choice. As for the process of refining and absorbing it, it could be done slowly after leaving the Weak Water Galaxy.

The fruit melted in her mouth, emitting a fragrant aroma. Faint law runes sprayed out from her body, and her whole body was bathed in a burning golden flame, as if she were immersed in a blazing golden light.

A majestic and vigorous spiritual energy surged into her body, pushing Yu Lingzhou’s breath to rise steadily. Years of chronic injuries were visibly recovering at a visible speed, and she was undergoing a transformation from the inside out, like a rebirth.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord looked at her and said, “When we return to the Great Void Starry Sky, not only will your injuries be completely healed, but you may also have a chance to make further breakthroughs. Perhaps you will be able to reach the level of a Quasi Holy Emperor. “

Yu Lingzhou humbly said, “That still depends on the breakthrough. But as long as you eat one, you also have a chance to break through that realm. Maybe your chances are even greater than mine, after all, you don’t have any old injuries.”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord was tempted for a moment, but after thinking about it, she shook her head and refused, “Let the sisters who need it more have it. There are so many senior elders who are injured and in a deep sleep. If one more recovers, it will greatly strengthen the sect’s strategic power. This is very important for us now.”

Yu Lingzhou nodded and said no more. With twelve more senior elders recovering to their peak state, the confidence of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace would undoubtedly be more sufficient. Many plans that had been shelved due to insufficient strength in the past could now be put into action.The importance of a monstrous genius seedling is undeniable, but it still needs ample time to grow. On the other hand, the Supreme Elders can immediately exert their high-end combat power. The value of the two is completely different.

At this moment, the outside of the stone hall has turned into a bloody battlefield, with corpses strewn everywhere.

Dark clouds covered the sky, raging flames swept across all directions, and the air was filled with deafening thunder. The magnetic storm swept everything away, with meteorites as big as fists, burning heavenly swords, and phantom heavenly knives raining down. There were also countless ancient beasts that had long been extinct, roaring and attacking crazily.

Thousands of cultivators were forming large and small battle formations to protect themselves, dealing with the endless onslaught from the outside while moving towards the stone hall with all their might. Among them, the team from the Calamity Fate Palace was the fastest.

Mei Qingfeng’s bronze array disk in her hand stimulated a thick light flame barrier, blocking all attacks. The surviving disciples poured their mana into it from a distance, supplementing the terrifying consumption of the array disk.

“Speed up, as long as we can rush into the stone hall, we will be safe!”

Mei Qingfeng, who was in a state of exhaustion, said. She had also consumed a lot on this journey. If it weren’t for the many valuable items she had, she would have been unable to continue.

Inside the hall, Qing Muling had picked all the fruits and put them into his Space Bracelet.

“He said he can send us away safely!”

After continuing to communicate with the Jiu Yi Kong Sang Divine Tree for a few moments, Qing Muling looked slightly pleased. If they were to return the same way, they would inevitably encounter the cultivators outside. It would not be easy to escape then, and it would leave a huge problem for the future.

The divine tree’s body vibrated slightly, and a massive amount of law runes surged out, quickly condensing into an oval-shaped light gate.

“Sisters, you go in first, I’ll cover the rear.”

Qing Muling said to his senior sisters.

Xuebing Xuan wanted to object, but she thought better of it. If Junior Brother left first, the teleportation gate might disappear in advance.

So, one by one, the senior sisters walked into the light gate and disappeared. The destination of the teleportation was located at the edge of the Weak Water Star River, where there would be no risk.

At the same time, the light on the surface of the Jiu Yi Kong Sang Divine Tree quickly dimmed, and its leaves began to wither, no longer showing the previous miraculous scene.

It would only recover after at least a million years of hibernation, until the day it bore fruit again.

When Qing Muling was the last to step into the teleportation gate, the hall door opened again with a low rumble.

“Finally here? Too bad it’s all too late!”

Qing Muling smiled, his figure disappearing into the light gate.

When Mei Qingfeng rushed into the hall, she only had time to see the back of a beautiful young stranger fading away, and then the teleportation gate turned into flowing light and dissipated in the air.

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