Chapter 78 – Prelude to self-destruction

The sudden attack did not surprise the senior sisters.

It is common to encounter such scenes along the way. There is never a shortage of arrogant cultivators who do not know the severity of their actions. Until the moment of death, no one truly regrets their actions.

A translucent, seven-story exquisite bone tower appeared. Golden runes danced on the tower, releasing layers of soft light screens that blocked the sharp sword energy attacking from all directions. Despite the fierce and swift attacks, the light screens remained resilient and unbroken.

At this moment, Qing Muling had already seen the appearance of the attackers. Leading them were nine individuals in the Feather Transformation Realm, both men and women, young and old. Behind them was a large group of cultivators with mixed auras and various attire, seemingly affiliated with their loose cultivation force.

This group of people gathered together, appearing to be numerous and intimidating. They could intimidate inexperienced cultivators without even making a move. However, once they encountered disciples from top-tier sects or the Supreme Dao Lineage, their true colors would be revealed.

“So it’s the riffraff from Lu Ming Island. They truly don’t know their place!”

The cold voice of Xuebing Xuan sounded, “Since you’ve come, leave your lives here before you go back!”

The duster in her hand suddenly lit up, bursting with silver-purple lightning. It resembled a small sun, shooting out thousands of fine needles that swept across everyone on the opposite side.

Qing Muling’s expression showed a hint of surprise. In terms of overall strength, Lu Ming Island’s Dao Lineage seemed to only rank among the ordinary first-class forces. However, the people who came out of it seemed to have a special fondness for causing trouble. Last time when they supported Linzhou, Qi Yalan and himself encountered their group. Because they didn’t know their place, Third Senior Sister Qi Yalan wiped them all out. Unexpectedly, they encountered another group now.

Screams resounded one after another. This group of cultivators with varying strengths gathered together, not much different from a mob. In just one exchange, more than ten people were knocked down by Senior Sister’s attack. Unfortunate individuals fell from the floating mountain peak, their bodies covered in blood, and disappeared into the water below.


The leading silver-haired old man scolded angrily, waving his hand to summon a cloud-shaped magical treasure. It turned into rolling crimson clouds that hung above everyone’s heads. Then, more than ten defensive treasures flew out one after another. With layers of reinforcement, they managed to slightly hinder Xuebing Xuan’s fierce attacks.

“Heh, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has declined generation after generation. With just a few people, you dare to come and fight for opportunities? Are you not afraid of death? You might as well go home and have babies!”

The old man wielded two bright silver battle knives and counterattacked while mocking incessantly. The surging knife energy struck with great momentum.

However, cultivation realm did not equate to actual combat power. After just a few rounds, he was suppressed and became miserable under Xuebing Xuan’s counterattacks. The wounds on his body increased rapidly.

“How annoying!”

Second Senior Sister Cheng Yulan’s hand emitted a white light, and a plain cloud-patterned flag rose slowly. Milky white clouds poured out like mercury, instantly covering everyone on the opposite side, leaving them no time to react.

Inside the clouds, there was a tumultuous movement, and faint cries for help could be heard. After a few breaths, there was silence.

The divine senses from the surrounding mountains, which had been paying attention to the commotion, retreated one after another, as if they had encountered a pack of lions. No one dared to provoke trouble.

When the clouds dissipated, dozens of intact treasures, space bracelets, and storage rings were collected by Cheng Yulan. After a careful inventory, the total resources gained could be considered a small unexpected fortune.

“It seems that the sect has had a difficult time in recent years. Even the lowly characters like these scoundrels from nowhere dare to come and target us!”

Yu Lingzhou’s voice sounded somewhat melancholic. She had been sleeping in a secret realm for many years and was not very aware of recent events. However, during the peak of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, forces like Lu Ming Island would avoid the disciples of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace and not dare to attack.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord glanced at her, “The situation has started to improve now. In the hundreds of years before the repair of the Taiyuan Infinite Soft Water Flag, the sect was truly in a difficult situation. We relied on a few of us and the Sect Master to support the overall situation. There were all kinds of frustrating and distressing things that couldn’t be finished in three days and nights!”

After the end of the great war, Yueyi Heavenly Lord was one of the few elders in the sect who had not been injured. It was precisely because of their presence that Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was able to barely hold on to its last stronghold and not completely decline.

Luo Huan calmly said, “No matter how difficult it was, it’s all in the past. With Junior Brother here, the situation of the sect will only get better.”

“That’s true.”

All the women had no objections. Perhaps when Qing Muling grew up, the strength of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace would have already recovered and become powerful enough to not need to consider the face of any force.

“Alright, quickly collect that divine medicine and find the next location!”

Qing Muling urged. His gaze fell on a jade-colored giant rock at the peak, on which grew a silver small tree that was nine feet tall. The leaves of the tree resembled pine needles, and its entire body emitted a silver radiance, with runes shining. Several fist-sized round fruits hung on the edge of the tree crown, exuding a faint brilliance and an immortal aura.

A rough estimate indicated that this should be a divine medicine that had grown for over 150,000 years. Placed in the Great Void Starry Sky, it was already a strategic resource in its own right. Such things were usually strictly controlled by major forces and rarely sold to the outside world.It’s no wonder that those guys on the Lu Ming Island are tempted by wealth. This thing is too precious for them, especially for those struggling casual cultivators who may have never tasted the taste of divine medicine in their entire lives.

Cheng Yulan waved the flag in her hand, and a large cloud of light spread out, enveloping the giant rock. In an instant, thunder and lightning flashed, and the sound of explosions filled the air. One after another, natural formations and restrictions were gradually broken.

When the last restriction collapsed, Qi Yalan waved her hand, and strands of sword energy fell like a gentle spring breeze, swirling around the small tree, leaving countless deep pits on the surface of the jade-colored giant rock.


Several dazzling golden lights, about seven or eight feet long, rushed out of the rock. Qing Muling could already see that they were fierce insects emitting a chilling aura. They were transparent and resembled silkworms. Their aura was not inferior to that of ordinary Feather Transformation Realm cultivators.

Qi Yalan was well prepared for this. With the entanglement and rotation of sword energy, she easily cut these insects into more than a dozen pieces. Then, she used an ice-sealing divine spell to freeze their bodies in Xuan ice, and finally threw them into the Space Bracelet, becoming part of the many spoils of war.

After getting rid of the formations and guarding insects, it became easy to collect the divine medicine. It was a bit regrettable that the jade giant rock was also a good resource, but because it was too large to be conveniently stored in the Space Bracelet, it had to be abandoned.

Next, it was still Qing Muling’s turn to calculate and determine the next suitable floating mountain peak to settle on. While avoiding great dangers in a timely manner, he could also find as many benefits as possible.

On the floating mountain peaks around them, countless figures of cultivators hurriedly came and went, including humans and other races. It was common for them to fight and compete for certain benefits. The radiance of various magical treasures and divine spells illuminated the starry sky, and all kinds of blood were freely splattered. The vicious curses and curses of cultivators before their deaths were endless.

However, most of the fights occurred between small groups or lone travelers. Those with a bit of intelligence would not provoke the top-level sects and the powerful Dao Lineages. The conflicts between these Supreme Dao Lineages were usually not easy to arise either. After all, they were all powerful, and fighting each other would easily lead to a loss-loss situation, which would ultimately benefit outsiders for no reason.

The Misty Illusion Secret Realm could only be opened for a maximum of three years each time, which was equivalent to one year in the Great Void Starry Sky. Time was precious and rare, so every minute could not be wasted casually. Instead of fighting for their lives, it was better to search for resources.

Unless they encountered some particularly precious and rare opportunities that even the Supreme Dao Lineages found it difficult to give up, the top-level teams would consider turning their faces and taking action.

At this time, Qing Muling’s role was fully demonstrated. With his talent and divine abilities, he could easily avoid most of the difficult challenges, including large groups of cultivators, floating mountain peaks that contained great dangers, or targets that had no valuable rewards. Even the irregular magnetic chaotic currents that appeared in the starry sky and the deadly Yin winds on the water surface below could be avoided.

Other cultivators might fight to the death and spend a lot of effort to break the restrictions on a floating mountain peak, kill all the strange beasts and insects inside, and finally search inside and outside the mountain peak, only to find that there was nothing good, which was equivalent to a waste of effort.

This situation was not uncommon. Without special means, cultivators would not be able to know in advance which floating mountain peak contained good things. Even if they could discover a great opportunity, because the guarding strange beasts and insects were too powerful, they would ultimately have to give up in embarrassment.

Qing Muling had personally witnessed a strange beast resembling a Brave Troops tearing apart one after another cultivator who besieged it on a floating mountain peak with a radius of ten li, tearing them apart and devouring them, exuding a terrifying aura that filled the starry sky.

In this Weak Water Galaxy, there were many opportunities, but whether they could gain something and ultimately return alive depended on their own luck and fortune.

“Fourth Senior Sister, there is a Purple Mansion Stone Heart Lotus on that mountain peak, but it is sealed in the rock layer. There is a group of tough Golden Ape Demons guarding it. You go and deal with them.” Qing Muling said.

Luo Wanqing excitedly agreed and flew towards the mountain peak with her Wolf Tooth War Hammer in hand. The Golden Ape Demons on that floating mountain peak were violent in nature and extremely powerful, and several groups of cultivators had already fallen into their hands. However, for Senior Sister who had awakened her ancestral bloodline, it could only be considered a good appetizer.

“Second Senior Sister, a group of colorless guys has come over. They seem to be disciples of the Seven Killing Sect. You should find a way to trap them. Just delay them for half an hour.” Qing Muling said again. At this moment, Xuebing Xuan, Qi Yalan, and Luo Huan were working together to deal with a group of tall Earthfire Bearmen. On the golden branches not far away, dozens of fairy-like Fire Dates swayed in the wind, exuding a strong Dao Rhyme aura.

Cheng Yulan agreed and waved the formation flag to intercept the group of cultivators who were trying to cause trouble. The strength of the Seven Killing Sect was similar to that of the Lu Ming Island. They had more people, but their top combat power was actually average and not worth fearing.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord and Yu Lingzhou didn’t take action. They stayed close to Qing Muling, as his cultivation level was the lowest but his status was the most important. Therefore, the two of them were specifically responsible for his safety.

After a while, accompanied by the screams of misery, the last Golden Ape Demon near the mountain peak had its head smashed by Luo Wanqing, and then she swept her Wolf Tooth War Hammer horizontally, smashing open the rock layer that they had guarded in their lifetime.In an instant, purple mist rose, and the sky was filled with radiant light. A magnificent cloud shaped like a lingzhi mushroom appeared in mid-air, revealing four deep purple lotus flowers the size of a washbasin. Luo Wanqing, overjoyed, quickly grabbed them and stored them in her Space Bracelet.

This divine medicine had a significant nourishing and strengthening effect on the Divine Soul of cultivators. It was an extremely scarce resource in The Great Void, and it was rare to see it at the top auctions of major businesses.

“Second Senior Sister, let me help you!”

Luo Wanqing rushed over with her war hammer. Cheng Yulan timely released the formation, allowing her to rush in and wreak havoc. Within a few breaths, this unfortunate team met their doom. Their bodies turned into light rain and dissipated in the air, leaving all their possessions to the Fourth Senior Sister.

Next, it was the turn of the Earth Fire Bears. The five senior sisters joined forces and soon killed them all. Then, the eldest senior sister carefully picked the fire dates, stored them in a box, and put them into the Space Bracelet.

“Be careful, someone powerful is coming!”

Qing Muling, who was about to speak, looked serious. The team that was coming was not to be underestimated. The leading cultivator was comparable to the dead ghost Yan Lingji from last time, and he had many followers.

The other party moved extremely fast. Before the eldest senior sister could turn around, this team had already approached the peripheral area of the floating mountain.

“So, it’s Miss Qi from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, long time no see!”

Lin Shengqing, the young master of the Bright Moon Sword Sect, immediately recognized Qi Yalan in this small team. He put on a smile and greeted her in a gentle and polite manner.

He was surrounded by nearly a hundred people, among which more than thirty beautiful and charming female sword guards were particularly eye-catching. These female cultivators served as bodyguards during the day and concubines at night. The young master’s reputation for being a playboy was well-known throughout The Great Void.

Qi Yalan glanced at him and asked bluntly, “What does Young Master Lin want to do? We have already obtained the opportunity here, you should go elsewhere.”


Lin Shengqing’s eyes flickered slightly, and he calmly said, “There are quite a lot of fire dates, and there are only eight of you. You can’t use them all. How about sharing some with me? I will remember this favor.”

“Moreover, Miss Qi, you have few people, and it may not be safe along the way. How about traveling with us? I will take good care of you.”

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