Chapter 79 – Wipe out

Another stupid person who came to deliver heads?

Qing Muling sighed in his heart. It seems that the relationship between the Bright Moon Sword Sect and his own sect is also very bad. They were also involved in the battle that led to the decline of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace back then. Since they have bumped into each other this time, there is no need for him to be polite to them.

Yu Lingzhou pinched Qing Muling’s hand, indicating for him to remain silent. Yueyi Heavenly Lord took a step forward and stood in front of him, to prevent him from being targeted when they start fighting.

Xuebing Xuan’s indifferent voice sounded, “We won’t give you what you want. If you want to fight, just say it. Even though we are fewer in number, we are not afraid of your Bright Moon Sword Sect!”

Second Senior Sister Cheng Yulan silently unfolded the formation flag, and a rolling white light emerged, protecting the eight of them tightly. They slowly retreated, as they had already searched this place for opportunities and didn’t need to stay any longer.

Lin Shengqing frowned, “Why reject us from a thousand miles away? I came here with sincerity. The Weak Water Star River is dangerous and unpredictable. You are alone and powerless. If you encounter forces with ill intentions, it will be difficult for you to escape. It’s better to follow me and have someone to take care of you on the way!”

At this moment, Lin Shengqing was filled with disbelief. These seven female cultivators from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace were not only stunningly beautiful, but also had extraordinary talents. Especially the sword cultivator Qi Yalan, she was not inferior to him at all. She was definitely a monstrous genius, surpassing all the concubines around him.

If he didn’t consider their backgrounds, this Qi Fairy would be his ideal partner and the future Sect Master’s wife of the Bright Moon Sword Sect. With her talent and luck, his future path of cultivation could possibly break through the original limit and go even further.

But in the current situation, it was already a great honor for her to be his concubine. In addition, there were six other stunning female cultivators who could also be included in his harem. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace lost this group of young elites, their situation would only become worse.

As for their resistance and opposition? Haha… aren’t all women like this? They are still being arrogant now, but once he shows enough strength, he is not afraid that they won’t submit! Lin Shengqing, who was already familiar with women, thought this way in his heart.

The female sword guards and attendants around him silently surrounded them. Since this was the will of their young master, they naturally had to follow it without hesitation. After all, the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had already declined and couldn’t possibly resist the Bright Moon Sword Sect. There was no need to worry about the consequences.

Xuebing Xuan sighed softly, “It seems that Young Master Lin really doesn’t care about our sect. Since that’s the case, let’s fight!”

Before her words fell, the eight of them disappeared in a burst of radiant light. When they reappeared, they were already hundreds of miles away. Then, another burst of light bloomed, and they continued to teleport through space.


Lin Shengqing’s face darkened. He didn’t expect that his delicious prey would dare to escape. This made him feel that his face and dignity had been offended. He coldly snorted, “Chase after them! I don’t believe they can escape today!”

The female sword guards beside him took out a pitch-black bone boat. The smooth boat was covered with intricate golden patterns. With the infusion of spiritual power, the boat swelled in the wind and quickly grew to a size of more than thirty zhang, easily accommodating Lin Shengqing and his group.

Cultivators from all around looked on, as teleporting or using treasures to travel at high speed in the dangerous Weak Water Star River carried considerable risks. They might encounter spatial turbulence and die at any moment. In the face of beauty, Lin Shengqing seemed to be somewhat reckless and disregarding of the risks.

At this time, the senior sisters who were already thousands of miles away revealed their figures. They looked at a distant place where a brightly glowing bone boat was rapidly chasing after them, their expressions becoming serious.

“We have too few people.”

Qi Yalan said with some frustration. There were only eight of them on their side, and Junior Brother’s cultivation was still low, so only seven of them could fight. On the other hand, the enemy had nearly a hundred people, all of them elites. The sealed Elder-level protectors with suppressed cultivation were also not lacking. So, it would be difficult for them to avoid losses if they really started fighting.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord calmly said, “If we fight desperately without considering the cost, we may not necessarily lose. However, it’s hard to say how many of us will survive in the end, and Junior Brother is definitely unable to hold on.”

Due to the fact that in the Weak Water Star River, they could only display the peak strength of the Ascending to Immortality realm, any excess power would be erased by an unknown mysterious force. Therefore, the two Elders couldn’t go all out, and the same applied to the other side.

Lin Shengqing was a monstrous genius, with the strongest strength in the Ascending to Immortality realm. However, in Qing Muling’s opinion, his four senior sisters were also geniuses at this level. Even Luo Huan’s destiny and life pattern had undergone a fundamental improvement. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to join forces and kill that Lin Shengqing. But it would be difficult to achieve zero casualties when facing the remaining enemies who would fight to the death.

“Junior Brother, do you have any other feasible ideas?”

Xuebing Xuan turned her head and asked, perhaps they could only rely on Qing Muling’s terrifying luck and innate abilities to try to pass this test.

Qing Muling looked around for a moment and pointed to a floating mountain peak hundreds of miles away, “Let’s go there. We can set up an ambush with the advantage of the terrain. It should give them a profound lesson!”

Yu Lingzhou looked in the direction he pointed. It was a mountain peak with a diameter of more than thirty li, emitting a bright purple-golden light. The mountain was shrouded in a hazy spiritual light, and large amounts of spiritual energy clouds and mist surged out from time to time. Unidentified spiritual beasts and birds occasionally appeared in the mountains.

“Alright, let’s do that.”Yu Lingzhou made a decisive decision, and her senior sisters had no objections. Their auras merged into one, flying towards the floating mountain peak.

As soon as they entered the range of the mountain peak’s spiritual light, the scene in front of them changed dramatically. It was as if they had broken into a brand new vast world. Their vision was filled with endless mountain ranges and vast primitive forests. The plains in the far distance looked like an incredibly beautiful carpet, with large groups of exotic beasts galloping across the fields, and countless spiritual birds and beasts covering the sky.

Needless to say, this was also the effect produced by the natural array restriction.

“Let’s hide in the forest first, then set up the array and wait for them to come! I believe they will have an unexpected surprise after they come in.”

Qing Muling sensed for a moment, then said to her second senior sister. The huge phantom of the Blue Lotus emerged from her body, covering everyone.

Cheng Yulan nodded, and the women immediately lowered their altitude and disappeared into the depths of the dense forest.

Dozens of breaths later, Lin Shengqing led his people to kill with great momentum, and was also shocked by the sudden change of the scene in front of him.

“Go down and search for me, they must be hiding in here!”

Lin Shengqing said in a deep voice, he was determined to get these beautiful female cultivators today! Even if this was in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, as long as he could seize their Yuan Yin, he could still gain great benefits, and at the same time further weaken the strength of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

At this moment, the cloud energy surging out from the forest below suddenly became much denser, and before Lin Shaozhu could react, it engulfed all of them.

In an instant, everything was white all around, and they couldn’t see anything clearly. Even their divine sense was inexplicably suppressed. Beyond ten meters, it was all hazy, and no kind of divine power or magic was useful.

“Everyone be careful, this cloud energy is strange!”

Lin Shengqing reacted with a jolt, and a hint of regret suddenly rose in his heart. What was wrong with him just now? He had impulsively chased after them in a lustful and heated state. He was not like this before.

From beginning to end, Lin Shaozhu never noticed the existence of Qing Muling, let alone that under the absolute advantage of the interference and suppression of his luck, his mind had been completely confused. By the time he realized something was wrong, it was already too late.

“Did they fall for it just like that? It seems a bit too easy.”

In the depths of the dense forest, Qi Yalan frowned as she watched Lin Shengqing and his group fall into a predicament in the distance, feeling somewhat unreal.

Qing Muling said lightly: “If we confront them head-on, we will definitely suffer. But they rushed into the deadly trap themselves, even if their magical powers and cultivation are outstanding, it’s hard to turn the tables.”

“What should we do now?”

“Of course, we should beat the drowning dog. Follow my guidance later, and you won’t be trapped by the restrictions here.”

Qing Muling said, she had the divine power to see through everything. The operation and changes of the surrounding natural array could not be hidden from her, so she could move freely.

The women followed her instructions without error.

At this time, Lin Shengqing and others were still wandering aimlessly in the depths of the cloud and mist, like headless flies. Some female sword guards couldn’t help but try to attack with various magical instruments, but all were like a mud cow entering the sea, without causing any reaction from the surrounding restrictions.

“Forget it, prepare to retreat!”

Lin Shengqing finally regained his decisive and brave nature, took out a large number of magical instruments from the Space Bracelet, and began to try to stimulate them one by one.

The only plan for now was to use his trump card to escape from the danger first, and then talk about other things after getting out. Otherwise, if he died here once, the loss would be too great, who knows when he could make up for it?

“Young Master…”

The female sword guards around him looked at him with resentful eyes, implying what about us? Not everyone has the means to save their lives at critical moments like him.

Lin Shengqing took a deep breath and said coldly: “This is something that can’t be helped. After this matter is over, I promise to provide you with enough resources to recover, you don’t need to worry…”

“You should worry about yourself first!”

A faint voice came from the depths of the cloud and mist, the huge phantom of the Blue Lotus flashed, countless light vine phantoms extended like a spider web, instantly entangling everyone.

Among them, Lin Shengqing received special attention, countless vines entwined him, tying him up like a zongzi. A huge amount of golden purple cloud energy poured out like a flood, and in the blink of an eye, more than half of his luck was drained.

Then the white bone tower suppressed it fiercely, and thousands of dazzling sword auras attacked, various divine powers and magic surged like a storm. Except for Yu Lingzhou, all the senior sisters had already made their full shots.

“Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, you wait for me…”

Lin Shengqing’s desperate curse suddenly stopped.

Bright moon Immortal Realm, Bright moon Sword Sect Main Altar.

By the Sword Listening Pool on the main peak, on the flat square, Lin Shengqing’s body, which was originally sitting still, suddenly trembled violently, blood flowed from his seven orifices and he fell to the ground, letting out a series of painful howls.

Before the surrounding elders and disciples could react, nearly a hundred people around him were collectively affected, blood flowed all over the ground, and the entire square was filled with painful wailing.

On the high platform in the distance, the sect master Lin Xuanyuan’s face turned pale.

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