Chapter 77 – Assassination

This is a world intertwined with colorful neon lights. Under the dark starry sky, there are often large and brilliant light rain and clouds that appear without warning, floating lightly in the void, evolving into stunning and breathtaking scenes.

However, once all the foreign cultivators see these things, their faces will change drastically, as if facing a great enemy, avoiding them without any desire to appreciate the beauty.

These light clouds are formed by the collision and agitation of different energies, containing a deadly threat within their beauty. The coverage area often extends for hundreds of thousands of miles. Even cultivators at the peak of the Ascending to Immortality realm dare not stay in them for too long, despite relying on powerful treasures.

Under the starry sky is a wide river that seems to have no end or beginning, with countless miles of water flowing calmly, reflecting the vast starry sky above.

On the surface of the river, there are some small mountains floating, with different styles and sizes. Some are rugged and majestic, some are exquisite and beautiful, some are lifeless, and some are covered in mist and radiant light… They float in the air along specific trajectories.

Lin Shengqing, the young master of the Bright Moon Sword Sect, is currently standing on a mountain peak with a radius of only a hundred feet, surrounded by more than twenty female sword guards.

At his feet, there are the corpses of more than a dozen ape-like exotic beasts. Although they have been killed, the corpses still emit a suffocating aura, indicating how difficult they were to deal with when they were alive.

“Young Master, we have already obtained the holy medicine. Shall we move to another place?” one of the female sword guards said.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Lin Shengqing sighed, feeling a bit distressed. Just now, in order to obtain the seven holy medicines growing on this small mountain peak, he and his men fought a fierce battle with these troublesome exotic beasts. Although they killed all of them, three of their own died in the process. Returning to the sect, their aptitude would inevitably be damaged. Even if they were treated at any cost, it would be difficult to fully recover.

In his field of vision, on the floating mountains of different distances, he could see the figures of many foreign cultivators. Some were fighting bloody battles with unknown exotic beasts, some were meditating and healing, and some were fighting each other for treasures. Various magical treasures and spells radiated dazzling lights.

From time to time, cultivators covered in blood could be seen falling from the floating mountains, as well as incomplete corpses. Whether they were living beings or inanimate objects, as long as they touched the seemingly calm water below, they would sink straight down and disappear without exception.

Occasionally, a gloomy wind would blow up from the water surface, blowing away the defensive spells of the cultivators in the air, leaving them exposed to the attacks of exotic beasts or other cultivators.

“…Fortunately, we have found quite a few resources after coming in. Otherwise, it would be a big loss!”

Lin Shengqing muttered to himself. At present, this was just the appetizer. With more and more disciples from the Supreme Dao Lineage entering here to compete for precious opportunities, large-scale conflicts were bound to happen.

Therefore, he had to make preparations in advance and transfer as many disciples from the Bright Moon Sword Sect as possible. Only with a strong enough force at hand could he ensure that his gains would not be taken away by outsiders.

“…So this place is the Weak Water Star River? There are really a lot of good things here!”

On a floating mountain peak about three hundred feet high, Qing Muling looked around at the dreamlike scenery, feeling quite curious for a moment.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord, who was beside him, stored the corpse of a large horned snake into her Space Bracelet and walked gracefully to his side, saying leisurely, “There are indeed many opportunities here. Some of the most valuable ones can fundamentally change a cultivator’s destiny, but they are not easy to obtain and the risks are terrifying.”

“Let me put it this way, every time the Weak Water Star River opens, if ten thousand cultivators enter, it would be considered quite good if one-tenth of them can survive and leave. The greater possibility is that only one or two hundred cultivators will survive. It is not uncommon for the entire army to be wiped out.”

Qing Muling pondered for a moment and said, “So, even if many good things are taken out, for foreign cultivators, they are still at a loss overall. Only a very small number of people will benefit, right?”

“Definitely. The vast majority of cultivators are cannon fodder and sacrifices. They give everything they have, but in the end, they can only pave the way for a very small number of lucky ones,” said Yu Lingzhou, the young elder, with a snort.

Qing Muling contemplated for a moment, shook his head slightly. This was the true embodiment of the law of the jungle, the power behind the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. From the beginning, it was a way of nurturing gu. If you didn’t want to be treated as a sacrificial lamb, you could only do your best and go all the way to the end to escape unscathed.

“Junior Brother, which target should we choose next?”

Soon, the senior sisters who had explored the entire mountain peak gathered around and asked.

Qing Muling looked around and within a hundred miles, there were more than twenty unclaimed floating mountain peaks. Occasionally, colorful lights would bloom in the dark starry sky, making them particularly eye-catching.

When the lights dissipated, a floating mountain peak would appear in the original location, drifting leisurely.

Every moment, countless floating mountain peaks would appear, and the same number would disappear inexplicably, without any fixed pattern to follow.

Therefore, cultivators usually did not dare to stay on the same floating mountain peak for too long. After searching for opportunities, they would quickly leave. Occasionally, if they couldn’t leave in time and disappeared along with those mountain peaks, no one would ever see them again.Not every floating peak hides opportunities. On the contrary, some may harbor ferocious and terrifying beasts or insects, or powerful natural formations and prohibitions that even those who have ascended to immortality can do nothing about, only to be defeated and buried in the sand.

Therefore, whether a cultivator can ensure their own safety here, gather enough benefits, and finally leave alive, mostly depends on luck and character.

“The Initial Evolution”

Qing Muling observed intently for a few moments, then pointed and said, “Is that it? There should be a divine herb on it.”

Xuebing Xuan looked closely. It was a white floating snow peak ten miles away, shrouded in spiritual mist, with a radius of more than three hundred feet. The surface was faintly shimmering, as if some danger was lurking, but the specific details were unclear.

“Alright, let’s go there!”

The women had no objections. Along the way, Junior Brother’s judgments had been mostly accurate. Every floating peak they chose to visit usually yielded something, but without encountering too difficult beasts or formation prohibitions.

Yu Lingzhou extended her jade arm, wrapped it around Qing Muling’s waist, and rose into the air. A heavy clear radiance burst out around her, firmly blocking the eerie cold wind blowing up from the water surface below.

In the blink of an eye, all eight of them landed on the floating peak.

Thousands of sharp sword lights suddenly appeared, covering everyone’s figures.

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