Chapter 69 – Abundant harvest

Outside the treasure light curtain, a hurricane swept through, and the sky was filled with swirling fire clouds. The terrifying high temperature distorted the surrounding light. The spiritual power in their bodies was rapidly consumed at a visible speed.

Yan Lingji’s face turned pale as he looked around, his heart bleeding in pain. The elite group that came with him was the core backbone that he had painstakingly cultivated for many years, and they were the capital for him to compete for the position of Sect Master in the future. Now, they had suffered heavy losses here.

Those two bastards from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had triggered the natural prohibition in this medicine garden with a single surprise attack. Caught off guard, dozens of fellow disciples were killed on the spot.

Although death in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm did not mean true demise, the damage caused to their physical bodies was real. Even with the protection of the Heavenly Sound Hall, it couldn’t be completely avoided.

After this blow, the injuries of these elite disciples would require a large amount of rare resources to fully recover. As for the loss of their luck and fate, it was probably irreparable.

The two disciples from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace were still hiding in the depths of the fire clouds, like the most ferocious predators, ready to launch a surprise attack at any moment.

“Two fellow daoists from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace,” Yan Lingji weighed his options and said, “There are many good things in this Medicine Mountain that are enough for us to share. There’s no need to fight to the death and let outsiders benefit. Let’s each take a step back and end this matter. From now on, we can coexist peacefully and not be enemies!”

In the distance, Qin Muling’s voice sounded indifferent and ruthless, “Do we need to say more about the relationship between the two sects? If you were in a more advantageous position, your methods would only be more ruthless and decisive than ours. So don’t hold any illusions, just die honestly!”

Yan Lingji’s tone was cold, “Does that mean there’s no room for negotiation at all?”

Although he himself had means to protect himself and could easily retreat, the people around him did not have the same treatment. For the sake of winning people’s hearts, he couldn’t just abandon them.

It was hateful that the other party had somehow influenced the natural formation prohibition in this Medicine Mountain, suppressing his people everywhere. Otherwise, Yan Lingji wouldn’t be so easy to talk to.

Qi Yalan’s voice came, “We don’t insist on being aggressive. How about this, you give us three fruits from the divine tree behind you, and we’ll consider this matter settled. What do you think?”

Yan Lingji subconsciously looked back at the towering giant tree. It was bathed in brilliant light, surrounded by immortal mist, and exuded a deep and majestic aura. It was unknown how long it had grown alone in this secret realm. Especially the more than ten fruits hanging from the tree, each one contained unimaginable vitality and Dao Rhyme, and was a priceless divine medicine that couldn’t be measured by its concrete value.

They had gone through great efforts and paid a high price to come here. Now they were going to let outsiders take the benefits?

“Senior Brother, we can’t agree to her!”

One of his core followers beside him gritted his teeth. There were only a few fruits in total, and they had more than thirty people. It was already not enough to share, and now they had to give three to outsiders. How could they bear it?

“Senior Brother, that woman may not keep her promise.”

“Yeah, why not drag it out with her? There are only two of them. Do we need to be afraid of them?”

“Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is just a declining sect. They were not our opponents thousands of years ago, and now we’re afraid they can turn the tide…”

The junior disciples around them spoke in a clamor.

Yan Lingji sighed and waved his hand, “There are many opportunities. After missing this one, there will be others. As the eldest senior brother of the sect, I must be responsible for your safety. Let’s settle this matter like this!”

But deep down, he gritted his teeth. After this matter was over, he would definitely seek revenge fiercely when he returned to the outside world. How could he let Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace off the hook? How could he let go of the hundreds or even thousands of their disciples?

In the depths of the fire clouds.

“…Junior Brother, will they take the bait?”

“Don’t worry, even if they don’t believe it, they have no choice. After all, there’s no better option.”

Qin Muling said, and at this moment, a bright blue lotus shadow appeared around him, enveloping himself and Qi Yalan.

Under its influence, the rolling fire clouds and hurricane, as well as the Lingzhi-shaped flames containing terrifying heat, all unconsciously avoided the range covered by the blue lotus.

And with Qin Muling’s talent and divine abilities, he could clearly see all the details of the formations and prohibitions within a thirty-mile radius, avoiding all traps and killing intent in time.

But Yan Lingji and the others from armillary sphere Star Palace did not have such conditions. They could only rely on their treasures and their own spiritual power to resist the siege of the natural prohibitions. If they continued to endure, they would definitely not be able to hold on.

In the distance.

Yan Lingji silently activated his spiritual power, and the surrounding spiritual energy quickly surged and condensed into a hundred-zhang-long rainbow, cautiously reaching towards the crimson fruit on the top of the divine tree.

He couldn’t afford to be careless. This divine medicine that had grown for countless thousands of years must be covered in dangerous prohibitions. If he wasn’t careful, he would be counterattacked. Its true form might even have given birth to spiritual wisdom, and it wouldn’t be so easy to pick.

Sure enough, just as the rainbow touched the surface of a fruit, Yan Lingji felt his vision go black, and various illusions appeared. His divine consciousness had been pulled into a desperate situation by some mysterious power.In the eyes of the people around this senior brother, he was standing still, but suddenly erupted after a few breaths, unleashing various powerful spells and curses in a frenzy, causing multiple injuries and screams in an instant.

“Senior brother? Senior brother…”

The surrounding senior disciples called out in fear and confusion, not understanding why Yan Lingji suddenly changed. The remaining people quickly dodged and used their artifacts to protect themselves.

As a result, the pressure around them increased, and endless fire clouds and hurricanes attacked from all directions, creating a dangerous situation.

“Now, they can’t escape!”

Qi Yalan looked at the ground beneath Junior Brother’s feet. Countless tree-like shadows extended deep into the ground from his feet, controlling all the creatures within a radius of thousands of feet. Therefore, the divine tree behind Yan Lingji had already established a connection with Qing Muling and had been communicating with him for a while.

So, when Yan Lingji tried to pick the fruit, he immediately fell into a trap. His divine consciousness was dragged into an illusion world and sealed.

“It’s done. Even if he has any hidden means of survival, he won’t be able to escape death!”

Qing Muling said. He wanted to keep all these people, so he set up this trap. Yan Lingji, as the senior brother of the armillary sphere Star Palace, was an outstanding genius of the sect, and he must have many valuable things on him. Ordinary means would not be able to deal with him.

Sure enough, after struggling for dozens of breaths, Yan Lingji fell to the ground covered in blood and dissipated into light rain in the air.

Then, the surrounding senior disciples fell one after another, leaving behind only their artifacts and clothes.

Qing Muling carefully sensed the situation around him and confirmed that there were no survivors before going to collect the spoils with Qi Yalan.

“It’s no wonder they are the elite disciples specially trained by the high-level members of the armillary sphere Star Palace. They are really wealthy.”

Qi Yalan sighed. After a careful inspection, she found it hard to believe the large number and high quality of the spoils left behind, excluding the damaged artifacts.

There were hundreds of treasures that could be used in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, eleven artifacts that could be taken out of the secret realm, more than forty intact space bracelets and rings. With the prohibition broken by Qi Yalan, the collection of various spiritual medicines, rare materials, and resources was enough to fill a large hall.

“Indeed, robbing the dead is the best way to get rich.”

Qing Muling laughed. Many of the things here were immediately useful to him. A few rare divine medicines were indispensable for Qi Yalan’s current state, as they could greatly shorten the process of her divine soul transformation and achieving a complete immortal body.

“It’s all thanks to your skills, Junior Brother, that we were able to succeed so smoothly.”

Qi Yalan hugged him tightly and took a few bites, saying with a smile. If it weren’t for Qing Muling, even if all the senior sisters were present, they might not have been able to keep Yan Lingji, the senior brother of the armillary sphere Star Palace. He was not so easy to deal with.

Now, not only did she replace all her artifacts, greatly increasing her combat power, but she also had extra artifacts to give to her senior sisters, greatly increasing their safety in the secret realm.

“Alright, let’s go pick the fruits.”

Qing Muling said. There were still many good things in this Medicine Mountain, and they had to take advantage of this opportunity to collect them and not waste them.

Qi Yalan looked at the divine tree in front of her with some uncertainty. The terrifying prohibition pressure made her feel uneasy. She decided to let Junior Brother take action.

Qing Muling silently activated his spiritual power and transformed it into a green rainbow, rising to the treetop dozens of zhang high, picking all the fruits. Then, the Harmony Spirit Seed in his sea of consciousness responded with a hint of natural spiritual power.

In an instant, the divine tree trembled slightly, emitting a brilliant light, and countless auspicious clouds and purple qi rose. Faint celestial rhymes echoed in the realm of divine consciousness, as if rejoicing.

“It’s a pity that we can’t take it out.”

Qing Muling felt a little regretful. This divine tree would bear more fruits in the future. The best way was to directly transplant it into the sect’s secret realm, but it was currently impossible.

“It’s okay. The Misty Illusion Secret Realm will open irregularly in the future. When there are new fruits, we can come and pick them.” Qi Yalan smiled.

“Yes, that makes sense.”

Qing Muling didn’t say anything more. He examined the fruits he had just obtained. Each one was a crimson crystal agate, round and translucent, with a radiant and alluring surface, exuding indescribable vitality.

“These are the Holy Spring Source Spirit Fruits. They are mentioned in the sect’s classics. They are supreme divine medicines that can prolong life. Eating one can increase one’s lifespan by a thousand years, and they are effective for the senior elders.”

Qi Yalan took a look and said with joy.

“We don’t seem to need them now, and we can’t take them out of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. What do you think we should do with them?”

“It’s simple. You can sell them to those who need them. There are many high-level elders in the sect whose lives are about to end. They won’t refuse to spend a large sum of money to buy them from you.”

“Good idea, let’s do that.”

Main Altar of the armillary sphere Star Palace.

On the third floor of the Heavenly Sound Hall, amidst the shocked and incredulous gazes of many senior disciples, the previously motionless senior brother Yan Lingji suddenly let out a roar of anger, collapsed to the ground with blood flowing from his seven orifices, and writhed in pain.Then there were the thirty or so people next to him, each of them covered in blood. It was clear that they had all been killed by the restrictions in the secret realm.

Sect Master Yan Qinyang’s vision darkened, and he almost fainted on the spot.

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