Chapter 70 – Plunder of luck

In the main hall.

The high-level elders of the armillary sphere Star Palace sat silently, their faces gloomy and silent, the atmosphere icy and murderous, so quiet that a falling needle could be heard.

“Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace? What a Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace!”

On the high platform, the Supreme Sect Master, Yan Qinyang, paced back and forth with a dark face. “Their disciples actually dared to set up an ambush and kill my first disciple, and even harmed so many elites of our sect. They completely disregard the armillary sphere Star Palace, it seems that the lesson we gave them ten thousand years ago was not enough, to the point where they have forgotten the dignity of our sect!”

“Hmph! If it weren’t for those Supreme Dao Lineages blocking us, we would have been able to destroy this sect ten thousand years ago. How could we let them continue to exist?”

The elders below remained silent. While the armillary sphere Star Palace’s high-level officials had ambitions to expand and prosper the Dao Lineage, the surrounding Supreme Dao Lineages were not fools. They would not just sit back and watch you grow. They would definitely intervene if they didn’t interfere, that would be abnormal.

Therefore, in recent millennia, although the influence of the armillary sphere Star Palace has been growing, they have also faced more and more restrictions, both overt and covert. Many things they wanted to do were not going smoothly.

They were well aware of this, and the Supreme Sect Master was also well aware of it.

After a moment of silence, Yan Qinyang asked coldly, “How is Yan Lingji’s injuries? How long will it take for him to recover?”

A steward elder hurriedly walked over and reported after bowing, “The physical injuries are not serious and will recover soon. The injuries to the Divine Soul are a bit troublesome. If treated without regard to cost, it is estimated that it will take about a month to fully recover. However…”

Yan Qinyang’s eyes turned cold, “However, what?”

The steward elder hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and said, “After a comprehensive examination by the elders, it was found that Yan Lingji’s fortune and blessings have been severely damaged, and it is now less than thirty percent of what it was before entering the secret realm. As a result, his destiny has fallen by a major level, and his fortune is still slowly declining, with no sign of recovery.”

The high-level elders around them all changed their colors. Fortune and blessings being damaged was a much more troublesome problem than any injury. With Yan Lingji’s current situation, it was as if this monstrous genius seed had been disabled by more than half, and his expected future achievements would also fall by one or two major levels, making it difficult for him to even become a top-notch genius seed.

When a cultivator dies in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm and returns, their fortune will suffer a certain degree of loss, but it usually does not exceed twenty percent. With the protection of the precious treasure, the Heavenly Sound Hall, the loss can be reduced to about ten percent. This has been proven countless times in the past.

So the changes in Yan Lingji’s body puzzled the high-level elders. Could it be that he did something that angered the laws of heaven and earth in the secret realm, causing them to hate and reject him?

In an instant, Yan Qinyang’s eyes became extremely terrifying, like an evil dragon choosing its prey. “Repeat what you just said!”

The steward’s face turned pale, trembling as he repeated the conclusion reached by the elders, and added, “The reason for the damage to Yan Lingji’s fortune and blessings is still unclear. However, among the group of disciples who returned together, no such problem was found after examination. Their fortune loss was within a reasonable range and did not exceed the records observed in the past.”

Yan Qinyang’s face became extremely ugly. “Why did this happen?”

“The elders have not yet figured out the reason and are still discussing and analyzing.”

Seeing that there was no new information to be asked, Yan Qinyang suppressed his anger and waved his hand, letting the steward elder leave.

“What do you think is the best way to handle this matter?”

The Supreme Sect Master looked around at the people in the hall, asking expressionlessly.

The elders below looked at each other. It was not easy to answer this question. If they followed the usual practice, Yan Lingji’s situation would already be considered for giving up.

But Yan Lingji was the Supreme Sect Master’s top disciple and the outstanding figure among the new generation disciples of the sect. He was also a popular candidate to compete for the position of the next Supreme Sect Master. In a sense, he was a banner of the sect. Dealing with this matter was not so simple.

Within the sect, there were already many powerful factions that had chosen to support Yan Lingji. Even some of the elders had invested a lot in him. If he were to fail, it would mean that all the investments made by these factions would be in vain. How could those big shots accept that?

Furthermore, the sudden disability of one of the four monstrous genius seeds of the armillary sphere Star Palace would inevitably affect the future power structure. The shock caused by various aspects was difficult to explain for a while.

Elder Xie Changqing, who was in charge of the Heavenly Heart Hall, which handled laws and punishments, spoke up, “Supreme Sect Master, Yan Lingji is the pillar of our sect’s new generation and must not be lost. We must spare no effort to save him. As for the matter of his fortune being damaged, it can be easily resolved by sending a special envoy with generous gifts to visit the Calamity Fate Palace. As long as we can persuade them to help, it should not be difficult to resolve this matter satisfactorily.”

Others may not be aware, but this confidant of the Supreme Sect Master understood that Yan Lingji was not only the top disciple of the Supreme Sect Master, but also his own flesh and blood. When Yan Lingji’s mother was not yet married, she had a relationship with Yan Qinyang, who was still a Dao heir at the time, which resulted in this child.

If it were someone else, Yan Qinyang might have agreed with the opinions of the elders. But when the person being abandoned was his own son, it was a different matter.Yan Qinyang’s face softened, “Let it be then. Let Yan Lingji retreat and recuperate first. Use whatever resources you need without considering the cost.”


In the Secret Realm of Medicine Mountain.

Qing Muling and his Senior Sister had gradually penetrated into the core area of Medicine Mountain. With the help of his innate divine power, they could timely avoid various forbidden and dangerous areas, making their journey mostly smooth and safe.

To prevent any cultivators from secretly tracking them using some secret methods, Qing Muling had deliberately taken many detours and constantly used his innate divine power to probe the rear. Whether it was the human race or the alien race, none could follow them without alerting him.

Rain of light was falling, auspicious clouds were pervading, and the ground was covered with various strange flowers and herbs that they couldn’t name. In mid-air, large golden light balls were floating aimlessly, leaving faint bright trails. Inside the light balls, one could vaguely see the divine birds sleeping.

At the end of their sight on a plain, Qing Muling saw an incredible scene. Thousands of Lingzhi mushrooms had transformed into little people. They were riding small horses, wearing helmets and armor, neatly lined up on the plain. Under the command of a few generals at the front, they were practicing the art of military formation changes, just like the armies in the secular dynasties.

Since that place was far beyond the range of his innate divine power, Qing Muling couldn’t determine whether what he saw was an illusion or a real scene.

The pressure in the surrounding space was getting stronger and stronger. If it were an ordinary Feather Transformation Realm cultivator, they would probably exhaust all their mana in a short time. Even with powerful magic treasures, it would be hard to ensure absolute safety. Of course, for Qing Muling, resisting this kind of pressure with the Blue Lotus phantom he transformed was not difficult.

“Junior Brother, your luck seems to have increased again. What happened?” Qi Yalan, who was beside him, asked. Although she was not good at the way of destiny and luck, she could still perform simple aura-reading techniques. Moreover, given her close relationship with Qing Muling, it was not difficult for her to notice this change.

Qing Muling said, “I’m not quite sure. It seems to have started changing after we killed that group of cultivators earlier. Could it be their contribution?”

Qi Yalan pondered, “Killing for luck? Does the law of heaven and earth here also support such behavior? That would make sense.”

“I hope more of such guys will come in the future.”

Qing Muling smiled and didn’t say much. If his guess was correct, this luck should have been contributed by that unlucky guy, Yan Lingji. He seemed to have been killed by the dangerous area transformed by the divine tree, but in fact, it was the Harmony Spirit Seed that had secretly played tricks and tricked him severely without him knowing.

It was just that Qing Muling’s cultivation was too low, and the Harmony Spirit Seed had not yet grown. If his cultivation were a few realms higher, Yan Lingji would have been completely annihilated after being tricked, and even his skin and bones would have been swallowed clean by the Harmony Spirit Seed.

Of course, even so, the benefits Qing Muling could get now were quite astonishing. Yan Lingji was indeed a lucky guy with great fortune and favored by destiny. If it weren’t for this accident, he would have a great chance to become the next Sect Master of the armillary sphere Star Palace and eventually grow into one of the top figures in the Great Void Starry Sky.

If one were to calculate, among the four direct disciples of Sect Master Mu Yinghua, except for Xuebing Xuan who could barely compete with Yan Lingji in terms of luck, the other three were no match for him.

However, the appearance of Qing Muling had elevated the luck and destiny of his Senior Sisters to a new level, equivalent to the so-called monstrous genius level, and they still had further potential in the future.

The two of them continued on their way, collecting all kinds of spiritual herbs and grasses they encountered, whether they could use them or not.

Later, it was Qi Yalan who stopped Junior Brother’s ruthless behavior. After all, the capacity of the Space Bracelets and Space Rings they carried was limited. They couldn’t possibly move the entire Medicine Mountain back, so they could only pick and collect the most precious types.

Even so, after a day and a night, all the Space Bracelets and Space Rings on them were nearly full.

It was all because Qing Muling’s innate divine power was too terrifying. Without being affected by the formation restrictions and without other cultivators interfering, his harvesting efficiency was simply too high.

“Let’s find a place to retreat for a while, eat all the holy and divine herbs suitable for us, and sell the rest when we go back,” Qi Yalan suggested.

Qing Muling agreed, “Okay, let’s rest after we collect this.”

High in the sky, among a magnificent purple cloud covering a thousand acres, dozens of dreamy purple-gold divine herbs were growing. They looked like sleeping lotuses, each of them ten feet in size. The golden leaves were glowing, and the rich fragments of Dao Rhyme were scattered around.

“I’ll do it.”

Qing Muling said. In his perception, most of the purple-gold sleeping lotuses on the cloud were illusions. The real divine herbs were only two, and the rest would trigger continuous vicious attacks from the restrictions as soon as they were touched, leaving one either dead or severely injured.

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