Chapter 68 – Retribution

Last time Qi Yalan came here, although she didn’t really go deep into it, she basically figured out the formation and restrictions around Medicine Mountain. It wouldn’t be difficult to find the entrance again.

However, the information about this place has already spread, so the number of cultivators who rushed over to join the fun far exceeded expectations. Qi Yalan now only hopes that these guys haven’t broken into the core area of Medicine Mountain, otherwise she and Junior Brother would have been busy for nothing.

Sword radiance filled the sky, dazzling and containing a chilling killing intent. Just ten steps away, everything became blurry. Flames and clouds surged, and countless thunderbolts fell like raindrops, accompanied by the desperate screams of cultivators and various threats and curses.

The power of high-level sword cultivation was already terrifying, and with Qing Muling’s guidance, Qi Yalan’s attacks were precise and ruthless, mostly fatal with just one move. It was rare to find someone who could confront her head-on.

After Qi Yalan killed three waves of intercepting cultivators, the scene was filled with corpses, a gruesome sight. The guys who hadn’t made a move retreated one after another, no longer daring to block her.

In just a few breaths, all the bodies turned into light rain and dissipated in the air, leaving only a pile of artifacts and clothes on the ground.

After the death of cultivators in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, they would all end up like this, unable to take anything with them, only their damaged divine souls returning to their bodies. As for the special artifacts that could be taken out of the secret realm, there was a considerable chance of losing them.

When the surroundings quieted down, Qing Muling swept his gaze around. The environment had completely changed from when they first entered. Hazy mist filled the field of vision. Hundreds of steps away, a winding and rugged path with a milky white glow extended from the ground to the sky.

At the end of the path was a small glowing portal, with colorful radiance flowing. Inside the door, faintly visible were endless mountains, and the space was unusually vast, like a separate world.

Qing Muling withdrew his gaze and waved his hand to collect the artifacts and space bracelets of the dead cultivators, examining them one by one. However, with his current perspective, most of the things could only be considered ordinary goods, and he didn’t feel any regret in discarding them. Less than one-fifth of them caught his eye.

But there were many resources in those space bracelets, which added up to a decent harvest and could be kept.

“Alright, let’s go in first.”

After collecting the spoils of war, Qing Muling said. He had already sensed that there were no restrictions or traps around the path and portal, but he couldn’t be sure what was inside. They could only deal with it when the time came.

Qi Yalan agreed and took Junior Brother’s hand, stepping onto the path, her clothes fluttering as they disappeared into the distance.

After a long time passed and their figures had disappeared into the portal, the surviving cultivators dared to poke their heads out from their hiding places. They gathered in front of the path, still trembling with fear, and started discussing:

“…That female demon finally left!”

“…I seem to remember, that should be Fairy Qi Yalan from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, right? Has her cultivation reached such a terrifying level after a few years?”

“Senior Brother Tao is also a peak Feather Transformation Realm expert. He couldn’t even withstand a few moves from her. Her strength should be no less than the young master of Bright Moon Sword Sect, right?”

“How is that possible? Young Master Lin is a monstrous genius seed in The Great Void Starry Sky, the future helm of Bright Moon Sword Sect. Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has long been in decline. How could there be a genius of this level?”

“It’s hard to say. A skinny elephant is bigger than a camel. No matter what level of genius she is, we ordinary disciples of the sects definitely can’t compare.”

“Well, but she was also accompanied by a young man just now. Could he also be from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace? His cultivation seems weak, and I haven’t heard of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace accepting male disciples.”

“Your information is a bit outdated. I remember that Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace released news not long ago that they planned to recruit male disciples. But that’s not our concern. Let’s hurry up and go in! This portal only opens for fifteen minutes, and if we miss it, we’ll have to wait another three days and nights!”

“Alright, ah…”

Suddenly, screams rang out. These surviving cultivators didn’t even have time to react before they were all killed by the sudden appearance of terrifying shadows.

“Hurry up and go in, kill all those annoying outsiders. The opportunities inside belong to us, and no one else should think about it!”

A dark shadow spoke with a sinister tone. Although it had a humanoid appearance, its aura was filled with ferocious and brutal beast-like qualities, revealing its identity as a powerful demon.

The ten or so companions around it agreed and turned into streaks of light, rushing towards the portal.

Just as the two of them walked out of the portal, two dark thunderbolts attacked from the left and right, filled with a chilling killing intent.

They were two huge flying swords shining with cold light, covered in runes and radiating a brilliant aura. Obviously, they were two decent special artifacts.

However, Qi Yalan had already reacted. With a slight thought, a golden defense barrier formed, blocking the sneak attack of the flying swords. Ripples spread on the surface of the barrier, and circles of black flowing light diffused on the surface.

The two cultivators who launched the sneak attack froze. They were specially instructed by the senior brother to guard the gate, and they themselves had cultivation at the peak of the Feather Transformation Realm. With high-level artifacts in their hands and the element of surprise, they couldn’t even deal with a female cultivator?

“Why is your strength so weak? Haven’t you eaten?”

Qi Yalan mocked, and several cold and clear sword auras appeared around her. In an instant, they hit the two guys, shattering their protective barriers without any surprises.

Feeling the imminent danger, the two guys let out angry roars. Two circles of faint black light suddenly expanded, narrowly blocking the fatal blow.

“So it’s someone from the armillary sphere Star Palace?”

Qing Muling smiled, and without any visible movement, dozens of emerald vines emerged from the ground in an instant, wrapping around the lower bodies of the two guys. The sharp bone spurs on the vines pierced through their bodies, firmly embedding themselves in their flesh.

Compared to the cultivation levels of the two guys, this sneak attack by the vines couldn’t be considered a substantial threat. A slight counterattack would be enough to deal with it. However, at this moment, the two guys were being held down and beaten by Qi Yalan, leaving them unable to free themselves.

The sword aura attacked like a fierce storm, instantly shattering their defensive measures. Faced with the imminent life-or-death crisis, the two guys roared in anger:

“Wait, Fairy Qi, we have something to say. It’s all a misunderstanding!”

But what they said was one thing, and their counterattack continued without stopping. Countless sword lights and illusions of flying swords appeared in their hands, crashing down like furious waves in the deep sea, attempting to block Qi Yalan’s attacks.

However, it was all in vain. The two guys were horrified to find that Qi Yalan’s cultivation was truly formidable, even more terrifying than the combined strength of the two brothers. Perhaps only the eldest senior brother personally taking action could contend against her?

But it was too late for regrets now. After barely withstanding for a few breaths of time, as their last few protective treasures shattered, a heart-wrenching scream rang out. The two cultivators were completely torn apart by the sharp sword aura, their blood splattering on the spot.

Soon, the shattered bodies turned into flowing light and dissipated in the air.

Qing Muling waved his hand, retrieving the space bracelet and two flying swords left behind.

“It seems that a big fish has entered the armillary sphere Star Palace.”

Qing Muling said with certainty. It was not an ordinary scene to have two peak Feather Transformation Realm experts responsible for blocking the entrance. It was possible that a monstrous genius had arrived.

Qi Yalan’s eyes turned cold. “That’s for sure. Let’s hurry and find them. Once we encounter them inside, we absolutely cannot let them leave alive!”

The grudge between the two Dao Lineages had existed for a long time. It could be said that they were the culprits behind the decline of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. The precious treasure, the Heavenly Sound Hall, was still occupied by the armillary sphere Star Palace. Naturally, there was no need for any courtesy between them. The disciples of the two sects would not meet outside, otherwise it would definitely end in a fight to the death.

Looking around, as Qing Muling expected, the interior of this entrance was a separate world, and its scope was even larger than imagined.

“Let me handle it!”

Qing Muling silently used the Heavenly Calculation Secret Technique to divine the situation. Following a sudden inspiration, he flew towards the north.

Qi Yalan had no doubts about this. With Qing Muling’s terrifying luck, the chosen direction and route would not pose any great danger.

Main Altar of the armillary sphere Star Palace.

Inside the three-layered bronze hall, nearly two hundred cultivators sat quietly. However, there were as many as three thousand elder disciples guarding and waiting around, each one holding their breath and not daring to make a sound.

After a piercing scream, two young cultivators who had been sitting still suddenly jumped up, their faces covered in blood as they struggled and convulsed uncontrollably.

Sensing their condition, the bronze hall trembled slightly, and two magnificent light pillars, about a foot thick, descended from the dome, enveloping their bodies. Instantly, the excruciating pain that was worse than death noticeably eased.

A group of disciples rushed over and supported the two of them, quickly administering various healing pills as if they were giving them away for free, further stabilizing their injuries.

When the two had fully recovered their breath, Sect Master Yan Qinyang had already arrived after hearing the news.

“What happened?”

He asked in a deep voice, “Aren’t you from the Yanlingji team? Why did you encounter an accident? What’s the situation inside now? Is Yanlingji in danger?”

Yan Qinyang indeed had reason to worry. Yanlingji was one of the four monstrous geniuses among the new generation disciples of the sect, with the best aptitude and the most promising future. His safety could not afford any mistakes.

The two guys who had just returned from death belonged to Yanlingji’s trusted team and were also elite individuals who received special attention from the sect. Their cultivation and destiny were both outstanding, and it was impossible for anyone to harm them easily.

“They… they are people from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace,”

One of the guys reported in a low voice, “Junior Brother and I went with Senior Brother to the depths of the Eastern Ocean to search for traces of the Heavenly Medicine on the Bladed Leaf Island. Senior Brother ordered the two of us to stay behind and guard the entrance, and then…”

He recounted the events, and Yan Qinyang breathed a sigh of relief. “So it’s that Qi Yalan? But it’s fine. With just her alone, Yanlingji has nothing to fear.”

Due to his low cultivation level, Qing Muling was not taken seriously by the Supreme Sect Master. Yanlingji had several followers and protectors by his side, and it was impossible for them to be unable to deal with just one Qi Yalan.

An elder beside him spoke, “The information about that Medicine Mountain has already been recorded in the sect. There are powerful natural restrictions inside, and any cultivator can only display the cultivation level of the peak Feather Transformation Realm at most. Any power beyond this level will be directly suppressed by the restrictions. So, I think we shouldn’t be careless about this matter.”

Yan Qinyang was about to speak when several screams rang out again. Three cultivators who had been sitting still suddenly jumped up, convulsing and struggling uncontrollably.

“How did three more die?”

The elders were filled with suspicion, and the waiting disciples quickly rushed over to rescue them. After a lot of hustle and bustle, they finally stabilized their injuries.

Yan Qinyang asked with a stern face, “What’s the situation this time? Weren’t you with Yin Xuemei’s team? What trouble has she run into now?”

A cultivator reported cautiously, “It’s the people from the Nine Spirit Proto Gate. They’ve gathered a large group of disciples from their vassal forces and are fighting us for the ownership of a high-level spiritual beast. Sister Yin Xuemei is still fighting them, and they’ve already lost hundreds of people…”

After hearing the details, Yan Qinyang’s eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he remained silent for a long time.

If it was Yan Lingji’s team, he wouldn’t worry too much. But Yin Xuemei’s situation was a bit tricky. If this one of the four monstrous geniuses of the same sect were to fall unexpectedly, even with the protection of the Heavenly Sound Hall, her foundation and destiny would suffer a certain degree of damage. This was a loss that the sect could absolutely not afford.

But even knowing the reason, there was nothing he could do now, or rather, it was too late.

The world inside the Misty Illusion Secret Realm was too vast and boundless. It would take more than a day or two for the support forces to rendezvous with them. By then, it would be too late.

“Should… there be no problem, right?”

In the end, Yan Qinyang could only comfort himself in this way.

However, as if the heavens were deliberately against him, not long after, heart-wrenching screams echoed from the second floor of the hall below. Roughly estimated, at least dozens of people had met with disaster.

A panicked elder ran up and reported after bowing, “Sect Master, it’s bad. Another forty-one core elite disciples have been robbed. They were all from Yan Lingji’s team. What should we do now?”

The expression on Yan Qinyang’s face froze.

Inside the Cave Heaven World.

Layers of fire clouds filled the vision, and amidst the raging storm, countless groups of golden flames the size of human heads and shaped like lingzhi mushrooms appeared out of thin air, dancing in the sky with full spirituality.

Once they sensed the breath of living beings, they would pounce like bone-eating ulcers, vowing not to stop until their target was burned to ashes.

Hundreds of steps away, a tree about several tens of feet high, with its body flowing with rosy light and rising treasure qi, was faintly visible. Among its dense and lush branches and leaves, more than ten fist-sized, blood-red fruits were shining brightly, as dazzling as brilliant stars.

“…Hold on! We must hold on!”

Yan Lingji, the eldest brother of the armillary sphere Star Palace, gritted his teeth and scolded. There were less than thirty disciples and elders around him. A giant umbrella with clear light was suspended above his head, blooming with layers of light and shadow, desperately resisting the surrounding flames.

A Dao protector shouted angrily, “You despicable people from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, dare to set up an ambush and rob us of the divine medicine. Aren’t you afraid that the Sect Master will declare war on you again?”

A few moments later, Qing Muling’s sneering voice came from afar, “Let the war begin, it’s no big deal. You’ve taken too many benefits that you shouldn’t have. It’s time for you to get some retribution!”

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