Chapter 67 – Innate talent and ability

Above the sky, a star with a silver glow streaked across the ice-blue sky.

Qi Yalan and Qing Muling stood side by side on the flying sword, and the sword emitted a thin and flexible light curtain, firmly blocking the fierce gusts of wind.

At this moment, Qing Muling held onto his senior sister’s smooth and tight waist. Although his hand was a bit restless and always liked to explore and seek adventure, he assured himself that it was just a habit and had nothing to do with him. He told himself this with certainty and felt at ease.

In the depths of his sea of consciousness, as his cultivation broke through the Nascent Soul Realm, the Harmony Spirit Seed underwent another change. The second phantom of the Blue Lotus leaf had completely manifested and stabilized, emitting a clear and bright light.

More chaotic spiritual lights separated from the phantom of the Blue Lotus, swirling around the mysterious seed, leaving behind faint traces of light. Each point of chaotic spiritual light contained a hint of profound Dao rhyme, silently merging into Qing Muling’s divine soul and continuously enhancing his foundation and talent.

With the appearance of the second phantom of the Blue Lotus leaf, Qing Muling awakened a new innate talent and ability. Within a radius of thirty miles centered around him, all hidden techniques, formations, curses, and traps were unable to escape his perception. Whether they were living beings or magical artifacts, they couldn’t avoid his insight.

Qing Muling pondered for a moment and understood that this ability was extraordinarily terrifying. Especially when traveling outside and exploring ancient ruins, immortal caves, and dangerous places, this ability allowed him to avoid all dangerous restrictions in advance and ensure his own safety to the greatest extent.

“Sister Lan, where are we going now?”

“We’re going to the depths of the Eastern Ocean. Last time I came here, I discovered a mysterious medicine mountain on a large island. There might be mature divine medicines inside, and not just one.”

Qi Yalan said, “At that time, I had just overcome a major tribulation of the heart demon, and my cultivation was not strong enough. After barely breaking through the first formation, my mana was exhausted and I couldn’t go any deeper. I could only regretfully give up. With your help, Junior Brother, we shouldn’t return empty-handed this time.”

“Divine medicines? That’s definitely worth a look!”

Qing Muling was also somewhat tempted. Only those that had grown for over a hundred thousand years could be considered divine medicines. With his senior sister’s current cultivation level, the significance of spiritual medicines was already minimal. At least they needed resources at the level of holy medicines to have an effect on her. If it was a divine medicine, it would be even better.

“By the way, are there any Heavenly Medicine resources in this Misty Illusion Secret Realm?” Qing Muling suddenly asked.

“There should be… I guess?”

Qi Yalan’s tone was somewhat uncertain. “I’ve heard some rumors about this before. It is said that a cultivator from a certain Dao Lineage was lucky enough to find Heavenly Medicine, and the rumors were quite convincing. Unfortunately, no one has ever seen the actual thing. But even if it’s true, it must be hidden and kept secret, without any leaks.”

Qing Muling nodded in agreement. A genuine Heavenly Medicine would need to grow undisturbed for millions of years to mature. In the current Great Void Starry Sky, it was already a legendary existence. The official statement was that all Heavenly Medicines had become extinct, and even the oldest and most powerful Dao Lineages couldn’t find their traces. The actual situation was unknown.

However, before entering the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, Qing Muling had discussed this issue with his master, Mu Yinghua, and learned that there should still be Heavenly Medicines in the Great Void Starry Sky. However, those who possessed them were all renowned superpowers. Not to mention outsiders, even most of the influential elders didn’t necessarily have the qualifications to see them.

When the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was established, there were Heavenly Medicines growing in the secret realm, and there was more than one. Unfortunately, they withered later due to various reasons.

With the vastness of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, there were treasures everywhere, various opportunities emerged endlessly, and many mysterious unexplored areas had not been stepped into by cultivators. Theoretically, it was entirely possible for Heavenly Medicines to exist.

As for whether they could be found, and if found, whether they could be successfully harvested, that was another matter.

“Can we go to those wild areas to take a look?” Qing Muling asked.

“It’s impossible,”

Qi Yalan instinctively rejected it, but then slowed down her tone. “It’s not impossible, but the risks are too great. The more opportunities there are, the more powerful demons and monsters there will be. There are also the dangerous areas formed by the natural evolution of heaven and earth. Even Sect Master would find it difficult to come back unscathed. We can’t take risks easily now.”

Qing Muling smiled and said, “That’s not necessarily true. Many times, obtaining opportunities doesn’t necessarily rely on brute force.”

Qi Yalan pondered for a moment and said thoughtfully, “What you said is not wrong. However, I can’t take you to take risks alone. Let’s wait until Senior Sister and the others arrive.”

After thinking for a moment, Qing Muling informed his third senior sister about his newly acquired innate talent. She listened with shining eyes and excitement.

“So, Junior Brother, you still have such means? That’s great! After picking the Heavenly Medicines, let’s go to the Weak Water Star River. There are many good things there, but unfortunately, the formations and restrictions are too treacherous. Countless cultivators have been killed there, and few people dare to try it anymore.”

Qing Muling nodded. If he wanted to gain as many benefits as possible, he could only go to places where others dared not go. After all, the rewards of pioneering were the greatest.

Several hours later, the spiritual aura of the water in the space gradually became dense, and a faint smell of the sea filled the air. The coastline below had turned into a black shadow at the end of their vision. As far as their eyes could see, there was only dark blue seawater, rolling waves endlessly.

Qing Muling felt a surge of energy as the abundant water spiritual aura gathered and was absorbed and refined by the phantom of the Blue Lotus in his sea of consciousness. It feedbacked with traces of water Dao rhyme, merging into his divine soul.

From time to time, they could see huge sea birds and flying beasts passing by in the distance. In the depths of the sea, there were faintly visible giant sea creatures, exuding a dangerous aura.

Qi Yalan’s expression became solemn. She took out a bone talisman and activated it, concealing their presence. There were countless powerful beings in the deep sea, and many formidable characters that even she didn’t want to provoke.They flew at high speed. Even with Qi Yalan’s current cultivation level, it took them a full day and night before a large island, shaped like a willow leaf and stretching tens of thousands of miles from east to west, finally appeared on the horizon.

“We’re here, let’s go down.”

Qi Yalan said with a hint of excitement. She had discovered this place last time, but due to her insufficient strength, she could only look at the rare spiritual herbs and divine medicines in the Medicine Mountain with envy. Now, with the supreme luck of Junior Brother, she hoped they wouldn’t return empty-handed.

As they approached the landing, Qing Muling sensed something and his voice became serious, “It seems that other forces have already arrived, and there are quite a few of them. Hmm, there seems to be a big demon lurking in the dark?”

Qi Yalan’s expression turned cold, “If that’s the case, we’ll have to clear the field first!”

In such situations, reasoning was always useless. They could only show their true strength.

Qing Muling’s divine sense quietly extended out, instantly determining the number of cultivators lurking here, a total of four hundred and seventy-nine. Most of them were humans, their cultivation levels ranging from the True Person Realm to the Destiny Realm. There were also six cultivators in the Feather Transformation Realm, belonging to different forces. They could consider defeating them one by one later.

As for the big demons hiding in the distance, their numbers were not many, but their cultivation levels were very high, with a few even surpassing his third senior sister.

Of course, Qing Muling was not too worried. The natural prohibitions and formations in the Medicine Mountain were complex and dangerous. If they really started fighting, it was entirely feasible to counterattack using the terrain.

As they got closer to the ground, Qing Muling sensed a faint glow covering the entire island, filled with pure energy, indicating that they were now within the warning range of the formation’s prohibition.

Without any warning, dozens of sword lights rose from the ground and flew towards them, followed by various shining magical instruments. In mid-air, various thunder spells and divine powers began to brew rapidly.

“They attack without saying a word? I thought they would at least bluster a bit!”

Qi Yalan gave a cold smile, and a sharp sword light emerged from her body, suddenly splitting into hundreds of frosty sword auras, covering the area like a sudden storm. At the same time, a bright golden light spread out, protecting her and Qing Muling.

A moment later, screams rang out one after another. Those cultivators who had attacked them were all cleanly killed by Qi Yalan.

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