Chapter 50 – Plucking wool

Qing Muling looked around and quietly asked his third senior sister with his divine sense, “Are all the martial arts scriptures collected by the sect here?”

Qi Yalan shook her head, “Of course not. The sect’s martial arts scripture ‘Azure Sky Primordial Scripture’ and a few other special scriptures are hidden in the elders’ secret realms. Only those who have made significant contributions to the sect or have cultivation surpassing the True Person Realm have the opportunity to enter and observe.”

“Of course, with your identity as a junior brother, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to enter and see.”

Qing Muling nodded silently, walked over and randomly picked a bookshelf, took out a jade scroll, and started reading. Qi Yalan thought for a moment and also casually picked up a jade book to pass the time.

In ancient sects like Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, the internal rules and regulations of the sect are already very complete. From menial disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, to core disciples, there are corresponding martial arts scriptures to choose from. Each level has its own specifications and cannot be exceeded.

For disciples below the inner disciple level, the selection of martial arts is not very high, and there are strict limitations in terms of quantity. Once chosen, it cannot be changed at will. This is partly due to their status, but more importantly, it prevents disciples from being too greedy and trying to learn multiple martial arts at the same time, resulting in mediocre results in everything.

Disciples below the Understanding Mystery Realm have limited lifespan and scarce resources. They also have to take care of many chores, so they don’t have much time for cultivation. If they are also distracted, they are destined to achieve nothing.

At this stage, the wisest choice for disciples is to choose one or two moderately difficult and powerful martial arts to quickly improve their combat abilities. This way, they can ensure their own safety to the greatest extent when traveling outside.

Only when reaching the core disciple level, the restrictions of the sect in this regard will be lifted. After all, disciples above the Condensing Elixir Realm already have certain capital and conditions to try more choices.

Qing Muling focused on watching for a moment, and the virtual image of the green lotus leaf in his sea of consciousness flickered. The Harmony Spirit Seed in his body trembled slightly, and a faint divine light permeated, quickly brushing over the jade scroll in his hand.

After a breath, fine characters appeared on the surface of the green lotus leaf, and the content of the entire jade scroll, along with the Dao Rhyme aura on it, was accurately recorded.

Then, a faint starlight derived from the green lotus leaf, silently merged into his divine soul, quietly enhancing his divine soul’s origin. Over time, his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao will also improve.

Qing Muling calmly lowered his head, put the jade scroll back in place, and picked up another one to read silently, without Qi Yalan noticing anything unusual.

Immersing his mind in the jade scroll in his hand, the green lotus leaf’s divine light reappeared, easily engraving the content of the entire jade scroll. As a price, his spiritual power was consumed a little.

Qing Muling secretly evaluated himself. His total spiritual power far surpassed that of ordinary Condensing Elixir cultivators. Before exhausting all of it, he should be able to copy the content and secrets of hundreds of martial arts scriptures. There are still many spare pills in the Space Bracelet that can be used to replenish the consumption.

In other words, today he can empty the entire scripture hall and take away all the collections. As for how much benefit he can ultimately gain, it is difficult to say for a while.

With the Azure Sky Primordial Scripture as the fundamental martial art, Qing Muling has officially entered the sect. With it, he can perfectly integrate with all other spells and techniques, whether it’s sword cultivation, magic cultivation, body cultivation, alchemy, formations, Heavenly Secret Art, talisman crafting, and other fields. He can easily grasp them and reach a high level of proficiency.

Now, combined with the mysterious power of the Harmony Spirit Seed, Qing Muling feels that he won’t need much time to learn all the martial arts scriptures of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace and integrate them.

Next, Qing Muling followed the same process and flipped through all the martial arts scriptures on the bookshelves. Whenever his spiritual power dropped by half, he quietly took a pill and continued to reap benefits.

Although thousands of scriptures seemed like a lot, with the efficiency of the green lotus leaf, when a day and night passed, all the collections of the scripture hall were perfectly copied into this extraordinary treasure. After absorbing and refining them, all the valuable essence, secrets, and Dao Rhyme insights were fed back to Qing Muling, silently deepening his comprehension and understanding of the path of cultivation, laying an unprecedented solid foundation for rapid progress in the future.

This kind of heaven-defying encounter is unheard of for other elite core disciples in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. The advantages in the early stages of cultivation may not be very obvious, but as time goes on, Qing Muling’s actual performance will become more and more astonishing. In the end, the gap between him and other geniuses will be incomparable.

After all, the higher the realm of cultivators, besides the accumulation of spiritual power and the control and application of spells and techniques, the comprehension and understanding of the laws of heaven and earth and all things in the world will become increasingly important. This is the key to whether one can further break through the shackles of mortals, ascend to immortality, and reach an unparalleled level.At this moment, on a throne in the central area, Mu Yinghua was expressing her opinion: “…Although we are forced by the situation, and some things are inevitable, I still earnestly ask the elders to think thrice. Qing Muling’s cultivation is still low, he needs enough time to grow. If he is given certain responsibilities too early, it may not be a good thing for him.”

“At least wait until he steps into the True Person Realm in the future, preferably after he has overcome the major tribulation of inner demons, then consider this matter, wouldn’t that be more prudent?”

There was a moment of silence in the hall, and after a while, a profound and distant voice sounded: “This makes sense. No matter how extraordinary the child is, he is still just a seedling. If he is overdrawn and consumed too much now, it won’t be easy to recover, or even, there may be no possibility of recovery at all? Why the rush?”

Another voice spoke: “It’s not that we are impatient, but we are forced by the external situation. Those hostile forces are becoming more and more restless, we don’t have much time left. Relying solely on the Taiyuan Wuji Soft Water Flag is not enough to ensure the safety of the sect’s interests. Only by retrieving the Li Huang Star Cloud Tower as soon as possible can we ensure that we have enough strength.”


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