Chapter 49 – Scripture Repository

Main Altar of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

Located deep in the Cloud Dream Immortal Domain, this place is the most abundant in spiritual energy. The vast continent, spanning billions of miles, appears like a bright golden star hanging in the dark void. Surrounding it are thousands of planets and small land masses.

Millions of years ago, the Cloud Dream Immortal Domain was ruled by one master, the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. The entire domain, as well as the surrounding territories, fell under the influence of this super sect. The high-ranking members of the sect held absolute authority.

The division of the Great Void is simple. Each star cluster usually contains tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of void land masses and numerous planets. These land masses vary in size and distance. Without powerful treasures, it would take ordinary cultivators hundreds of years to travel from one star cluster to another.

Above the star clusters are the star regions, each covering hundreds to thousands of star clusters. Above the star regions are the immortal domains, each usually containing hundreds of star regions.

Only cultivators who understand the law of life and death, break the shackles of mortals, and ultimately ascend to immortality have the ability to traverse the void with their physical bodies and travel between immortal domains. Alternatively, they can achieve this with high-grade treasures.

However, sects with resources would construct long-distance star teleportation formations in their territories. With sufficient spiritual energy resources, they could instantly cross unimaginably vast spaces. Of course, the cost is extravagant and not meant for ordinary cultivators.

Since the upheaval millions of years ago and the continuous decline of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, the internal situation of the Cloud Dream Immortal Domain has become fragmented, with numerous small and medium forces. The territory they can effectively control is less than one-tenth of its peak.

As the flying shuttle swiftly entered the airspace above the vast land, Qing Muling was still shocked by the scene before him.

Magnificent mountain peaks, towering over ten thousand miles, were scattered across the vast land. There were thousands of them, and in the sky, there were numerous floating islands and peaks flying along specific trajectories. Surrounded by auspicious clouds and purple mist, Qing Muling judged that this should be part of a large-scale formation, connecting the endless spiritual veins deep within the earth. Once fully activated, it would unleash an unpredictable and earth-shattering power.

Looking around, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth was so dense that it was visible to the naked eye. Mountains, rivers, plains, lakes, islands in the ocean, and countless rainbows and colorful clouds in the sky formed a magnificent and spectacular picture. Even in some inconspicuous corners, there were various unnamed spiritual herbs and plants growing. Giant trees thousands or tens of thousands of feet tall could be seen everywhere. Countless spiritual birds and exotic beasts thrived in the primordial forests and deep mountains, many of which possessed the bloodlines of ancient and extinct species.

Even the ordinary sand and soil blocks, under the long-term nourishment of endless spiritual energy, began to emit a faint treasure light, indicating that they possessed some extraordinary characteristics.

“…These are actually nothing,” Mu Yinghua sighed softly beside him. “The Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace of millions of years ago was the true ancient super sect. Not to mention anything else, just this continent itself was destroyed by more than half during the catastrophe back then. Its current area is only one-fourth of what it used to be.”

Qing Muling fell silent for a moment and asked, “Can it be restored?”

Mu Yinghua shook her head. “Not to say it’s impossible, but it’s very difficult, extremely difficult. Unless you can…”

What can he do? She didn’t continue, but Qing Muling understood the meaning of his master. The conditions must be extremely harsh, far beyond the limits of ordinary people’s understanding. It was too early for him to discuss this now.

After a while, Mu Yinghua led Qing Muling and Qi Yalan to descend slowly. The important meeting of the elders was taking place in the secret realm, and as the Sect Master, Mu Yinghua naturally couldn’t be absent. Therefore, the third senior sister took on the role of guide, as it was Qing Muling’s first time coming to the Main Altar of the sect.

The two of them rode on flying swords and soared into the sky. The sect’s scripture repository was located on Tianyun Peak, not too far from here, and they would arrive in no time.

Occasionally, they could see young female cultivators in light veils flying by on their flying swords or using various types of magical treasures. The beauty and temperament of some of these female cultivators were on par with the three senior sisters.

Suddenly, Qing Muling felt a tug on his wrist and turned his head to see Qi Yalan’s reproachful gaze, as if saying, “What’s so good about these seductive women?”

He smiled awkwardly and withdrew his gaze. In terms of beauty and the younger generation of disciples, Qi Yalan was undoubtedly the best. It was a bit of a waste to look at these ordinary women outside.

After a while, the main gate of the scripture repository appeared in their sight.

This place was actually a separate secluded space, located within a hollowed-out mountain. The surrounding formation restrictions were extremely complex, second only to the Main Altar. After all, it contained the most important inheritance of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. It had existed since the founding of the sect and had a history of millions of years.

“Oh, it’s Senior Sister Qi. It’s been a long time since you’ve come back!”At the heavily guarded main entrance, several core disciples on duty saw Qi Yalan’s figure. A smile appeared on their beautiful faces as they greeted her. As the personal disciple of the Supreme Sect Master and a powerful figure in the Destiny Realm, her status within the sect was naturally high.

However, when they saw Qing Muling next to her, their expressions changed instantly, “Sister Qi, what are you doing? Why did you bring a man in? This is a serious violation of the sect rules, you…”

“Don’t misunderstand, this is Qing Muling, the new closed-door disciple of the Supreme Sect Master,”

Qi Yalan said seriously, taking out a green jade token for them to check, “I am here on the Sect Master’s orders to bring Junior Brother to observe the sect’s cultivation methods and scriptures. This is the token.”

“So it is. I heard a few days ago that the Supreme Sect Master broke the tradition and accepted a male disciple. It seems that it’s true.”

The leading core disciple breathed a sigh of relief, curiously staring at Qing Muling for a while before starting the verification process.

After confirming the authenticity of the Sect Master’s token, Qi Yalan and Qing Muling were recorded by the Image Stone, capturing their appearances and voices for archiving, before they were allowed to enter the Scripture Repository.

Inside the cave-like space.

Qing Muling looked around. Rows of deep purple warm jade bookshelves were spotless and neatly arranged, each with various small spells and prohibitions for dust prevention, preservation, and fire protection.

On the shelves, the most numerous were various jade slips, followed by paper books. Jade slips of various sizes, emitting a faint spiritual light, were stacked in order. In addition, there were bundles of ancient animal skin scrolls, jade tablets resembling city wall bricks, large pieces of pitch-black beast bones, crystals with hidden treasures, and sharp metal obelisks with fierce auras, etc.

The surfaces of these objects were all covered with dense characters, from ancient hieroglyphs of insects, fish, and birds, to the common script in the Great Void today, all without exception carrying powerful prohibitions.

The number of cultivation scriptures was not particularly large, estimated to be several thousand, but they were all the most fundamental and profound essence. The foundation accumulated over millions of years since the birth of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was naturally extraordinary.

These precious scriptures were displayed in different categories, from formation methods, alchemy, body refining secrets, sword cultivation essentials, refining symbols, spirit beast cultivation, witchcraft secrets, Heavenly Secret Art, etc. Many of them were unique copies inherited from ancient times, with insights and experiences of certain laws of the Dao written on them.

Among the rows of bookshelves, one could see groups of female disciples engrossed in reading the scriptures. Most of them had higher cultivation levels than the current Qing Muling.

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