Chapter 51 – Admiration

After a day and a night, Qing Muling left the Scripture Pavilion.

As the only male disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, Muling did not stay outside and was directly escorted by Qi Yalan to the exclusive cave of Sect Master Mu Yinghua. Then, he never left the house and wholeheartedly became a homebody.

The news spread, and many people who secretly paid attention to Qing Muling couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Some people directly sent their own juniors to invite him, while others started to use their connections to find out what scriptures he had read in the Scripture Pavilion and in which areas he had shown exceptional talent, and what kind of path he planned to choose in the future.

However, all of this was in vain. Qing Muling once again avoided all the hidden currents outside in the name of closed-door cultivation.

In the secret hall.

“…I always feel that it’s not a solution for you, Junior Brother, to hide here all the time.”

Qi Yalan looked at Qing Muling, who was sitting on the cloud bed, and said, “Since they have set their sights on you, they will never give up until they get what they want. Besides, not everyone has ill intentions towards you. Many senior sisters and elders just want to get to know you and build a closer relationship.”

Qing Muling smiled, “I understand, but isn’t it too early for that now? Even if I want to build connections, I have to wait until I have the cultivation level close to yours. Contacting them now doesn’t benefit me.”

Qing Muling was well aware that in this world of various sects and races, he was now a delicious piece of meat. There were many wolves and tigers around him, and if he was not careful, he could be devoured by them and left with nothing.

Therefore, until his cultivation became strong enough, besides the Sect Master and Third Senior Sister Qi Yalan, Qing Muling ignored everyone else, no matter who they were or what background they had.

With the identity of being the Supreme Sect Master’s personal disciple, and considering that Qing Muling was just a newly recruited disciple, no matter how dissatisfied those big shots were, they couldn’t openly trouble him. At most, they would send a junior to cause some trouble. But with Qi Yalan around, their efforts would be in vain.

Qi Yalan thought for a moment, “That makes sense. Then I’ll follow your lead. Hmm, I feel that I’m not far from the Feather Transformation Realm. Whether I can break through in the near future depends on you, Junior Brother!”

Qing Muling nodded, “That’s easy. You can cultivate with me. This time, it will probably take a while, at least three months.”

He needed time to digest the abundant gains from the Scripture Pavilion. Moreover, due to his low cultivation level, his ability to digest and absorb was limited. He couldn’t rush it and could only take it slowly.

“That’s great.”

Qi Yalan smiled. The enlightenment only appeared when Qing Muling was in closed-door cultivation, so she also had to adjust her cultivation plan to stay in sync with him as much as possible in order to maximize the benefits.

It seemed that she had to find a way to break through to the next realm as soon as possible…

Qi Yalan thought to herself. Although the Heavenly Fate Realm was indeed powerful, there were currently only a few disciples in the entire sect who had reached this level of cultivation. But it was still not enough.

Whenever she thought of the seductive gazes those vixens outside cast on Qing Muling, Qi Yalan felt a tingling sensation on her scalp. If it weren’t for the prestige of the Sect Master suppressing them, they would have rushed up and used all their means to seduce Qing Muling. How could she alone withstand so many wolves and tigers?

Unless she broke through to the next realm again, stepping into the Feather Transformation Realm, and achieved longevity and eternal life, she could ensure her advantageous position against them.

For the human race, there were a total of nine major realms from the Qi Refining Realm to the Heavenly Fate Realm, all of which belonged to the category of cultivators. As the cultivation level increased step by step, the cultivator’s strength would become stronger and their lifespan would become longer. However, it would not exceed ten thousand years at most. This was the limit set by the laws of this realm. When their lifespan ended, they would return to dust and soil, and no elixir of immortality would work.

Only by comprehending the law of life and death, understanding the essence of longevity, and making initial contact with the essence of the Great Dao, could one truly break free from the fate of mortals and evolve towards a higher level of life form. This was the Feather Transformation Realm.

While she was thinking, Qing Muling had already entered the state of cultivation, and the familiar enlightenment gradually reappeared. Qi Yalan quickly focused her mind, silently operated her cultivation technique, and entered a state of deep enlightenment, merging with heaven and man.

Three months quietly passed.

When Mu Yinghua opened the restriction and entered the secret hall, what she saw was the two of them enveloped in pure and flawless, profound and mysterious enlightenment.

“…These little girls are truly fortunate!”Mu Yinghua delicately examined the effects of the enlightenment aura, unable to suppress a sigh of admiration. If the benefits of Qing Muling’s abilities were to spread, even the high-ranking elders would be unable to resist fighting over him.

If… once Qing Muling’s cultivation level increases in the future, such as when he steps into the Feather Transformation Realm, the power of this enlightenment aura would inevitably rise with the tide. It would even be beneficial to her, the Supreme Sect Master, wouldn’t it?

At this thought, Mu Yinghua felt somewhat troubled. When that time comes, wouldn’t she have to lower her status and take advantage of her direct disciple? It felt somewhat embarrassing.

A moment later, as the enlightenment aura gradually faded, Qing Muling, who had finished his moment of insight, opened his eyes and saw the familiar authoritative figure standing not far away, silently watching him.

“Master, you’re here.”

Qing Muling quickly got off the cloud bed to greet her, and Qi Yalan, who was beside him, also woke up and bowed respectfully.

Mu Yinghua nodded with dignity, “You two have done well. Your speed of cultivation progress has made me very satisfied. Come with me, the Supreme Elders want to see you.”

“Uh, okay…”

Qing Muling nodded blankly. The moment had finally arrived. As for the specific reason, Mu Yinghua had already explained it to him last time, so was it time to start taking action?

With a wave of her large sleeve, Mu Yinghua took the two of them and soared into the sky.

When Qing Muling’s vision returned to normal, he found himself in a huge medicinal garden. The spiritual light was like rain, the colors were vibrant, and the brilliant glow was dazzling. The rich fragrance of plants and trees rushed to his nose.

Wherever his eyes landed, there were all kinds of rare and precious spiritual herbs and grasses, all of which had been growing for at least three thousand years. A small portion of particularly precious species were close to ten thousand years old, at the level of sacred medicine.

Mu Yinghua said solemnly, “The Supreme Elders want to see your talent and abilities, so give it your all. Don’t hold anything back. This will determine their arrangements for your future duties.”


Qing Muling instantly understood. He straightened his clothes and sat down in the center of the medicinal garden.

After this retreat, he had reached the third level of the Condensing Elixir Realm. The quality and total amount of spiritual power in his body had significantly increased. As his innate ability was slowly activated, a rolling green current gently spread out, quickly covering the medicinal garden that spanned thousands of hectares. A large canopy of dazzling starlight fell from the sky, silently permeating the interior of these spiritual herbs and grasses.

In the secret realm, the Supreme Elders sat quietly. A huge projection of magical power hung in mid-air, clearly showing the scene in the medicinal garden.

As the clear aura spread, countless brilliant lights emerged, the fragrance of plants and trees became even richer, and countless tiny green and purple wood essence rose up, gathering in the air into large patches of green and purple clouds, flowing into Qing Muling’s body like converging rivers.

Under the gaze of the Supreme Elders, tiny strands of primordial chaos spiritual energy feedback from Qing Muling’s body, infiltrating these spiritual herbs and grasses, silently enhancing their innate potential.

The round of cultivation didn’t last long. When Qing Muling finished, Mu Yinghua casually picked up a Seven-Star Dragon Whisker Blood Ginseng to examine and found that it had undergone significant changes internally. After three days of recovery, its medicinal power could increase by at least thirty years.

As long as Qing Muling continued to cultivate here, once every three days, in just one year, he could increase the medicinal power of all the spiritual herbs and grasses here by more than three thousand years. Some of the herbs could even cross the grade and reach the level of sacred medicine!

In the secret realm, the Supreme Elders’ expressions changed:

“…Such a miraculous ability, unheard of in the past. It’s worthy of a creature transformed from the innate Harmony Spirit Seed!”

“Indeed, it’s very good. If we give him enough time, wouldn’t our Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace have an endless supply of sacred medicine, even divine medicine?”

“Who would disagree? With an inexhaustible supply of divine medicine, how could our sect not revive?”

“Yes, it seems that our previous decision was somewhat hasty. This young man’s value far exceeds our expectations. We must take higher-level protective measures.”

“Let’s settle on this then. Let him first improve his cultivation. I’m looking forward to it. The future him will bring us more surprises…”

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