Chapter 48 – Special mission

As long as I am not embarrassed, it is others who are embarrassed.

Qing Muling, who was on the verge of death, perfectly interpreted this famous saying from his previous life. He calmly let go of his third senior sister and stepped aside, speaking calmly:

“Disciple greets Sect Master. I was just discussing cultivation matters with Senior Sister. Why did you suddenly come over?”

Qi Yalan’s face turned pale. She nervously looked at Junior Brother with her arms crossed in front of her, and cautiously glanced at Mu Yinghua’s reaction from the corner of her eye.

The Sect Master usually carried great authority, and even Senior Sister wouldn’t dare to speak to him so casually. Junior Brother was the only exception.

Fortunately, Mu Yinghua didn’t dwell on the matter too much and spoke calmly, “I came here specifically to observe the situation on the battlefield and to bring you back to the main altar of the sect. You will be able to choose suitable cultivation techniques and meet the elders. So, get ready and come with me later!”

“Yes, I will follow your orders, Sect Master.”

Qing Muling agreed. Mu Yinghua’s figure then faded away and disappeared.

Qi Yalan breathed a sigh of relief, glared at Junior Brother, and quickly got up to dress.

A moment later.

Qing Muling and Senior Sister came out dressed neatly. In the small hall outside, Mu Yinghua sat alone in silence, without any maidservants around.

The two of them approached and saluted again before taking their seats at the lower end.

“You don’t need to go out during this period,” Mu Yinghua said to Qi Yalan first. “Someone from the Azure Fall Divine Sect has set their sights on you, intending to take your talent and fortune to benefit their own successor. Fortunately, our sect’s elders stopped them in time, otherwise you would probably be dead by now.”


Qi Yalan’s face immediately changed. The Sect Master wouldn’t lie about such a serious matter. It seemed that she had truly escaped a life-threatening disaster. However, that old person would definitely not give up easily. If they sent someone again or even personally intervened regardless of their identity, would she be able to avoid it?

Qing Muling pondered. Was that malicious intent he sensed in the wilderness before targeting Senior Sister? If he hadn’t been with her, causing a guardian to accompany them, the other party might have succeeded?

Mu Yinghua’s voice was gentle yet imposing, “The three of you have good aptitude and talent, but your luck is lacking. To break through the shackles and ascend to immortality, you need years of cultivation and tempering.”

“However, now your fortunes have significantly increased, and your cultivation is steadily improving. The timing of this step will undoubtedly be greatly advanced. It can be seen that it was a wise decision for me to place Qing Muling by your side. Have you all felt the various benefits he possesses?”

Qi Yalan blushed and nodded. It was because of their closeness to Qing Muling that she and her sisters partially obtained the terrifying fortune and protection from him, as well as the enlightenment of the Dao.

Since her debut, she had never received such a great opportunity. It was the same for Xuebing Xuan and Luo Wanqing. If they grasped it well, their path to enlightenment might be elevated by one or even two major levels. This was an unparalleled opportunity that could change their destinies.

“I will stay here for a few more days to handle the situation here. After dealing with the second batch of personnel from the Azure Fall Divine Sect, I will take you back to the main altar of the sect,” Mu Yinghua concluded.

“We will follow your arrangements, Sect Master.”

Therefore, for the next month, Qing Muling and Qi Yalan stayed indoors and focused on cultivation in the city. In secret, a large net had already been set up.

As the Sect Master of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, Mu Yinghua’s whereabouts were naturally kept strictly confidential. Even a powerful person skilled in divination would not be able to detect any trace as long as she was on guard.

Moreover, this time, Mu Yinghua was not alone. She was accompanied by twelve elders. They were not only prepared to deal a fatal blow to the underground demon clan, but also to capture all the personnel involved in the second wave of actions by the Azure Fall Divine Sect.

As expected, a month later, the forces sent by Elder Li Qingtian finally arrived. There were a total of ten people, and each of them had a higher cultivation level than the four from the previous encounter.

With such a lineup, it was more than enough to deal with a new generation disciple, and theoretically, it was even enough to capture a high-ranking elder from a super Dao lineage.

Needless to say, with the Sect Master Mu Yinghua personally taking action, it took less than twenty breaths to suppress and imprison all of them, and then search their souls.

After this failure, Elder Li Qingtian, who suffered heavy losses, would have to reconsider their plan of action. It was unlikely that they would send a third wave of forces to cause trouble in the short term.Then, the most terrifying calamity that the underground demon clan had faced in ten thousand years descended. Not only were the demons on the surface wiped out, but even the Soul Demon Abyss was swept clean by the Supreme Elders, resulting in a scene of corpses strewn about and the sky filled with blood.

The underground Demon Emperor, who had suffered a great loss last time, couldn’t suppress his anger and made a move, but was still beaten into severe injuries and fled into the depths of the void, his whereabouts unknown.

With this, the void land known as “Linzhou” finally returned to the control of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace after ten thousand years.

Of course, the purification of the residual demonic energy on the surface and the restoration of the environment would not be accomplished overnight. It would have to wait until Qing Muling’s cultivation level increased in the future to solve this problem more easily.

“…I feel a bit useless, unable to contribute anything, and the whole thing ended after more than a month of freeloading.”

Qing Muling had complained to Xuebing Xuan in private.

“Isn’t this quite normal?”

Xuebing Xuan laughed and rubbed his face, “In such high-level battles, if it really came to the point where a newly promoted core disciple like you had to participate, wouldn’t the entire sect be on the verge of destruction? What’s there to be confused about?”

Qing Muling thought about it and finally felt relieved.

Two days later, after Mu Yinghua had finished handling all the affairs, she set off with Qing Muling.

For safety’s sake, Qi Yalan also accompanied them. Xuebing Xuan and Luo Wanqing, who stayed behind, were left with enough power to prevent Li Qingtian from targeting them in a fit of rage if he couldn’t find a way to deal with them.

Deep in the void.

A streak of dark golden light flashed and disappeared at the edge of the horizon.

It was a post-heaven Spirit Treasure in the shape of a flying shuttle, over ten meters long. The interior was a secret realm of a hundred miles in size, filled with abundant spiritual energy. It was the exclusive vehicle of the Supreme Sect Master, capable of traversing the void with ease. What’s more, it could not be trapped by the majority of known array restrictions.

Inside the flying shuttle.

In Mu Yinghua’s sleeping quarters, Qing Muling was sitting upright, listening to his master’s lecture. This was the first time such a scene had occurred since he joined the sect.

“…Master, since the sect has the ability to easily solve the problem here, why did they wait until now to take action?” Qing Muling asked.

“Because the sect has a large family and a large business, there are too many places that need to be taken care of. In addition, those hostile forces are watching us like tigers, constantly causing trouble in secret. A single hair can affect the whole body, so we can only prioritize the safety of key areas with major interests. For places like Linzhou that are relatively less important, it is enough to maintain a basic presence…”

Mu Yinghua explained calmly. In essence, this was all due to the decline of the sect’s overall strength. From ten thousand years ago to the present, the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had lost too much territory and benefits.

Especially before the repair of the Taiyuan Wuji Soft Water Flag, due to the insufficient defensive power of the Main Altar’s mountain protection array, more than three-quarters of the high-end combat power had to be stationed here all year round to ensure the safety of this crucial place. They couldn’t go out to support freely, even if the situation in many important territories was tense, or even lost, they could only choose to endure.

This embarrassing situation continued until a hundred years ago. With the repair of the Taiyuan Wuji Soft Water Flag, a large part of the high-level elders of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace were finally able to free their hands to sit in various places, stabilizing the precarious situation and gradually recovering lost territories.

Of course, in order to keep a low profile, the high-levels of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace still kept it a secret until recently. They only publicly acknowledged the restoration of this defensive treasure in order to cover up the existence of Qing Muling.

“Of course, if we want to restore the sect to its former glory and revive the glory of the super Dao Lineage, a single defensive treasure is not enough,”

Mu Yinghua looked at Qing Muling for a while, hesitated for a few moments, and then said, “I shouldn’t have let you know about this so early, but this matter requires your participation to succeed. I’ll tell you in advance, the whereabouts of another lost treasure of the sect, the Li Phoenix Star Cloud Tower, was discovered by the sect a few days ago, but that place is quite dangerous and eerie…”


Qing Muling frowned, somewhat unable to understand this concept.

“Yes, it requires a cultivator with great fortune to suppress those eerie forces, and then use special means to attract that treasure. The elders have thought about it, and I’m afraid you are the only one in the sect who can take on this important task.”


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