Chapter 47 – Junior Brother, you also don’t want

Three days later.

Qing Muling, who had left the cultivation room, had reached the third level of the Condensing Elixir realm. Considering the time it took for him to break through the realm last time, this speed was already unimaginably fast.

Especially the richness of Qing Muling’s spiritual power far surpassed that of his senior brothers and sisters at the same level, which made it even more remarkable. Perhaps among those well-established super Dao Lineages, there were only a few outstanding geniuses who could be compared to him.

Of course, in order to conceal his true strength, Qing Muling still pretended to only have peak Understanding Mystery realm cultivation. Considering his true age and the time he entered the sect, even if he stayed at this level for another two or three years, no one would say anything.

In the small hall, Qing Muling quickly dealt with the delicacies in front of him, while Qi Yalan accompanied him, pouring wine for him with her delicate hands.

On the spacious crystal silk and silver oak table, there were six or seven pots of spirit wine, as well as hundred-year-old nine-leaf ginseng soup, unicorn deer kidney, ice ocean cloud whale meat, seven-star cloud rubbing bear paw, bat-winged flying dragon liver… The table was filled with high-grade ingredients that nourished qi, blood, and essence, and solidified the foundation of the physical body. Most of them were obtained from fierce spirit beasts.

Such a table of delicacies was not cheap, but as long as Qing Muling was not in seclusion, he would finish several tables of such feasts every day. After all, the more he ate, the more beneficial it was for his cultivation.

It was impossible for an ordinary core disciple in the Condensing Elixir realm to be so extravagant. Needless to say, all the expenses were still paid by his senior brothers and sisters in turn. Qing Muling’s only task was to eat and drink to his heart’s content. He didn’t need to ask about anything else. His senior brothers and sisters would arrange everything for him.

“… Sister Lan, the battle in the Abyss of Soul Demons is already in full swing. Shouldn’t we go and take a look?”

After finishing a bowl of ginseng soup, Qing Muling said leisurely.

The elite forces in the city had launched an all-out attack on the underground demons, and the battle had been going on for a long time. Almost every day, injured or deceased disciples and elders were sent back. A few unlucky ones even disappeared without a trace. It could be seen how fierce the battle was.

Qi Yalan shook her head. “There’s no need. The forces over there are sufficient, and they don’t need a disciple at the Heaven’s Mandate realm, let alone a little guy like you in the Condensing Elixir realm.”

“My only and most important task as your senior sister is to protect you, as long as I ensure your safety, even if the sky falls, the sect elders will take care of it.”

Qing Muling paused his actions slightly. “But… I want to go and see the battlefield.”

Qi Yalan shook her head decisively. “Don’t even think about it. You can do whatever you want, but you are not allowed to go near the battlefield. Do you think the underground demons are all soft persimmons? What if you are targeted by one of their powerful members? Do you think you can escape?”

“Don’t we have a guardian?”

Qing Muling whispered. Before returning last time, he had sensed a tremendous malice coming towards him and Qi Yalan, but it was intercepted by an even more terrifying aura. In the end, nothing happened.

At that time, he understood that it was the guardian arranged by Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace who took action to block the crisis from him, somewhere he couldn’t see.

Qi Yalan sighed. “Junior Brother, it’s not that simple. Although the guardian can protect you at critical moments, it’s not a reason for you to deliberately court death. After all, the guardian cannot stay by your side forever. One day, you will have to face all the storms of the outside world alone.”

Qing Muling fell silent. Senior Sister Three’s words were clear. If he relied on the guardian as his backing and developed a reckless and adventurous gambler mentality, he would inevitably meet with disaster one day.

In this dangerous and unpredictable world of cultivation, being cautious was the way to go. Even the most outstanding geniuses would meet a tragic end if they were not stable enough. Isn’t it better to quietly accumulate wealth?

“Alright, I was too careless.”

Qing Muling admitted sincerely. He had indeed been a bit arrogant. He had always been under the thoughtful protection of his senior brothers and sisters, to the point where he almost forgot about the cruel and bloody nature of the cultivation world. Fortunately, he reacted in time.

Qi Yalan breathed a sigh of relief. Junior Brother’s mind was clear, and he could listen to advice. It saved her from having to argue with him. If she encountered someone with a stubborn personality, it would really be a headache.

She smiled and said, “It’s good that you understand. In fact, Master asks about your situation almost every day. If you make any mistakes, even with our status and position, we won’t be able to escape the consequences.”

“Junior Brother, you don’t want to see us being punished by Master, do you?”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you, Sister Lan.”

Qing Muling put his mind at ease. His cultivation level was far from the point where he could do whatever he wanted. Staying steady was the way to go.

Qi Yalan supported her chin with her jade hand and looked at him with a smile. “You just finished your seclusion, so you don’t need to rush to cultivate. Take a good rest. Combining work and rest and having a proper balance is the right way.”

Qing Muling pondered for a moment and looked at the enchanting and soul-stirring beautiful eyes of Senior Sister Three in front of him. He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Then, how about we go soak in the hot springs? Together!”

As soon as the words came out, he regretted it. This request seemed a bit ambiguous no matter how you looked at it. If it annoyed Senior Sister, he would probably get beaten up.

Little did he know that Qi Yalan’s beautiful face turned slightly red. After hesitating for a while, she actually agreed, “Then let’s go, but you must not mention this to them afterwards.”

Once cultivators broke through to the Understanding Mystery realm, they basically had a pure and undefiled body and didn’t need to bathe like ordinary people. Of course, for the sake of leisure and relaxation, it was common to go soak in hot springs.In the courtyard where the third senior sister lived, there was a ready-made hot spring bath in the backyard. Not only was it large in scale, but it also came with a Spirit Gathering Formation Array, so one could soak and heal while cultivating.

A moment later.

After the maids had prepared everything and bowed out, a large and luxurious bath appeared before Qing Muling. The floor was paved with beautiful jade, the walls were made of crystal, and milky white spiritual energy was steaming. The dome was inlaid with countless fist-sized colorful night pearls, reflecting dazzling and brilliant light and shadow, as beautiful as a fairyland.

In the corner of the wall, a half-human-height purple copper golden toad was burning with precious top-grade incense in its mouth. The faint fragrance filled the room, making people feel refreshed and comfortable.

Qing Muling undressed and soaked his whole body in the warm spring water. Qi Yalan, however, was a bit shy and retreated behind a screen. She elegantly unbuckled her belt and slowly took off her gorgeous dress, revealing her stunningly beautiful body.

Of course, given their current relationship, it was impossible for them to be completely “open” to each other. Therefore, when she appeared in front of Junior Brother a few moments later, she still wore a thin, transparent skirt and a bright red embroidered bra. Her soft, dazzling skin and seductive curves were fully displayed in front of him, enough for him to enjoy for ten thousand years.

Feeling Junior Brother’s hot gaze, Qi Yalan suppressed the throbbing in her heart, gently pinched a spiritual tactic, and strands of spiritual fog drifted over, further obscuring her alluring body outline. However, the hazy beauty was even more tempting, making Qing Muling somewhat restless and hard to control himself.

“Sister Lan, may I scrub your back?”

Qing Muling didn’t hesitate and leaned over.

“You, don’t mess around…”

Qi Yalan whispered with a blushing face, her hands covering her chest. However, her chest was too large, even with both hands, she could only cover the top half, easily falling under Qing Muling’s control.

What a pity, I still can’t hold on.

Qing Muling thought regretfully amidst his excitement.

Just as he was about to make a further move, a majestic pressure descended from the sky, and a familiar and majestic figure appeared in the room. She was dressed in a gorgeous red palace dress, her figure shrouded in brilliant glow, surrounded by auspicious aura, her face was indistinct.

“What are you doing?”

Mu Yinghua’s slightly unusual voice sounded.


In an instant, Qing Muling’s blood almost froze.

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