Chapter 46 – Arrogant sugar daddy

In the distant and vast Great Void starry sky, there was the Mo Ling Immortal Domain.

The Mo Ling Immortal Domain occupied more than half of the vast immortal domain, and it was one of the vassal forces of the Azure Fall Divine Sect.

As an ancient and prestigious super Dao Lineage in the Great Void starry sky, the Azure Fall Divine Sect naturally had numerous vassal forces under its protection. There were all kinds of sects, aristocratic families, cities, tribes, and vassal states.

These forces would offer a huge amount of cultivation resources and a large number of children suitable for cultivation to the Azure Fall Divine Sect every year in exchange for the protection of this super Dao Lineage.

Of course, the status of these vassal forces varied. The top-ranked ones were the large-scale Dao Lineage sects and the secular powers with the title of Immortal Dynasty.

An Immortal Dynasty not only controlled a vast territory but also had an astonishing number of people under its rule. The current royal family, civil and military officials all had a certain level of cultivation. Although they couldn’t compare to the high-level elders of the Azure Fall Divine Sect, they were much stronger than those purely mortal dynasties.

There were hundreds of these Immortal Dynasties, and they had always been highly valued vassal forces of the Azure Fall Divine Sect. The Mo Ling Immortal Dynasty, however, ranked only in the middle.

The imperial capital of the Immortal Dynasty was a vast void land covering an area of over a million miles. It had been carefully managed by the high-level members of the Immortal Dynasty for over ten thousand years. The mountains and rivers were beautiful, the scenery was magnificent, and the spiritual energy was abundant. The countless surrounding void lands also belonged to the territory of the Immortal Dynasty, and they produced various rare cultivation resources.

The emperor of the Immortal Dynasty was Li Qingtian, a direct descendant of the Supreme Elder Li Qingtian. Although there were hundreds of generations between them, Li Qingtian was extremely respectful towards this ancestor. Every year, he would offer a huge amount of resources as filial piety.

After all, if it weren’t for the care of this ancestor, it would be a problem for the later generations of the Li family to continue to hold the legitimate rule of this huge Immortal Dynasty, let alone guarantee their wealth and status. In the long history, if a prominent figure fell and there was no outstanding cultivator among the descendants of the family to take over, the fate of the entire family would be extremely miserable. Everything they once had would be divided and plundered by other factions.

In a corner of the imperial city, in a separate palace garden, in the core area of the continent.

Li Qingtian was not accustomed to staying in the secluded realm of the Azure Fall Divine Sect’s Main Altar for cultivation all year round. Instead, he liked to go out and enjoy the mountains and waters. Therefore, in the imperial capital of the Immortal Dynasty, he had his own private residence, which allowed him to occasionally stay for a period of time.

There were a large number of elite guards guarding the surroundings of the garden. Except for the emperor of the Immortal Dynasty who could come to pay respects from time to time, no one else was allowed to approach in order to avoid disturbing the ancestor’s tranquility.

In the depths of the garden, in an exquisite and elegant small building, hundreds of young girls carried jade plates and entered one after another. The plates were filled with various rare delicacies, fine wines, and snacks.

Behind the large table made of beautiful jade and embedded with countless pearls and gemstones, sat a tall man in a white robe. His facial features were refined and gentle, giving the impression of a humble scholar rather than a powerful cultivator.

This man was Li Qingtian, the Supreme Elder of the Azure Fall Divine Sect, a prominent figure in the Great Void starry sky. At this moment, he squinted his eyes and enjoyed the feast in front of him. The young girls serving him were all beautiful and elegant, carefully selected by the emperor of the Immortal Dynasty.

At a smaller table nearby, there sat a short and plump old man. He looked respectful and somewhat restrained, wearing a luxurious purple robe with a jade belt. He appeared to be older than his own ancestor. This was Li Shixun, the current emperor of the Mo Ling Immortal Dynasty and a descendant of Li Qingtian.

“…Things have been settled,”

Li Qingtian was in a good mood at the moment. He smiled and said to Li Shixun, “The Calamity Fate Palace has already agreed. We just need to send the ‘materials’ that are suitable, and then we can perform the ritual. In no more than three months, your precious daughter will be reborn and possess an unparalleled talent for cultivation. Moreover, she will perfectly match the inheritance of the Bright Moon Sword Sect. At that time, I will go to negotiate with Lin Zongzhu, the master of the Bright Moon Sword Sect. We will definitely be able to secure this marriage alliance.”

Li Shixun, overjoyed, quickly stood up and respectfully said, “Thank you, Ancestor, for your efforts. I will follow your arrangements!”

Li Shixun naturally knew what the “materials” suitable for the ritual were. Such matters were ultimately kept secret and not mentioned in public. Anyway… as long as his precious daughter could marry into the Bright Moon Sword Sect and establish a relationship with this super Dao Lineage, they would gain countless benefits.

As for the sacrificed talented female disciple and the anger of the high-level members of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, Li Shixun didn’t care. With his ancestor supporting him, was there any need to fear a declining power that had long lost its influence?

Li Qingtian took a sip of the spiritual wine and pondered, “Your Immortal Dynasty’s strength is still lacking. Your ranking among the vassal forces of the sect is not high enough. However, in the future, with the help of the Bright Moon Sword Sect, it is only natural to expand your territory. At that time, the entire Mo Ling Immortal Domain will be under your control. The ranking of your Immortal Dynasty’s strength can rise to the top thirty. As the Supreme Elder, I will also gain some face.”

Li Shixun was overjoyed, “That would be great! It’s all thanks to your wisdom and foresight, Ancestor. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the status I have today.”

The Muling Immortal Dynasty, although the largest power in this immortal realm, only occupied a little over half of the territory. The remaining small and medium-sized forces banded together for warmth, and managed to win the favor of other big figures in the Azure Fall Divine Sect. Therefore, Li Shixun’s plan to unify the entire immortal realm was constantly hindered by the internal obstruction of the Azure Fall Divine Sect, and he was unable to achieve his wish.

As long as they could gain the support of the Bright Moon Sword Sect in the future, the influence of Li Qingtian’s faction would inevitably surge. At that time, when the Muling Immortal Dynasty implemented the unification strategy again, the resistance from those big figures would be much less.

At this moment, a monk with a serious expression hurried in, and after saluting, he handed a jade talisman to Li Qingtian.

Li Qingtian raised his eyebrows slightly, took the jade talisman and sensed it slightly. His face suddenly became a bit subtle, and he didn’t speak for a long time.


Li Shixun observed his expression and had already sensed that it was probably not good news. He called out cautiously.

Li Qingtian waved his hand silently, and the palace ladies around him saluted and withdrew, closing the door, leaving only Li Shixun in the room.

“The operation failed,”

Li Qingtian said lightly, “The Dao protector around that girl has some skills. The four people responsible for this plan didn’t come back. Even the soul lamps in the clan’s ancestral hall were extinguished. Heh! Well done, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace!”

Li Shixun’s face changed instantly. Those four powerhouses were Li Qingtian’s trusted followers who had followed him for many years, and they were also important clan members from the Li family. They were completely dead?

Originally, with their strong cultivation, even if they encountered a disaster and unfortunately died, as long as a trace of the soul could escape back, they could find a way to resurrect, continue to cultivate after seizing a new body, and it would only consume more rare resources. Now, there was no way to think about it.

“Ancestor, what should we do now? Should we give up the plan?” Li Shixun asked softly.

Li Qingtian glanced at him, his tone low, “Such an important layout, such a large investment, how can we give up because of a failure? Time is pressing, do we still have the opportunity to find a second more suitable ‘material’?”


“I will send more capable people to act again, and we must get this matter done, and we must act quickly.” Li Qingtian said without a doubt.

Li Shixun breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, the ancestor is wise!”

Li Qingtian’s eyes were cold, “Humph! The Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is nothing more than a declining force. What’s wrong with me ‘borrowing’ a disciple from their family? I want to see how long they can protect that girl!”

Linzhou, City Lord’s Mansion.

Qing Muling, who had returned full of loot again, still announced his retreat for cultivation as usual, to digest the gains from this experience.

This time, there was no need to queue up in advance through the back door of the eldest sister, because the battle to clear the underground demons had begun a few days ago. Most of the masters in the city had been transferred out. Xuebing Xuan and Luo Wanqing were in charge of the command, and no one was competing with Qing Muling for the use of the cultivation room.

Qi Yalan was also very happy. With the two of them out fighting and not returning, she could enjoy the enlightenment of Junior Brother alone, and it felt extremely nourishing.

Such an opportunity, it was enough to share with her sisters, absolutely cannot let outsiders know, let alone let them take advantage of Junior Brother.

Those vixens were not easy to deal with, one was more cunning and shameless than the other. They said they were just taking advantage, but they ended up going in. This was absolutely intolerable.

In the cultivation room, Qing Muling opened the Space Bracelet, poured out all the spiritual medicines, spiritual grass, and precious materials taken from the demons, and piled up a thick layer on the floor.

With the third sister’s protection and help along the way, the harvest Qing Muling brought back from a trip was at least twenty times more than that of the same-level sisters, making others only envious, jealous, and hateful.

“Hmm, these resources that are not very suitable for me can be handed over to the sect in exchange for merit contributions, or sold to the merchants in the city for spirit stones and pills, right?”

After checking all the gains in the space artifact, Qing Muling said to Qi Yalan.

Qi Yalan shook her head and said in an unquestionable tone, “Keep them all, I will take them later to help you exchange for cultivation resources that you can use. In any case, your current priority is to improve your cultivation as soon as possible, don’t think about anything else.”


“There is no but, the sect doesn’t lack these things from you now, whether it’s merit or spirit stone resources, we have plenty here, enough for you to spend.”

“Okay, okay.”

Qing Muling sighed, it seemed that his sisters were determined to support him.

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