Chapter 40 – Fight

The city lord has summoned, and the people below naturally dare not be negligent. In a short while, the beautiful girl was brought in front of Qing Muling.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Qing,” she slightly bent her knees and greeted respectfully. There was no trace of uneasiness in her clear and bright eyes, only calmness.

Qing Muling nodded secretly. His actual status was not much different from the senior sister, and this girl was just a newly recruited outer disciple, not receiving much attention. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been arranged to temporarily serve as a dancer.

The difference in their identities was like heaven and earth, but the girl remained composed and fearless. Just by standing there casually, she exuded a stable and unmovable aura, indicating that she possessed extraordinary qualities.

“What is your name?”

“Bai Qingyu.”

“What is your bone age?”

“Fifteen years and nine months.”

After some questioning, Qing Muling found that the results were better than he had imagined. This girl named Bai Qingyu came from a noble family in a secular dynasty. Due to her intelligence, good looks, and some cultivation talent, she received attention from her family and was given resources for cultivation.

Superior Dao Lineages like Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace would open their doors and select disciples to replenish their ranks every few years. At that time, all vassal sects, noble families, and secular dynasties within their sphere of influence would send their outstanding young talents to the sect for assessment. Only those who passed would obtain the identity of an outer disciple.

Although the identity of an outer disciple was low, it was the starting point for advancement. As long as one diligently cultivated and accumulated merits, they could gradually rise in rank. In history, there were many examples of outer disciples from super Dao Lineages who obtained great opportunities, made significant progress in their cultivation, and eventually ascended to the position of Supreme Sect Master.

Bai Qingyu became an outer disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace last year after passing the assessment. However, she only barely passed, so the elders in charge did not pay much attention to her.

Under normal circumstances, such outer disciples would stay in the sect for a few years at most. If they exceeded the age limit without breaking through to a higher realm and had no hope of promotion, they would return to their family, get married, and live a prosperous life.

Obviously, the elders who selected the disciples had made a mistake. Bai Qingyu had not yet started her journey, so she appeared ordinary. But when her fortune and talent flourished in the future, she would undoubtedly surpass more than half of the core disciples in the sect and become one of the high-ranking members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

Finally, Qing Muling said with satisfaction, “Your talent is not bad. Senior Sister needs someone by her side. How about you follow her in cultivation in the future?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes of the surrounding disciples and elders all turned towards them. Some female cultivators who were not proficient in cultivating their qi even had a slight change in their expressions.

Bai Qingyu’s expression froze for a moment as she earnestly stared at the handsome young man in front of her. She didn’t expect that this junior brother, who seemed younger than her, would make such an important decision for Senior Sister with just a few questions.

Especially the senior sister, Xuebing Xuan, who showed no displeasure. She smiled and looked over, “Junior Brother Qing’s words are excellent. What do you think?”

Junior Brother had already explained the reason to her through divine sense. As someone aspiring to become the next Supreme Sect Master, she naturally wouldn’t refuse a disciple with great potential to become her wingman.

The invisible aura guided Bai Qingyu’s decision. She immediately made up her mind and bowed again, “I leave this matter to Senior Sister’s decision.”

With these words, in Qing Muling’s Qi Observation Secret Technique, a bright light shone above Bai Qingyu’s head. A large golden-purple fortune descended and merged with her, radiating a brilliant and dazzling light, increasing her fortune by more than thirty percent.

Qing Muling smiled. This girl indeed possessed innate intelligence and hidden fortune. She readily accepted without giving others the opportunity to question or oppose.

With the blessing of her own fortune, the probability of Bai Qingyu stepping into the realm of Heavenly Fate was almost certain. If she could encounter some fortuitous opportunities, there was hope for further progress.

In top-tier forces like Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, there were thousands of inner disciples and hundreds of times more outer disciples. However, the number of senior core disciples who had the qualifications to recruit followers and could afford to support them was extremely limited.

These senior core disciples, who were destined to become the future high-ranking members of the sect, occupied precious positions. Each follower’s quota was worth fighting for among the inner and outer disciples.

For Qing Muling’s cultivation level, it was a bit early to accept followers now, especially with so many eyes watching him from the outside. It was inconvenient in many ways. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, he ultimately gave this opportunity to Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan.

“…Idiot, next time find one for me too. Don’t favor one over the other!” Luo Wanqing beside him expressed some dissatisfaction and lightly kicked Qing Muling, whispering through divine sense.

Qi Yalan sitting on the other side didn’t say anything, but her deep and beautiful eyes staring at him already conveyed everything: If you don’t treat everyone fairly, you can expect consequences tonight!

“Okay…” Qing Muling felt somewhat speechless. How could someone with such a fortune be so easily found? Even if they were found, whether they could be successfully recruited depended on opportunities. It wasn’t like picking up cabbages from the ground, where you could have as many as you wanted.

But saying these words was useless. Anything related to him would inevitably involve some hidden competition among the senior sisters. They were determined not to fall behind.

Qi Shuyu and Su Yurong not far away seemed to be lost in thought. With Qing Muling’s terrifying potential, it was a matter of course for him to select followers and build his own team after reaching a certain level of cultivation in the future.”If that’s the case, why not prepare for it now? Carefully select a few outstanding female cultivators from your own faction and present them to him. Whether as followers, concubines, or even maids, as long as they can stay by his side.

As long as they are close to Qing Muling, there is a chance to get to know each other, slowly cultivate feelings, and serve him happily and satisfactorily. Further advancement in status is a natural result.

Qi Shuyu made up her mind secretly. After returning, she would contact her elders. At present, it seems unrealistic to bring Qing Muling over in one step, but if she could start from this aspect to open up the situation, it would be a suitable choice.

As it approached midnight, the banquet finally ended.

During this time, it was not that there were no core disciples who tried to imitate Qi Shuyu and invite Qing Muling for a private talk, but they were all politely declined by him. If everyone came to talk to him, he wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

Therefore, until the end of the banquet, Qing Muling remained seated, focusing on the fine wine and food in front of him. After all, everything at the banquet was paid for by public funds, so it would be a waste not to eat.

Returning to his own courtyard, before he could sit down, his fourth senior sister arrived.

“It’s my turn to teach you tonight,”

Luo Wanqing hugged him and smiled with her eyes curved: “The key to rapid advancement in physical cultivation lies in a large amount of combat training. So let’s go, we’re going to fight, you can choose any posture you want!”

Qing Muling: “…”

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