Chapter 41 – Pre-war meeting

Early the next day.

Qing Muling, with a slightly tired expression, finished tidying up and spent half an hour eating a large portion of breakfast: a fully grown dragon-horned Yao Mountain rhinoceros with the cultivation level of True One Realm.

This spiritual beast weighed over a thousand kilograms and was prepared by four skilled chefs from the Witch Clan and their disciples for most of the night. It was roasted to a crispy golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside. The hollowed-out belly was stuffed with high-grade spiritual medicine and prepared with the secret recipe of the ancient Witch Clan, which had great benefits for body cultivation.

“How is it? Does it taste good?”

Luo Wanqing, who had changed into a fiery red feather dress, smiled and asked across the table. Her snow-white skin was delicate and her beauty was stunning. After training Junior Brother all night, she looked satisfied and exuded a refreshing aura. Her clear and deep beautiful eyes seemed to be dripping with water, making her beautiful to the core.

In the eyes of the maidservants serving around her, the princess’s attire today was a bit too revealing. The neckline was too low, the waist was too tight, and the skirt slit was too high. It couldn’t even cover the towering peaks and slender legs, which were too eye-catching.

It was… too vulgar and inappropriate, especially in front of a stranger. If this scene was seen by the stubborn old men in the ancient Witch Country, even with Luo Wanqing’s noble status, she would inevitably be banned for three to five years and be assigned a group of old maidservants to teach her etiquette.

What? You said that man is Qing Muling’s Junior Brother?

Oh, then it’s fine!

Luo Wanqing didn’t care about the maidservants’ feelings at all. She happily dealt with her breakfast, glancing at Junior Brother, taking a bite of the spiritual beast meat, and then taking a sip of spiritual wine, continuing to look at Junior Brother… feeling blissful.

“Of course, it’s very good…”

Qing Muling mumbled unclearly, trying to swallow the food in his mouth. He had to admit that Fourth Senior Sister’s meat tasted quite good. It was tender, delicious, and elastic. When he took a bite, the ultimate deliciousness erupted on his tongue, and the juice was unusually abundant.

As the meat entered his throat, it turned into a hot stream that quickly merged into Qing Muling’s organs, nourishing his meridians and strengthening his physical body. Although it was a bit difficult to finish this big guy in one go, Qing Muling persevered. Not all core disciples had the luxury of spending their entire year’s resource quota on a single breakfast. Moreover, the Witch Clan’s medicinal recipe was not something that spiritual stones could measure.

After finally dealing with this big meal, Qing Muling sat in place for a quarter of an hour and successfully digested the abundant and almost explosive spiritual energy in his body. He stood up energetically.

Beside Luo Wanqing, an elegant and beautiful woman dressed in a heavy sacrificial robe nodded in satisfaction and solemnly recorded the time on a jade tablet. With Qing Muling’s current cultivation level, being able to digest this high-grade spiritual beast so quickly showed his extraordinary potential and justified the princess’s investment.

“What are we going to do next?”

Luo Wanqing casually asked.

Qing Muling originally wanted to say that he would go to the city and wander around, but he changed his words at the last moment, “There’s nowhere special to go, I’ll just follow Senior Sister!”

“That’s about right. Come with me to the council hall.”

Luo Wanqing nodded with a smile, and Qing Muling secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Only by making Fourth Senior Sister happy would there be some leeway during the next night’s lessons and her training, so as not to be too harsh on him.

As a grown man, if he had to lean on the wall after a class, it would be too embarrassing. How could he raise his head in front of Senior Sisters in the future?

Luo Wanqing returned to her boudoir to change clothes. In front of outsiders, she naturally couldn’t dress like she did just now. This was a privilege that only Junior Brother could enjoy.

Qing Muling waited for a moment, and when Fourth Senior Sister came out again, she was already neatly dressed in an ancient armor that emitted a terrifying pressure, a genuine acquired spiritual treasure.

“Let’s go!”

Luo Wanqing grabbed Qing Muling’s arm and flew away, followed closely by a large group of Witch Clan elders and guards.

In the council hall of the City Lord’s Mansion, it was currently under strict security. The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, along with a large group of Dao soldiers and puppets, guarded it tightly. Disciples and elders who were not qualified to attend the meeting were strictly prohibited from approaching, otherwise they would be severely punished.

When Luo Wanqing and Qing Muling arrived, there were already over a hundred high-level female cultivators sitting in the hall, including Xuebing Xuan, Qi Yalan, and Qi Shuyu.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s begin.”

Luo Wanqing said lightly, releasing Qing Muling’s hand and taking her seat at the main position. She gestured for him to sit beside her.

Due to the formal occasion, Xuebing Xuan and Qi Yalan didn’t say anything and turned their heads without expression after giving him a sideways glance.

“City Lord Luo, the action plan for this operation has been fully simulated. The elders believe that the next round of encirclement and suppression of the underground demons should be carried out with…”

An elder stood up and spoke, simultaneously activating a magical projection mirror. The detailed terrain and topography of the land surface on the projection sand table with a diameter of over thirty zhang were clearly visible.

All the female cultivators focused their attention on the sand table, occasionally making suggestions and offering advice. This special operation was not trivial, and the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had decided to invest a considerable amount of power to comprehensively cleanse the underground demons on this land, aiming to deal a heavy blow and prevent them from recovering their vitality within a hundred years.

This was the minimum goal of the battle. If the situation was optimistic, it would be even better to regain some territory. In fact, Xuebing Xuan believed that this goal was not difficult to achieve.

Qing Muling concentrated and watched for a while. The large-scale wars of cultivators were obviously different from the wars in his previous life. Although he couldn’t participate for the time being, he should familiarize himself with it in advance and change his mindset.

In this world where the power of heaven and earth belonged to oneself, the number and quality of high-level cultivators were one of the key factors determining the outcome of a war. There was also the strength of the magic treasures. Of course, this didn’t mean that strategy and tactics were unimportant, but they had to be adjusted flexibly according to the situation and the location. Relying solely on brute force would definitely not work.As noon approached, the meeting was drawing to a close, and all the key details were gradually being finalized. The atmosphere in the hall gradually became more relaxed and easygoing.

Qing Muling leaned back in his chair, his gaze sweeping over these high-ranking female cultivators. Their faces, as beautiful as flowers and as delicate as jade, were a feast for the eyes.

Of course, Qing Muling was only interested in assessing their qi, their potential, and other key information. He was not interested in their physical measurements, how large their chests were, how long their legs were, how slim their waists were, or how smooth and white their skin was. He assured himself very firmly that he really wasn’t intentionally looking at these things.

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