Chapter 39 – The primary stage of enjoying the benefits

After a while, Qin Muling and the two senior sisters returned to the main hall as if nothing had happened, continuing the feast.

On the surface, it seemed that nothing special had happened between the three of them. They had just had a conversation. Of course, some hidden gazes were not satisfied. They felt that things were definitely not that simple.

Moreover, with the success of Qi Shuyu, the other senior sisters and elders were also somewhat tempted. Since this Junior Brother Qin seemed easy to talk to, then they could…

Someone had to do the difficult tasks. Even if they couldn’t immediately persuade Qin Muling to change his mind, as long as they maintained contact, gradually built a relationship and cultivated goodwill, there would always be a chance for him to change his mind.

Qin Muling calmly sipped the fragrant wine in his cup, his gaze sweeping over the enchanting beauties in the main hall, pleasing to the eye in an extraordinary way.

In the mortal world, even the powerful emperors who ruled over millions of miles of vast territory and had billions of subjects under their rule in the prosperous imperial dynasties, might never see so many high-quality beauties in their entire lives, let alone bring them into the harem.

So, this was one of the many benefits of being a cultivator. The vast and boundless sky, the Great Void, were so vast and magnificent, with infinite beautiful scenery and unimaginable mysteries. As long as one had powerful strength and a long lifespan, they could freely appreciate and explore.

Longevity, eternal freedom, transcending worldly troubles. This was the eternal pursuit of billions of creatures in the universe, not just the human race.

With a slight movement of his mind, Qin Muling quietly displayed the divination technique he had newly comprehended after breaking through the Condensing Elixir Realm. Immediately, subtle changes began to occur in the scene in the main hall.

Above the heads of all the cultivators, there were clouds and radiance of various colors, more or less. Even the weakest maidservants were no exception. Although most of them had only just entered the Qi Refining Realm and could hardly be considered cultivators, they were much stronger than the ordinary people in the mortal world.

Gray, white, red, yellow, gold, green, and purple. These were the rough distinctions of the manifested aura. The gray color was limited to ordinary mortals without any power. Starting from the red clouds, it basically belonged to the realm of cultivators. The higher the cultivation level, the more prosperous the aura.

In addition to the difference in cloud colors, the quantity was another important criterion. Among the green and purple clouds, more was definitely better than less.

In addition to quality and quantity, those with prosperous destiny and aura would also have various anomalies, such as golden lamps and white lotuses, colorful clouds and rainbow, divine beasts and heavenly maidens… even the rising and setting of the sun, the transformation of stars, and the opening of the Great Void, there were countless different anomalies.

Among the beautiful scenes in the hall, Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan was undoubtedly the most outstanding. The golden and purple auspicious clouds above her head were about half an acre in size, and some parts had already condensed into substance. Brilliant radiance enveloped her whole body, and there was a faint phoenix shadow forming in the clouds. More than ten golden flowers the size of a bowl were swirling around in the core of the clouds, and a hint of deep purple was brewing.

Moreover, in the depths of the void, strands of golden clouds were gradually gathering and merging into Xuebing Xuan’s auspicious clouds above her head. It could be seen that her destiny was still steadily rising and growing.

Senior Sister Qi Yalan’s aura was slightly inferior to Xuebing Xuan’s, and Fourth Senior Sister Luo Wanqing was also at the same level. Of course, like the Senior Sister, their auras were in an upward trend, and their future potential was enormous. This was obviously due to their encounter with Junior Brother Qin.

Qin Muling knew very well that even if his talent and aptitude were high and extraordinary, he still needed enough time to grow. So currently, he was in the primary stage of enjoying the benefits, and he would continue to be in this stage for a long time.

Of course, enjoying the benefits did not mean freeloading. As long as the women who sincerely approached Qin Muling would receive the blessings of destiny and fortune, which was better than any kind of resources or opportunities. The three senior sisters deeply understood this.

In addition to the highest tier represented by Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan, there were many more women in the next tier, but their cultivation levels were basically not lower than the True Person Realm. It could be seen that destiny and actual strength were indeed closely related. The only two Spirit God Realm female cultivators also possessed precious treasures, which made up for their lack of cultivation.

Qi Refining Realm, Understanding Mystery Realm, Condensing Elixir Realm, Nascent Soul Realm, Spirit God Realm, True Person Realm, True One Realm, Heart Devil Realm, Heaven’s Mandate Realm. These were the nine major realms that every cultivator in the Great Void Starry Sky had to go through before becoming an immortal.

Xuebing Xuan, Qi Yalan, and Luo Wanqing, along with the Second Senior Sister who had not yet come out of seclusion, were currently in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm stage, and they were all approaching the peak perfection level. Once they accumulated enough, they could take the crucial step of transforming into immortals.Qi Shuyu and the other senior elders were somewhat inferior, struggling to reach the level of Xuebing Xuan and the others.

However, beyond these core elites, Qing Muling made an unexpected discovery. Among the many outer sect disciples temporarily acting as dancers below, a girl who was only at the fifth level of Qi Refining stage had an unusual phenomenon above her head. It was a thick bright yellow cloud light, supporting three large pure red thousand-petal lotuses. A clear aura in the flower core was condensed but not dispersed, extremely eye-catching.

Qing Muling was slightly surprised. This meant that as long as there were no accidents, she could potentially reach the True One realm in the future. If she could overcome the major tribulation of inner demons, it was not impossible for her to step into the Destiny realm, qualifying her to be a core elder.

“Junior Brother, what are you looking at?”

A sweet voice with a hint of annoyance sounded. Luo Wanqing, who was busy entertaining, took a break and planned to come over to have a few drinks with Qing Muling. Seeing his gaze always drifting in that direction, she couldn’t help but ask.

Qing Muling thought for a moment and informed his two senior sisters of the reason through his divine sense.

Luo Wanqing’s eyebrows slightly raised, vaguely guessing Junior Brother’s intention. He wanted to recruit the girl as a follower in advance.

In the group of core disciples, this situation was commonplace. Each core disciple would have a varying number of inner and outer sect disciples following them, handling their daily chores, while receiving their protection, guidance in cultivation, and additional resource support, among other benefits.

“Who is that junior sister? Call her over for questioning.”

Without any hesitation, Luo Wanqing immediately instructed the guard beside her.

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