Chapter 38 – Monstrous genius

Qi Shuyu’s question was simple and straightforward, directly targeting the key point.

According to the tradition of the Great Void Starry Sky, cultivators who can achieve the Consummation of Qi Refinement Realm and step into the Understanding Mystery Realm before the age of thirty are considered outstanding talents worth cultivating.

If one can break through the Understanding Mystery Realm before the age of twenty-five, they can be called elite talents and receive attention and support from top sects and aristocratic families, providing them with sufficient resources.

Of course, as one of the super sects in the Great Void Starry Sky, the standards are naturally the most strict and demanding. One must break through to the Understanding Mystery Realm before the age of twenty-two to qualify as a core disciple and enjoy the many privileges and benefits given by the sect’s higher-ups.

If someone can go further and successfully step into the Understanding Mystery Realm before the age of eighteen, they can be called a genius seed. Even in those super sects, such legendary figures are extremely rare, and only a few will appear in an era.

They often possess great luck, opportunities, and destiny. Once they grow up, they can become the highest authority in their respective forces, controlling everything and stirring up the world, becoming the protagonist of a great era.

But this is not the most incredible. If one can break through the Understanding Mystery Realm before the age of fifteen, that is the true monstrous talent. Unless they die midway, they can grow to the level of a Quasi Holy Emperor in the future.

The founders of the ancient Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace and several other super sects of the same era were basically the outstanding talents of this level.

In this current era, it seems that there is no longer any news of such a genius in any super force. Or even if there is, it is the highest secret within the force, and outsiders have no way of knowing.

If an ownerless monstrous genius suddenly appears in the Great Void Starry Sky, it will definitely alarm the high-level members of all the super forces. They will spare no effort, even if it means breaking their heads, to compete for his allegiance. Even those old immortals who have been in seclusion for years will gladly become the mentor of such a person.

The cultivation world is a world of great competition, following the almost absolute law of the jungle, where the strong are always strong and the winners take all. A Harmony Supreme who stands at the pinnacle of the Great Dao can easily suppress a group of Quasi Holy Emperors.

Therefore, the position and influence of a Dao Lineage in the Great Void Starry Sky largely depends on the cultivation level of the strongest individual in the lineage.

In view of this, any organization with a certain scale will implement various secret cultivation plans based on their own conditions, providing maximum resources to the selected inheritors, hoping that they can ensure the continuous inheritance of their Dao Lineage.

“…So, what kind of answer do you want?”

Faced with Qi Shuyu’s question, Qing Muling remained silent for a long time before asking with a deep gaze.

Qi Shuyu stared at him for a while, then checked the soundproof barrier she had set up again before continuing, “The information my ancestor told me is very limited, so I came directly to ask you. But… judging from Senior Sister Qi’s reaction, it seems that she doesn’t know either? So now I regret asking this question. It’s not something I can bear right now.”

At this point, Qi Shuyu actually had a close approximation of the truth in her heart. Of course, that guess was too terrifying and she could only tremble at the thought of it, let alone speak it out.

Qi Yalan’s eyes showed a thoughtful look. She might not be clear about other things, but for Junior Brother Qing Muling, who was valued by the Sect Master and supported by many elders, this was not the treatment that an ordinary genius seed could enjoy. At least, he had to be a monstrous-level genius seed.

As for the possibility of going further, because it was too exaggerated and bizarre, she dared not continue to speculate.

“Forget it, my Master once instructed me that if Senior Sister is willing to pay the corresponding price and make a solemn oath to keep it secret, I can tell you.” Qing Muling looked at the two beautiful Senior Sisters beside him and calmly said.

Sect Master Mu Yinghua did indeed instruct Qing Muling that he could selectively reveal some of his secrets at the appropriate time, half true and half false, in order to deceive others and confuse their perception.

Qi Shuyu, who had planned to give up, didn’t expect such a turn of events. She hesitated for a moment before quickly agreeing, “Very well, I have no objections.”

As she spoke, she hurriedly took out three exquisite white jade tokens and a two-foot-square sandalwood box from her Space Bracelet and placed them in front of Qing Muling.

“These white jade tokens are proof of thirty million sect merits. As for the contents of this box, they are three hundred Pure Yuan Divine Pills, all resources that Junior Brother can use now. Should this price be enough?” Qi Shuyu explained.

Qi Yalan’s expression changed slightly. The three jade tokens added up to ninety million sect merits, which could be exchanged for various high-quality resources, pills, talismans, high-grade ingredients, custom-made sets of treasures, and a series of benefits such as exclusive guidance on cultivation from core elders. It would be more than enough to exchange for two genuine treasures.The Chunyuan Yangshen Pill is a high-quality resource for assisting in cultivation, purifying and enhancing the quality of spiritual power. Not only are the raw materials for the medicine expensive, but usually only the core elders who are proficient in the way of the pill have the ability to refine it.

Even the core disciples in the True Person Realm only have a supply quota of two Chunyuan Yangshen Pills per year, which shows how precious and rare this thing is. Yet, Qi Shuyu had just given three hundred of them.

After Qi Shuyu made a solemn oath, Qing Muling didn’t beat around the bush, and said lightly:

“I grew up among the common people since I was a child. I met my master when I was ten, and she taught me for three years. After reaching the peak of the Qi Refining Realm, I entered the sect, and broke through in just a few months.”

“According to my actual bone age, I should be… not yet fourteen years old!”


Qi Yalan subconsciously pinched Junior Brother a few times to confirm that she was not dreaming. Qi Shuyu’s mind went blank, staring at Qing Muling without saying a word for a long time. She had thought that such a monstrous genius only existed in legends, but one was sitting right in front of her.

She didn’t think Qing Muling would lie. This kind of thing can be tested, and there are many divine spells in the sect to detect the bone age of cultivators. It’s impossible to fake it.

From this point of view, all the abnormalities about Qing Muling can be explained. If it weren’t for such a heaven-defying talent, would the Supreme Sect Master and the elders care so much?

Qing Muling calmly put away the jade token and the pills. Just this little secret was enough to make the senior sisters lose their composure, which was quite satisfying.

In fact, when Sect Master Mu Yinghua first met Qing Muling, although he looked like a ten-year-old child, his actual bone age was less than a month. As a transmigrator who came with memories of his previous life, it was pointless to lie about this.

So, even Mu Yinghua didn’t know this secret, let alone others.

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