Chapter 37 – Single dog and dog buns

When Qing Muling consolidated his new realm and walked out of the cultivation room with his senior sisters three days later, he still remained at the peak of the Understanding Mystery Realm, with no change from before, in the eyes of those who were secretly observing him.

This was the result of the unanimous request from his senior sisters and also Qing Muling’s own consideration. After all, he was still young and had only entered the sect and broken through to the Understanding Mystery Realm not long ago. His speed of cultivation improvement was already remarkable enough. If the outside world were to learn that he had broken through to the Condensing Elixir Realm so quickly, and even achieved a perfect Foundation Establishment, what would happen?

Therefore, it was necessary for Qing Muling to hide his true strength and develop quietly. In the eyes of outsiders, he was just a newly recruited disciple who relied on the protection and care of his senior sisters. At least for a long period of time, he would not pose a substantial threat.

In the eyes of some powerful figures, the future was always full of variables. Perhaps there was no need to do anything at all, and this young genius would die prematurely. In the history that had passed, there were too many similar examples.

That night, the magnificent City Lord’s Mansion was brightly lit. Luo Wanqing presided over a grand banquet, and all the influential elders and disciples were invited to attend. Qing Muling naturally was among them.

The hall was bustling with noise, and countless night pearls the size of bowls were embedded in the high dome, illuminating the grand space as bright as day. A large group of beautifully dressed maidservants hurriedly brought various delicacies and seafood.

“…Indeed, the beauty is like clouds, and the flowers are gradually becoming enchanting!”

Qing Muling held a glass of glass wine and drank it sip by sip. His gaze wandered around the spacious hall, and a feeling of emotion arose in his heart.

Because of his relationship with the eldest senior sister, his position in the hall was in the highest area, surrounded by core disciples who were at the True Person Realm or above, as well as influential elders.

According to the standards of his previous life, the disciples who could enter this hall for the banquet at this moment were all outstanding in appearance, figure, and temperament. They were goddesses that even bootlickers could hardly dream of, and they didn’t even have a chance to be a bootlicker.

With more than a dozen cups of mellow wine entering his throat, Qing Muling, who was slightly intoxicated, exhaled lightly. He looked down at the open space below, where many outer sect female disciples were lined up and dancing to the music. His eyes gradually became blurred.

Thinking back to his previous life, when he was bedridden all year round, he would be grateful to see the sun rise the next day. It was already quite difficult to be alive, so how could he have the mind to think about other things?

At least bootlickers had someone to bootlick. There was a faint and almost ethereal thought. But at that time, Qing Muling didn’t even have a target to bootlick.

Other people’s singleness was called a single dog, but my singleness was called “Goubuli” (a famous Chinese steamed bun brand).

It was particularly painful to think about.

Until the end of his life, Qing Muling was unable to confess to a girl or hold a girl’s hand.

Perhaps it was because of the miserable life in his previous life that the fate in the dark sent him to this unfamiliar and vast time and space, a magnificent and vast world, with various races ruling and wars raging, with supremely talented individuals emerging one after another, and scenes of epic civilization and heroic legends unfolding one after another.

Arriving in such a vast world, even a normal person would want to work hard and achieve something in the future. Qing Muling also had such thoughts at first.


His senior sisters were all powerful figures, beautiful and pleasant to talk to. They took care of him meticulously, and he loved this kind of life. So…

Senior sisters, I don’t want to work hard anymore!

Qing Muling laughed at himself and thought that lying down and cultivating immortality was not a bad idea. The key was that he didn’t have a better choice at the moment.

Compared to his senior sisters, his cultivation level was still too weak. In the foreseeable future, he was destined to be suppressed by his senior sisters. Wanting to turn the tables and become the master? Difficult! Too difficult!

After drinking the spiritual wine in the wine jar, Qing Muling withdrew his thoughts and looked back at the hall with deep and calm eyes.

He was looking at the beauties, and the beauties were also looking at him, especially those core disciples with high cultivation levels. Their gazes almost never left him, with an eager and ready-to-approach posture.

“Damn… They are all shameless foxes!”

Qi Yalan, who was sitting next to Qing Muling, cursed inwardly. With her cultivation level, how could she not see that the senior sisters in this hall were all eyeing the junior brother?

However, it was not appropriate to act in public, especially since others did not have any inappropriate behavior. It was impossible to say that people couldn’t even look at him in such a public occasion.Moments later, Qi Shuyu, who was full of confidence, gracefully rose from her seat. Holding a white jade dragon wine jug in her slender hand, she walked over with a light and elegant gait. She stopped in front of Qing Muling’s desk, her beautiful eyes calmly studying him.

“Junior Brother Qing?”

Qi Shuyu’s lips parted slightly, her voice soft and beautiful as she called out, ignoring the icy gaze of Qi Yalan beside her.

“Sister Qi.”

Qing Muling glanced at this woman, who was dressed up and had a temperament as beautiful as the eldest sister. He responded in a light tone.

Qi Shuyu gave a charming smile, handing the wine jug in her hand to him, and gently said:

“Meeting is fate. I would like to toast to Junior Brother, and may I borrow a moment to speak with you?”


Before Qing Muling could speak, Qi Yalan beside him responded coldly, almost as if she was about to drive people away.

Qi Shuyu’s eyes sparkled, and she smiled slightly: “Sister Qi, you are also a clear-hearted swordswoman with profound cultivation, a proud daughter of heaven. You should understand that if you care too much about some things, it may backfire!”

“Junior Brother is after all the personal disciple of the Supreme Sect Master, his status is equivalent to yours. Even if you are his official Dao companion, you can’t interfere with his actions so rudely, can you?”


Qi Yalan’s expression changed slightly, and she looked at Qing Muling with a bit of unease. She could ignore Qi Shuyu’s words, but she couldn’t ignore Junior Brother’s feelings. If this caused his displeasure, it would be more loss than gain.

Qing Muling subtly squeezed Qi Yalan’s hand and calmly said: “If Sister Qi wants to talk to me, I can agree, but we cannot leave the sight of Third Sister, how about that?”

Immediately, Qi Yalan’s expression relaxed a lot. Junior Brother still trusted her more after all…

Qi Shuyu laughed: “It seems that the relationship between you two is closer than I expected. Let’s do it this way! Actually, I have no ill intentions, I just want to talk to you.”

So the three of them got up, temporarily left the scene under many subtle gazes, and reseated in a nearby vacant side hall.

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