Chapter 36 – Daydream

To revitalize the sect and restore the strength and status of the supreme Dao lineage, and to revive the glorious Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace of ancient times. This is the most important goal for the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace and countless elders in the past ten thousand years, or you could say it’s their obsession.

To achieve this goal, they are willing to pay any price.

In the history that has passed, it is not uncommon for some once famous superpowers to experience a significant decline in strength due to various changes. Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is just one of them.

No matter which superpower it is, once it falls out of this circle, it is like being sentenced to death. If it can revive and return to the ranks of the supreme Dao lineage at some point in the future, it will naturally be a cause for celebration.

If this once supreme Dao lineage is not capable and continues to decline, then more and more forces will be watching it. When its power and influence continue to decline to a certain critical point, it will be swarmed by wolves and bees, and its last foundation will be crazily divided and plundered!

Since its decline ten thousand years ago, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has only barely managed to hold onto its core and most important foundation, but it is still far from a complete revival.

Therefore, for the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, time is running out. The enemies from the past have become more restless, constantly probing and harassing in certain areas, creating friction and troubles for Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

That’s why the appearance of Qing Muling has given the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace a glimmer of hope. It is the hope to completely resolve the crisis of the sect and return to the ranks of the supreme Dao lineage. Everything that happens next is logical.

However, people always have their own selfishness, and these high-level members are no exception. It is only right for the sect to be revitalized, as it concerns the lives and fortunes of everyone in the sect. No one would have any objections to this major strategic goal.

But under this strategic goal, many things can still be discussed and negotiated. How should the sect be revitalized? What strategy is most suitable? Which faction should take the lead? How should the benefits be divided after success? Who can gain the greatest benefits…

It is precisely because of these unspeakable selfish thoughts that even after the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace unanimously agreed to fully cultivate Qing Muling, some of the elders still schemed for their own descendants and used some underhanded methods that couldn’t be revealed.

They have no ill intentions towards Qing Muling, but they also don’t want to see him getting too close to the power of Sect Master Mu Yinghua. If they can find a way to gently and reasonably win him over to their own faction, it would be the ideal result.

Therefore, Qi Shuyu, who had just stabilized her new realm and was planning to go out for a journey, was stopped by her own ancestor and given some instructions. After careful planning, she came to Linzhou City with this reinforcement army.

“…The ancestor must know more inside information than I do, but due to the oath of the great Dao, it is impossible for him to tell me directly. He can only hint at it indirectly.”

“Furthermore, when Qing Muling first appeared, he was already the closed-door disciple of the Supreme Sect Master, and he was guided and taken care of in his cultivation and daily life by Senior Sister. This completely proves that they know more secrets and can achieve early success.”

“We don’t really know what special qualities Qing Muling possesses, but we don’t need to know too much now. Just by looking at how much Senior Sister values him, we understand what we should do next…”

Qi Shuyu analyzed calmly, and the female cultivators around her nodded in agreement. If it was just Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan deliberately misleading others, it would be too costly. Normal leaders wouldn’t do that, as resources don’t fall from the sky.

“Now that Senior Sister Qi has made a decision, what should we do now?” a charming and beautiful girl in a blue dress asked with a smile.

“Wait for Junior Brother Qing to come out of seclusion, and find an excuse to invite him to a banquet,” Qi Shuyu said confidently, “Although Senior Sister and the others have the advantage of being the first, our conditions are not weaker than theirs. It may not be as difficult as we imagine to make Junior Brother Qing get close to us!”

She looked around and said with a smile, “I think the elders and junior sisters present here would not refuse to have a destined son of fortune as their Dao companion, right?”

The female cultivators pondered, and in fact, when it comes to recruiting and cultivating talents, the means of persuasion and influence that each sect can use are nothing more than that. Many times, it is about who is willing to invest more and who is willing to pay the price. After all, resources don’t fall from the sky.

Inside the cultivation room.

As Qing Muling slowly finished his cultivation, the enlightenment light that enveloped the three senior sisters gradually faded and disappeared.

“Is it over already?”

Fourth Senior Sister Luo Wanqing was the first to wake up from her deep meditation, and she couldn’t help but reach out and touch Junior Brother, feeling that the enlightenment light was too obvious, making her reluctant to let go.

Xuebing Xuan let out a sigh of relief and stood up, leaning over to hold Qing Muling’s wrist and sensing it slightly. She nodded in satisfaction.

“Indeed, you have made a breakthrough, and the accumulation is truly unimaginably profound. Our Junior Brother is becoming more and more powerful.”

Although Xuebing Xuan had repeatedly raised her expectations for Qing Muling in her heart, his performance still exceeded her understanding of a monstrous genius.

“And it seems that the effect of this enlightenment light is stronger…”

Qi Yalan said in a low voice, “As long as we accompany Junior Brother in his cultivation every day, I believe we won’t be too far from the next realm, right? Qi Shuyu, that seductive and cheap woman, thinks that just because she has broken through to the Destiny Realm, she can compete with you, Senior Sister? She really doesn’t know her place!”

Xuebing Xuan was nonchalant, “With Junior Brother here, what do we have to worry about? Even if her cultivation level is higher than mine now, so what? Sooner or later, we will leave her far behind!”

Even within the Destiny Realm, there were differences in strength. Qi Shuyu had only just stepped into this realm, while Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan was already at the peak of the Destiny Realm, preparing to break through to the next major realm.

In those established super Dao Lineages, those in the Destiny Realm were already considered the backbone. Even among the core elders who held real power, not everyone could reach this level of strength.

Now, with the assistance of Qing Muling’s enlightenment,

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