Chapter 32 – Encirclement and annihilation

As the secret meeting was coming to an end, Qing Muling asked softly, “Should we take action now and eliminate these anomalies, especially the leading witch?”

Being able to secretly possess the core disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, this is not something an ordinary powerful monster can do. The conspiracy planned by it must be extremely complicated.

If Qi Yalan can take the initiative, whether she captures or kills it, she can directly thwart the secret actions of the underground monsters against Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, and afterwards, she can receive heavy rewards from the higher-ups of the sect.

Qi Yalan, who is now merged with Qing Muling’s power, can share his perspective on anything he can see, thanks to her special talent.

Upon hearing Qing Muling’s proposal, Qi Yalan did not hesitate and immediately agreed, “Okay!”

In the next moment, a surging sword aura swept down, layers of cold light enveloping the location of the house. Countless long sword beams, like a hurricane, came swirling and attacking.

The house was made of ordinary bricks and wood materials, and within a fraction of a breath, it was crushed into powder by the terrifying sword aura. However, the array barrier inside was not illusory. Despite being on the verge of collapse under the intensive attacks of countless sword beams, its radiance dimmed, but it still had at least two or three breaths of time before it completely collapsed.

“Damn it, how did you handle things? You actually let human cultivators discover this place?!”

After a brief astonishment, the monsters inside finally reacted. The leading witch scolded angrily and stood up from the altar. She raised her hand, and a string of bone bracelets flew out from her left wrist, transforming into eighteen huge and pale skulls that rose into the air. Each skull emitted a blood-colored gloomy light, layering upon the crumbling barrier.

At the same time, the other underground demon clan powerhouses also made their moves. Tornadoes swept across the ground, countless dark thunder, demonic flames, bone knives, and bone swords counterattacked Qi Yalan like a raging flood.

A clear and bright flag appeared behind Qi Yalan, and as the flag rolled up, countless lotus flowers appeared out of thin air, forming a dense and tough light curtain that protected her and Qing Muling. Despite the fierce attacks from numerous demon clan powerhouses, the clear light barrier remained unyielding.

“…Abandon this place immediately, everyone split up!”

The witch with the long sword made a decision after a brief consideration. With such a big commotion, this important hidden stronghold of the demon clan in the city could not be preserved.

After today, it would be difficult to say how many of the demon clan spies who had managed to infiltrate the city could escape. But at the moment, there was no time to worry about that. They could only try to minimize the losses.

In such a high-level confrontation, Qing Muling was currently of no help, but he wouldn’t just stand by and watch. Although Senior Sister Qi Yalan’s cultivation was formidable, it was impossible for her to deal with all these underground monster powerhouses on her own.

Three warning spirit talismans flew out from Qing Muling’s hand, turning into three dazzling red light arrows that shot up into the sky at a dazzling speed. With the sound of thunderous explosions spreading, three magnificent and dazzling fireworks bloomed in the sky, visible even in areas thousands of miles away from the city.

In an instant, hundreds and thousands of powerful auras rose from various corners of the city. Several figures, the fastest ones, had already appeared beside Qi Yalan, with Snow Bingxuan, the eldest senior sister, leading them.

“What’s going on? How come so many high-level demons suddenly appeared in the city?”

Snow Bingxuan was also startled by the scene before her, but it was obviously not the time to investigate the cause. With a slight thought, a hundred-zhang tall and ancient-looking cauldron phantom solidified behind her, bringing down a fierce flame like an ancient divine mountain.

Immediately, the previously stable barrier could no longer hold up and collapsed with a loud crash. The many demon clan powerhouses were completely exposed to the attacks of the two senior sisters.


Qi Yalan’s face looked somewhat unsightly. In front of her junior brother, she actually failed to deal with these underground monster powerhouses in the first place and had to rely on her senior sister to come and save the situation.

Although it was due to the opponent’s large numbers, it was not a reason to forgive herself. She must not let Qing Muling think that she was inferior to her senior sister.

Therefore, Qi Yalan made her move without any reservation this time, even if it meant overdrawing all her mana. The Silent and Profound Sword erupted with countless thunderous sword beams, pouring down like a river, causing the weather to change in an instant, and even the space to solidify.

Piercing and vicious screams resounded one after another. Several weak demon powerhouses were torn apart by the sharp sword aura, instantly gaining hundreds of visible bone-deep wounds on their bodies.

These wounds were thin, long, and extremely deep, not only injuring their internal organs and bone marrow but also carrying a terrifying killing Dao Rhyme, making the healing of the wounds extremely difficult and slow, even if they took healing elixirs.

In the blink of an eye, nearly half of the demon powerhouses were heavily injured and coughing up blood, and a few unlucky ones were directly dismembered and then torn into pieces by the fierce and unparalleled sword aura!

“Quick… break through!”The witch, drenched in blood, let out a fierce howl. With a flick of her hand, several human skin banners flew out, transforming into demonic shadows that danced around her in a bloody rainbow, desperately fending off the relentless attacks surrounding her. Despite her high status, her cultivation was not the strongest among these aberrations. Even though she possessed many valuable items, she couldn’t avoid getting injured and was so suppressed that she could hardly breathe.

Among the remaining demonic powerhouses, the most formidable ones could still hold their ground for the time being, but their situation was hopeless, and they began to consider retreating. After all, this was the territory of human cultivators, and they were at a disadvantage in all aspects. A head-on confrontation was undoubtedly the most foolish choice.

Upon hearing the witch’s words, they immediately put their thoughts into action. However, it was already too late. Half of the sky was suddenly illuminated by a bright red glow.

Before the witch could react, a figure enveloped in the red glow had already arrived, blazing, wild, and striking like a humanoid ancient tyrannosaurus! The tangible killing intent made her scalp tingle, and the area within ten meters around her was already controlled by a desolate and hopeless Dao Rhyme of destruction.

Just as the witch was about to be blasted into dust on the spot by the fourth sister, a rolling demonic energy surged out of her body without warning, actually blocking Luo Wanqing’s oppressive attack. It then transformed into a tall and majestic figure.

It was a middle-aged man in a purple robe, with a handsome face and a tall, sturdy body. His bright eyes seemed like lightning cutting through the long night, carrying a strange demonic Dao Rhyme that made people dare not meet his gaze.

“So it’s a direct descendant of the Underground Demon Emperor, capable of summoning its avatar to save her life?”

Xuebing Xuan’s expression was solemn. She pulled Qing Muling behind her to protect him. Junior Brother’s cultivation was limited. If he was targeted by this avatar of the Demon Emperor, it was hard to say what would happen.

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