Chapter 31 – Ambush

The house on the surface looks ordinary and does not attract attention at all.

But inside, there is a rare and powerful barrier, with countless small light quality symbols the size of mosquitoes and flies forming a thick light curtain. Not only is the defense extremely strong, but it can also isolate and shield most of the detection spells and divine abilities known to Qing Muling.

If it weren’t for Qing Muling’s stronger spiritual consciousness than ordinary cultivators and the unpredictable power to evade the barrier, he would not have discovered the mysteries inside the house.

Qing Muling’s thoughts quickly turned, and his left hand under the table suddenly reached out and gently touched the round and slender jade leg of Senior Sister Qi Yalan next to him, applying a slight force to caress it.

“Junior Brother, you…”

Qi Yalan’s beautiful face blushed slightly, she turned her head in surprise and looked at him. Although they had a good relationship in the past and she couldn’t help but make some moves on him during the night classes until dawn, it was not like the character of Junior Brother to take the initiative like this in broad daylight.

Could it be that he has really made a decision and intends to get rid of those fake and arrogant seductive people and choose her?

“Sister Yalan, lend me some strength…”

Qing Muling quickly informed himself of the reason for doing this with his spiritual consciousness. Qi Yalan raised her eyebrows, and her white wrist connected with Junior Brother’s five fingers, and a surge of mana rushed over like a raging wave.

In an instant, Qing Muling, whose strength had temporarily increased, used his spiritual consciousness to penetrate the thick barrier and saw the situation inside the house: more than twenty mysterious auras, wrapped in thick black mist, powerful creatures that did not look human, standing silently together.

In the blank area among these guys, there stood a strange altar about ten feet high, as black as ink.

On the altar, there was a flame-shaped throne, and sitting on it was none other than the core disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, Luo Wanqing.

Although her appearance and temperament had undergone some subtle changes at this moment, she didn’t look like the same person at all, but Qing Muling couldn’t be fooled.


Qing Muling felt countless grass mud horses roaring in his heart, and his thoughts almost couldn’t turn the corner. How could the core disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace suddenly become a spy among the alien races?

But thinking back to what she said to him last time, it seemed not difficult to understand. With the identity and status of Elder Le Yi, it was impossible for her to threaten Qing Muling in such a direct and crude way. It could only mean that she had falsely reported military information and had already become a traitor who had joined the alien races. What couldn’t she do?

“She is no longer Luo Wanqing!”

Qi Yalan’s spiritual consciousness said to him, “Just now, the message sent by Master confirmed that the original Luo Wanqing had long been captured by them and controlled by some special secret technique. So now, she can only be regarded as a puppet treasure.”

“The reason why we didn’t take immediate action is to use their own tricks against those underground monsters and alien races.”

Qing Muling silently nodded and began to eavesdrop on the conversation of these aliens in the house with Senior Sister.

“…How is the plan going?”

“Qing Muling” asked coldly, looking at the eyes of these powerful underground monsters around with impatience, disdain, and contempt.

“According to the envoy’s words, the old master has already gathered enough legions against the intentions of the high-level members of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. They are all elite forces, and they have set up ambushes in the designated areas. We only need to wait for them to launch the attack, and then we can counterattack fiercely and give them an unforgettable lesson!” A figure wrapped in black mist reported in a sinister tone.

Qing Muling sneered, “The power of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is not to be underestimated. Luo Wanqing, that woman, has many powerful witches supporting her. How much price is that old immortal willing to pay to take down this city and completely control Linzhou?”

Another figure’s voice was hoarse, “Envoys, this piece of void land called Linzhou has long been the territory of our holy race for many years. Their remaining power can only barely hold a few strongholds, including this city.”

“With our current strength, we can completely expel or annihilate them and make this rich and beautiful land permanently belong to our holy race!”

Qing Muling’s expression seemed to ease, “But the reinforcements from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace in the past few days are too many. Even if we find a way to win this battle, how much price do we have to pay?”

“Envoys, don’t worry. Those low-level monsters are cannon fodder to us. We don’t need to care about how many casualties there are. As long as we can meet the expectations above, the elite legion can be sacrificed!”Long Xin announced, “I have tried to tempt and lure him, but unfortunately, he was not swayed. Compared to bribery and persuasion, perhaps directly capturing him is a more suitable choice. After all, his current cultivation level is not strong enough.”

“So, your mission is to find a way to obtain this sacrificial item before the war begins. I believe the old master will definitely reward you generously.”

“Yes, Honorable Envoy!”

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