Chapter 33 – Origin Devour

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation appeared and immediately took control of the situation with supreme power.

Among the powerful underground monsters in the vicinity, except for nearly half of them who were already dead, anyone who still had a breath was captured and protected by it.

“…The younger generation of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace indeed has some means, actually able to see through our clan’s arrangement,”

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation straightened its body, its purple-black long hair fluttering in the wind, and a deep and majestic voice sounded: “But just letting you succeed like this, doesn’t it make our underground holy clan’s bloodline appear too incompetent? In the end, I must give you a profound lesson!”

Snow Bingxuan, with her fluttering clothes, coldly snorted: “If it were your true body, we would indeed be unable to deal with you. How dare you be so arrogant with just an incarnation? Who gave you the courage and confidence?”

In an instant, the wind and clouds surged, and the earth trembled, cracking countless branch-like fissures. As the phantom of the alchemy cauldron behind Senior Sister slowly rotated, a series of nearly transparent flame barriers descended from the sky, sealing off the space within a radius of ten miles, suppressing the ferocity of the Demon Emperor’s incarnation.

The destructive power that the Demon Emperor’s incarnation could erupt with was not to be underestimated. In order to avoid affecting the ordinary people in the city, Snow Bingxuan had used her methods to restrict the battlefield. Otherwise, if the many powerhouses were to fight without restraint, the entire city would be reduced to ruins in an instant.

“Hehe… the younger generation who has obtained the inheritance of the ancient Yun Miao Immortal Lord does seem quite impressive, and their luck and destiny are not simple. It seems that there is still room for further growth in the future? But I can’t let you continue to grow!”

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation said calmly, its terrifying aura rising steadily. A strange scepter, about a zhang long, with a blackish color and a hint of golden light, appeared in its hand.

The ferocious beast head at the top of the scepter lit up, emitting a dense and translucent black light. Not only did it block the attacks of the three senior sisters, but it also slowly and steadily expanded outward.

Wherever the black light passed, it formed its own domain. Countless brain-eating vines, wandering soul cypresses, blood-dripping grass, skeletal demon trees… as well as various unknown plants, sprouted from the ground like mushrooms after rain, growing wildly under the nourishment of the black light, quickly forming a large-scale climate.

Different from the common grass and plants on the surface, these things born from the scepter were hideous, ugly, and extremely aggressive. In just a few breaths, they broke through the flame barrier set up by Senior Sister and rapidly spread to the surrounding city area.

Wherever these monsters passed, one mansion after another was leveled, roads were covered, and as long as any living creature fell into them, they would be entangled and killed in an instant. Not only would their flesh and blood be devoured, but even their souls would find it difficult to escape.

Luo Wanqing’s expression turned cold: “You old dog, you actually brought out the Soul Purgatory Staff? Do you want to completely destroy the entire city?”

“Hehe… you few juniors couldn’t pass the test of this deity, so you can only die! The millions of ordinary people in this city can be used for a grand blood sacrifice!”

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation’s cold voice contained a hint of madness that wanted to destroy everything.

Immediately, the expressions of all the disciples present changed. For cultivators above the Understanding Mystery Realm, the average killing power of these monsters was not high, but they had a huge numerical advantage. Moreover, the majority of the living beings in the city were ordinary people, and they had no resistance against these underground monsters.

Luo Wanqing’s figure quietly disappeared, and when she reappeared, she had already approached the Demon Emperor’s incarnation. She held a wolf-tooth war hammer, which was about two zhang long and extremely thick, in her hand. Countless intricate light runes on the hammerhead flickered and danced.

A deafening explosion resounded as the wolf-tooth war hammer drew a terrifying afterimage in the air, as if an ancient divine mountain had collapsed, heavily smashing onto the black light domain created by the Soul Purgatory Staff.

In the earth-shattering roar, the black light domain visibly dimmed, and then quickly returned to its original state. Fourth Senior Sister’s full-powered strike was unable to break through the protection of the Soul Purgatory Staff.

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation glanced at her with a hint of surprise: “You little witch of the Witch Clan are quite extraordinary. It seems that the ancestral bloodline in your body is starting to revive? Unfortunately, it’s still too short-lived to be a concern!”

“Come again!”

Luo Wanqing’s aura rose steadily, and countless extremely violent air currents surged. Behind her, a giant phantom, about a hundred zhang tall, with muscular body and wrapped in beast skin armor, slowly appeared. It held a shield in its left hand and a hammer in its right hand, its eyes filled with endless fighting spirit as it stared at the Demon Emperor’s incarnation.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Wanqing’s body turned into countless afterimages, smashing hundreds and thousands of heavy blows around the Demon Emperor’s incarnation. In the terrifying explosions, the expansion of the black light domain supported by the Soul Purgatory Staff was finally restrained and slowly shrank to a radius of several li before stabilizing again.

With a wave of Qi Yalan’s hand, a sword qi of ten thousand zhang, carrying unmatched momentum, swept down. In addition to the rolling flames pouring out from Senior Sister’s alchemy treasure, everything in its path turned to ashes, annihilating everything. The areas affected by the underground monsters were completely cleared.

“…Hmph! This Soul Purgatory Staff is a precious heirloom of our underground holy clan, refined from the heart of the Nine Nether Devouring Soul Nightmare Mother Tree. With just your abilities, you still want to deal with it? If your master were here, it might be possible!”

The Demon Emperor’s incarnation’s cold voice echoed in the sky. The scepter in its hand suddenly began to rapidly expand, and countless thick blood-colored roots grew from the end, deeply penetrating into the ground. At the top, countless branches and leaves grew out endlessly, enveloping the entire area with a cold and desolate aura.At this moment, many elders and disciples had already arrived, but under the command of Xuebing Xuan, they all retreated. Such a terrifying demon was not something ordinary powerhouses could contend with. Rashly attacking would only increase casualties.

In just a few moments, the Soul Prison Holy Staff transformed into a terrifying giant tree that reached from the ground to the sky. Countless pitch-black branches and leaves twisted and danced like living creatures, stirring up numerous whirlwinds.

Qi Yalan urged the Ancient Sword of Silence, and countless sword lights, each over a hundred feet long and refined to the extreme, fell like raindrops. They cut and shredded a large number of leaves and branches, leaving countless deep sword marks on the trunk of the tree. A massive amount of purple blood gushed out, only to be sucked back in.

At this moment, the Demon Emperor’s incarnation had already merged into the giant tree, further enhancing its formidable power. Even the precious cauldron of the senior sister could not suppress it.

With a hair-raising roar, countless vines as thick as water tanks, resembling giant pythons, burst out from the ground. They rapidly rose to a height of a thousand feet, spewing out rolling black poisonous demon fog, obscuring the sky.

“Why is it so difficult?”

Xuebing Xuan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. It seemed that she would have to use her trump card. Otherwise, if she let this Demon Emperor’s incarnation continue to wreak havoc, who knew how many innocent people would die.

“Senior sister, I… I want to…”

Qing Muling, standing next to her, poked her smooth and tight waist, speaking weakly.

Xuebing Xuan replied irritably, “Do you want to help? Save it. This level of battle is not something you can get involved in!”


Qing Muling opened his mouth, not knowing how to explain. The mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness had just stirred, sending him an incredibly strong urge to devour. It was clearly aimed at the giant tree formed by the Soul Prison Holy Staff.

Perhaps… the Harmony Spirit Seed inherently suppressed any creatures of the plant kingdom? So it could contend with this demon tree?

However, this matter involved his biggest secret, and he couldn’t tell his senior sister outright. Even if he did, she wouldn’t believe him.

At this moment, an exceptionally thick vine-like branch, hidden by the black fog, lashed out like lightning. It swept past Xuebing Xuan, coming close to her, only to be barely blocked by her protective light shield.

Seeing the fleeting opportunity, Qing Muling could no longer care about anything else. He raised his hand and pointed at the ferocious vine. A slender leaf shadow, glowing with purple light, emerged from his hand and gently wrapped around the vine.

In an instant, it was as if thunder had struck, and the sound of rolling thunder echoed continuously in the sky. Qing Muling felt wave after wave of majestic spiritual essence rushing towards him along the vine, one wave after another, endless.

Under normal circumstances, such a surge of spiritual energy would be enough to completely obliterate Qing Muling, leaving nothing behind. However, some mysterious force perfectly absorbed all the spiritual essence that was transmitted, and he was not affected at all.

“What… what is this?”

The voice of the Demon Emperor’s incarnation, filled with both shock and anger, echoed from the depths of the black fog: “My origin? My origin is actually being drained? Damn it! You juniors of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace… what the hell are you doing?”

The giant tree in the depths of the black fog began to struggle violently, and countless extended vines quickly retracted. Luo Wanqing and the other two women didn’t know what was happening, but that didn’t stop them from continuing their attack, beating the dog in the water! Countless flames and sword lights rained down.

The shadow of the Demon Emperor’s incarnation emerged from the giant tree formed by the Soul Prison Holy Staff, frantically casting spells in an attempt to slow down the loss of his essence, but to no avail.

A few moments later, even the origin of the Soul Prison Holy Staff began to be ruthlessly drained by the mysterious force, and there was no sign of it stopping.

With the cultivation of the Demon Emperor’s incarnation, he quickly came to a conclusion: if he didn’t withdraw soon, he might really fall here today.

Although it was just an incarnation, its fall would still cause great damage to the main body, requiring a large amount of resources and time to recover. And the Soul Prison Holy Staff was one of the sacred artifacts of his clan, and it absolutely couldn’t fall into the hands of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

“…Enough! You juniors of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, you’ve won this round. We’ll see!”

In a split second, the Demon Emperor’s incarnation made a quick decision. He sacrificed part of his body and blood to activate an escape technique, breaking through the blockade and disappearing into the sky.

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