Chapter 92 – First Round: Qiu Shaoze angrily loses 40 million

Proofreader & Editor : Howard Wong

Qiu Shaoze cast an icy glare in He Ju's direction, itching to make a move, but was stopped by Bai Shangmo pressing down his bidding paddle, warning him, "Don't forget why you came here today."


Thus, Qiu Shaoze's raging fury was forcibly suppressed.


The thought of Si Hua's graceful figure and her cool, delicate face made him uncontrollably angry.


How wonderful Si Hua was, yet she was beneath such a disgusting man as He Ju, enjoying his favor.


The mere thought was enough to torment him.


The first auction featured items with set prices, and the hall buzzed with excitement as everyone eagerly bid.


But to He Ju, nothing caught his eye except for that hairpin. He planned to adorn Si Hua with it once they returned.


Imagining Si Hua wearing the hairpin, tearing her cheongsam, the tassels swaying with her movements, exposing her snowy neck… the image was indescribably beautiful.


He Ju felt a wave of heat surge through him at the thought.


If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't leave, he would have long since played the role of a hands-off manager.


The waitstaff brought over fruits, pastries, and snacks for He Ju and his companions as they ate and waited.


By the time the first auction ended at noon, it was lunchtime, yet no one seemed inclined to leave.


"Please take a short break. In forty minutes, the second auction will commence. It will be lengthy, and boxed lunches will be provided to everyone. Please collect them in an orderly fashion."


As soon as Bai Bingbing finished speaking, the waitstaff wheeled out the food carts.


Though it was just a boxed lunch, the free meal was nothing to scoff at. Each box contained four dishes and a soup, plus a beverage or wine.


No one complained; everyone simply took a box and began to eat.


The second and third floors were different, reserved for VIPs, not boxed lunches, but rather ordinary home-cooked dishes.


But He Ju's table was an exception, resembling a feast fit for royalty. As soon as Bai Bingbing's voice faded, a long line of waitstaff served their table and hung curtains in front of them to block the view from downstairs and the crowd.


It was a considerate gesture.


Bai Yan was stunned, "Is the auction this high-class this year?"


In the past, even those who sat in this spot only got boxed lunches or a few unappetizing dishes. Had things changed this year?


The table was laden with succulent roast chicken, braised pork, tender beef tendons, sweet and sour ribs, spicy lobster, oysters… leek dumplings, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a variety of other dishes.


Fatty and Motor were drooling.


Fatty immediately dragged over a chair, "My God, this is a feast! It's true, hanging out with you guys, I'll gain ten pounds in a week."


Elder Jiang was bewildered; it was his first time seeing Lin Feng, a notoriously stingy man, treating guests.


He hadn't received such treatment himself, which suggested that He Ju had truly caught Lin Feng's eye.


Perhaps Lin Feng was holding back a big move?


Elder Jiang grew anxious, his appetite waning at the sight of the delicious spread.


Could Lin Feng be…


Planning to compete with him for someone?


When the waitstaff left, they smiled warmly at He Ju, "This is courtesy of our boss for Mr. He. Enjoy your meal."


After speaking, the waitstaff swiftly cleared out.


He Ju and Bai Yan exchanged glances. Bai Yan raised an eyebrow, "To eat or not to eat?"


Whether this meal was a trap remained unclear.


He Ju smiled and picked up his chopsticks first, "When food comes knocking at your door, there's no reason not to eat. Let's eat!"


Fatty and Motor beamed with joy, "Exactly! Bro, I love your carefree spirit! Eat!"


Elder Jiang looked at He Ju with a hint of admiration. If it were him, he might not have dared to eat.


He Ju was smart enough to see through the situation, which only meant…


Indeed, the bravery of youth knows no fear.


Old Seven was a man of few words, but since He Ju had declared it was time to eat, why hold back? He sat down and joined the feast with gusto.


All men with hearty appetites, they ate quickly, and in no time, the table was nearly cleared.



Forty minutes passed in a flash.


Empty plates and bowls were quickly removed.


The second auction differed from the first.


While the first auction had set prices, the second auctioned stones.


Each stone, regardless of size, had been inspected by world-class gemstone experts, ensuring there was something inside before being auctioned.


As for the value of what was inside, that depended on personal luck.


It was either financial ruin or overnight wealth.


All eyes were on the second auction.


It was like opening a mystery box, except… the cost of this mystery box was not something the average person could afford.


From that moment on, the starting bid for every stone was one million!


When Bai Bingbing announced the start, the big screens around the room clearly displayed the stone's pattern.


With just one glance, He Ju was the first to raise his paddle, "Ten million!"


That ten million set the entire hall abuzz.


While other gemstone experts were still scrutinizing with magnifying glasses, He Ju had already thrown out ten million, which was quite shocking.


Su Ran, dressed in a white gown and with light makeup, her eyes still dull, suddenly looked up at He Ju when he announced the ten million bid.


Shen Yan was also stunned, "Where did he get so much money?"


Fang Yuxue's breath halted for a moment.


Ten million, not many families could easily call out such a sum.


At that moment, He Ju undoubtedly became the center of attention.


Bai Shangmo nodded at Qiu Shaoze, who immediately raised his paddle, "Twenty million!"


Bai Yan gasped, feeling apprehensive, "Is this stone worth…"


Before Bai Yan could finish, He Ju stood up and raised his paddle again, "Thirty million!"


Qiu Shaoze's eyes reddened with fury, and before Bai Shangmo could stop him, he bid, "Forty million!!!"


Everyone held their breath. This was only the first item, and it had already reached the astronomical price of forty million!


What if the stone only contained something worth a few hundred thousand? Wouldn't that be a joke?


Just when everyone thought He Ju would continue bidding, he put down his paddle, sat down, and casually started cracking sunflower seeds.


Bai Bingbing excitedly hammered the gavel,  "Forty million once!

Forty million twice!

Forty million three times!

Congratulations to this gentleman!"


Qiu Shaoze was dumbfounded. He Ju was… not bidding anymore?!


Bai Shangmo's expression darkened, "Forty million? For the first item? Are they mad?!"


Bai Yan leaned in close to He Ju, "Is it worth it? That forty million?"


He Ju smiled slyly, "It's not."


He wasn't interested in anything today, only in Qiu Shaoze. If he couldn't make Qiu Shaoze leave the auction like a dog that had lost its home, then he, He Ju, would not bear the 'He' surname!


Elder Jiang's eyes widened, and he patted his heart in relief, glad he hadn't bid.


Sitting next to He Ju was indeed the right choice!

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