Chapter 93 – What danger was Fang Yuxue pushed to in front of He Ju?

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Bai Shangmo glanced at Qiu Shaoze: "Alright, sit down! Let's see what this forty million can unravel!"


Qiu Shaoze's face alternated between green and white. He wanted to retort but ultimately didn't dare to challenge Bai Shangmo and sat down angrily.


Each family brought their own stone-cutting master, as once the stones were sold, there were no take-backs.


Thus, the first item was quickly delivered to the stone-cutting master.


Everyone was curious about what was inside the first item, but the auction had its rules: all stones had to be auctioned off before they could be revealed to everyone.


Before that, only the owner who won the bid knew what was inside.


As the second item was put up for auction, Bai Yan couldn't contain his curiosity and asked He Ju: "What's inside that forty-million stone?"


Forty million!


Everyone's ears perked up.


He Ju glanced over and didn't tell Bai Yan outright, but gave him a look that said, "Be patient."


During their conversation, the second item had already been sold.


Then the third, the fourth… until the seventh item passed before everyone's eyes, Qiu Shaoze finally raised his paddle: "Ten million!"


He Ju also looked at the big screen. The stone was large, and a hint of green light peeked from within, suggesting the potential for jade.


Indeed, it could reveal jade.


So when Qiu Shaoze made his bid, He Ju patted Bai Yan, who immediately raised the bid: "Thirty million!"


Qiu Shaoze was furious: "Fifty million!"


Bai Shangmo had received a tip: there was something good hidden in this stone, and once revealed, the Bai family might no longer hold the title of the wealthiest in Hua country.




Qiu Shaoze couldn't care less; this was his only chance.


When Bai Yan wanted to continue bidding, He Ju pressed down Bai Yan's paddle: "Let him have it."


Bai Yan obediently sat back down: "Is it worth it this time?"


He Ju sat leisurely, smiling towards Qiu Shaoze's direction: "This time, it's worth it."


Bai Yan suddenly felt a loss: "Damn! Then why did you let him have it?!"


He Ju just smiled without a word.


How could he let Qiu Shaoze think he was formidable if he didn't let him have it?


He had seen Qiu Shaoze's room filled with stone-cutting masters; how could he let him relax without revealing something decent?


Sure enough, when the seventh item was unveiled and presented to Qiu Shaoze, his smile was one of smug self-satisfaction.


Even Bai Shangmo nodded in approval.


When the fifteenth item was projected onto the big screen, He Ju's eyes narrowed slightly. This pattern…

It looked like… the Star of Zhaoyi.

(Proofreader: In Chinese imperial history, "Zhaoyi" (昭仪) was an honorific title bestowed upon certain ladies in the imperial harem, whose status was second only to the queen)


If He Ju remembered correctly, it was worth around 600 million.


As for treasures, this fifteenth item was definitely the highlight of the day.




The few people below were bidding half-heartedly.


"Twenty million!"


"Twenty-five million!"


He Ju subconsciously glanced in Qiu Shaoze's direction, not at him, but at the stone-cutting masters behind him.


Seeing them shake their heads, He Ju was reassured.


Elder Jiang suddenly raised his paddle: "Fifty million!"


He Ju discreetly lowered his head, but his fingers gently tugged at Bai Yan's clothes. Bai Yan immediately sobered up and raised his paddle: "One hundred million!"


The hall erupted with gasps.


Qiu Shaoze's eyes widened, turning to Bai Shangmo: "Uncle, this…"


After a moment's thought, Bai Shangmo nodded towards Qiu Shaoze: "Raise by ten million first, wait for them to continue."


So, Qiu Shaoze raised his paddle again: "Another ten million!"


Elder Jiang immediately became restless, sweat forming on his forehead. The price had reached over a hundred million… People on the first, second, and third floors were all feeling uneasy.


He Ju remained silent, and Bai Yan didn't raise the bid any further.


At that moment, Bai Bingbing took the stage: "One hundred and ten million for the first time!"


Bai Shangmo and Qiu Shaoze's hearts leaped. Could it be that He Ju and Bai Yan weren't bidding anymore?


Bai Bingbing: "One hundred and ten million for the second time!"


Qiu Shaoze's eyes bulged out, anxious, he immediately stood up, and Bai Shangmo stared intently at He Ju.


Why wasn't this kid playing by the rules?


Just as Bai Bingbing was about to finalize the sale, Bai Yan raised his paddle: "Two hundred million."


The entire venue was in an uproar.


People in the hall were so excited they stood up.


Bai Yan's head was spinning; although he had the money, he had never spent so much in one go.


Qiu Shaoze and Bai Shangmo, on the other hand, simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief.


Qiu Shaoze looked thoughtfully at He Ju, feeling somewhat uneasy.


But he had a decent haul in the first half.


Lin Feng's view of He Ju changed.


Although he always knew He Ju was a genius in this field, witnessing him secure this item still made him sigh in awe.


At three o'clock in the afternoon, it was time for a half-hour break.


Before He Ju and the others could leave to take care of their urgent needs, they saw a familiar face.


Bai Yan was about to go with Fatty to relieve themselves when they saw Fang Zhou dragging an unwilling Fang Yuxue over. The desire to watch the drama immediately surged.


Bai Yan's butt had just lifted when it fell back onto the bench, his smile brightening.


As Fang Zhou entered, he handed a prepared invitation to He Ju, smiling: "Mr. He, I am Fang Zhou, the general manager of Fang Group. This is my sister, Fang Yuxue, your classmate. My father couldn't come today, but he's also a seasoned stone gambler. Today, I'm here on behalf of my father to get to know Mr. He. If Mr. He doesn't mind, we welcome you to visit the Fang family anytime."


After Fang Zhou finished speaking, He Ju and the others remained silent, especially He Ju, who couldn't help but want to laugh as he looked at the invitation.


He was too busy to bother Fang Yuxue, but look…


She had delivered herself right to his doorstep.


Fang Yuxue hid behind Fang Zhou like a quail, but Fang Zhou pulled her in front of He Ju.


In that moment, Fang Yuxue's face turned pale with fear.


Fang Zhou still hadn't noticed his sister's discomfort and was about to speak when He Ju tossed the invitation to Fang Yuxue. Although smiling, his tone was unyielding: "Isn't this a coincidence? Isn't this the young lady of the Fang family? What's this? Does the young lady also wish to get to know me, the so-called 'poor boy' in your own words?"


Fang Zhou's face changed immediately, and Fang Yuxue's face also became embarrassed.


Bai Yan, looking at Fang Yuxue's beautiful face, wanted to laugh, so he didn't burst out laughing: "What a sight to behold!"


Fatty whistled and clapped: "Yo, isn't this the young lady of the Fang family? What brings you to us today? What's up? Found some new insults for us?"


Fang Zhou immediately pulled Fang Yuxue behind him, apologizing with a smile: "I'm really sorry, my sister is very easy to get along with. Is there some misunderstanding here?"


Sitting behind He Ju, Elder Qi naturally saw Fang Yuxue as well, but after a glance, he looked away.


She was just an ex-girlfriend, not worth offending He Ju over.


Besides, he was counting on He Ju to show some brotherly loyalty and help him make some money.


He was relying on the second half of the auction.


Seeing the scene, Fang Yuxue felt even more embarrassed and panicked. She had said she wouldn't come, but Fang Zhou insisted on dragging her here. She couldn't even hide, and now she had to face this humiliation.


Now she was in a no-win situation.


Fang Yuxue tugged at Fang Zhou: "Brother, let's go back…"


Fang Zhou was also extremely embarrassed. He wanted to follow Fang Yuxue's words and leave, but He Ju spoke up: "Wait."


Thus, the siblings' steps came to an abrupt halt.


He Ju didn't stand up, still seated, but his face showed no trace of a smile: "Miss Fang, it seems you've forgotten what you've done and said in the past, haven't you?"


Fang Zhou was sweating nervously, knowing Fang Yuxue always prioritized family interests and shouldn't have offended anyone…


But looking at the situation…


It seemed like she had offended someone quite seriously.


At this time, the stone-cutting master also delivered the item Bai Yan had just bid a fortune for.


Not only the stone-cutting master came, but almost all the stone-cutting experts crowded over to He Ju's side.


The spacious area suddenly became cramped.


This scene also caught the attention of the people in the hall, even drawing the eyes of Qiu Shaoze and his group.


Bai Yan, following He Ju's eye signal, didn't wait for the crowd to speak, simply saying: "Leave the item and go. I don't like so many people crowding around here."


The stone-cutting masters hesitated, but seeing He Ju had no intention of explaining, they could only swallow their questions, leave the item, and all exit.


No one dared to say another word?


This scene made the Fang siblings' hearts pound.


But the item was securely packed in a box, and aside from the seemingly valuable box, no one could see what was inside.


He Ju's gaze still rested on Fang Yuxue: "How so? Miss Fang, are you that interested in my affairs?"


Returning to the matter at hand, Fang Yuxue suddenly came back to her senses and shifted her gaze away from the box.


Whatever was inside, it was no longer related to the Fang family.


What she needed to do now was…


Minimize all losses as much as possible.


Not to seek cooperation with Star Brilliance and the Fang family, but to hope that He Ju wouldn't take out his anger on the entire Fang family because of her.


Fang Yuxue, pressured by He Ju's gaze, had no choice but to muster her courage and apologize in front of everyone: "I'm sorry, Mr. He, I was ignorant and offended you in the past. Please be magnanimous and don't hold a grudge against me."


Be magnanimous?


Don't hold a grudge?


If it were any other woman, so beautiful and with such a good figure, lowering her stance like this, He Ju might have shown mercy.


But Fang Yuxue…


He Ju's expression suddenly darkened. During his ten years as a simp, he never received proper attention from Su Ran, and Fang Yuxue's instigation and scheming played no small part.


Su Ran was indeed hateful and disgusting, but after all, she was foolish.


Fang Yuxue was different; this woman was adept at looking down on others and knew how to protect herself.


Such a woman was no good thing.


It was only because He Ju had now made a fortune and had the ability to protect himself that Fang Yuxue didn't crush him to death.


Bai Yan was somewhat worried that He Ju would really let this malicious woman go because of her words.


But He Ju didn't.


He even just beckoned, and Fang Yuxue approached, trembling, only to be caught off guard by He Ju's hand hooking her neck, forcing her to kneel and look up at him.


The posture was too intimate, their eyes met…


Su Ran watched this scene intently, her hatred growing, her nails almost digging into the bench.


No wonder Fang Yuxue always stopped her from pursuing He Ju; was it because she wanted him for herself?


How could she have been so blind to consider Fang Yuxue her best friend?


However, Su Ran didn't hear what He Ju said to Fang Yuxue. Although they were close, Fang Yuxue could even feel He Ju's slightly hot breath, but…


He Ju's fingers on her neck were forceful, causing her features to twist in pain.


Fang Yuxue's head buzzed, but she clearly heard He Ju's chilling words: "Fang Yuxue, do you think a simple apology can cover up the past? Where in the world is there such a cheap deal?"


He Ju patted Fang Yuxue's pale face with a gentle tone that didn't make her smile at all: "Be good, Miss Fang, just wait. Maybe one day, if this 'poor boy' you speak of has a merciful heart and comes to beg me, it might not be too late."


After speaking, He Ju unceremoniously let go of Fang Yuxue, even casually taking a handkerchief from Bai Yan to wipe his hands and then discarding it.


The gesture was clearly one of disgust.


Fang Yuxue bit her lip, feeling her self-esteem had been greatly insulted.


But Fang Yuxue also knew that He Ju was retaliating against her, repaying her for once trampling on his dignity.


These matters couldn't end well.


He Ju would not only not let her go but would not let the Fang family off either.


Fang Zhou also came to his senses, not saying a word, just dragging away the bewildered Fang Yuxue.


No one knew what they had said, but it had caused much speculation.


Just as Fang Yuxue descended the stairs and was still unsteady, a shadow sprang out, startling her. She focused and saw: "Ran Ran?"


But what answered Fang Yuxue was a loud "slap" across her face, sending her reeling back several steps, only steadying herself with the help of the nearby staircase.


But she was also not in a good state, still frightened by He Ju's threat, and then inexplicably slapped by Su Ran, her face aching, her ears ringing.


Fang Zhou was nearly furious to death. Even if Fang Yuxue was wrong, she was still part of the Fang family. It was one thing for He Ju to look down on her, but what right did Su Ran have to strike his sister?!


So, Fang Zhou pushed Su Ran to the ground with great force, cursing: "Damn it, crazy woman, are you sick?"

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