Chapter 91 – Fang Yuxue was scared by He Ju’s identity

Fang Yuxue couldn’t believe it and took a step back, but Fang Zhou quickly caught her and asked, “Sister, what’s wrong?”

Fang Yuxue shook her head in a daze, “Brother, I’m fine, just feeling a little uncomfortable.”

Fang Zhou looked at her with concern, “Do you want to go back and rest first?”

Fang Yuxue shook her head, “No, the auction is about to start, so I’ll just…”

Before Fang Yuxue could finish her sentence, she saw a familiar figure.

It was a man in a black suit with neatly combed hair, approaching He Ju at the moment.

Even though the man was wearing a mask, Fang Yuxue still recognized him as the world’s top hacker, ranked seventh, and everyone called him Old Seven.

Fang Yuxue used to be his girlfriend, so she knew.

Fang Yuxue knew Old Seven’s abilities very well, so even though they had broken up, she didn’t dare to offend him easily.

How did Old Seven know He Ju?

This made Fang Yuxue feel a little panicked.

Seeing Old Seven greet He Ju and stand behind him in an instant…

Fang Yuxue couldn’t help but feel a chill down her spine. Fang Zhou called her several times in a row, but she didn’t hear him.

It wasn’t until Fang Zhou tapped her on the shoulder that Fang Yuxue quickly came to her senses, “Brother, I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Fang Zhou also noticed Fang Yuxue’s gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Do you know He Ju?”

Fang Yuxue was suddenly at a loss, “Brother, he’s my classmate, it’s not strange that I know him, but… how do you know him too?”

Only then did Fang Zhou relax, and even felt fortunate that Fang Yuxue and He Ju were classmates. He smiled and said, “He Ju came to gamble on stones a week ago, and opened several green stones in a row, and even opened national-level cultural relics. At that time, he was already famous.”

Fang Zhou pointed to the people around them, “The auction is important to these people, but it’s even more important to win over He Ju.”

Fang Yuxue’s face turned slightly pale, and her fingers holding the bag turned white with force, looking a bit unsightly.

She had always thought He Ju was a poor boy, and for this, she had never stopped mocking him.

Fang Yuxue suddenly felt a little scared.

If He Ju treated his former lover like this, then if it were her…

Fang Zhou didn’t notice anything wrong with his sister, and continued, “The Fang family is no exception. When we go up later, we’ll give some gifts. Even if we can’t win him over, we should at least maintain good relations.”

Fang Yuxue suddenly swallowed hard, “Brother… it’s not necessary, maybe he’s just a little lucky?”

Fang Zhou shook his head, before he could speak, the stranger next to him smiled and said, “Is this the first time the little girl has come to the auction? Do you think it’s just luck to open national treasures?”

The stranger pointed to the people around He Ju, “Look, the man leaning on a cane next to Mr. He is Lin Feng, the initiator of this auction. In the world of stone gambling, he is the richest man!”

“Look again, the man next to him, Elder Jiang, is an international design master. Whether it’s pearls, gold, jade, or agate, as long as it’s designed by him, it will definitely become an international hit.”

“Look at the people who are gradually going upstairs now, which one of them isn’t carrying a gift to visit?”

The stranger also marveled, “Before today, I always thought Mr. He would be a middle-aged man, but I never thought he was just a recent college graduate.”

The stranger sighed, “Truly surpassing the master.”

“I heard that there are not many items with marked prices at this auction. It’s all about the thrill. If He Ju can shine brightly, then the world of antiques will change…”

The man next to her chattered on, but Fang Yuxue didn’t listen, but she quickly realized…

After a few days, she had to take a closer look at this statement.

Whether it was Fang Yuxue’s illusion or not, when she looked up at He Ju in the hall, she always felt…

He Ju was looking at her too.

This made Fang Yuxue feel a little uneasy, and a chill ran down her spine.

If her foolishness led to the decline of the Fang family, then… Fang Yuxue’s days would definitely not be easy.

Fang Yuxue turned her head and saw Qiu Shaoze sitting on the second floor, and the man sitting next to Qiu Shaoze, who looked like someone not to be trifled with.

Fang Yuxue suddenly relaxed a little, with Qiu Shaoze, such a big thorn here, He Ju should temporarily not have time for her.

After the auction, she would be cautious, and whenever there was He Ju, she would stay far away from him.

He Ju shouldn’t bother with a woman like her.However, Fang Yuxue overlooked the fact that she had once humiliated He Ju so much, and had deliberately set so many traps for him. Even if He Ju were truly magnanimous, how could he…

Not hold a grudge?

He Ju simply lowered his head, thoughtfully glanced at Fang Yuxue, and then withdrew his gaze.

This look from He Ju was caught by Fang Yuxue’s brother, Fang Zhou.

There was also a calculating gleam in Fang Zhou’s eyes.

If He Ju took a fancy to Fang Yuxue, it would undoubtedly be a cause for great celebration. While He Ju’s influence was not yet fully established, if they could use Fang Yuxue to build a connection between He Ju and the Fang family, the family’s rise to prominence would be just around the corner.

Fang Zhou became excited, turned his head, and instructed his subordinate to prepare an even more generous gift for He Ju.


Everyone took their seats, and those without a seat stood in the corridors or corners.

All the lights in the venue converged on the stage.

A beautiful hostess wearing a white mask and a white evening gown sashayed onto the stage.

She always wore a proper smile, and despite her charm, no one dared to make a joke.

“Good evening, everyone. I am the host of this auction, Bai Bingbing!”

As soon as the hostess finished speaking, warm applause erupted from below the stage.

Bai Bingbing smiled and nodded, then slightly raised her hand, and the crowd quieted down.

“Let’s not dwell on the superfluous. Everyone knows the rules. The first session of the auction features items brought by everyone, with clear pricing, and the highest bidder wins! The first item, a jadeite hairpin, starting at two hundred thousand, begins now!”

With a strike of the gavel, the first item was slowly brought out.

It was a jadeite hairpin that looked valuable at first glance, crystal clear throughout, with tassels as decoration.

“Three hundred thousand!”

“Four hundred thousand!”

“Five hundred thousand!”

Shouts rose one after another.

He Ju raised his paddle: “Three million!”

Just a jadeite hairpin? At most, it was worth seven or eight hundred thousand.

How could someone bid three million right off the bat?

Bai Yan, however, smiled. Although the hairpin wasn’t expensive, he remembered that Si Hua had a set of light green cheongsam. If paired with this jade hairpin, it would indeed be beautiful.

Not bad at all.

His sister’s husband was really playing his cards right.

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